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Full Docebo LMS Software Review – All you need to know about Docebo

Docebo LMS software

As an e-Learning platform, Docebo LMS software can solve different problems related to learning. First, internal training and enablement is a very essential element for meeting organizational objectives and this is even true for hi-tech and fast-paced companies which are rapidly growing. On the other hand, when employees are engaged, voluntary turnover is reduced. The Docebo system offers the spectrum of functionality and learning experience necessary for engaging, training, and developing the top talents in an organization as a result of blending learning modalities and these include online courses, instructor-led and live training classes, social and experiential learning.

With Docebo LMS software, learners are in a position to acquire what they need, at a time that they need it within a central location. The Docebo system allows you to assess the ROI of learning programs through tracking the engagement metrics of users and creating and running advanced custom reports. With Docebo gamification, e-learning becomes engaging as users are provided with badges, leaderboards, contests, and awards.

Secondly, Docebo LMS software also supports extended enterprise enablement.  Your enterprise is made up of different stakeholders and these include resellers, channel distribution partners, franchisees, dealers, customers, members, and end-users of your services and products. Companies that are leading in performance are reaching out to and investing in extended audiences in order to deliver a measurable impact as a result of external training.

Docebo LMS software supports the extended enterprise enablement needs using an extensive set of functionalities that include:

  •  Several portals and URLs – enable different organizations in distinct nodes, and assign distinct secured URLs, based on your preferred domain.
  • Multiple administration – with Docebo system, you will be able to create a network of admins and sub-admins who can manage distinct nodes independently.
  • Multiple authentications – Docebo LMS makes it possible for your enterprise to access the system through several authentication modalities and this could be via OKTA, SAML, ADFS, or manual login.
  • CRM integration – Docebo integrates successfully with Salesforce and thus you are able to integrate training workflows, sales and data to prove the effectiveness of training and how it impacts your business. Integration of Docebo LMS and Salesforce will provide opportunities such as prospects learning, sales staff learning, and channel certification among others.
  • White labeling – through Docebo system, teams and partners involved in e-learning are able to use branding policies that are a template and distinctive and this includes white-labeling for every of your clients. Each portal can possess a unique brand identity plus look and feel.

What is Docebo LMS software?

Docebo LMS is an online learning platform that incorporates informal and formal learning via three platforms that include, Docebo APIs, Perform, and Coach and Share.

With Docebo system, you can train customers, employees, and partners worldwide. API includes gamification, customization and white labelling, localization and languages, scalability, retraining, certifications, and automated admin tasks.  With this LMS system, you will be able to organize, distribute and track formal learning and the system supports formats like AICC, xAPI, and SCORM.

The coach and share platform provides offering mobility, content marketplace, importing and creating courses, notifications, ILT classrooms, and Extensions. Through the coach and share platform, employees are able to ask questions and get answers from the experts on the topic within the organization. The platform facilitates the capture of user-generated knowledge, validate it through peer review and help share it across teams.

With the Docebo Perform, you will access features like advanced reporting, e-commerce, UI and user experience, Audit trail and ad integrations.

Docebo LMS software is among the world’s leading SaaS e-learning platforms providers and they also offer comprehensive tools for managing training. The company won the Great User Experience Software Award in 2017.

Docebo LMS software is the only learning platform that unifies social, formal and experiential learning with skills management in order to maximize the performance of learners. The application is offered in more than 30 languages for global customers and it provides a mobile-ready, fully integrated, and off-the-shelf solution which is really scalable. Some top and respected companies in the world selected Docebo system in order to achieve operational efficiency.

Docebo - mobile

Docebo LMS  is a powerful and extendable LMS which provides a pure SaaS application and this includes the choice of activating an Enterprise Cloud Solution (ECS) App that allows Docebo to operate through a dedicated cloud instance.

When using the Docebo system, E-learning activities are delivered, managed, and monitored through a user-friendly one-page App. With Docebo, companies have an opportunity to implement an LMS that is cost-effective and feature-rich. Currently, the software manages over 300, 000 users who are part of distance learning ventures.

Benefits of Docebo LMS

Docebo LMS software is a leading LMS solution because of the many benefits it provides to users and business organizations. As a top e-learning platform, the software has been receiving accolades from different users and reviewers across the globe. Some of the benefits which serve as reasons for you to invest in the Docebo system include the following:

Docebo system provides effective ILT-classroom features

With Docebo LMS software, E-learning teams are able to access some ILT-Classroom features that are very useful. By relying on the software’s ILT-Classroom app, you can create your own ILT courses. The app is also useful when it comes to managing live ILT sessions, organizing classrooms, locations, assessments, and enrollments. It is also possible to use the app together with the Learning Plan app for the purposes of managing blended training sessions.

Easy file converting and uploading

As a user of Docebo LMS software, you will be able to upload and share learning or training resources in different formats that include PPT, PDT, video, Tin Can, and SCORM files. PPTX, PDF, PPT, and ODP files can be converted into slides or a sequence of snapshots.  A particular software is used to create SCORM packages and they are uploaded in ZIP format. Docebo system is also able to convert video files into MP4 format.

Docebo e-learning platform successfully integrates with popular software

To boost the effectiveness of Docebo LMS software, you can successfully integrate it with other third-party systems. It offers both paid and free add-ons.

