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Full EHS Insight EHS Software Review – All You Need to Know About EHS Insight


EHS Insight is software for managing environmental, health and safety systems. Founded in 2009 by StarTex software brand, the team has a mission to become the best EHS system in the world. Based in Houston, Texas, they currently have over a hundred thousand users in about 45 countries. So its safe to say they’re well on their way.

Health and safety being most important in the workplace make EHS apps very important. There needs to be an appropriate record of all that’s going on especially in remote or hazardous sites. EHS insight is, therefore, the type of app most working organizations can’t do without.

There are also many features within the EHS insight app that makes it a pioneer app of sorts. For one, users can fill in data offline which is especially useful for users in remote regions. EHS insight was also a step away from the traditional form system of EHS.

However, we are going to look at all the features of EHS Insight and see if it’s a relevant software. We will look at its features, pros, cons and other relevant details.

What is EHS Insight

Safety in the workplace is perhaps the most crucial part of work. Unsafe working environments can lead to injuries which could be minor or grave and even death. Companies and organization, therefore, spend quite a lot of money to ensure the safety of their workers.

There, therefore, needs to be a system in place to ensure that workers know about safety guideline. Also in case of any problems on site organizations need a system to keep proper logs. Doing this helps them properly manage and even predict future issues. So, this is where the EHS Insight app comes in.

EHS Insight is software for managing everything concerning health and safety at work. With the software, you can audit, train management, ensure compliance, manage risks and keep up with industry standards.

To access any of these benefits, users can purchase different modules separately or all together. EHS Insight allows users to pick the service that’s the best fit for their current working situation.

Businesses can also benefit from the offline function of the software. The software is also available on mobile phones. All of these features together ensure that EHS is strictly adhered to by workers.

The app is one that sees a lot of use by workers both on the field and in the office.

The EHS Insight video below shows how the app works.


EHS Insight has a lot of exciting features to optimize health and safety. They provide features that are great for planning and evaluation right down to implementation. Let’s have a look at them.

Incident Management

To ensure compliance with all industry regulations during work, there’s a need for appropriate record-keeping. You can use the app to monitor all aspects of your health and safety programs. These aspects include OSHA reports, injury, and illnesses, near-misses and so on.

Using the app, you can compile and send OSHA reports directly to the agency.  You can also collect all injuries which occur during working hours. Within the app are text fields for gathering all the little details concerning an injury. You can capture the when, where, how of all injuries.

Thereby significantly reducing time and paperwork spent doing reports.

Users can also input the near-misses, these are the injuries which almost happened. These near-misses are potential work hazards. Therefore noting them down will help the EHS officers to make better provisions for safety at work.

Audit Management

Audits and inspections are a necessity in the working environment. They, however, tend to take up a lot of time. Well, not when a company uses the EHS insight app.

Companies can complete an audit in half the time because the app compiles reports and also stores records. The app makes compliance quite easy by providing all the rules and guidelines in one location. EHS managers can also include new and vital information straight into the app.

These features save time and also ensure audits come out smelling like a rose. With the help of checklists, health and safety officers can provide best practices. Data analysis tools are also present within the app to help analyze staff.

Using EHS insight companies save time, money and energy.

Training Management System

EHS Insight also features an integrated learning management system. Using the app managers can save up on expensive training materials. Within the app are useful materials perfect for training the staff.

EHS compliance standards can be a bit exact. So, therefore, any company trying to comply needs to train their staff. Staff needs to learn how to use equipment, avoid accidents both on themselves and the team.

Using the app ensures staff learns only the appropriate materials. EHS Insight can also be used for auditing purposes later on.

Sustainability Software

You can also use the software to measure work performance. The app has some essential tools that are good for analysis. You can measure how well the staff learns new materials. Also, measure how well the organization takes to different tasks.

Users can also view how different factors affect work rate and performance. With this, you can easily find areas and workers that need improvement. Also, it becomes easy to figure out which of the current practices are best and which are redundant.

The data analysis function helps to create better and safer working environments.


Let’s take a peep at some of the fantastic benefits of the EHS Insight app:


EHS Insight will save you a lot of time. All the time previously used to train staff, enforce rules, ensure compliance can be cut into almost half. With all the useful resource available in the app there’s less need for time-taking activities.

Data entry can be cut to just the bare necessities making the team more active and efficient. Workers can now direct full concentration to useful work programs and activities. Managers can also make better decisions due to having more information at their disposal.

Manage Hazards and Risks

Companies can better manage potential hazards and risks using this app. They can identify hazards, perform risk assessments, put in control measures and automate processes with EHS Insight.

Using the software you can get a clearer picture of global practices in your field. You can then relate it to local experiences and find efficient solutions to problems. By using EHS Insight, the risk of hazards in operations will significantly drop.

Control measures will also be put in place to make work easier and faster. By offering a real-time view of events as they occur a team can quickly think up effective solutions.

Green Environment

Your company can now make its contributions towards a better environment with ease. Get proper data about your carbon footprints, and other environmental problems by using the app. Monitor energy usage and its impacts on your immediate environment.

