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Full eLeaP LMS Software Review – All you need to know about eLeaP

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As an LMS application, eLeaP LMS software helps businesses to build online courses and monitor the performance of students and also evaluate the development status of current employees. The eLeaP system speeds up the learning process and it is, therefore, an ideal LMS solution for Sales Managers, Training Managers, HR, IT, and LMS administrators. The LMS application helps companies to effectively manage team performance and organizational compliance. Users can create training materials from existing organization files.

And what are the general benefits of an LMS platform?

Saving time and costs

LMS systems allow you to create training programs with ease and speed. Unlike the traditional face-to-face type of training, LMS platforms like eLeaP system are highly convenient as they can be organized to suit the convenience of the learner. As a result, users can save a lot of time that they can use for other productive activities.

Since you do not need to spend on travel and accommodation, online learning also saves a lot of costs. With the use of LMS packages, there is no need for investing in training equipment and venues. You can also save a lot of money as a result of less paper usage enabled through the use of an LMS application. LMS software allows you to reuse courses multiple times and thus you don’t need to hire instructors every time.

With tools such as eLeaP LMS software, you will be able to easily create and launch your online courses. Such applications come with easy-to-learn tools that offer guidance throughout the process.

LMS solutions support self-service

With an LMS application, users are encouraged to take control of their own learning. All learning materials are availed through a central location and employees can access these resources from anywhere and at any time.

While using an LMS application, every learner will be able to access the same content and the experience provided to users is consistent. LMS solutions allow the learner to select their learning path and decide what to learn and when. Microlearning is a trend that is becoming widely popular among companies as the method works to fit the schedule of the trainee and not the other way round.

Since the learning materials are centrally located, it means you can update the training content without much complexity involved. You can add and edit content and update it in a very short time.

Being web-based, LMS systems such as eLeaP LMS do not need new software installation. In fact, the systems encourage self-service and offer a seamless user experience.

Improve performance using reporting tools

An LMS application comes with tracking and reporting tools that can be used to enhance the performance of the learner. The tools can track the learners’ progress, store their scores, and identify the areas that have to be improved.

With an efficient LMS system, you will be provided with a reporting functionality which saves time. Some systems are even better at automatically sending you reports and notifications to your inbox.

Customize content easily

LMS systems like eLeaP system allow you to create and customize online courses using text, graphics, audio and video content. Not all learners prefer the same way to learning as some prefer learning with the help of videos, others would opt for graphics and text. In this case, LMS systems allow you to customize your content to suit the needs of the learner.

Conduct online tests

With an LMS application, you have the option of creating quizzes and assessments and this helps you to assess the learning progress of the student and make sure that the trainee understands the concepts.

Manage classroom training

Despite the convenience offered by online training, some specific topics could still require classroom training.  Therefore, you cannot completely write off instructor-led training. LMS systems with eLeaP LMS software included come with instructor-led training tracking system that allows you to track and schedule classroom learning using its powerful tools.

An LMS application can also include a forum system through which you can create group discussion topics in which learners can collaborate.

Manage regulatory requirement

LMS systems can also be used to ensure that your employees have complied with the necessary regulatory and compliance requirements. Systems like eLeaP LMS software have a robust library of pre-built compliance courses and thus you can select those that apply to you and get started as the need to reinvent the wheel has been eliminated.

What is eLeaP LMS software?

eLeaP LMS software is an LMS application that has been developed to comply with SCORM standards and specifications. The application is structured in a way that helps business organizations create competent online courses and monitor trainee performance as well as evaluate the development status of employees.

Since it is built for facilitating and speeding up the learning process, eLeaP system is the ideal LMS option for Sales managers, Training managers, HR, IT, and LMS administrators.

eLeaP LMS is a cloud-based LMS application that helps companies to manage organizational compliance and team performance. With this tool, users can create training materials from existing organization files.

As a complete, web-based, and secure learning and training platform, eLeaP system offers a simple user interface to learners. Using the application, both non-technical and technical training managers can use the system to easily create, oversee, and track training programs that are interactive and eLearning programs for users of all levels. The LMS application is designed to meet the needs of an organization of any size.

eLeap system - user interface

With eLeaP LMS software, you are guaranteed of the sophistication favored by large corporations. However, you can still enjoy the simplicity, flexibility, and customization options that are affordable even to smaller organizations.

Some of the key features included in eLeaP system include quizzes, forums, certificates, surveys, discussion groups, single sign-on, and APIs. With this LMS application, you will also be able to access a tracking and reporting module which help in the collection and monitoring of employee’s progress.