When it comes to web conferencing, you can integrate the application with WebEx, Teleskill, and Adobe Connect. For Content Management Systems (CMS), Docebo can be successfully integrated with Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla while for social media, the application can be successfully integrated with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

In the case of online customer interactions, you can successfully and easily integrate Docebo system with Vivocha. Browse the Docebo apps marketplace to search, find and integrate the necessary applications for the purposes of customizing the LMS.

When using third-party apps, Docebo provides you with a single login and single sign-on (SSO) features. As an example, you can sign in into Docebo via your Facebook account, you can use Docebo’s custom API to easily integrate with any third-party app. Through Tin Can APIs and SCORM standard, teachers and students are able to enjoy a seamless LMS experience.

Docebo’s e-commerce functionalities make it possible for you to sell courses

After creating courses, you can sell them using the e-commerce app within Docebo LMS software. You just have to simply upload the courses in the application and avail them for sale at prices that are affordable. You will receive 100% of the profits resulting from the sale. The courses are presented as shopping cart icons in the course marketplace within the Docebo system.

Docebo e-learning platform supports continuous innovation

Docebo LMS software has been designed with extensibility in mind as it is provided with a continuous flow of new functionalities which can be activated at any time if a need arises. In this way, the value of an investment made by customers in Docebo continuously increases over time.

Free Trial

Through its free trial plan, customers can evaluate the Docebo e-learning platform in a matter of minutes. Aside from the free trial, the vendor will also offer support by providing 24/7 access to their learning and support team from the day you begin your trial.

Flexible pricing model

Docebo system only allows paying for active users during a given billing period. The software is packaged differently at competitive prices.

Extended Enterprise

With most LMS applications focusing on internal employee training, Docebo LMS software is an e-learning platform that extends its reach to prospects, customers, partners, and resellers.

In addition to the benefits explained above, some additional advantages of Docebo LMS software are as follows:

  • Flexible settings
  • Modern graphic design
  • Fast and easy-to-use interface
  • Speedy and professional support for feature requests
  • White labeling
  • Full support of business process for certifying users’ partners
  • Affordable price packages

Features of Docebo LMS software

Docebo - social learning

Docebo incorporates a number of features that make it possible to provide its functionalities and they include.

  • Academic / Education
  • Blended Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Synchronous Learning
  • Social Learning
  • AICC / SCORM Compliant
  • Testing / Assessments
  • Gamification
  • Live / Video Conferencing
  • Classroom Management
  • Certification Management
  • eCommerce
  • Corporate / Business
  • Tin Can AP

Let us now look into the capabilities provided by these features.

Test, track and report

Docebo system has an advanced test engine and course tracking features which work together with a rich selection of custom and default reports to allow for easy monitoring and tracking of performance.

Docebo LMS software - test, track and report


Docebo LMS software has applied the design thinking from games in its learning context for the purposes of engaging users. In this regard, users of the e-learning platform are able to create badges, awards and other things which learners can win as a result of attaining targets within the e-learning platform. When users earn the badges, their ranking is improved.

Branding and white-labeling

Your Docebo Cloud LMS can also be white-labeled by customizing your web-domain, colors, logo, and layout.

Docebo system -Branding and white labelling

ILT-Classroom Training

With Docebo system, blended online ILT and classroom training sessions can be scheduled by easily managing courses, locations, and sessions.

Docebo - blend social with formal learning


Docebo e-learning platform successfully integrates with web conferencing tools that are widely popular in the market that results to seamless management and delivery of training. Some of the applications that can be successfully integrated with Docebo system include Adobe Connect, Cisco Webex, Zoom.us, Bluejeans, GoToMeeting/Webinar/Training and more.

Docebo E-learning platform - web conferencing

APIs and SSO

Docebo value integrations between an LMS and third-party systems and as a result, they offer a new API system that customers can leverage when they want to perform integrations.

Certification and Retraining

With the Docebo system, you are in a position to create a certification program faster and with ease for the purposes of validating the skill levels for different topics. Users can acquire the certification as a result of completing designated courses, approved external activities or learning plans.

Docebo LMS - certification and training


Docebo LMS software gives you the opportunity to easily sell your courses.  You can permit customers to buy single courses or subscribe to a series of courses. The system also provides coupons which support discounted pricing.


With Docebo PLM software, you have access to a 14-day free trial plan which allows you to test all the important features of the system. The pricing plans of Docebo system can be scaled to accommodate the learning needs of business organizations.

The “Growth” plan is an ideal choice if you want to launch an e-learning project of up to 300 users.

The company provides the “Enterprise” plan which is designed for larger organizations that require an advanced solution, and it includes SSO, regional cloud hosting, superior onboarding, top-industry SLA, and an onboarding and implementation support which is superior.

You can access Docebo’s pricing details only upon requesting for a quote. You, therefore, have to contact the vendor for a custom quote.

You can access the free trial of Docebo System at docebo.com.

Technical Details

Docebo e-learning application runs on the following devices – Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-based and Windows Mobile.

The languages supported by Docebo system include English, German, Italian, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, French, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, and Polish.

The pricing model of Docebo LMS is based on monthly payment, annual subscription, and quote-based.

Customer types supported by this LMS application include large enterprises and medium businesses. Deployment of Docebo LMS software is through cloud hosting and Open API.

Support Details for Docebo system

Vendors of Docebo system provide their support through Email, phone, training, and tickets


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