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Full eWay-CRM Software Review – All you need to know about eWay-CRM Software

What is

The eWay-CRM is a detailed and completely-featured CRM. This CRM is for the users of Outlook in the retail market looking to enhance traction with the customers.

It also turns basic data into some operable intelligence. This has already won the Expert’s Choice Award for the year 2017 and Supreme Software Award.

Just opposite to the traditional r/p management tools, the eWay actually covers a large variety of different marketing & sales extras. Both of these usually result in the smart business decisions and enhanced rates of revenue.

This system is an appropriate alternative for the completing analyses and tracking stats. This typically supports all the traditional reports that are necessary to evaluate growth.

It also enables the custom reporting for requirements of particular industries and providers as well.

The major benefit of this software is its customization. You can tweak a larger part of its functionalities to your requirements that include cool bells & whistles just like reminders and notifications.

What is eWay-CRM?

What is

All of the configuration actions on an intuitive & user-friendly interface are generally conducted by using the drag-&-drop mechanism and the Word-like editor which does not take much time to learn it.

Plus, the eWay does meet the sales pipeline activities, traditional customer management requirements, and different marketing arrangements.

If you need assistance or have some kind of ambiguity then there is a knowledgeable customer support team that would be just one phone call away from getting your job done.

Also, you must have in this mind that this software is completely-mobile optimized. It provides a native Android application which shows no difference at all to a local desktop version of the system.

Actually, there’re a large variety of different innovative features which make this app more attractive that includes offline access and contact synchronization.

The company has done a great job by producing this universal CRM that is why the eWay is currently available in so many languages as well as operable across the geographies.

This is the all-in-one CRM platform that is accessible to all software architectures and companies.

Benefits of eWay-CRM


The rareness of this relatively promising and young software hides in the best-of-breed combination of local CRM along with creative r/p management practice.

What it means is that the eWay would not be much of the learning burden for the low-tier retailers as well as small teams.

Rather it would still provide large and experienced companies the array of distinguished features in order to keep those ahead of the competition.

Also, whilst we do speak of it as being ‘as far as the CRM service could go’, the eWay is actually on the way of including value to some tool that you could basically get for free.

The eWay has so many benefits. Here are some of them:

Turns the Microsoft Outlook Into Central Contact Management Hub

The Microsoft Outlook is actually where the most companies kick and full customer-management communications, hence why not turning this into a central hub for your personal contacts, customers, suppliers, and vendors?

The eWay makes it possible by just keeping the contacts well organized and segmented, and letting you filter them by the kind of size, relationship, importance, potential, geography or your custom fields.

Every project, lead, and the communication history of each contact would be already available in the Outlook and also shareable along with rest of the team.

You could synchronize some other Outlook tasks as well. You can enable specific reminders for the overdue payments, birthdays, and even sudden order drops.

Meaningful Customer Stories Keep Relationships Alive

It’s the stage where the influence of eWay typically becomes the most visible. So, this time, you’ll not just have important info that is presented to you, rather track and maintain that info, learn what this’s about, and put this into action.

The eWay also tracks its customers and then makes useful notes for you. It ensures no important event or meeting actually slides through the cracks.

To make the service quite perfect, you could make the personalized messages as well as attach some wildcards and specific offers to them.

And the best part is that you will always know whether your customers open these messages.

Features of eWay-CRM


It offers unlimited connectivity and open API infrastructure. It also provides flexible pricing packages which fit perfectly into almost any budget frame.

The small businesses, as well as startups, actually get to use this system for totally free.

The developing companies could easily resort to the per-month subscription plan in order to check out its tool’s capacity for growth in line with them.

The established businesses could benefit from the lifetime license hosted on their servers.

Transforms the Dysfunctional Marketing Into a Feedback-Driven Process

The eWay CRM is created to turn the customer data into an operable intelligence. Its Marketing Module is actually where the real magic begins.

More than the streamlined communication platform, the eWay is an amazing and smart system which directs the customer behavior, collects the essential feedback, and assists you in enhancing the good quality of decisions.

In order to begin start with, you could drag-&-drop both filled templates and data to this software, or design a new as well as personalized campaign for the targeted groups of your customers.

Its simple-to-use text editor would assist you to prepare the attractive marketing messages. There you could also use personal attachments as well as wildcards.

The feedback is automatically tracked and also in the form of statistics and concise charts which aid you to understand whether the campaigns are rentable financially or not.

Delivery and Sales Management

Lead Module is available in the software. It’s devoted to produce the workflow diagrams and manage the individual business cases which keep the sales reps on just one page.

When the marketing campaigns are fully arranged and active, this system automatically converts incoming emails into the leads, which are later classified and evaluated according to the needs.

You’re typically enabled to include leads manually and you can also import them from the special web forms of eWay embedded on the site.

