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Full EMEX EHS Software Review – All You Need to Know About EMEX


EMEX is the provider of an Environmental, Health, and Safety software that enables companies to check the EHS variables in their fields of operation. It presents the aggregate EHS data in a more straightforward and more auditable pattern.

The analysis and risk management of Emex EHS helps companies to accomplish their activities with optimum adherence to state policies and safety measures.

The major challenge of many employers and young firms is the considerable sum of money they spend on employees treatment and casualties.

According to statistics by International Labor Organization, about 313 million accidents happen in workplaces each year. It went ahead to report than 2.3 million workers die each year as a result of work-related accidents or occupational diseases.

Casualties and deaths of employees cause a lot of expenses and operational downtime. The ILO estimates that the total cost of work-related related accidents is about $3 trillion each year. This amount is huge.

Hence, there is an urgent need for programs that can improve the health and safety of workers in an organization. That’s where Emex company comes to play.

Emex EHS aims at providing a sustainable working environment and optimizing the safety of workers during operations.

What is EMEX EHS?

Emex EHS software is a software that enhances both operations management and workers’ safety of an establishment. It is used by Small, Medium, and Large establishments to achieve complete solutions to personnel’s welfare, risk and incident management.

No one can overemphasize the importance of safety. It saves money for employers and minimizes the loss of lives of employees.

According to statistics, employers spend more than $180 billion on casualties and employees treatment. As a result of the escalating cost of healthcare, employers or firms are compelled to seek efficient ways of providing enabling working environments for their workers.

Providing an enabling environment for employees operations is an essential step toward building a competitive workforce. It maximizes productions and reduces downtimes in an organization.

Hence, many establishments have employed Emex EHS and other EHS software to improve their individual employees’ safety.

Emex EHS software helps businesses to manage all Environmental, Health, and Safety operations using just one program. Its simple to use dashboard and notifications enables quick identification of accidents.

Pros of the EMEX EHS Software

Emex EHS is a highly efficient program that functions appropriately even on small-sized devices such as smartphones. It is ideal for the operations below:

Full-fit compliance

The Emex EHS software is a compliance software. In reality, this compliance capability comes handy when dealing with Multi-Sites and monitoring the compliance of different groups.

Incidence monitoring and reporting

Emex EHS software monitors water discharge, incident management, CSR management, air emission, energy, and carbon discharge. Its automatic work-flow and escalations ensure quick response to reports and keep stakeholders updated with the activities as they happen.

Audit system

The Audit system helps in identifying potential environmental issues before they escalate to real-time problems and ensures that a lasting solution prevails.

Procedure management

Emex EHS improves the productivity of companies by keeping track of all documented procedures. It presents all documents in one particular place, making it easy to locate files when the need arises.

Complete employee health and safety management

Health and Safety cover all aspect of employees well-being. It ranges from incident management, automatic work-flow, corrective action managing, and all dangers of power issues.

Its enhanced dashboard provides a performance analysis of operations; this enables the identification of problems at a glance.

Risk management capabilities

Emex EHS software enables companies to manage risks efficiently and attain a healthy working environment. This Module provides all necessary tools for the identification and prevention of hazards.

Uniform risk assessment

EMEX Software’s hazard assessment functionality accesses risk the same way across different locations, even for businesses that have branches in different countries.

Risk Module covers all area of risk management, Risk analysis, Audits, inspections and personnel adherence to safety. The Safety Observation Module enables workers to record and report their observation during operations.

Risk Recording and Reporting is achievable on most mobile devices such as Tablets and Smart Phones.


According to reviews from the users of EMEX EHS software, the software meets their expectations. It functions perfectly.
But as you would have it, few users of this platform says it requires little upgrades in some of its modules.

EMEX EHS software requires updating in its area of real-time solutions. Some say that it doesn’t retain previous sessions once an employer logs out and re-login again for a day.

The few comments above shows that EMEX software has shortcomings that need optimization for best performance.

Features of EMEX EHS

This EHS software has some fantastic features which make it an ideal software for industries. These features are:

1. Data Security

What many companies consider while employing any third party data solutions is the security of their information. The great news is that Emex EHS software uses complicated encryptions to store their data on clouds. Saving Data on clouds ensures that all company information is secured.

2. Data Access and Reporting

A significant feature of Emex EHS software is its ability to generate reports automatically within a specific time intervals. This feature is achievable because of multiple metrics calculations. Its data reporting system is simple to the extent that supervisors can inspect or re-inspect numerous reports at a time.

3. Portability

Emex EHS is portable; it doesn’t require a massive computer system as it is cloud-based. Accessing the Program is simple even with phones and tablets. It is also available in the form of mobile applications and is applicable as a means of communication between the Management and Employees.

4. Ease of Use

Emex EHS is not a complicated software. Its data presentations are mostly infographics which makes it understandable to people with poor technical knowledge. It only provides more complicated information when requested.

5. Automation

This EHS software is an automated software. It reduces human effort and work-time by automatically connecting to security systems without human inputs.