Users of eLeaP LMS software can also upload different file types which include PowerPoint slides, video and audio files, PDFs, and SCORM materials. The application also offers customized branding option as it allows companies to add their own color scheme, logo, and URL.

eLeaP system is a leading tool in the eLearning industry because it’s flexible, adaptable, customizable, and validated. The application is very easy to use as you can set it up to be up and running in a matter of minutes and it doesn’t require any special training. You can use over 850 ready courses available in its library to easily deploy your team.

The providers of this LMS application also offer professional training services to their customers which help them to make sense of the complex eLearning and training landscape.

Engagement is important for employees to be productive and effective. eLeaP LMS software can be customized to offer relevant employee training which will better engage staff and offer them the potential to better increase revenue and productivity. Statistics have indicated that over 25% of employees leave their jobs because of lack of enough learning or training opportunities.

With eLeaP system, you don’t have to download anything, maintain any software or hardware, and you do not need staff to manage it.

Benefits of eLeaP system

eLeaP LMS software comes with several benefits to its users and they include the following.

eLeaP LMS application is Cost-effective

One of the biggest costs for many companies is on training and development and because of the high costs associated with traditional training, many companies have opted out of investing significantly in this area. With the use of eLeaP LMS software, you will be able to perform comprehensive training to your employees and this will increase productivity, engagement, boost revenue, reduce turnover, and guarantee compliance.

If you want to be successful as a business, it is important you consider implementing eLeaP system within your organization for the purposes of conducting employee training.

eLeaP system is scalable

Scalability is one of the leading priorities for most of today’s businesses. If you are a startup business, it means you have only a few employees and thus you would not want a situation whereby you invest a lot of resources, time and money into a traditional training program. For this case, instructional options that could help grow your business is the right choice.

eLeaP LMS software is highly scalable and you will not need to install any software or hardware that will require changes within a few months or years. With the eLeaP system, you grow and change and thus adapt to your changing business needs.

eLeaP LMS software improves employee’s engagement and monitors performance

Using eLeaP system, you will be able to completely change your employee’s engagement and monitor their performance.  The use of eLeaP LMS overcomes a lot of barriers to effective employee training as little time is wasted, money is saved, engagement is improved and consequently, employee performance is also improved. Employees can access information in a way that suits their needs and they can do this while they are on the move.

Improved corporate compliance

For corporations, noncompliance costs in terms of fines and legal fees can be very costly and training employees on compliance and regulatory matters is tougher as compared to training them on other aspects of their job. Using eLeaP system, compliance-related information has been readily availed and it is digestible.

In case of an audit, the LMS application also has all the documentation that is required to prove that an employee has undergone the necessary training.

eLeaP LMS allows you to assess the performance of employees

With eLeaP system, you can determine who attended a class and also create measurable and specific objectives and test employees on how well they can meet those objectives. You can use the LMS application to view who participated in training and how they performed in an assessment. eLeaP LMS software achieves this using its reporting and analytics tool.

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eLeaP is efficient

eLeaP system is an efficient LMS application because you can get your content together in just a few minutes and anyone can do it at their own time and from any location.

eCommerce capability

eLeaP LMs software provides users with the capability of selling their online courses through its advanced license management plus marketing tools which can help them reach out to the targeted market.

Features of eLeaP LMS

eLeaP system comes with several features which makes it one of the best LMS applications in the market today. Some of the features of the application are as follows.

eLeaP LMS software - integrations

  • Academic and commerce functions
  • Automatic Notifications, Feedback Forms, and Assessments
  • Classroom Management
  • Mobile apps and social learning
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT). Schedule and Track Live Classroom Training
  • eCommerce
  • Course creation tools
  • Built-In Course Authoring
  • Automated, Advanced Reporting. Tracking and Analysis
  • Certification Management
  • custom, secure e-learning system can be ready in less than 30 seconds.


eLeaP system has pricing packages that have been categorized based on the number of intended users. Here are the cost details for eLeaP LMS software.

  • 25 users – costs $125 per month and $2 for every additional user.
  • 50 users – costs $314 per month and $1.4 for every additional user.
  • 100 users – costs $1,011 per month and $0.99 for every additional user.
  • 1,000 users – costs $1,361 per month and $0.69 for every additional user.
  • eLeaP price plans are customized for companies with over 1,000 users.

You can get eLeap LMS software demo request at eleapsoftware.com.

You can also get a free trial at eleapsoftware.com.

Technical Details

eLeaP system only supports Windows devices. Its pricing model is a monthly payment.

Support Details

The vendors of eLeaP LMS software offer their support through email, phone, online ticket and through live help.

Email: info@eleapsoftware.com

Call: (877)624-7226

Facebook: eLeap

Twitter: @eLeap


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More contact information at eleapsoftware.com.