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Full e-Builder Construction Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About e-Builder


What is e-Builder?

e-Builder is a software built exclusively for construction professionals and facility owners.  It is a type of construction management software that functions specifically by meeting the specific needs of these facility owners and construction professionals. The creators of this software focused all their research and development efforts in specifying and providing solutions to the unique needs and challenges encountered by their clients, while also providing the least risk and fastest option for deployment of any system available in the market.

e-Builder has been in the industry for over 20 years and within this span of time, they were able to join, participate, and manage various construction projects worth billions of dollars. These years of experience gave them the solid and better grasp of the intricate and multifaceted planning, procurement, design, operation, and construction chain of processes practiced by different organizations.


The creators of the software take pride in being the trusted name and brand when it comes to owner-focused and fully-integrated cloud-based construction management software.  Being such, e-Builder is known as the reliable main repository and knowledge-source for any efforts geared at performance improvement.

Since this project information management software is owner-centric, it enables business owners to manage, measure, and lead every phase of the main project completion and delivery processes, commencing from planning down to designing, procuring, constructing, and operating. Also, being a cloud-based construction management solution, it offers improved user productivity, lessened cycle times, better risk mitigation options, and improved cost-saving functions.



This offer provides great control over financial aspects and audit features for the business owners. All these pieces of information regarding finances and audit are stored, made available and accessible in a secure environment.

This software also allows users to manage and access project costing and budgets across an individual project or across an entire construction software program. As such, users can come up with better and more accurate predictions regarding cost-to-complete needs and other cash flow requirements, all necessary forecast features to improve financial management and budget planning and allocation.

e-Builder also utilizes, with internet-enabled cooperative abilities, the power of Critical Path Methodology (CPM) scheduling to make way for a scheduling and milestone tracking mechanism. Users and key decision-makers in the company can enjoy the benefits of improved visibility and decision-making with almost real-time and built-in active project cost and schedule information, especially for administrative tasks, submittals, and RFIs.


Aside from these, users of the software can also create and build their respective personal workflows, equipped with flexible built-in processes to complement any existing procedures and organizational structures set in place for the project. These processes can also be standardized and replicated all across the platform per individual or per project. The user-friendly software allows easy enforcement of pre-set procedures and policies.

Lastly, the software also enables users to control and manage the whole design review procedure with the use of a programmed version control for mechanized tracking and review. In this case, you can access and see BIM and CAD files directly from the browser, without the need to install other special software and programs. Dashboards and reports are available in graphically rich designs. These are all accessible to users for data interpretation.


This is a comprehensive list of all the features offered by e-Builder:

  • Benchmarking
  • Business intelligence
  • Capital planning
  • Change management
  • Claims mitigation
  • Compliance
  • Construction administration
  • Contingency management
  • Cost management
  • Field management
  • Forecasting
  • Fund tracking
  • Process management
  • Procurement

Business Intelligence Reporting


Better and fact-based business decisions: It is every business’ mission to improve decision-making by deciding based on real-time information and data. This software’s Business Intelligence Reporting feature allows the user to see activities and business performance all across the platform, thereby making you in full control and on top of your business operations. Also, this feature allows you to make quickly and easily decide on key business issues. These visually pleasant and graphically rich program dashboards are beneficial to all users of the software.

Also, with real-time data, all individuals who have a stake in the business can come up with meaningful insight regarding the performance of the software, along with business trends and forecasts. The creation of dashboards is as easy as dragging and dropping fields and combining the same with tabular reports in a single view.

Software Dashboards

Drill down Prominence: The software provides quick access, faster sorting through, retrieval, summary, and review of major project data and information. All these can contribute to the solicitation of decision for highly crucial project concerns.

Also, the software’s capital project reporting engine allows the user full control over data view, sans the need for third-party software and applications or for any special and technical programming knowledge.

e-Builder’s wholly configurable administrative dashboards, both available per individual or per company usages, can offer a graphical depiction of your building project and program data the use of easily-configurable gauges, charts, and graphs. All these report presentations can offer exceptional distinguishability into the standing and use of pre-set key performance indicators (KPIs).

Tabular Reporting Functions

The software’s tabular reporting feature is akin to that of Microsoft Excel and helps make format and present your data in a familiar layout and format. Also, you can export your reports to Excel and also work your spreadsheet with the data. Preparing for board meetings can be easier and more stress-free with this feature. You can export to PowerPoint, as well, thus, granting you easy access to data and report when you need it. The entire reporting tasks are made simpler, faster and more efficient.


Form Builder and Fast Data Capture Capacities

With the software’s customizable forms, the user can capture project data faster and more efficiently.  You can gain instant access and visibility into any form status, include in which court the said form is currently is, commentaries made, due dates set, attachments and any other field information. The forms are also smartly made, making you say goodbye to paper.

