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Full eCoach LMS Software Review – All you need to know about eCoach

eCoach LMS software

With eCoach LMS software, you can solve different problems related to employee training.  First, the LMS platform can be used to create interesting learning content.  Consider the following scenario.

Stephen is a manager at a medium-sized organization whose training budget is very limited. He is interested in creating an online course that runs for a half-hour in order to train his staff so that they acquire the skills needed for a new process. The course also requires regular updates as the process will be frequently changing.

If Stephen opts for outsourcing the job of creating the course to an e-learning designer, the cost will be $5,000 (derived from the average cost of producing e-learning content in the United States). Outsourcing will also consume so much time. Additionally, there will be extra payments made to the designer in the event that Stephen decides to go back to the designer to make some changes to the learning content.

A good solution to solve this problem is to use eCoach LMS software that will allow a training manager to create the content in-house at a fraction of the estimated cost. When it comes to making changes to the learning content, all that Stephen will have to do is to log in to his eCoach campus and perform the necessary edits quickly. This will be updated in real time throughout his campus.

eCoach LMS platform features that will facilitate this are Content Creation, Live Edit, Affordability, and Update.

Secondly, eCoach LMS software can be used to spread the training of a workforce across a geographic region. Consider scenario 2 below.

Maurine is a franchise manager and has 12 franchises distributed throughout the nation. She wants to train the workforce within these franchises on matters of operational health and safety. The employees are spread out throughout the country and they don’t possess computers but they have mobile phones. Maurine also intends to separate her workforce into distinct franchises, and track the performance of every franchise separately. This has become a logistical nightmare.

However, through eCoach LMS software, Maurine can send out her training course to be accessed by all employees.

Because of the mobile optimization available within eCoach LMS platform, the course will be automatically resized to fit in the mobile phones of employees. By relying on the multi-tenancy functionality of eCoach, Maurine can successfully create a separate, branded campus for every franchise and monitor the training outcomes of each franchise.

eCoach - mobile ready

She can use the compliance mapping feature of eCoach LMS software for the purposes of tracking compliance and generating compliance reports effortlessly. Through the visual reports provided by the platform, Maurine can have at glance view of her training completion rates and use the learner-interaction report of eCoach LMS platform to drill down and view the actions that every individual employee made within the course.

eCoach’s features that will help in the above scenario include Multi-Tenancy, Cloud-Based, Visual Reporting, Compliance Mapping, and Learner interaction.

Finally, eCoach can be used to access support for complex LMS issues and needs. Consider scenario 3 below.

Chen is a training manager at a large corporation. The company he works for intends to implement a new LMS software that can successfully integrate with the HR solution that they are currently using. With the LMS paltform, training workflows should be successfully automated.

To illustrate further, Chen wants a situation whereby in the event that an employee completes a specific course, the profile of the worker in Salesforce should also be updated. Chen also seeks an LMS platform that will allow employees to log in using their current organization email and password. However, Chen does not possess the technical know-how needed, he also has a small team of developers, and his company lacks the appropriate resources to set up and manage all the necessary processes and integrations. Chen also requires training so that he can be able to use the other features of the new LMS platform

In this scenario, eCoach LMS software is a good choice for the new LMS to be implemented in Chen’s organization. This is because the vendor of eCoach LMS platform is responsible for managing the implementation and each integration at no extra fee. Chen will be connected to a dedicated account manager whom he can communicate with through live chat or phone.

Also, eCoach LMS software has a customer success team that will provide Chen with several training sessions that will equip him with the skills necessary for maximizing the potential of the new LMS. Furthermore, SSO integration is set up by eCoach’s product team and this allows employees to sign in using their existing credentials.

eCoach LMS software features that will help in solving the problem in scenario 3 include Support, No Implementation Fees, Automation, SMS Integration, and SSO Integration.

What is eCoach LMS Software?

eCoach LMS software is an intuitive and powerful platform that organizations can rely on when designing and delivering quality online training. The application is unique in that it combines a user-friendly LMS with powerful rapid authoring. Organizations that use eCoach are able to design and deliver online training via a central integrated platform.

eCoach is an LMS platform that is easy to use, and its intuitive and uncluttered interface design makes it be at the same level as an Apple product as opposed to being just an LMS. The LMS can be structured in the same way that your organization is structured.

You will, therefore, be able to separate your company into different LMS campus brands. You will be able to keep every campus separate and brand it differently from others. With this capability, large corporations can delineate distinct geographical locations or their brands.

Campuses can be sorted out using business units and permission levels delegated to trainers such that they are able to keep their training structured and orderly.

When it comes to learning content, eCoach LMS software can be converted into a comprehensive but organized learning content library by using features such as its unlimited storage and the simple filter and search features. You can brand your eCoach campus using your logo, customize the colors and fonts and change the wording of feedback that is displayed within the campus.

By being mobile optimized, it means the training offered by the LMS platform will successfully resize to fit any screen. Being a cloud-hosted application, users can access the learning content offered by eCoach LMS software from anywhere, at any time and using any device that is able to access the internet.

Furthermore, you will not face the headaches that come with installs and updates as you will only need to simply register for an account online and immediately get started. Also, in the event that you choose to edit your learning content within the LMS platform, the content will be updated in real time.

