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Full DonorPerfect Donor Management Software review – all you need to know about DonorPerfect Donor Management Software


What is DonorPerfect?

DonorPerfect is offered as a unique donor administration utility. It supports various non-governmental organizations and social service bodies to build up the necessary resources to serve their cumulative goals targeting social services to the needy people. It also helps them to establish a better level of relationships among various communities spread across the globe while saving huge on the total number of administrative hours they spend in office works on a yearly basis. The boost in the donor database effectively helps the organizations in reducing the workload on a significant basis and serve the core purpose in an efficient way.

The platform also allows tracking of all sorts of donations, soft credits, corporate sponsorship, gifts, grants, and several other crediting types through the inbuilt utilities. This donor management software also features an optional utility of the account interface which allows for simplified direct transactions into the organization’s account system without the need of the double data entries. It also features intuitive analysis and reporting tools to support various organizations in getting knowledge about their donor sections. This ensures that the organizations administer their donor segments effectively. Additionally, this donor administration utility can also be integrated with some of the popular third-party accounting utilities like Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks.

Benefits of DonorPerfect

  • Effective administration and tracking utilities for limitless donor and prospects.
  • Segmented relative contacts management along with donor development
  • Well-tailored personalized communications utility
  • Scheduling for special events
  • Tracking utilities for volunteers and grants
  • Modern fundraising procedures for collection through the medium of social networks
  • Real-time donation tracking
  • Simplified payment related processing
  • Compliant with the dignified PCI standards
  • Descriptive reports and analysis collection
  • No limit on the creation of the creative forms and event registration cards
  • Eased mobile access through the provision of dedicated Android and iOS apps
  • A unique information management system
  • Payment tools designed for non-profits in mind
  • Custom report writing utility.
  • Better E-mail provisions through targeted mailing

Features of DonorPerfect

Donorperfect Fundraising Software Computer Mockup

Developing Fundraising

DonorPerfect incorporates a powerful system which has been built along with a huge 25 years of fundraising experiences in its algorithm. The developers ensure the development of this platform upon the feedback they receive from the customers and continuously offer new features offering better accessibility. The methodology of this donor administration utility allows any social body to raise the donor database on an effective scale, increase the overall donations and maintain contacts with the existing donors on a year to year basis. It lets the organizations achieve the specified set of goals by making use of flags, solicitation codes, mail codes, target the solicitations, make way for the follow-up activities and calculate the overall fundraising success.

The platform also features a dedicated move-centric management module which offers a systematic approach to the key donor development. DonorPerfect offers a collective set of tools which allow the organizations to trace and grow your present fundraising success.

Donor Contact Management

This software offers a better way to keep a track of all of the organization’s relative contacts by storing them on the basis of the relative data. It stores the mail log and primary as well as secondary salutations along with workplace designation, do not contact requests, home members by the relation of connective family members, co-workers, and several other relationships. It also features the collection of a detailed contact history along with the collection of several documents like solicitations, letters, calls and several other kinds of constituent contacts. Additionally, the platform also features a to-do utility which notifies the organizations to serially schedule the contacts at their convenient time and notify them or those who work for them regarding the information of the contacts which are on the list to reach out.

Constituent Communication Tools

It is easy to communicate messages and notices from DonorPerfect. It allows conveying of customized messages which effectively help the organizations to show their goal in order to stay connected with the donors and establish continued support. Personalized communications through the mediums like emails, mail, and faxes allow joining of the cumulative information directly into them. This allows for the quick production of the custom personalized letters emails or in the Microsoft Word for all or selective constituents. Upon the production of letters, users can also quickly export the data of the selected files for the mail database.

Direct integrations of DonorPerfect with the constant contacts utility allows the users to create custom styled text emails. Additionally, the users can also choose designs from the choice of over 400 predefined design templates to get started. Users on the platform are able to perform several tasks like bounce-backs, receive quick reporting on the opens, collect email addresses from the website visitors without any kind of technical knowledge. This integration also benefits the users to gain the benefits of a collective solution while administering several tasks and regulating the CAN-SPAM law requirements on the go.

Office Tools Integration

DonorPerfect offers a seamless integration with the Microsoft word, excel, and outlook. This allows for easy importing of the reports and communications as per the desired format. The outlook integration of DonorPerfect allows the users to easily generate the contact entries upon the basis of an email conversation with the donors on the platform and the outlook calendar integration ensures a safe export of the contacts right into this software from outlook calendar.

Unlimited Online Constituent Forms

Forms utility on DonorPerfect allows the user to gain access to limitless numbers of free online forms. Not only they can be accessed but can also be seamlessly integrated with the application database. The forms can be used for several purposes like event registration, donation collection, volunteer signup, and many more other purposes. The forms can be easily customized with a self-designed template by adding organization’s logo, messaging, photos and automated responses without any kind of extra cost or optionally choose a pre-designed template from the huge selection of template library. The forms which have been already designed can be copied to be reused again and establish a user custom library of similar looking branded forms along with the feature of the specific messaging for various modern purposes.

Donor Targeting & Filtering Features

Targeted conversations often let the platform users gain better results. DonorPerfect keeping that fact in mind, it offers a sophisticated set of filtering tools which are easy to use and offer accurate tracing of the desired solicitations. The attributes in DonorPerfect can be easily filtered on the basis of various criteria like flags, mail code, solicitation code or donation frequency. Filters are handy when any user needs to create custom list, reports and filters using his own custom filters.

