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Full Drupal Content Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Drupal


What is Drupal?

The name of the software is Drupal. It was named by Dries Buytaert after the Dutch word drupel which literally means a drop, perhaps even a droplet of water. Initially, it was named drop as in the Dutch word for village or a community. Somehow in finding a domain name for it and typing it, he misspelled it to Drupal and thought it sounded better, even more powerful.

Drupal, like its name, is like a drop of water with a rippling effect for now over a million people have contributed to its development from a mere website content management tool to certainly much more due to its open source quality. Programmers, editors, and host of other professionals have used it for other ways other than for content management and it has grown tremendously.


Initially, it was meant as a content management software and development framework. It has fast developed into something so much more. It was first met with interest in Howard Dean’s presidential campaign wherein it became an interactive platform for people on his campaign trail where they could interact and communicate. After the campaign, it was developed into a political activist tool by the web team behind the Howard Dean campaign. Ultimately, it became that, a platform for political activists everywhere and then Drupal.org developed it into a software that can be distributed openly in the market. Wonderfully, it spread and was used by media, corporations, non-profit organizations, schools, and even non-techy individuals. The flexibility of Drupal was in essence what made it so popular that almost everyone was using it for various reasons.

Reviews have shown that it can be intimidating to be used but its ubiquity cannot be denied as more and more people use it for their various tasks.

From what was meant as a web board it has now become used for content management, content authoring, security purposes with excellent performance and reliability.

From the campus of Antwerp, there was a need for limitless internet connection. The men behind Drupal found a way to do this but found out that they could not talk to each other so they turned a part of it into a message board which Dries Buytaert turned into a place to implant news such as RSS feeds and somehow, it became a place of content and eventually it was a content tool. And so much more.

The name drop became Drupal from the Dutch word drop and there is the name within a name with the logo of a drop of water with a face on it, the face of Drupal.

Benefits of Drupal

It is an open source system- being an open source system everyone is in on it. It can be adapted to do almost anything. There are modules in it, themes that are free of use, and it is at its core, a software which is of help to entrepreneurs around the globe to use it with a reduction in cost. It has so many templates to be used for content and is simply a software that is free to be downloaded. It even has a starter kit for those who want to learn.

It is SEO Compatible and Friendly- Business Markets across the globe enjoy that this can be used to create SEO friendly websites, thus content can be poured into it and create with SEO significant sites which are easily picked up by search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

It’s Customizable Quality- various web designers find this very convenient since it provides various templates of design which allow for flexibility and with tons of creativity they can customize the look they want for their websites with their content.

It is mobile compatible- being mobile friendly has its valuable uses especially for small businesses who network like crazy at such a fast pace that this becomes a convenient platform for them to communicate their needs with just a mobile device without the need for a desktop appliance.

Rapid deployment- As soon as companies send their specificities to developers they can soon develop the necessary specifications, get feedback soon and send it through to the web in a very short while.

Make quality websites- The ease of making feature-rich, quality websites is undeniable and at such speed. It helps the market, the business developers of websites, the designers designing the websites, businesses are built at the snap of the finger, with the right idea which can be customized into an excellent website as soon as you want it.

It generates leads- since it doesn’t need a desktop, one can generate leads so much quicker with just a mobile phone.

Features of Drupal


Features vary with different versions that have developed through the years. There are the Drupal version 8, Drupal version 7 and others.

Samples of features are:

Blogs- Like any CMS or Content Management System it can create blogs that may be updated every day or even sooner. Blogs are basically content that can drive traffic to your company, office or SMEs. It would be good to write something about your business so that people can understand more of your services and not just go into your office without a thought as to what services you offer.

Blogs can also be mere thoughts of individuals about their day which other people follow out of curiosity on how other people lead their lives, particularly prominent people. Crafters with their personal crafts can share their daily output and show what they can do as a hobby or even as a business, be it a sideline or a full tank business.

Blogs may also be feedbacks for sharing how a particular restaurant fared for the guest or how they found a modeling show or even a car show.

Blogs can be about almost anything and Drupal can help customize your blog as to how you would want it to look. Individuals can design their own websites with Drupal, filling it with photos or videos and capturing the idea in motion or in distillation.

