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Full Erply POS Software Review – All you need to know about Erply

Erply POS software

If you’re looking for a POS solution that offers a robust amount of features that can be used by small to large business organizations, then Erply POS software is your answer. Currently, Erply POS solution is used by retail businesses of different sizes in more than 15 countries and the main offices for the sellers of this application are located in New York, Copenhagen, Sydney, and London. Erply system can be easily scaled such that it expands with your business. The solution is offered as a service on a monthly basis and thus you will not need to sign any long-term contract in order to use the system.

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It’s often difficult to find a POS system that is easy to use while at the same time offering more than enough features to handle the needs of several users in small businesses, one-stop shops, larger businesses, and multi-location businesses. However, Erply POS solution that is offered starting at $99 per month provides a full range of features that also include customer relationship management (CRM) function.

The application can also be customized such that it offers features that align with the needs of a particular shop. However, by being highly customizable, Erply POS software offers features that exceed the needs of smaller stores.

And what are the kind of problems that Erply system will perfectly handle? Erply POS solution will handle different kinds of problems for businesses of different sizes and we explain some of these below.

With the customer information portal provided by Erply POS software, you’ll be able to serve your customers better. Through this portal, you’ll be able to immediately view the purchase history of your clients, their reward points, store credit, contact details, and notes.  Erply POS solution can also record the sales history of each customer and this allows store owners to keep track of frequent purchases and send their clients recommendations, promotions, coupons, discounts, or any other specials while taking notes.

Erply system - customer profile

As a user of Erply system, you will access a timeclock which helps businesses to track the scheduling of their employees in addition to payroll processing. With Erply POS software, you’ll be able to set up employee clock-in/out times using an ID and password that are based on store and time period. With Erply system, you can use its dashboard to view the hours an employee has worked and also the sales that they’ve made. Using Erply POS solution, you can now easily manage commissions and payroll.

Through X/Z Reports, you will be provided with a snapshot of your daily transactions, sales for both the beginning and end of the day and your register count aggregate until they reset. You will also view payment types, expected amounts, and open and close times in till.

Erply POS software allows you to have all the email addresses of your clients in a single location and this allows you to send documents like quotes, receipts, or promotions. Furthermore, with Erply system, you’ll be able to request feedback from clients after they’ve purchased recommended products or when the management has been improved. 

What is Erply POS Software?

Erply POS software is a cloud-based retail system built to serve the needs of small and mid-size businesses. Some of the most important features offered by this system include POS, inventory management and customer database. This solution can perfectly run independently from web-access and the data is automatically synced upon reconnection. Erply system has mobile apps for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Some of the functionalities offered by Erply POS solution include product lookup, suspend sale, sales commission, and void and return purchases, time-controlled promotions and support for multiple registers and stores.  This system features secure payment processing X-reports that are based on card type, PIN debit, and electronic signature.

Erply POS software has a customer database which can offer information such as store credit, sales history, social media details, and contact information. As a user, you’ll be able to run reports on different business metrics like sales by customer, product, day and more. With Erply system, you will be able to manage more than one inventory and the system also includes automatic restocking and a supplier database.

As a leading web-based retail solution, Erply POS software has been designed with the aim of offering businesses everything they require in order to effectively manage their businesses. The software is an expensive software solution which is stable and easy to use. More importantly, Erply system is a cloud-based and iPad oriented POS and inventory management system that makes it possible for retailers to focus on their multi-store operations.

Erply POS software - locations

Erply POS solution has a powerful API which is an important tool for retailers when it comes to integrating their current systems so as to attain a centralized management. With Erply system, businesses are offered numerous POS apps plus the systems that they can integrate.

As of today, Erply POS solution is used by more than 100, 000 users around the world. Although, 70% of Erply’s users are from the United States. The application is appropriate for businesses of different scales and industries.

Benefits of Erply POS

Erply POS software offers multiple benefits to businesses and users. Some of the benefits associated with the use of Erply POS solution are as follows.

Erply system offers an opportunity for efficient business operations

With the use of Erply POS software, businesses are not only provided with the opportunity to connect with their customers, but customers can also do their purchase smoothly and free of frustration.

With the use of Erply POS solution, your business will save money

Businesses that use Erply POS solution will save money as they can execute transactions with much efficiency and make the appropriate business decisions that are more informed. The intuitive interface offered by Erply system can be accessed from laptops, desktops, Android devices, iPads, mobile phones, iOS and Windows operating systems and also through POS devices.

Erply POS software is powerful

Erply POS software is a powerful solution as it provides the power and functionalities of the traditional POS systems on handheld devices and this provides your business with a professional feel without incurring heavy costs.

With Erply system, all POS transaction data that was entered via the app is automatically synchronized in real time with your Erply POS account and this ensures that your reports and books are accurate 100% of the time.

Erply POS solution includes in-built easy to use tools

Erply system incorporates in-built easy-to-use tools that help businesses to systematically gather client information, cross-sell, share promotions, set up reward programs, view product information, and much more. Erply POS solution aims to provide businesses and customers with a more positive and well-informed transaction experience.

Erply POS software is accessible both online and offline

This cloud-based hybrid POS system is highly effective because you can access it both online and offline. In this way, data is automatically synced once there is a reconnection and thus the business will not lose data or stay behind when it comes to capturing the transactions that took place when the app was offline.

