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Full eFront Learning Management Software Review – All you need to know about eFront

eFront Learning Management System

What is eFront?

eFront Software is a fully flexible learning management system that is designed for enterprises. Therefore, if you need advanced eLearning technology with security measures or any type of extensive customization in order to train employees, customers or partners, this is the LMS platform for you. As a new-age learning management system, eFront Software provides modern ways to evaluate knowledge and distribute your training management.

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With 15 years in the learning management business, eFront has both the dedication and experience necessary to develop you a simple LMS platform that will do the job. Needing higher volumes and advanced customization options will make eFront the training management tool you need. eFront’s mission is to provide you with a premium learning management system that is accessible and affordable across the world.

This LMS platform believes that they use ideas that produce the tools you will activity use. Seeking a balance between simplicity, usability and purposeful solutions that are combined with strong potential and robustness you will get the best there is. eFront software comes equipped with a variety of features that will help you to grow your business and keep your workforce skilled to succeed.

Benefits of eFront Software:

By following the latest standards for content interoperability, this LMS platform can be a huge benefit to your organization. Designed to provide you only the best that you can get in a training management tool. eFront desires to provide you with all the tools needed to enhance productivity through their eLearning technology. Therefore, there is a list of wonderful benefits you can take advantage of that is offered with this eLearning technology.

  • eFront software is a learning management system that is shaped to fit your unique needs and not universally provided.
  • Build an LMS platform that is fully functional for your specific needs. This power is yours for the taking with this learning management system.
  • Your system will be fully protected while you concentrate on the training. This is despite which deployment option you use.
  • Everything this training management tool gives you revolves around the content you will use.
  • Comes with a variety of learning materials for just about anything you could think of.
  • You have full control over the branding provided through eFront. Make your business shine by branding your LMS platform to your company.
  • There is a free trial available that you can use in order to determine if the eFront software is right for you or not.
  • Ideal for mobile and remote workers alike, there is the option to download apps onto the devices you use regularly.
  • eFront software is offered in a large variety of languages you can use across the globe.
  • This LMS platform is very low-maintenance and very stable to use from the technological side of things.
  • The platform is self-intuitive making it easy for you to use and to introduce to customers and employees.
  • Blending seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, this training management tool will grow with you as you grow.
  • Courses can be offered through both the online and offline capabilities.

Features of eFront Software:

Training employees, customers and partners can be a tedious task. That is why this eLearning technology provides you with something that can help you to achieve the goals you set out for your organization.

Therefore, in order to impart the skills and knowledge needed to grow, it is essential you have a vast array of features that will meet your needs. eFront software comes complete with a large variety of advanced features that you will be able to utilize in your industry.

Completely control your course management.

Content for your training materials can come from a variety of places. Import components of training material directly from the web to help enhance your course offerings. You also can save and re-use the best of your content for future usage. This can be done for individual courses or multiple courses.

Through the assessment engine, you can have native support for all kinds and types of quizzes and tests. You will also be provided extensive reports on the results of these assessments. Get reports also from your learners as they provide feedback through custom surveys. Allow your learner to submit assignments in a variety of formats based on your conditions and time frames.

Enrich your courses and provide enhancement to your learners’ experiences through the built-in support functions of Scrom and TinCan. Have the ability to create original HTML5 content within your LMS platform using the native H5P editor.

Have a file repository to keep you organized in your course offerings. You can pull from this library at any time and implement material into specific courses set up in through this eLearning technology. Make use of the thousands of ready-made courses you can choose from.

Issue many different certifications that have a variety of expiration policies. You can also readily support any compliance standard training. Control your training management by giving access to your content defined by you.

Enhanced learning experience for all users using eFront Software.

Increase your training management by assigning courses to be taken in specialized orders that you determine. Also,boost learning through the combination of eLearning technology content and that of instructor-led training. Assign users and other branches of your organization specific courses that are related to packaging them.

Increase the user experience by providing training either in a classroom setting or through teleconferencing. Promote interactions among groups through the ability to use real-time collaboration tools like BigBlueButton integrations. Help learners to retain knowledge through an awards system based on points or badges.

Use rich communication applications that allow you to have native support for things like email or calendars. You can also use these communications for discussion forums and comment sections. Customize email notifications that can be deployed by selected events. This can be arranged automatically.