This also makes it quite easy and simple for you in order to depict opportunities and buyers, automatically generate different tasks, and then assign them to a sales rep.

Thankful to the comprehensive pricelists, you could make an instant quote for the purchasers, and use your communication history in order to evaluate the entire sales performance.

Assists the Project-Based Activities

Its Project Management Module is a unique catch in CRM industry. It would definitely become your personal favorite. We are thankful for its features that include the lead-to-project conversion.

Entire communication history along with a crucial client is imported automatically in your tasks/projects so that the agents would not miss any crucial detail while preparing the delivery.

This system also permits you to make an adjustment of the workflow to the kind of a business and typically generates the stages and tasks which will be the most suitable.

What’s more, this would certainly set your milestones as well as deadlines. It will remind you when these are approaching.

Definitely, the eWay isn’t about the existing projects and could also assist you in creating such with just a few clicks.

Also, you could plan your tasks in line with the communication. You can link the project calendar of your system to the Outlook as well as Google Calendar. It makes this quite possible to completely compare what exactly you have to what you plan to get.

Plus, all of the projects would be completely visible for the members of a team (that is unless you have introduced specific permissions and roles to secure the sensitive data).

Generates Comprehensive Reports

You could also use the eWay CRM for your analytic purposes because the data is always available and ready for the processing.

This system assists all the expected kinds of your reports that include sales efficiency, customer communication, agent performance, project accomplishment, finances, among others.

It also allows the users to make different custom summaries for particular activities. Every report is just ready to print as well as exportable as Excel, Word, and PDF files.



So how much does the eWay-CRM actually cost? Its vendor typically provides a cost-free plan. Along with its free plan, it also offers a Premium paid pricing plan one for both the cloud as well as on-premise deployment.

The eWay-CRM provides a cost-free package as well as 3 enterprise plans for its users to consider. You also have a possibility of using a two-hundred MB package for the free plan.

This way, you can subscribe to the cloud-hosted ten GB package. You will pay per month and also you can buy a full-time local server license. Everybody’s needs are different so you can select what is the best for you. Following are the details of every pricing plan:


The eWay-CRM offers a Free plan that is good for those users who first want to examine this software. This pricing plan features 200 MB storage, email support, customizable, and multiple devices.

Premium – $28/month (Monthly Billing)

The Premium Monthly Subscription pricing package includes ten GB storage, customizable, and data sharing.

This monthly subscription plan also features multiple devices, phone support, and mobile app.

Premium – $399/Lifetime License

The Premium Lifetime License plan offers server, phone support, data sharing, mobile app, customizable, and multiple devices.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The eWay-CRM is compatible with every device that is available on the market. Hence, this feature makes it easily accessible from anywhere across the world.

The eWay-CRM supports Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and web-based devices.

Language Support

The eWay-CRM supports many languages that include English, Russian, and German.

Pricing Model

The pricing model of the eWay-CRM is very easy to understand. There are 2 main pricing packages available and you will not face any problem while choosing any of them.

Its users also have the ability to select between free, one-time payment, monthly payment, and annual subscription model. You need to keep this in your mind that the monthly pricing model has so many benefits.

Customer Types

In case you give a quick look at the pricing plans that the eWay-CRM provides then you would come to know that the eWay-CRM is suitable for every type of the customers.

This software is appropriate for a business of any size that includes small business, medium business, and Freelancers. So, there is a pricing plan that is most likely going to be a perfect fit for your business requirements.


The eWay-CRM is versatile in terms of deployment. It uses the on-premise, Open API, and cloud-based hosting.

Support Details

The customer support team of the eWay-CRM offers the required help to solve customers’ problems and guides the customers; via different communication channels. Its communication channels include email, live support, phone, tickets, and training.

The customer support team of the eWay-CRM helps in troubleshooting as well as conflict resolution. Its straightforward help focuses on a particular issue.

The customer support team goes beyond assisting their customers to resolve a specific problem. They also exchange ideas and assist the user. In order to get more benefits out of the service or product that they bought.

The eWay-CRM offers professional teams to help their customers at any time.


eWay-CRM is the customer r/p management or CRM software for the Microsoft Outlook. That actually combines several tools for the marketing, sales, project management, customer management, and many more.

This app is appropriate for the sales as well as project-oriented enterprises of any size that basically use the Microsoft Outlook.

The eWay-CRM permits users to just import the existing data on business opportunities and customers by using its built-in template that could be filled with the data and then uploaded by dragging-&-dropping.

The details of its customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors actually are in just one single database. It could be split into the custom categories that are sorted as well as filtered. By relying on the importance, location, potential, size, relationship type, or other custom fields.

Entire communication history is also safe. That includes emails, documents, phone calls, invoices, and meetings, and thus are transferable across while the projects are starting from the leads.

The automatic reminders are typically in sync with the Outlook tasks and then they generate themselves for the overdue payments.