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Full Bloom Conversion Rate Optimization Software Review — All You Need to Know About Bloom


Growing your email list is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. Without the right audience and a broad reach, how will you spread the word and engage your audience? Today, we’re looking at Bloom, which turns website visitors into loyal followers.

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Bloom is part of the elegantthemes.com lineup. This company is responsible for a long list of premium themes and plugins that allow you to get more out of your WordPress account.

In looking at lead generation software, Bloom is a little different as you don’t just pay for the one tool, you’ll need to sign up for an Elegant Themes membership—but with that membership, you’ll gain access to complimentary tools like Monarch Social Media Sharing and the Divi Builder.

Below, we’ll dive deeper to see how Bloom stacks up against other conversion rate optimization tools in the lineup. Let’s take a look:

What is Bloom?

Bloom is a lead generation plugin that allows you display to opt-in forms on any WordPress-hosted site. Bloom integrates with tools like AWeber and MailChimp, importing new signups straight to your email list.

The plug-in comes with several tools put in place to help you transform your visitors into customers—collecting the information for a targeted email marketing campaign. The suite comes with targets displays, unique forms, and the ability to create tailored offers.

According to the makers of Bloom, email marketing accounts for 20 times more engagement than social media. Bloom isn’t an email marketing platform, but it’s selection of pop-ups allow you to collect email addresses to power your next email marketing campaign.

Bloom’s templates are highly responsive opt-in forms you can customize to blend in with your own website. Target pop-ups based on your audience and A/B test your creations to see which messages resonate most.


Tons of Pre-Made Templates

Bloom comes equipped with over 100 predesigned templates that allow you to create a beautiful opt-in experience for your visitors.

You can choose to customize the templates to your liking—or customize forms from scratch if you’ve got other ideas.

Still, the built-in settings allow you to change things up on your own. You can update borders and edges, and choose the opt-in type and display setting.

We should mention, however, that you do need to preview your form in another tab—just like when you create a WordPress post—which is a little annoying.

Targeted Display Settings

With Bloom, you can target specific pages and users according to user location or how they’ve interacted with your site in the past.

Easy to Use Dashboard

All settings are managed through Bloom’s in-app dashboard. Here, you’ll get a closer look at your conversion rates, campaigns, and settings, and from there, can access the features that help you dig into your popup specifications.

When you download Bloom, you’ll get a dedicated tab in the backend of your WordPress dashboard. There, you’ll be able to easily access your opt-ins, data, and view conversion rates.

Boost Conversions Through Testing

The main purpose of Bloom is to generate leads. As such, an important element of the tool is being able to test multiple variations of your opt-in forms to see which ones work best.

Bloom is set up to help you effectively market to your audience, and the A/B testing features get you up and running, so you can quickly see what’s working and what isn’t.

Better Email Management

Let’s be clear; Bloom is not an email marketing tool. However, you can use this tool along with your email marketing plan—or plans—of choice.

Bloom organizes your accounts by provider and keeps track of your stats by account. Say, how many subscribers you’re getting through MailChimp versus Campaign Monitor—or whatever else you’re using.

How it works is, Bloom integrates with your email marketing solution—add your credentials and choose your list from the options listed in the drop-down menu—see options below.


Six Email Opt-in Forms

Bloom comes with six opt-in form display types. The plugin gives you a few choices—so you can pick the right one for your site.

Form types range from fly-in popups to inline opt-in forms, widgets, and gated content—there are several different opportunities to collect emails—based on the context of the user action or your goals for your website.

Powerful Display Settings

Aside from the design options, Bloom allows you to control where and when opt-in forms show up to your visitors. Bloom’s method for choosing your display settings are called triggers—and are best described as actions a user performs that makes a popup appear.  So, if a user clicks on a particular area of the site or is inactive for x amount of minutes, it triggers a popup.

Popups may be triggered in a few different ways. You can choose to have them show up after a time delay, after scrolling, making a comment, a purchase, or a period of inactivity.

Oddly enough, Bloom’s robust popup options do not include exit-intent popups—which can play a big role in getting users to enter their information at the very last second.

Bloom also allows you to restrict the use of popups based on the amount of time a user has spent on the website.

Split A/B Testing

Bloom’s A/B testing feature allows you to gain some insights into your pop-ups and increase your conversion rates. Compare different variations of a single form. The reports aren’t super in-depth, here, but you will get a basic breakdown of how your tests are going. For example, you can see A, B, and even C—with results displayed in three categories—impressions, conversions, and conversion rate.

Setting up an A/B test is super easy. Just head to options, opt-in forms and then, A/B testing. The tool automatically creates a different version of your current opt-in form—one that you’re only allowed to make very small changes to.

Once you’ve made your small tweaks, click start test, and Bloom pushes out both versions to visitors equally. When you feel that you’ve gathered enough data, click “end and pick” and choose the winner as the official campaign popup.

Opt-In Stats

Or, view your results another way by looking at a real-time overview of the plug-in’s performance. The statistics dashboard shows you the all-time average conversion rate, your subscriber count, and list growth rate. It’s essentially an overview of how effective the platform has been for generating leads and driving traffic—here; you can compare your highest converting pages against the underperformers.

Ideally, over time, you’ll start to learn which pop-ups, language, and visuals best suit your audience.


Bloom is available in two different pricing plans—one monthly, one yearly. So, there’s no cordoning off specific features; everyone gets the same tools and the same access to customer support.

When you subscribe, you’ll get the full suite of tools—Bloom’s opt-in platform, as well as the other apps included within Elegant Themes’ Theme Club. You can’t purchase the product as an individual tool. In any case, it’s fairly affordable.

Yearly access is available for $89 per year. Or, you can pay $249 for lifetime access. While the $89 sounds expensive, it starts to sound pretty good when you’re comparing the platform against other opt-in tools that cost $30, $50, $100 per month.

While the tool is something of a commitment, Elegant Themes offers a no-questions-asked refund policy to all consumers.

Technical Specifications

This is a web-based application, so you’ll need to have reliable internet access to use Bloom or any of the Elegant Themes solutions. Again, you must have a WordPress-hosted site to use the platform, so if you’re using Squarespace, Shopify or something else, move right along.

Who is This For?

Bloom could be used for any business looking for an opt-in solution. With its affordable price point and customizable apps, any size company can take advantage of the various popups.

Again, it doesn’t come with an exit-intent popup, which feels like a missed opportunity. That missing feature might be a deal breaker for companies seeking to capture leads through myriad strategies. E-commerce brands often use the exit-intent popup to capture leads on the way out–without that, brands could lose potential leads.

Support Details

Elegant Themes does offer dedicated support in the form of live chat, support tickets, and a community forum. Additionally, the platform comes with detailed documentation, tutorials, and articles aimed at helping customers get the hang of Bloom, as well as the other tools included with your membership.

Overall, the website does a good job walking you through the various pop-ups and features that come with the tool.

Conclusion—So What’s the Verdict on Bloom?

Bloom is a really easy way to generate leads. It’s got a user-friendly interface and is ideal for creating email opt-in forms that work with WordPress sites.

Since we’ve mentioned WordPress so many times, it is worth pointing out that the platform does only work with WP sites.

That said, it’s reasonably priced and does exactly what it sets out to do—provide well-designed opt-in forms complete with controls and a user-friendly dashboard.

The built-in A/B testing, combined with the analytics and email integration makes the tool a convenient addition to your WordPress plugin lineup.

If you’re looking for an opt-in builder, Bloom is undoubtedly a good choice. Plus—when you pay for membership, you get some extra tools, as well.

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