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Full eFront LMS Software Review – All you need to know about eFront LMS

eFront LMS software

eFront LMS software is one of the applications that are available in the market today and that can perfectly serve the learning needs of different industries. One of the industries that can be well served by this training management solution is the education industry. eFront application adapts to meet the needs of educational institutions and this is regardless of whether they are private, public, higher education, or K-12. eFront LMS software can be scaled to any size and offers comprehensive organization and customizations choices.  With enhanced security features, the application provides a seamless learning experience to its users.

Why use eFront application in the education industry? You can use eFront LMS software in the education industry for a variety of reasons that also add up as its benefits for the industry.

Flexible organizational structure

Being a multi-tenant LMS, eFront training management solution allows educational institutions to create isolated portals which mirror their structure. You can create multiple segments by course title, grade or any other custom segment that you are interested in.

eFront application supports easy course delivery

Both students and teachers will love the experience they get from interacting with eFront LMS software and engaging with the learning content. The application has an intuitive interface, reusable content, and assessment tools which make the delivery of courses to be easy and efficient.

Ease of Administration

Administration has been made easy in eFront Training management solution through its assessment engine, advanced reporting system, and automation features through which teachers are empowered to create courses in a short period of time and that are beneficial to all students.

Blended learning courses

Using eFront application, you can create blended learning courses using video, audio content, interactive apps, and images. For a superior and an engaging learning experience, eFront LMS software also provides instructor-led training that can be via teleconference or classroom-based.

Powerful e-commerce capabilities

eCommerce features included in eFront training management solution provide you with the opportunity to increase your revenue by selling your education offerings online. You can create isolated learning portals for learners and allow them to self-register and pay through the different payment gateways that are available or using credits.

Advanced certification management

Users of eFront application have access to extensive and automated certification management which allow administrators and teachers to design personalized certificates. As a result, you can issue a custom certification that befits your information, color, and style.

Customizations and integrations

For a seamless user experience, this training management solution can successfully integrate with multiple third-party applications.  The look and feel of the learning platform can also be customized to align with the colors of your institution.


Through its gamification engine, you can boost how students engage and make learning to be more interactive. The gamification features of eFront application include customizable badges, rewards, points, and leaderboards.

What is eFront LMS Software?

eFront LMS software is a training management solution or an LMS that caters for large enterprises and can manage high numbers of users. The application is equipped with lots of key features required by users and these include things like scalability, reporting, multi-language support, and custom branding among other things. Gamification and blended learning allow users to improve their engagement.

eFront Application- dashboard

With eFront application, you have the power to build a platform that suits your needs. Therefore, if you choose to train your people, customers, and partners using this training management solution, it means you have chosen a powerful LMS that can be customized to suit your needs. eFront LMS software offers enterprise-grade deployment options with extensive features that can be customized. With eFront, you can adapt the look and structure of your portal in order to efficiently and seamlessly integrate your training into your enterprise environment.

eFront application is a fully protected system and this allows you to focus on your training.  Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to implement eFront as a cloud deployment or on-premise, you are provided with a lot of administrative tools and security filters. With its advanced data encryption, SSO, comprehensive access control, 2-factor authentication and much more, your portal will be secure at all times.

eFront LMS software incorporates all the features that you would expect from an enterprise training management solution and some that are out of your expectation. The application includes administrator features, course management, learner features, eCommerce, customizations, integrations, and access to its source code and therefore by letting eFront be your LMS of choice, you will be able to improve on your training delivery.

Being a flexible LMS solution, the eFront application is the best choice for enterprises that need advanced security measures and robust customization for training large groups of employees, customers, and partners.  The application qualifies as a new-age LMS and supersedes in distinct ways the features offered by traditional training management solutions. eFront provides up to date techniques for distributing and evaluating knowledge.

eFront has been designed as the most adaptable enterprise LMS in the industry and thus it gives you complete control of your data and your virtual training environment. The application blends seamlessly with all third-party applications and gives you the power to grow.  Your business will also grow as a result of using eFront LMS software as you can keep on improving the skills of your workforce, you can keep your customers smart and partners qualified.

In summary, eFront is a training management solution that is reliable, scalable and efficient.  The application can be accessed using the latest Android app and thus training and learning management can be conducted regardless of location. eFront provides you with distinct mediums of content which you can reuse whenever necessary.

Through its gamification features, the eFront application gives you the capability to distinguish and reward learners who are fast and hard working. To increase the competition within the learning environment, eFront allows you to distribute badges and points and guarantee that each trainee receives a timely feedback. With the rich communication features included in this training management solution, you can streamline how instructors and learners relate and this method is totally unmatched when it comes to enhancing training results.

eFront LMS software is also one of the best-integrated LMS applications that are available in the market today and it also has pre-built connections to eCommerce processors, calendars, content management systems, and video conferencing tools. You can rely on eFront application to create content that is beautiful and flexible for your learners through utilizing the current standards associated with content interoperability.

Benefits of eFront LMS software

As an organization, training employees could be very complex and time-consuming and for this reason, you need a tool that can help you attain your target goals and impart knowledge and skills to your workforce. eFront LMS software considers different aspects with regard to this scenario and offers several possibilities. Below are the things that users can benefit from as a result of using eFront application as their training management solution of choice.