Monthly Gift Management

Retaining a donor after his/her generous contribution is often a challenging task. So in order to resolve this issue, DonorPerfect offers an improved way to retain the customers in the form of a unique donor retaining program. This ensures that the donor stays and helps in boosting the revenue effectively over time.

Apart from offering the utilities to administer the basic aspect of recurring gifts, the non-profit experts at DonorPerfect have also put together a set of supportive resources. These resources help the users to put together attractive appeals for maximizing monthly revenues effectively.

Tributes Management

Events E-Book

This utility allows the platform managers to efficiently take care of the donations received from the donors without any kind of manual effort. It offers assistance by managing each and every aspect of the tributes whether it is related to record updating or thanking notes. Tributes Management aims to offer a partial or complete sort of automation to the manual procedures allowing the platform users to focus on the essential aspects.

SmartActions Automated Business Rules

SmartActions integration on DonorPerfect allows the user system to automatically carry out specific actions upon trigger and declaration. For instance, if the platform detects a gift of 500$ or more, the platform trigger automatically sends an email notification to the development director and a contact can be established with the help of the contact manager. The platform allows setup of numerous SmartActions upon the user choice. It also allows for the creation of pop-up alerts and reminders, sending of emails, field data entries, and automatic website launches.

Direct Mail Segmentation

The Direct Mail Plans module in DonorPerfect allows the user to strategically plan as well as create multiple segmented mail plans. This allows the users to create a mail merge file in order to be directly offered to a direct mail house. It is especially useful in the scenario where the need for complicated segmenting and reporting arises within DonorPerfect.

Software Pricing

DonorPerfect offers a simplified set of SMB as well as enterprise pricing plans which are specially designed towards the right number of records and utilities any organization’s team would need. The pricing information of each plan has been mentioned with the package offering as below:

Lite – Retails at $89/month

  • Collection for up to first 1,000 records
  • Allowance for limitless users
  • Sophisticated CRM functionality
  • DPMobile access utility
  • DonorPerfect Payment Services platform support

Express – Retails at $159/month

  • All the features included in the lite package along with
  • Collection for up to first 2,500 records
  • All round live package
  • Seamless limitless integrations for the online offered forms
  • Dedicated allocations for hosted file storage

Essentials –  Retails at $269/month

  • All the features included in the express package along with
  • Collection for up to first 7,500 records
  • Custom reporting provisions
  • Well automated business guidelines
  • Descriptive event tracking
  • Online integration for Quickbooks

Premier – Retails at $459/month

  • All the features included in the essentials package along with
  • Collection for up to first 25,000 records
  • Allocations for smartly organized data screens
  • Modern utilities for gift batch entry

Enterprise – Retails at $799/month

  • All the features included in the premier package along with
  • Collection for up to first 75,000 records
  • Modern utilities for custom reporting and dashboards
  • Segmentation for multiple RFMs
  • Integrated online forms for easy filling

Technical Details

  • This donor management platform is offered across a wide range of operating systems. The software’s license is presently offered on popular operating systems like Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac. The web-based accessibility ensures anywhere anytime access on devices supporting modern web browsers
  • This donation administration utility offers in English language only
  • Monthly as well as quote based pricing model of DonorPerfect for the designated as well as custom packages ensure that the user only pays for what utility he uses without spending extra needlessly
  • This donor management utility has been carefully designed in order to be supported by any scale of social organization, whether it is global or local.
  • This donation management utility is hosted on the cloud. This ensures that this platform receives frequent software updates and faster platform bug fixes.
  • Social media integrations with Twitter and Facebook
  • DonorPerfect integrates with the following set of business systems and applications available globally:

QuickBooks, Social Media Integration, DonorSearch, DonorPages, Insta-Charge, EX-EFT Direct Giving, WebLink Online Fundraising, Microsoft Office and Outlook.


DonorPerfect developers offer multiple contact choices if a user or an inquirer wishes to reach them. They can be easily reached out by choosing either of the following contact options:


This immediate contact medium can be helpful in various situations when a user needs to reach out to the support team for resolving a query or reporting problem in the platform. DonorPerfect offers dedicated contacts for each of the departments dedicated to sales, support, billing, and others. This simplifies the reach out process for any user looking out to query about a specific aspect.

Social Media

The developers at DonorPerfect have also established a robust support utility at popular social media networks. This allows users using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to easily reach out to the support team using their social media handle easily.

Live Support

The live support is also offered by this donor management utility in the form of live chat. This allows the users to have live interaction with the support team so that they can get their query resolved easily.


If you are the search of a donor management software which covers all the aspects of the organization’s needs related to the purpose of donation, look no further. DonorPerfect offers a cumulative set of features which not only cover the donation-related aspects but also the factors which bring on new donors on to the board of contribution for the purpose of your organization while offering effective tricks under its sleeve to retain the donors on the platform. The platform is also easily accessible from anywhere due to the presence of dedicated applications for Android as well as iOS mobile platforms.

The software has also acclaimed a name in the market by winning positions under the category of “Top 20 Donor Management Software products” and “Top 20 Fundraising Software Products”. Additionally, the platform has also been awarded an amazing 97% of customer satisfaction rating and an overall rating of 8.6/10 when reviewed by FinancesOnline.