Cost Management Functionalities

With the software’s cost management feature, you can get rid of cost overruns. This feature will also provide any user financial control and make him utilize the built-in audit features, all available in a safe and secure environment. This feature can be accessed with the software’s Cost Management tools.

Aside from this, e-Builder also helps regulate and streamline the entire cost tracking process across the entire program. This feature allows streamlining of such processes the generation of funds from numerous sources, implementing various budget changes, incorporating and implementing commitment changes, and finalizing the project’s actual costs.

If you want to improve the way you manage your finances in a single project or across all of the construction program, use this software. You will also get detailed summaries of all costs, with drill-down features which give you access to all detailed information in one or all of your existing projects. Also, identify future, current, and past commitments faster and streamline change integration all through the project lifecycle with the use or e-Builder.

Centralized Document Management

With e-Builder, your documents are centralized. With an immense amount of info being generated all through the project cycle, it’s best to have the same stored, organized, and accessed properly. With e-Builder, you can consolidate all your files, from plain documents to drawings, CAD files, photos, and more. You can keep this organized while also keeping an automated audit trail.

Users like project leaders and members can access the latest and up-to-date versions of the document. This makes sure that all stakeholders are apprised with the current versions of any file or any integrated markup tool.

Flexible Interface

Wherever you go, e-Builder goes with you. Be it in the office, at home, or at the project site, the software is available with its highly adaptable interface available for iPhones and iPads.

The software’s mobile application version also allows your team to connect to you or to the rest of the team, anywhere, and anytime, and from any web-connected device. With this, you can easily mobilize your project since data is available and real-time info is just a click or a tap away.


Project Planning

Keep everything under control and avoid unpleasant surprises along the way.

With e-Builder, you can always be on top of your projects and deadlines. As you know, insufficient group and team communication, along with baseless decision-making, can put the project at risk. Avoiding any unpleasant surprises along the way by utilizing objective and well-founded criteria in project prioritization can help you and the team improves alignment between the project your working on and the strategic objectives your organization upholds.

Process automation is also another benefit from banking on e-Builder. With the use of the software’s Capital Planning tools, you can easily keep your clients and working team members in the loop on any information regarding the status of the projects. Present, past, and future project planning related data are also stored in a central location so the same can be easily retrieved when drafting a budget for contingencies and when making cost estimates and cash flow requirements for project definition.

Project Design

With e-Builder, BIM comes in handy.

Any project designing phase is vastly interactive and if you don’t have any specific platform, device, or tool to streamline all facts and plan info exchanges, you can get lost and get knocked down before you can even start. With the use of e-Builder’s instant and automatic version control feature, you can easily keep track of the design review progress and statuses.

You can also open, check, and view BIM and CAD files anytime. Mechanized workflows will guarantee that designs are reviewed, checked, and checked ahead or within the project timeline. Also, this software allows the user to check, track, and resolve any issues involving designs. The software makes the process simpler with the use and utilization of the system-built Building Information Models (BIM).


Lowering of Procurement Cost

With e-Builder, you get to save on the procurement costs. With a more streamlined public and private bidder access, management of bids is made more efficient and cost-effective.

Old, outdated, and traditional bidding processes are replaced and as a result, you get to cut on traditional bidding costs like admin overhead, paper, courier, and mail services.

Real-time Construction Data

Project extensions and overtime can easily translate to additional costs and expenses. With e-Builder, you get to cut down on expenses related to project extensions.

Whether it’s only one or twenty projects, you are sure that you’ll get correct, real-time monitoring and forecasting reports. These reports will give you reasonable foresight so that you can avoid surprises along the way.


Your project might be done but know that the work doesn’t end there.

With e-Builder, you will have a central repository to stockpile all data, forms, documents and, reports. These data will form part of the built-in documents that will be used to guarantee info to your BIM reference models. Having and storing all project related information and documentation in one place gives you, the team, and its members access to any information instantly to keep your project and your facility running efficiently.


The e-Builder pricing plan is available only by quote basis. For a more detailed information regarding pricing, it is best to contact the vendor.

Since there is no single application that can answer and solve all business needs of a business, agency, or organization, it is best to do the groundwork and research which of the available software and platform can best help your business in accomplishing all its tasks and functions. Also, you can check out applications which can integrate other useful and necessary software and applications in its operation.


Technical details

Devices Supported by e-Builder:

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows

Language Supported by e-Builder:

  • English

Pricing Models Offered:

  • Quote-based

Customer Types Served:

  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business

Deployment Catered:

  • Cloud Hosted
  • Open API

The firm’s wide range of deployment tools and inimitable product capabilities can bring the following results:

  • Phased construction software execution that is designed as such to curtail the level of risk
  • Quick time-to-market which leads to an equally fast generation of return on investment
  • The maximum degree of quality within the application lifespan
  • A higher approval rate post-implementation, leading to a better, faster, and higher return on investment

Support Details

  • Send queries by email
  • Call their Help Desk or Customer Service via Phone