Content interoperability

With eFront application, it means you are using a high content friendly training management solution. The application employs the most current industry standards when it comes to interoperability of contents and it is possible to easily reuse any of this content as many times as you like.

The software also provides a wide variety of learning materials that you can purchase and these range from topics such as basic computer skills to workplace ethics and many others. This tool offers built-in support for Tin Can and SCORM.

eFront LMS software provides flexible training and learning

There is a lot of flexibility in the learning and training offered via eFront application. As an example, you can offer instructor-led courses as a person or through video conferencing. Learners and instructors are able to interact productively as a result of the rich communication features that are provided within the system. As a result, it is simple and easy to acquire feedback about training. You can also conduct surveys and analyze results to improve your training.

eFront application supports gamification

Gamification of training is the most attractive feature included in eFront LMS software. For the purposes of motivating learners, this training management solution has made learning to be like a game whereby individuals are rewarded with points, leaderboards and badges as a result of attaining targeted milestones. This creates competition which can tap into the full potential of trainees.

Branding and control

The control of the look and feel of your learning portal within eFront LMS software is entirely in your hands. You can design the theme such that it aligns with your brand and you can also branch the audience for the purposes of allowing only the significant content to be used. The application can be successfully scaled to meet the needs of small and big enterprises. With eFront application, you can easily integrate APIs and other applications that have to be included in your training.

eFront training management solution has a powerful survey engine

With eFront LMS software, you are in a position to create and undertake custom surveys within your team, and collect all the necessary information with regard to your courses’ efficiency and learners’ engagement.

Content in eFront LMS can be reused

eFront not only gives you the ability to create engaging content, but you can also store that content and reuse whenever necessary. These shared eLearning materials are kept in a robust learning library and they can be pulled in and directly in your future or upcoming courses. With respect to the given permissions, learners can access this content at any time, from any location, and using any device.

eFront LMS software - multidevice

eFront has a marketplace of prebuild courses

with eFront training management solution, there is no need for creating content since it has been already provided. With reference to the topic that you are reworking on, you will be able to access a huge marketplace that has different learning materials, and from these, you can select the best ones for use in your training program. The system then stores your data into a file repository that is scalable such that you will be able to access them at any time of need.

eFront Training Management Solution - courses

Features of eFront LMS software

eFront application comes with several features that make it possible for the system to provide the different functionalities to its users.


  • Course management
  • Certification management
  • Gamification tools
  • Surveys
  • Videoconference
  • Offline learning support
  • Course marketplace
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Multiple languages
  • Discussion Forums
  • Plugins
  • Repository for files
  • Site-builder
  • Rest-API
  • Scorm and Tincan integration
  • Reports
  • Calendar

Now, let us look into some of the capabilities enabled by some of the features listed above.

Courses management

eFront is content friendly because it allows you to re-use your best content across several courses. Useful materials can also be imported from the web and enhanced even further.

Through its assessment engine, this training management solution supports different types of tests, questions, and quizzes and provide a comprehensive report on all results.

eFront possesses surveys engine through which you can undertake custom surveys among learners. The application support Scorm and TinCan (xApi) interoperability standards that can be used to enrich courses and improve the experience of learners, assignments can be submitted in different formats, there is reusable content, and certifications among other things.

Learning delivery

eFront application supports learning paths through which courses could be assigned such that they will be taken in a particular order and based on the attributes of the user and your training’s requirements.

Through blended learning offered by eFront LMS software, the learner engagement is boosted. eLearning content can be combined with instructor-led training and this can be via teleconference or through classroom-based.

This training management solution also allows you to gamify the experience of your learners as they can collect badges and points and move up levels or rank high on leaderboards. Other features that necessitate efficient and effective learning delivery in eFront LMS software include curriculums, rich communication tools, mobile learning, video conferencing support, and notifications.


With eFront application, you can produce custom reports on any action, object or user within your e-learning portal.

You can assign curriculums and course based on the specific skills of your trainees and closely track their development.

Skill-gap tests and analysis allow you to detect the weaknesses of your employees.

eFront also allows you to control security levels and perform specific mass actions upon large groups of users and courses all at once among other things.


Regardless of the size of your organization, eFront application provides pricing options from which you will find one that meets your needs.

  • Business Plan –  priced at $750 per month for a maximum of 1000 users
  • Enterprise Plan –  priced at $1000 per month for a maximum of 2000 users
  • Large Enterprise – priced at $2000 per month for a maximum 5000 users
  • Tailored Plan – for a custom plan that can be tailored to suit over 5000 users, please contact the vendor directly.

You can schedule a demo at efrontlearning.com.

eFront - pricing

Technical Details

eFront LMS software supports several devices and they include – Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based, and Windows Mobile.

The application only supports the English language. The pricing model is quote-based.

Customer types are small businesses, medium businesses, large enterprises, and freelancers.

The application can be deployed through cloud hosting, open API, and On-Premise.

Support Details

The vendors of eFront LMS software offer their support via Email, phone, and tickets.


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