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Full EOS.Web Document Management Software Review – All you need to know about EOS.Web

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Are you looking for document management software to effectively manage your digital library? EOS.Web document management software is the ideal solution for you.

In this digital era, the power of the internet has evolved how people acquire knowledge or information. Once you have internet access through any gadget whether smartphones, tablets, desktops or laptops, you will be able to access innumerable library collections with a litany of eBooks, journals, diaries or audiobooks.

It is worth noting that to enable such flexible and convenient accessibility; the requirement would be to have a progressive document management software. One of such versatile solutions is called EOS.Web document management software.

What is EOS.Web?

EOS.Web document management software is a powerful and dynamic online library management software solution. This document management offers unlimited automated web-based management and integration of specialized libraries for different industries and corporations including hospitals, courts, governments departments, academic institutions or other public and private enterprises.

document management softwareDeveloped by SirsiDynix, EOS.Web is used by over 23,000 library facilities in more than 70 countries worldwide. This document management software provides users with secure access to an in-depth digital resource database containing electronic books and materials. Besides, EOS.Web comes with massive features which enable you to manage your library documents in a fast and efficient manner. In addition, EOS.Web connects users with other global online library users.

EOS.Web is a unique integrated library system that is built using cloud-based technology. This document management software integrates a robust scalable approach that brings about increases in collaboration management towards the digital library needs of a particular business organization.

With industry-leading security and web hosting, you can rest assured that your digital library is safe and secure. EOS.Web document management software comes with a flexible user interface which enables an end-user to streamline digital library workflows.

In addition, EOS.Web comes with advanced features such as traditional & modern collection management, workflow process improvements, easy indexing, seamless module navigation, support for custom taxonomies development, and other document management features.

By implementing, EOS.Web document management software, users can eliminate time-wasting procedures involved in the process of managing a repository of digital materials and resources.

EOS.Web provides document management services for the popular establishments, which include:

  • Corporate
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Government
  • Academic
  • Digital library
  • Special library

Benefits of EOS.Web document management software

Quick setup

EOS.Web document management software solution is designed to enhance the library management services offered by either small or large library collections. It is possible though, that for bigger libraries, they would have multi-layered collections stored on separate servers. Nevertheless, EOS.Web can easily be integrated with pre-existing library systems for scalability on its unified platform.


document management softwareDue to its cloud-hosted service platform, EOS.Web users can add, update, and manage their digital resources online without difficulty. Therefore, users can access their library collections which are secured on EOS.Web cloud platform at any time via the web.

In addition, EOS.Web document management software provides users with unlimited access to the platform in order to perform tasks such as navigating their library catalog tabs, borrowing or making a reservation for an eBook, buying & keeping a record of their purchase receipts, setting preferences, searching for the nearest libraries as well as linking their library with other external libraries.

Multi-language support

As an online library management software solution, EOS.Web document management software enables vendors from different parts of the world to access the platform in any language of their choice based on their preference.

In addition, EOS.Web document management software has the capacity to allow the vendors to install, convert or translate online resources such as electronic books or audiobooks currently on their platform into either French, Spanish, Italian or English languages. This saves both the vendors and the subscribers the time and money of having to acquire third-party software to do carry out the translation process.

Cost-effective solution

Although, EOS.Web document management software is a cloud-based solution; however, EOS.Web also eliminates the necessity of spending on library maintenance and other emanating expenses arising from digital library management processes. Therefore, library enterprise users can cut down on their budget for managing digital resources.


EOS.Web document management software is reputable for being one of the highly secured platforms for collating digital resources without risk of data loss or hijacking.

Moreover, this document management software is FedRAMP compliant. This certification implies that your documents and information are protected by state of the art security protocols.


Users can access EOS.Web platform via any modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. In addition, this document management software harnesses the power of mainstream search engines such as Google or Bing which facilitates effective searching of eBooks, catalogues or other digital library items.

Key Features of EOS.Web document management software

BlueCloud Central Login Module

EOS.Web document management software comes with a unified login tool which provides the library administrator with extensive control and oversight of the platform. For instance, the library administrator can selectively configure, modify, grant or deny access to specific users or institutions to their online collections and related resources.


document management softwareEOS.Web document management software simplifies library management processes by allowing the user to create a series of a database which reflects organization information structure.