Benefits of eCoach LMS software

As an LMS solution, eCoach LMS comes with a number of benefits to the users.

eCoach LMS platform supports authoring of learning content

eCoach LMS software was at the beginning designed as an easy-to-use tool for authoring content after which it was developed into a fully featured LMS. E-Learning designers and industry experts still use the tool for the purposes of creating white label learning content. With eCoach LMS platform, you can, therefore, create learning content that is interesting and deliver and track that content using the software’s LMS functionality.

eCoach LMS software - create courses

With the drag-and-drop authoring templates provided by e-Coach LMS, you will be able to create unlimited quantities of engaging learning content. Your training files can be improved when you include external links in the courses, add video and audio, and upload documents.

eCoach LMS software provides a reliable support

eCoach as a company share in the belief that offering outstanding customer support is necessary to attain success in business and thus they deliver such support through phone, live chat, dedicated account managers, onboarding and training sessions,  and a vast database of articles, help videos, and regular webinars.

You can solve your technical issues by contacting eCoach’s client success reps and your dedicated account manager. With eCoach LMS platform, implementation services are provided by the vendor at no extra charges, and this includes the setting up of campuses and configuration and integration with existing applications.

eCoach LMS software is very affordable

eCoach LMS software comes in form of affordably priced packages with each plan having a limit of active users. The LMS platform does not include implementation or setup charges.

The LMS platform is good at reporting

With eCoach, you will access deep reporting capabilities that offer both visual and granular reporting which can be exported to third-party applications or downloaded in form of Excel files or PDF format. You will also be able to use at-a-glance visual reporting to track your training.

eCoach - reporting-perfomance tracking

With eCoach, you can dig deeper and get reports that provide information on the specific actions of a learner within a training course, the average time used to complete a course, the average score for a test, and much more. To summarize, you can also view the exact amount of time that a learner spent on a specific screen and you can also search and find exactly what you are looking for since data is time-stamped and you can filter it according to courses, user groups or departments.

Automation and integrations

With eCoach LMS software, you can access third-party integration which necessitates the automation of actions between eCoach and third-party applications such as Gmail, Shopify, and Salesforce. You can also generate certifications for learners who have completed a course, build your own automated actions based on the behavior of learners, or enter new subscriptions to mailing lists. The LMS platform gives you full access to API through which you can customize your automations.

eCoach is an LMS platform that effectively manages how you integrate with existing platforms such that you are in a position to connect all your processes with much ease. The development team at eCoach can design bespoke integrations to meet your requirements.  You can also lower the stress of singing up by auto-enrolling staff from the existing HR systems and using single Sign-On inetgrations.

eCoach - enrollment

eCoach is fully compliant with SCORM/LTI

By being fully compliant with SCORM/LTI, eCoach LMS software allows you to bring in your existing learning content or export the learning content that you have created to third-party systems. The application also allows you to import SCORM or LTI files and you can also export your training to third-party LMS systems through SCORM and LTI.  This LMS platform also allows you to share your training using either private or public URL links, and also embed the learning content in your website.

eCoach LMS platform- share Learning Content

Features of eCoach LMS Platform

eCoach - analyse

eCoach LMS software incorporates several features which makes it possible for the system to offer the different functionalities to users. The features include the following.


  • Create courses
  • Create quizzes
  • Create lessons
  • Share
  • Mobile ready
  • Analyze


  • Course management
  • Enrolment
  • Assessments
  • Reporting/performance tracking
  • Mobile ready
  • Integrations

eCoach LMS platform - create lessons


eCoach LMS platform is offered in three pricing plans. When you choose an annual subscription, you are given a discount of 10% off. If you pay per year, there is a user cap that is applied to your monthly usage. Kindly inform your sales representative of the needed monthly usage cap.

Lite Plan –  priced at $99/month

  • 100 Active Users
  • No eCoach Advertising
  • $3 Additional Active User Price
  • Create Unlimited Resources
  • Upload your logo
  • 100 Unique SCORM Views
  • Custom URL
  • Unlimited URL Sharing

Growth Plan – priced at $399/month

  • 500 Active Users
  • 5000 Unique SCORM Views
  • $2 Additional Active User Price

All features of the Lite Plan, plus:

  • Custom Campus Colors
  • Branching Scenario

Scale Plan – priced at $899/month

  • 5000 Active Users
  • 10,000 Unique SCORM Views
  • $1.5 Additional Active User Price

All features of the Growth Plan, plus:

  • eCoach API Access
  • VIP Support
  • Webhooks
  • Learner Intercom Connect (you will have to use your own paid Intercom account)
  • Learning Outcome Mapping

Start your Free Trial at ecoach.com.

eCoach - pricing

Technical Details

eCoach LMS software supports the following devices – Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Web-based.

The application only supports the English language. The pricing model is monthly payment and annual subscription.

Customer types include small businesses, large businesses, medium businesses, and freelancers.

eCoach LMS software is deployed through cloud hosting.

Support Details

The vendors of eCoach LMS platform provide their support through Email, phone, live support, tickets, and training.

You can get help guides at https://help.ecoach.com/

Contact the company through ecoach.com

Facebook: eCoach

Twitter: @eCoachBuilder