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Full Evergage Conversion Rate Optimization Software Review — All You Need to Know About Evergage


Personalization is becoming less of a novelty these days. Where it once was the domain of big companies with massive marketing budgets—marketers from all types of organizations now have access to behavioral analytics and AI.

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Evergage is one such solution, a means of presenting users of all types with a way to better their CX.

The software promises to bring an affordable solution to marketers who need a robust testing and personalization and testing engine to understand the motivation of your audience and use your findings to make recommendations.

Evergage is another CRO tool that brings more than landing pages to the mix. You can test your lead capture methods with ease, set up triggers and analyze the efficiency of your messaging.

Below, we’ll look at this tool to find out whether this is worth the money—or if there’s something better on the market.

What is Evergage?

Evergage is a personalization platform made for small companies and big businesses alike. The purpose of the tool is to better engage with your customers by improving the user experience on your site.

At a glance, the platform appears to bring a wide array of tools to the table. We’re talking audience targeting, campaign segmentation, funnel analysis, landing pages and web forms, and more.

Evergage doesn’t stop there, either. The platform comes with a robust selection of customer data tools. Use it to segment your customers, analyze behaviors, and use contextual targeting to make recommendations that catch your audience at the right times.

That said, the learning curve is steep, according to some past users. Many people have mentioned that Evergage requires some HTML knowledge and some advanced planning.

Because the main feature of the platform is recommending products or content to visitors, you’ll want to ensure that your site is prepared to be shown to people. For example, you’ll want to ensure that the AI algorithm isn’t recommending products you don’t have or your blog posts from 2007.


Straightforward UX

While Evergage isn’t the flashiest tool on the market, the navigation is solid. The top navigation bar features just four tabs, campaigns, reports, segments, and settings.

From there, you’re able to navigate to a wide array of subsections. Plug in your third-party integrations or create landing pages in the visual editor.

While it’s very straightforward, there’s a ton of features to take in. As such, many customers may feel overwhelmed upon arrival.


The reports tab comes with a few preset reports that mainly cover what your audience is doing. Look at engagement, revenue, purchases, actions, and more.

While the reporting function is one of the main selling points according to the official website, it seems that some users of this tool found that this was one of the tool’s weaker areas.

Analytics and Attribution

The analytics and attribution feature allows you to analyze campaign statistics and results. You can look for metrics like order value, revenue per user, and time on site. Or, set up more specific goals.

The platform allows you to define your site-wide goals and compare them to your actual performance. According to Evergage, they’ll use AI and machine learning to determine if there is any one campaign helping or hindering your ability to meet these goals, clueing you into success and potential issues.

Track your views, likes, and shares, against concrete metrics like conversion rates and revenue to determine which campaigns are most effective. Here, you’ll be able to understand how your PPC and content efforts impact your bottom line.

A/B and Multivariate Testing

Evergage’s site mentions that they provide unparalleled granularity in their testing capabilities. The platform allows you to run both A/B tests and multivariate tests-both of which allow you to quickly get to the bottom of your user preferences.

Tests can target narrow or broad segments. And, you can easily adjust what percentage of traffic goes to each version.

This comes in handy if one version is vastly outperforming the other and you don’t want to turn off more customers than necessary. When you’re ready, you can easily publish the winning page.

What’s more is, you can monitor your test results in real time, so you can analyze campaign performance across a variety of metrics. Metrics include things like average order value, click through rate, and more.

Machine Learning Made Easy

Evergage uses machine learning to sort through thousands of metrics. The ML capability is designed to support marketing efforts, so it’s always on the lookout for opportunities to cater to your audience by identifying behaviors and highlighting where you can best connect with visitors.

Through these recommendations, marketers can now transform a visitor’s experience—across multiple touch points. UX can now be individualized. Meaning, marketers can create brand recommendations, email campaigns, and personalized promotions.


E-Commerce Optimization

Evergage offers real-time personalization, allowing digital marketers to provide 1:1 customer engagement through the use of machine learning. This platform combines behavioral analytics with AI, which allows for analysis on an individual basis.

Track shopping habits and make recommendations based on what a customer likes.

The test posted below shows a breakdown of users in a test group all with a specific item in their cart.

Conduct A/B tests and use predictive analytics to boost conversion rates, drive sales, and reduce instances of an abandoned cart.

You can also use smart popups to catch visitors on their way out. Say, offering discounts to those attempting to bounce away from your site.

Ultimately, the tool seems to bring several ways to harness the power of data to keep customers interested—both on the site and off.

Demand Generation

Evergage may also be used to generate more leads. Target visitors by presenting experiences and messaging based on campaign source, geolocation, visit duration, and frequency.

In the demand generation category, Evergage offers a few different methods of boosting conversions. Drive engagement by delivering relevant messages to your audience.

Set up trigger events like cart abandonment or joining a segment and set up a customized set of rules. From there, you can set up an email workflow and customize messaging based on opens or actions.