Nevertheless, EOS.Web provides allows users to download records from CD-ROM database product in MARC file format or bibliographic utility for updating their library records. Also, EOS.Web provides users with useful links to cataloger’s reference tools such as the Library of Congress’ Cataloger’s Desktop; this enables real-time update records of library items most especially bibliographic or authority item records.


document management softwareUsers can control the receipts of published items such as series, supplements, and journals irrespective of their publishing schedule. This document management software comes with a receipt prediction functionality which automates the numbering of both structured and unstructured journals effectively.


document management softwareEOS.Web document management software comes with a circulation module which automates library tasks such as check-in, checkout, holds, renewals, interlibrary loans, accounting, etc on the platform. Library enterprise is provided with a total flexibility of streamlining their library operations by utilizing a calendar using circulation parameters such as loan periods, fine structures, patron types, item & patron blocks, etc based on their library’s holidays and hours.


document management softwareUsers can simplify library acquisition workflow tasks such as invoicing, claiming, ordering, and receiving on the platform. In addition, EOS.Web document management software provides users with customizable management reports for monitoring items such as activity, standing order, fund account, historical order, etc.


EOS.Web document management software comes with an online public access catalogue i.e. OPAC which is an online library of digital materials or resources. This document management software allows library users such as corporate, academic, government, medical, legal, etc to customize their user interface as well as the capability of their OPAC via the template designer. Nevertheless, the OPAC allows simple & advanced searching, complete record displays, title lists, etc on the platform.

Z39.50 Client & Server

document management softwareEOS.Web comes with Z39.50 which allows users to create and manage virtual catalogues by defining host sites and database for private or public accessibility. Moreover, the library administrator can manage and control other user’s access to their Z39.50 sites for external access to stored digital resources on their virtual catalogues. Therefore, unauthorized access to virtual libraries is restricted on the platform.

On the other hand, Z39.50 provides access to information types such as museum information, digital library collections, geospatial data, scientific & technical data, bibliographic data, and many more.

BlueCloud Analytics Module

With BlueCloud Analytics Module, library enterprise users can collate appreciable amount of data which are then translated into actionable information for improving the library management decision-making process. The module comes with a built-in customizable report and catalogue templates which can then be populated with new data based on current needs.

In addition, users can automate the generation of collection inventory report or catalogue activity reports. Also, the generated report whether graphical or text-based can then be sent out in various document file formats such as PDF and HTML files.

Other notable features EOS.Web document management software includes:

  • Classification Management
  • Content Aggregator
  • Course Reserves
  • Electronic Content Management
  • Electronic Resource Management
  • Web Network
  • eResource Central
  • Federated Searching
  • Indexer
  • Inter-Library Loan
  • IP Authentication
  • KnowledgeBuilder
  • Media Bookings
  • Reference Tracking
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • SIP2/3M SelfCheck
  • SSL Encryption
  • Web Services


document management softwareEOS.Web document management caters to the needs of a wide range of users across all industries.

Nevertheless, their pricing options are based on intending user’s specific requirements which are available by quote. Therefore, you should contact EOS.Web sales team for their enterprise pricing information.

Note: Intending users can also request for a ‘demo’ of the EOS.Web platform in order to schedule a private tour of the platform prior to subscription.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Web-based, Windows, Mac

Typical customers/users: SMBs, large enterprises, academic institutions, public administrations, government, medical institutions, legal institutions, NGOs

Locations serviced: Europe, Japan, Canada, Middle-East, Africa, and the United States.

Pricing model: Quote-based

Supported Languages: English, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, On-Premise

Integration: OPAC

Support Details

EOS.Web document management software offers the following support options:

  • Email Support: sdsc@sirsidynix.com
  • Phone Support:

+1 800 288 8020

+1 801 223 5200


In conclusion, EOS.Web document management software tool is an ideal online library management solution which is currently utilized by millions of online users such as students, governmental departments, writers, tutors, academic researchers, avid leisure readers or the general global community.

Through its wide-ranging capabilities, EOS.Web document management software tool is serving and solving issues that many offline libraries have faced over the century like remote accessibility and integration. In a nutshell, the EOS.Web document management software solution offers all sorts of special offline library systems a dramatic facelift so as to migrate their collections and periodical services entirely onto the web platform without hassles.