Easy product lookup and mobile friendliness

Erply system provides a speedy product lookup as users are able to query products using their name or code, scan barcodes, and choose a product from the inventory and add it to transactions. As a result, a lot of time and effort is saved in the process of looking for a particular product.

Additionally, you’ll find Erply POS solution to be a mobile-friendly platform as clients can access all the products they need with the help of iPhone and Android apps on iPads and mobile devices.

Erply offers real-time data option and secure payment processing

Erply POS software features real-time data option that allows you to view register totals according to payment type. Furthermore, Erply system provides secure payment processing X-reports by card type, signature capture, and PIN debit.

Erply POS solution - payment

Erply POS solution provides shipping integration

With Erply POS solution, you are provided with shipping integration that will help you ship your products to customers through UPS and FedEx. This shipping module is in continuous communication with shipping carriers for the purposes of enquiring about shipping quotes, applying for a shipping method, and printing out the appropriate shipping labels.

Also, Erply POS software saves client receipt prints in addition to tracking details at its backend for easy lookup.

Erply POS software provides users with reliable reports

In matters of reporting, Erply system allows users to view sales reports by customer, product, day and more. The system also has a comparison feature that allows users to compare reports that have been produced in distinct periods. With this, users will be able to know the times that they perform poorly and make plans for increasing traffic.

Erply POS solution has reliable support

The application is hosted on the cloud and is managed and supported by certified engineers. Therefore, the application is not difficult to install and learn and also it’s not costly in terms of money and time.

Features of Erply System

Erply POS software comes with a number of features that help businesses to effectively manage their operations. These features include the following.

  • Supplier database
  • Purchasing report
  • Purchase order creation
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Custom Barcodes & Shelf tags
  • Stock replenishment report
  • Commission disbursements & Sales quotas
  • Time-clock and Payroll report
  • Purchase order receiving
  • Reorder & restock levels
  • Customer database
  • Cloud hybrid system
  • Suspend sale
  • Real-time X-report
  • Void/return
  • Mobile selling
  • Shipping integration
  • Use group rights
  • Speedy product lookup
  • Sales reports
  • Mix & match hardware
  • Comparison reports
  • User rights
  • Sales history
  • Electronic signature storage
  • Facebook/Twitter capture
  • Custom barcodes
  • Email capability
  • Gift cards
  • Day openings & closings
  • Store credit
  • Loyalty programs
  • Intuitive dashboards

Erply POS software - Loyalty program

Let’s summarize a few of the capabilities offered by Erply POS solution.

Employee Timeclock

With this feature of Erply POS software, you’ll be able to track the hours that an employee has worked. Paper-based records can easily get lost, and with Erply system, you can create permanent records that you can access anytime.

Layaway Sales

With Erply POS solution, customers can access different purchase options for larger or expensive products. Customers do not have to lose an item just because it is expensive, they have the chance to pay in increments. With the layaways offered by Erply system, stores become accessible, traffic in brick and mortar shops is increased and customer loyalty built.

Erply system - purchasing

Cash In or Out

With the cash in/out feature offered by Erply POS software, you will be able to easily log expenses, monitor petty cash, and track cash handling. Therefore, Erply system helps you to make sure that every cent in all transactions is accounted for.

Stock and Price Lookup

Erply POS solution offers users a hassle-free inventory search as it takes out the headache and guesswork involved in searching products by automatically updating product lists. As a result, your employees are able to serve more clients all at once.

The inventory search option provided by Erply system allows users to quickly view stock levels and product information within the POS system.

Returns and refunds

With Erply POS software, users will be able to enforce their store return policy and also collect data as the system supports full and partial returns on all purchases and this removes all the frustration for the customer and POS clerk.

Erply POS solution - purchasing


Erply POS software has different pricing plans for small and medium businesses and large enterprises. Here are the pricing plans that you can choose from.

Standard – costs $200 per month/ per location

  • 1-hour training
  • Knowledge-base
  • EMV payments
  • Online tickets

Pro – costs $350 per month per location

  • Knowledge-base
  • Online tickets
  • Priority Online Tickets
  • Phone Support
  • EMV payments
  • 1-hourr Training
  • Data Conversion
  • REST API (1000 calls/hour)

Enterprise – priced by quote

  • Online tickets
  • Elite support
  • REST API (Custom calls/hour)
  • Phone Support
  • Enterprise Elite Onboarding
  • Multiple sandboxes
  • Data Conversion
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 1 hour Training
  • REST API (1000 calls/hour)
  • EMV payments
  • Priority Online Tickets
  • Knowledge base
  • Uptime SLAs

You can get started by requesting for a demo through erply.com.

Erply system - pricing

Technical Details

Erply POS solution supports multiple devices and they include – Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based. The POS software only supports the English language. The pricing models of Erply POS software are monthly payment and quote-based. Customer types served by Erply system include small businesses, medium businesses, and large enterprises. The application is deployed through cloud-hosting and open API.

Support Details

Vendors of Erply system offer their support through Email, Phone, Training, Tickets, and live support.

Call : 1 855 463 7759

Facebook: Erply

Twitter: @Erply

LinkedIn: Erply Retail Platform

Instagram: erply_

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