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Full Edificius Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About Edificius


One of the most complex tasks in architecture, is designing buildings, which entails a lot of detail as much as the designer’s grand vision.

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The first tools in computing to help architects sought to address more logistical issues than they were other issues, when it comes to producing the vast numbers of drawings they required for any project of whatever size.

Today, AEC professionals have software or computing tools that focus on providing new workflow, as well as elements like evacuation management and structural analysis.

Drawings are still the main means by which AEC professionals get to communicate their design intent and ideas to customers, to craftsmen and to their design team. The way drawings are created has also changed over time and evolves every other day.

Each software for design targets specific and different needs, so picking the most suitable tool will depend on various factors like pricing, compatibility with your other programs and apps, and the time you are willing to allocate and/or spend during drawing or design.

The most suitable building information modeling software may be found as you adapt and/or use different ones, but there are a number of basic and advanced BIM software that will increase workflow and help you move from first draft down to the main and final presentation.

One of the best BIM software tools that makes the work of AEC professionals easier and more efficient is Edificius by ACCA Software. Read on to find out how it can benefit your business while providing a solid foundation for your clients’ building projects.

What is Edificius?


Edificius is an advanced Building Information Modeling software application built by ACCA software who are building industry software specialists.

ACCA software provides solutions for the AEC sector, ans since 1989, the company has established a solid position in development of software solutions for AEC professionals. These are known for their ease of use, creativity, and practical approach. They also have a strong attitude for innovation, and provide the right answers to the growing needs of these professionals.

Edificius is advanced, powerful, user-friendly, expedient, and innovative. It is regularly updated so as to comply with modern regulations and be aligned with the newest technologies.

It is the leading BIM design software that has a real time engine for rendering that integrates seamlessly with other features. It also allows you to access a library of items like lighting and furniture, so that you can create a stunning interior for your designs.


Why should you choose Edificius as your in-house BIM software for your business or team? Here are some of the benefits the software offers that promise efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.

Maximum productivity

Edificius offers all the benefits of a BIM design that is integrated, for engineering, architecture, and construction. With this BIM software, you can increase your productivity and accuracy, reduce costs, achieve delivery faster within a workflow that is integrated for design and structural calculations, plus use it for project cost estimations. It also integrates with other apps like SketchUp or Blender so you can design free-form solids. Additionally, you can use the capabilities of 2D & 3D native apps such as DWG CAD app as well as Edificius CAD. You can also access topographic maps via Google Maps, as well as direct land survey data, while importing and/or exporting architectural buildings in IFC formats.

Greater satisfaction and work quality

Edificius has a unique feature, the real-time rendering engine, and with this, you can check and/or monitor your ideas and designs as it happens. You can also experience materials, forms, objects, and other scenarios without waiting long hours for rendering one scene to complete. It also gives you instant results from the choices in design.

All-in-one complete software solutions suite

Edificius is one software that addresses many things including outdoor spaces, architectural design, gardens, and landscape design plus interior design. It delivers all the tools for project presentation that you need including photo retouching, real time rendering, photo montages for scenes, video and/or animations in its online HD textures & the 3D models library.

Create impressive eye-catching designs

The BIM software also allows you to create impressive designs that can win you a few or more clients than you already have, or impress them altogether. Edificius helps you create top quality visual presentations with renderings and professional video that’s next to reality than any other. Clients can see realistic simulations of projects while changing materials, rearranging furniture, or adjust the architectural concept with clients. They also get to feel included in the whole process.

Meet deadlines & most recent regulations

With Edificius, you can face new regulatory frameworks defined by EUPPD which introduces the BIM software into public procurement.

Continuous technical support

ACCA software supports, is always hands on and close to you in usage, learning and implementation of the software in your daily job. There are no secrets while using Edificius, so you get assistance in the form of video tutorials, training, startup lessons, forums, and other help tools from the day you start. Their services to you are free of charge in terms of technical support.



Edificius CAD

This native DWG CAD software is integrated in ACCA’s Edificius software. It is a unified design solution that comprises of CAD, 3D modeling, BIM, rendering, as well as real time rendering.

Plan View

Edificius has its 3D architectural design features that you can use easily and quickly to create a BIM model for your building, and work using plan view or directly within the 3D modeling environment using parametric objects of architecture.