Abandoned Cart Trigger Evergage

Additionally, Evergage allows you to take advantage of dynamic subject lines and CTAs. Insert a set of variables into your messaging, and the display will change based on who is viewing the content.

Content Publishing

Evergage’s content publishing tools are made to drive readership and upsell opportunities around your site.

You can create tailored welcome messages based on where visitors are finding you—whether that’s Facebook, Twitter or another referring source.

Use the platform to create sliders and popups that turn visitors into subscribers.

You can also start making recommendations to users based on their search history, pages visited, tags, authors, and categories. From there, you can dynamically promote relevant articles based on those key metrics—different users get different recommendations.

Recommendations are not just limited to on-site activity. In the below example from the Evergage blog, you’ll see that you can add recommended articles to an email newsletter to lure customers back to your site.

Evergage Recommendations

Customer Success

Evergage’s specialty is tracking user behavior and providing insights into things like navigation, ROI, and more.

Marketers can use the tool to drive conversions and loyalty. Use the platform to promote educational opportunities like workshops and webinars. Track behavior to understand what motivates customers and who is most likely to spend money.

You can also use the tool to cross-sell or upsell, as well as ask for feedback in the form of surveys or reviews.

Evergage has a dedicated customer data platform, which creates a profile for every individual or company account that passes through your site.

And these profiles go deep. Evergage will record the behavior and engagement of visitors across the website and mobile app.

Events are captured and updated, and marketers will gain access to a complete chronological record of what individuals are doing.

These profiles allow you to sort through different segments and get detailed in setting up segments. Identify and sort by location, campaign source, email, industry, etc.


Pricing is available on a case by case basis. You’ll need to contact the support team for more information.

To get started, they ask that you call for a 15-minute consultation, which serves as a way to understand your goals and develop a solution that will work for you.

While the pricing remains a mystery, you will have the choice of signing up for a package of core features or the complete Evergage suite. Here’s a look at the difference between the two plans.

Evergage Core

The platform’s suite of “core” features, this is the entry-level plan. The tool comes with behavioral tracking, segmentation, targeting, testing, analytics and attribution,  machine learning. The machine learning function does not include recommendations at this level.

You’ll also get B2B detect and access to the mobile app, Evergage on the Go.


This package is the full suite of Evergage’s capabilities. Comes with the features you’ll get with the Core package, plus a few additional elements.

Now, you’ll have access to the automated shopping companion through smart history and product recommendations based on customer behavior.

You’ll also have access to enhanced shopping and browsing, flexible recommendation strategies, and account-based targeting.

Technical Specifications

Evergage is a cloud-hosted web application that works on any device that connects with the web. Use the tool in your web browser or download a desktop app for Windows or Mac. Additionally, there’s a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Who Uses Evergage?

Well, one of the main selling points of Evergage is the fact that it’s pretty darn flexible. Individual marketers can take advantage of the tool as well as startups and small companies with a minimal marketing budget.

Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that Evergage is a scalable solution. So, if you’re looking at a growth spurt or a big round of funding, the platform can accommodate more traffic. Enterprise and agency level organizations will find the tool works well for them as well.


Evergage works with some marketing tools and CRM. Connect your account to Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Hubspot, Marketo, LinkedIn, and Salesforce, among others.

Support Details

You can contact Evergage via phone or email, and they don’t try to discourage users from getting in touch, like some SaaS tools which often limit phone support to the highest paying customers.

You’ll need to get in touch to discuss pricing and schedule a demo anyway, so it’s clear someone is on hand to answer questions about the tool and how it can work for you.

Content Library

Evergage has set up a library of free resources for customers and prospects to learn more about the tool, as well as relevant topics like content marketing, customer success, driving engagement and more.

The platform comes with a selection of videos, eBooks, case studies, articles, infographics, and more. So you’ll be able to learn on your terms, be it visual, audio, or good old fashioned reading.


In addition to the content library, which provides more high-level information, Evergage also keeps a blog.

The blog content isn’t exactly light reading, though. The writers cover topics related to the tool’s primary capabilities.

In all, this is high-quality stuff—users are bound to learn something new, as they have made an effort to provide actionable advice with plenty of examples.

What’s the Verdict on Evergage?

Well, its hard to conclude without knowing the price. Many of the reviewers we came across during our research mentioned that the tool was quite affordable, but failed to mention their monthly or annual payment.

Based on the features, though, we were impressed with how much Evergage can do. Not only does it come with advanced analytics and attribution capabilities, but it also makes recommendations to customers, lets you set up email campaigns and dynamic text-optimized landing pages.

What’s more is, the platform works well for commerce sellers and content creators due to its ability to make recommendations based on user behavior and demographics.

That said, the learning curve is rather high, here. It’s not surprising, given that Evergage combines so many different tools, but without a demo or guided walkthrough, some organizations may feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

We also found that while the platform analyzes a ton of data from different sources, the reporting features weren’t all that great.

Still, the platform connects with your existing lineup of marketing tools, and as such, you’ll be able to cobble together a reporting method that works for you.

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