A pressroom- newspaper media are slowly turning online. Its online presence can be felt everywhere these days, thus, people are attracted to interesting pressrooms with modern Drupal developed newspapers that are so convenient to use especially with smartphones in ubiquity. One can read one’s news articles on a train and Drupal helps to create attractive images and videos, drum interest with its bright template derived layout.

It’s really not that hard to realize how much Drupal has impacted media with the way it has relieved half the problem by having ready designed or developed templates for layouts. Or it can serve as RSS feeds for people on the rush and just want to have all the news at one go.

An image gallery- painting galleries can now showcase their valuable paintings through the lens of Drupal layout templates. Photographs can now be viewed in a motley of ways through Drupal’s CMS. Imagine thousands of photographs presented in various ways all at the hand of the photographer himself with the simple use of Drupal without the need for a developer or a designer to showcase his photos in a magazine. He can present himself to the world through an exhibition all of his own online and even make transactions while at it. Fashion shows can be relived in videos uploaded care of Drupal and make a sale of clothing or introduce yourself as an up and coming designer for example of flipping clothes which has become so vogue today. The penny-pinching designer may be discovered in a day and be made for life with a little help of Drupal.

All in all Drupal features Page Content Management, Advanced User Management, Graphics Management, Support, Plugins, Collaboration, OpenSource, and many modules, designs and displays all at your fingertips.


Drupal is an open source system and is free.

Technical Details


In a gist, Drupal involves a harvesting and indexing process which is done in an iterative mode. The following are the steps to the harvesting and indexing process:

From a data provider, these data are stored into MYSQL and or in CSV files after the records have been processed.

Records are processed and indexed in Soir indexing manner, after importing the CSV files and being stored in a table.

Creating nodes- since this is the core method of Drupal because it deals with content, one must understand that this is done by labeling each record as they come.

Creating/ Updating Soir Index

Support Details


Drupal has solutions for every industry out there. Best of all it is open source which means the most high tech of management, developers or designers to the man on the street who doesn’t know the high tech ends of Drupal may make use of it in every way to uplift himself to a higher niche with what he knows and can do with this tool.

Drupal Decoupled- to the high tech end of the industry, you may refresh your designs without reimplementing your CMS. As high powered multiple devises, you may distribute your content everywhere. Due to its caching device and rendering service, deliver content at a faster speed.

Top Travel Brands and of Tourism use Drupal- during peak season, you may be able to handle traffic spikes in the travel season as well as in checking into top hotels. They create digital experiences for booking travelers. Drupal also delivers translated content or communication to visitors coming to your shores.

For a high-tech organization, Drupal grows with you in scalability, melding with your newest websites or microsites you wish to launch. It adapts to your market. Again it provides translated content to your visitors from everywhere around the globe.

For e-commerce, content-Drupal grows with you in your ambitions to grow. It easily integrates with your company’s payment needs for merchants of any size. It models your products with luxurious interfaces that attract attention, interest, and commerce. It integrates with your marketing and payments tools to a wider audience. It is safe and dependable releases due to its own security checks and balances.

For Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs- Drupal helps disseminate content which you would want to provide all over the globe. It grows with you as you websites or microsites grow. It has an internal taxonomy provided so that there is no confusion in the content you wish to deliver.

For Healthcare- It helps develop solutions by easily integrating with platforms and third-party technologies you may already have and may even help build new features. Protects and secures patients’ information. It provides satisfaction for users of your data.

All in all, Drupal has permeated every industry on this planet and has helped provide solutions of every kind imaginable. It would be good to know that they serve the top-tiered companies of the world as well as the most humble SMEs. Together they create a freer world from a free open source downloadable tool whose utilization may be learned through a starter kit provided for you.

Any business is invited to flaunt their style and content so that the world will notice because the world deserves to notice you and you deserve to be noticed.Drupal

It was developed as a humble messaging board and it continues to be an organic tool that has evolved with humble grace and functional utility as a gift to the world. It is no wonder that everyone is in on it because it is the best content management provider out there. Nothing beats Drupal in its momentum, scalability, and flexibility to provide content, images and videos, distillations of the world around us. Someday, it may just happen to save lives at the rate it’s going, grant solutions to problems the world is experiencing. One man’s idea, translatable and granted to the world for free may save any crisis we know through the power of this free open source tool. We know this is the future. We know, the demand is over and it is just a matter of knowing what to do with it. It is in the palm of our hands.