Be completely Enterprise ready with this LMS platform.

Produce all the custom reports you could need or want based on whatever criteria you set up. This can be done through users, objects or even by action. You have the ability to view and store all activity reports. Set up access to the portals by different areas and functionalities. Classify your users by their varying permissions.

Group users by their skill set and their specific jobs. Also, keep track of the progress by your users based on these groups. When unsure, you can provide skill gap testing to help detect where your employees are weak or in need of further testing. Furthermore, you can create learning paths around the results of this test.

Simplify the user authentication through the Single-Sign on. Using your training management portals, you can subdivide them according to your organizational structure. Bring together your groups based on branches and conditions.

Have complete control over your security measures. You can require a 2-factor authentication process or create an IP whitelist. Store safely all deleted users or courses that you have decided to archive. Make use of a variety of integrations that can be offered through Zapier.

Build your brand with customization options for this eLearning technology.

There are a variety of customization options at your fingertips through eFront software. You can brand your LMS platform through the ability to choose your portals to look. You can apply custom CSS and JavaScript details as well as build a modern website based on the site builder.

Have access to the ability to use a no vendor lock-in policy. You will be having access to source codes and expand your portals functionality. Use native plugins or build your own to make this learning management tool your own.

Increase organizational profitability for training management commerce options.

You can use native integrations for payments of courses through PayPal, Stripe and many other checkout options. There are more than 80 you can choose from via FoxyCart. Offer discounts or create price tracks on individual courses that can be available to specific audiences.

Utilize the moneyless payment options that your users can request a checkout. They can complete the payment via their preferred method. Assign credit to branch administrators and allow them to buy courses for training that is branch-wide.

eFront Software Pricing:

There are 4 different levels of pricing you can choose from for this eLearning technology. These pricing options are based on the number of users and come with all the features you could need or want. Take a look at the pricing scheme offered through this LMS platform.


This plan is priced at $750 per month and it allows for up to 1000 users.


Priced at $1000 per month, this plan gives you up to 2000 users.

Large Enterprise:

For $2000 per month, you can have up to 5000 users.


If you need more than 5000 users per month, you can contact the vendor to get tailored pricing.

Technical Details:

There are a variety of deployment options that include cloud-hosted, on-premise and open API. As a result, this learning management software is compatible with a variety of devices regardless of whatever operating system you use.

Furthermore, there are also native apps that can be downloaded on your mobile devices of any kind. You can get the app in the iTunes store for iOS devices and the Play Store for Android devices. There is also the compatibility with Windows Mobile.

Though this training management software comes in 20 different languages, the supported language of this eLearning technology is English. If you need support in another language, contact the vendor to find out if that is possible.

eFront Software Support Details:

A company is only as good as the support they provide. You need to know that you will be able to get issues rectified in a timely manner. Therefore, it is good for you to know that support of all sorts comes with any of the pricing packages you choose for this eLearning technology. The various support options offered are as follows.

  • Email Support: Get in touch with eFront representatives at any time via email. You can use the email addresses that will be provided to you or the contact form on their website.
  • Phone Support: There is the option to call in for any questions or issues you may experience. There are local numbers in the United States, United Kingdom and In Greece.
  • Tickets: Here, you can submit a support request via their support portal which will then enter a queue. Utilize the ability to issue a support ticket through your system that will keep it internal. This will also enter a queue.

Good to note: There are training options available that come with the purchase and an FAQ section you can utilize when looking for common answers to frequent questions.


Organizations have a variety of wants and the various requirement they need to fill. No particular software application will be fully useful for any one organization. It is futile of you to believe that there will be an out-of-box solution for you that will meet every one of your specific needs. The wisest thing you could do is to make use of eLearning technology that is fully customizable and flexible.

eFront software provides you with the LMS platform you can customize and cater to your specific needs and wants. Through this learning management tool, you have a variety of features that you either use or ignore based on your unique criteria. As a result, this training management software will give you what you need when you need it and nothing more.

Ultimately, you are the one who knows what your organization needs most. You want your staff to be successful, your partners to be knowledgeable and your customers to be smarter. Therefore, you can utilize your learning management system to help you achieve those desired results. Be sure before choosing a specific software that you weigh the various attributes that come with each. This will help you to make an informed decision that will benefit you and your organization best.

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