Parametrical objects

Edificius has parametric objects for architectural design software and other functionalities including:

  • Building envelope objects – Curved and horizontal building envelope. These help you draw load bearing walls, floors, curtain walls, internal partitions of different forms and types. They also separate internal spaces from external ones, delimit rooms, compartments and get volumes and data for surfaces automatically.
  • Curtain and Curved curtain wall objects help you shape windows and curtain wall facades
  • Roof object lets you model various types of pitched roof slabs using functional tools and in a few clicks you have your results for any rooftop based on what you want
  • Doors, Window and Hole object lets you add entities together with particular details as sills, reveals, and frames among others.
  • Room object helps you define interior spaces of your building which are automatically designed with the necessary volume, surface, ventilation, lighting ratio data among other details
  • Ramp and Stairs objects let you link the building floor levels, define footprint of the objects in plan view by way of intelligent objects like curved ramps, or fan-shaped and/or spiral stairs of any form or type.
  • Railing object helps you complete staircase and ramps quickly; you can insert balcony railings or fencing for walls
  • Column and Beam objects (Steel, Custom or Curved) address aspects of structural engineering with any size, shape or material.
  • Beam Gridwork, Timber and Steel trusses objects help you build your complex structures
  • Filling (curved or horizontal) and surface lining objects as well as solid extrusion objects help you complete and add more detail to your projects such as backfills, drainage, bathroom tiles, wall caps, modeling gutters, skirting boards etc)
  • Point light object helps you experience and understand the effects that come with artificial lighting of spaces – both indoor and outdoor.
  • Other objects include device and junction boxes as well as electrical switch boards which support modeling for the electrical systems in your building

Full creative freedom

Edificius for SketchUp gives you the full freedom to be creative by creating any type of 3D solid models and forms too, and import them automatically into Edificius. The 3D model object helps you enrich your models even if they were created using other modelers, and uses this in a wide range of formats such as .3ds, .obj, .skp, and others. You can import these into your building project with such things as street lamps, toys, furniture, park benches, and fountains among many other things.

Digital terrain modelling 

Edificius functions for terrain modeling lets you do the following:

  • Rebuild topographic surveys whether complex or not, or from land surveys within file formats including DXF, CAD and DWG or from satellite imagery from Google Maps
  • Reshape land using real eathworks, escarpments, fills, and other features automatically while getting relevant data metrics to calculate surfaces and volumes
  • Integrate terrain modeling with other design (landscape) elements like roads, trees, yards, vegetation, walls, and others.

3D photorealistic rendering

Edificius lets you create renderings that are visually striking including photorealistic rendering, clay renderings, and transparent background rendering among others.

Interior design 3D renderings

A catalog of furniture and advanced tools for rendering are available in Edificius for professional presentations.

Exterior 3D renderings

You can enhance advanced designs for outdoor spaces, gardens, parks and rearrange outdoor spaces or urban ones using realistic, and/or professional presentations.

64-bit rendering engine

This engine has no limits as it can manage large data amounts for better rendering, and the best performance available.

Scene Photo Montage and Retouching

These tools are integrated within the architectural BIM, so you don’t need any other extra sophisticated and complicated software to simulate buildings in their contexts. Just take a photo, and the final result is before you in a few easy steps.

Depth of Field

This helps you get rendered images with different levels of focusing so as to highlight and/or emphasize specific details of the project.

Volumetric lighting

This feature helps you get a real and true photographic effect for enhanced realism.

Effects, filters and colors

This feature helps you create impressive styles and surprise your customers with emotional impact. The magic render tool allows you to adjust light and contrasts using special filters for colors, and also apply artistic filters like vintage, sketch, or cartoon for the best results.

Project Group

This feature manages your information that is generated through comparing existing situations versus the planned layout. It is the advanced tool for work variations and/or remodeling management and integrates two BIM models automatically.

Real Time Rendering and BIM

As the first BIM software to integrate the Real Time Rendering with BIM, using Edificius results in great photo-realistic renderings in real time as you continue working in the design stage. Get visual feedback constantly as you check results of designs in real time. It also lets you create and/or publish 360-degree images on Panorama for Facebook, and for representations that are immersive.

Edificius VR

This feature lets you publish and/or share your project on the internet via the Voyager Online feature, and share with anyone you want. It also saves the file to the cloud and you get a link that gives shared entry to the BIM model via VR viewer as long as you have internet connectivity, web browser and a device to view it from.

Demolish rebuild

With Edificius, you can build and/or demolish elements and compare them automatically between planned or de-facto elements. It is a perfect solution to prepare works for renovation and/or variation surveys for the work. Its unique design platform lets you manage two different models, and produce comparison drawings and tables automatically plus relating cost estimates of planned work interventions.

BIM Integration Energy performance

Edificius can be integrated with ACCA solutions with its proprietary technology including adding MEP design information, Health and Safety, Energy performance analysis and many others, to the BIM model. It produces software for various purposes in the AEC sector.



Free trial: 30 day free trial

Monthly subscription: €59.00/month

  • Valid for 3 computers

Annual Subscription: €599.00/year

  • Valid for 3 computers

Technical Details

Supported devices: Windows

Language: English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Portugese

Pricing: Monthly payment; Annual Subscription

Customer Types: Small and medium businesses; large enterprises

Deployment: On Premise

Integration: Sketchup, BLENDER, Google Maps; synchronization with ACCA software; Edificius X with 4D BIM integration that associates time property with every object in the BIM model, to view activities Timeline in real time rendering engine.

Support Details
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Training
  • Online tech support
  • Free tech support and training
  • Video tutorials
  • Forums
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