Also, use the app to manage all compliance permits and other documents. Perform tasks with ease and efficiency by eliminating the manual processes.

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial hygiene is a significant part of health and safety. Without proper industrial hygiene, workers expose themselves to high levels of risk. With EHS Insight you can exact a measure of control over this.

The program allows for easy training on hygiene. Compliance standards are also evident for everyone to see. Control of Hazards and risks is faster and more efficient using the app.

ISO Compliance

With EHS Insight you can monitor and control everything concerning your management systems and ISO. Set up the solution in a matter of weeks have it help with all regulations.

Make Important Observations

EHS Insight enables you to make accurate and essential work observations. These observations help reduce hazards and risks in the workplace. Workers can report and track potential hotspots and also alert relevant authorities.

All of these contribute to making sure environmental, health and safety remain a company top priority. Companies end up gaining extensive insight into the organization directly from the ability to record all injuries. Important observation ability dramatically helps companies in their planning and decision-making.

They can make more useful decisions due to having more data. Companies are also able to avoid the recurrence of hazards while using this app.

Mobile APP

EHS Insight’s mobile app is one of the management software that gives you information at your fingertips. The mobile app is optimized for work use and is just as good as the web and computer option. With the mobile app users can input data on the go.

Their mobile app function makes it possible report, inspect, and take action from any spot. EHS Insight removes the need to rely on a  desk and a system to make essential reports.

Offline Sync

An essential feature of this app is the offline feature. You can now enter your data from anywhere in the world and any condition. Save data to your phone or computer and immediately sync when online.

The time and ease of mind this offers is immeasurable. Users can finish up tasks even in areas with little to no network reception without any fears or worries. Just log in data and wait for the network to come up.

Having offline sync is perhaps one of the more useful functions of this app. Work takes people to various regions, and injuries can occur at any time. The noticing of potential hazards is also possible at any time.

Offline sync ensures there’s no excuse for reporting or attending to any possible problems.


No matter how excellent a product is, it must always have its problems. Here are a few of the issues you’re likely to run into using EHS Insight.

  • EHS Insight’s customize function not as versatile as we would like. Forms are currently locked in, and editing is a bit hard.
  • Video tutorials full of details and showing how to use the different modules would also be invaluable to users.


EHS Insight caters to all business types ranging small, medium to large enterprises. They, therefore, have different price tags with various functions. The basic plan retains most of the vital features. The other plans, however, include elements that might be more useful depending on company needs and size.

You can, however, request a quote for all of the plans. The also offer free 30 day trials.


  • Price – $3 per person per month (can also request a quote)
  • An entry-level solution for those new to using software to manage EHS
  • Up to 100 Contacts

On offer for the small business plan are the following:

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Native mobile application
  • Incident management
  • Near miss reporting
  • Incident investigations
  • Corrective actions
  • Inspection checklists
  • Audits and assessments
  • Automatic email notifications
  • Configurable forms and workflows
  • User and contact management
  • Action and task management
  • Document repository
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Administrative tools
  • Multi-level business hierarchy
  • Modern API for integration
  • Single Sign-On
  • Integrated online training


  • Request a Quote
  • This option is great for companies that need a more EHS solution flexibility
  • Over 100 Contacts

The standard plan offers the same features as the small business plan with the following additions:

  • Aspects and Impacts,
  • Chemical Inventory,
  • Audit Management,
  • Claims Management,
  • Health Encounter,
  • Compliance Tasks,
  • Hazard and Risk,
  • Incident Management,
  • Journey Management,
  • Industrial Hygiene,
  • Onboarding,
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA),
  • Management of Change,
  • Objectives,
  • Permitted Work,
  • Safety Drill,
  • Sustainability,
  • Safety Meetings,
  • Quality Management,
  • SDS Management,
  • Training Content,
  • Waste Management,
  • Work Observations,
  • Training Management,


  • Price – Request a Quote
  • The most powerful and configurable EHS solution available anywhere
  • Larger Organizations

The enterprise plan builds on the previous plans by adding the following features:

  • Enterprise Support
  • Rapid Success™
  • Sandbox Included
  • Dedicated representative
  • Multiple languages

Technical Details

EHS INsight relies on the cloud for hosting.

Small, medium and large enterprises can benefit from the software. Here are different plans for different business levels. However, pricing schemes are for the most part quote-based.

They offer language support in English but provide other languages when you pay for Enterprise.

The software also supports the following devices:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Support Details

EHS Insight offers both email and phone support with online training. There are other support systems available like onboarding which are plan dependent.

Contact EHS Insight

They also have two offices, one in Houston, Texas and the other in the Netherlands.


Toll free – +1 877-571-7475

Main Line – +1 713-866-6597

Fax – +1 832-201-7300


Request information

To Wrap Up

EHS INsight offers good value for money. As an EHS app, it is not overly expensive. It also does an excellent job of providing an adequate EHS system.

Everything needed to run a comprehensive health and safety system is present in the app. EHS Insight would serve companies spectacularly and give them immense value for their money.