6. Employee Engagement

The EHS Software enables a two-way communication system between Management and their Employees. Two-Way communication allows employees to report any detected issue to the management easily.

Areas of Application

Operation Management

Operational management relieves company managers. Most managers are often not aware of all the issues at their work site. Most times, employees don’t want to tell their managers any bad news. Improper reporting of events as they unfold leads to an escalation of potential threats to real-life problems, leading to injuries of employees.

Through EMEX EHS software, processing of data is simple using available data and information are automatically reported to the Management. Auto-reporting of processes enables companies to monitor the performance of their workers at their different sites easily.

Air Emissions

In the improvement of quality and maintaining factory safety, all system must be intact. Leaking tubes might lead to reduced production or poor quality of products.
Emex EHS ensures that all systems are functioning in their best states by identifying leaking tubes. This feature calls the attention of the maintenance team to the faulty system.

Water Discharge

Uncontrolled water discharge is a treat to safety. It could lead to slippery floors and poor production quality. Emex EHS ensures safety by reporting all water leakages.

Environmental Audits

Emex EHS runs environmental analysis and directly provides the feasibility information. This feature enables companies to carry-out their operations without violating the regulation of its state.

Risk Analysis

This software analyses all factors in the environment and tells if the working environment is safe or not. The feature reduces work accidents drastically. The incredible part is that this software points out possible solutions to any risk discovered.

OSHA Record Keeping

It records and stores information in an orderly form for easy access. Data tracking and recovery are easy as Emex EHS stores substantial amount information without errors.

Inspection Management:

Inspection of projects is very easy. Tracking employees’ performance is also enhanced. The performance of workers is easy to inspect by checking their time of login/logout and the time they made a report.

Industrial Safety Management:

The entire safety of an industry is well-managed through constant analysis of the systems and operations in the sites. Emex EHS software is capable of detecting the slightest malfunction in any System; this reduces accidents to the minimum.

Audits and Inspections:

Emex EHS software can be automated to ensure that workers follow instructions. Automated work-inspection by this software reduces the stress used in inspections of workers.

Predictive Analysis

Emex EHS software analyses and ensures that all products meet their desired qualities. It achieves this by running a conformity test on products and comparing the results to a given standard.

Operations Engagement

The Emex EHS improves communication between workers. It enables the sharing of information between workers in the same or different regions. The ability of workers to communicate enhances their corporation and enables all sectors of industry to work as a single unit; even from far away countries.

This feature helps in the rapid dissemination of information. It makes the management of operations simpler. Stakeholders can issue directions from the comfort of their offices, and the workers will abide by them from their different locations.

Corrective Action Management

Apart from the quality assessment of products, this EHS software suggests possible solutions to defects. From the standards provided, the EMEX program can quickly identify the cause of non-conformity of products and issue corrective options.

The EMEX EHS software also serves these purposes

  • CRS Management
  • Safety Observations
  • Forms Management
  • Environmental Incident Management
  • Waste Management
  • Energy and Carbon
  • Incident Management


The cost of a product determines whether a potential buyer goes home with the product or not. Customers want the best value for their money. They put their pockets in check when making purchases.

The cost of EMEX EHS software is only available on request!
EMEX Company renders software training programs, and customization of software to suit the need of companies. The pricing of EMEX services is only available on request. Customers need to visit their website and demand for their quote.

Technical Details

Emex EHS software is developed to improve the performance and safety of an organization. It has different amazing features which you can find out by contacting their vendor (Emex.com).

The software Vendor will explain how Emex EHS software would benefit your firm and the areas where you can apply it.

Visit the demo request page here.

This program uses a cloud to store its information. Storing information on clouds provides more security to information and gives room for storage of bulk files.

Storing information on clouds makes the platform accessible from anywhere in the world, and with smaller devices like phones and tablets.

Small, Medium and Large businesses can use the EHS software. It is capable of serving both Companies of fewer than fifty workers to large Industries of thousands of workers.

Key Technical Details


The EMEX EHS software is compatible with Windows, ios, and Android. Functioning correctly on various operating systems and devices makes this software ideal for its purpose. Both Management and their Employees keep close contacts at different locations at a time.


The EMEX EHS languages are available in two different styles; English and Russian. Being available in the world’s most universal language enables this software to be used in many all parts of the world.

Presently, the EHS software is available in all seven continents of the world. The markets include Middle-East and Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United-Kindom, United States.


This EHS software works under a service model which guarantees outstanding program uptimes and offers complete redundancy and disaster recovery.

Support Details

According to Oando Plc, an excellent characteristic of EMEX as a vendor is their super fast delivery. “The EMEX’s highly responsive approach ensured that We went live with the incident module within three months of contract completion.”

From the comment above, it is convincing that EMEX vendors are responsive while dealing with customers’ issues.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned a lot about EMEX EHS software, I think it is a great idea to try it out. It is suitable for young industries as the program will optimize their performance and save money for expansion.

The program is efficient, and the vendors are committed to offering the best services. Click here to visit the Vendor’s website.