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Full Diligent Boards Collaboration Software review – all you need to know about Diligent Boards Collaboration Software

Diligent Boards Enterprise Governance Software
Diligent Boards Enterprise Governance Software

What is Diligent Boards?

Diligent Boards is an effective board management platform for a productive and organized leadership management. This software is a more organized that it places definite schedules for files, discussions, notes, meetings, and conferences in a single interface that correctly ensures for maintaining security on the cloud.

With the assistance of Diligent Boards, organization executives and directors can easily authorize a various range of responsibilities and tasks such as organizing meetings, planning for forming committees and be in touch with contacts, set daily reports and even more functionalities.

Diligent Boards also assures that the management stays in the perfect position. This software follows up with the management by allowing them to have accessibility even though when they are not available in the office and log in to the application with the available devices at any time. In addition to this, Diligent Boards also support the feature of allowing its users to log in from one device and can work from another electronic device thus reducing the complexity of frequent logins.

As maintenance of governance is not a simple thing, it values on the scenarios of managing various governance tools, gain much more insights that add more value to the entire board of governance. So, Diligent Boards is the one enterprise governance management system that accelerates your organizational development.


Diligent Boards handles the management of authorizing various tools, resources to the entire scope of governance that finally results in delivering long-lasting success and feasibility. With the assistance of Diligent Boards, boards can have development as their needs will rise or business models may undergo various changes. Diligent offers the right tools at the right time that drives perfect decisions to be taken for your enterprise enhancement.

This board management software holds various benefits such as:

  • Management through digitized solutions

By moving with the scenarios in Diligent Boards, many enterprises can easily move from traditional methodologies to digital. This provides its users to have easy accessibility and storing data in the cloud and retrieving the information at any time from any location when they need it. Along with this, getting evaluated through digital technology also guarantees that organizations and many institutions are impelled by intelligent decision-making strategies

  • Easy access through mobile

This board management platform will surely assist in handling executives, administrators, and board members to stay in a high position for all the updates. The application holds some indigenous applications where they help to work Diligent Board on Windows mobiles, Android and iOS devices too. This kind of benefit helps them to view their documents and make instant and necessary modifications so that they can expect those changes to be in synchronization with other devices that work in real-time.

  • Enhanced communication network

Diligent Board is an enhanced platform for handling communication for managerial persons. This permits them to modernize their colleagues in various teams in virtual rooms which are designed particularly for the corresponding committees. This assures that each and everyone works on the single page and have easy access to follow up with the development of their objectives and tasks.

  • Protected Boards

Diligent Boards comes to know that valuable information process through corporate governance at all times. As because of this, the application is more secured with additional layers that help for no data got leaked or hacked by anyone.

  • Exceptional Support

Diligent Board has a greatly assisted support team where they can be available at all times. This outstanding application helps to provide assistance to its customers whenever they require. Besides that, customers can also seek support from professionals where they would be communication barriers and they can proceed with the communication with their native language.


Get a streamlined scenario for processing your board of directors in a more convenient and reliable way. To accomplish this, Diligent Boards come up with the advanced and supportive features like

Scheduled calendars

Get a complete and centralized overview of what the upcoming and past events that are scheduled. You can add meetings and conferences with defined times, dates, date ranges and with all-day events also. Also, connect those scheduled events with the corresponding members so that they can be notified with the updates and any notifications.

As Diligent Boards use agendas, you can use those agendas to set up an agenda for various conferences and meetings. Also, this scheduled calendar has multiple features which are

  • Can attach required notes, documents, images or files to any scheduled event.
  • You can also have the option of recording meeting attendance from the event edit page itself.
  • Have a discussion on the events from their own self-contained pages.
  • Higher authorities like account administrators or chairpersons can have a look at meeting reports.

Organized reports and documents

Diligent Boards helps your organizations in maintaining their documents, files, and all other assets in a more organized way. You can have accessibility for

  • Creating multiple folders in order to keep things in a more systemized way.
  • Can create permissions and limitations in order to know who can have access to the folders.
  • Organized documents and files by specifying tags.
  • Drag and drop functionality allows arranging your documents in a more organized way.
  • An easy approach for uploading files from discussions, comments and make them be organized in the folder.

Task Management

Provides a seamless approach for your board and committee members to share work with their respective teams and colleagues. The task management feature in Diligent Boards helps in

  • Set up starting and finishing dates for events
  • Assigned members to the events can receive task reminders and notifications
  • Easily rearrange the already assigned documents for assigning priority.
  • Can share and allocate the work
  • Can have a quick view of the desired document from multiple documents as because all are organized in a detailed way.
  • Comment directly on to-dos and to-do lists

More focused discussions

Get started with a conversation and allow discussions to be more focused.  This feature allows to

Each and every topic maintain its own page so that the complete conversation is so easy to refer in the future.

  • Any comments regarding the discussions will be sent to your mailbox.
  • You can insert images and other documents directly into messages
  • Multiple threads for single conversation allows having deeper discussions on a topic
  • Reach with the general agreements and maintain crucial decisions on the board.
  • Give everyone a chance to weigh in on their own time.


Allow yourself to be in the loop for each and every activity, and be the administrative members who can actually know what kind of works are in progress.

  • Diligent Boards can update you on the latest meetings, conferences, events, discussions and also comments.
  • Receiving email notifications allows you to reply for most of the notifications directly from your email account.
  • Get notified with the forthcoming meetings
  • Receive notifications when are assigned in a task.

Most recent activities

Have a quick look on what’s tasks are running in progress and what discussions are going on.

  • Get notified with all the live updates and notification so that you won’t miss anything.
  • Activities are collaborated in regular and allow more organized
  • Get to know who your next board meeting manager will be, completion of tasks, initiate new discussions, view comments on the prevailing conversations and replying for questions and many more.

Team collaboration

Be aware of knowing other committee board members also where you can get your things done in a more quick and efficient way. Managing team collaboration helps in

  • Create various committees and allocate team members to the corresponding committees.
  • Get to know the entire list of board members and administrative persons who are in your organization.
  • Also, know who the respective persons for your board are where each member holds their own individual profiles.
  • Find the work that is assigned for every day
  • Can eliminate the complexities to log in multiple times for various applications

Also, Diligent Boards is available with multiple features such as

  • Various analyzing tools
  • Questionnaires
  • Conferences and meetings management
  • Remote device locking
  • Create own permissions
  • Handling virtual rooms
  • Archive and resources search availability


When you are ready to streamline your board of directors, get started with our Diligent boards and we are available with multiple pricing plans that are accessible for all range of business enterprises,

The available pricing plans are:

Advisory plan

This plan is available to you at the rate of $49 per month and provides 2 months of free subscription when subscribed annually. This plan provides

  • 5 members
  • A Storage capacity of 5 GB
  • A trial of 30 days
  • Support with email notifications

Small plan

This plan is available to you at the rate of $99 per month and provides 2 months of free subscription when subscribed annually. This plan provides

  • 10 members
  • A Storage capacity of 10 GB
  • A trial of 30 days
  • Support with email notifications

Medium plan

This plan is available to you at the rate of $199 per month and provides 2 months of free subscription when subscribed annually. This plan provides

  • 20 members
  • A Storage capacity of 20 GB
  • A trial of 30 days
  • Support with email notifications

Large plan

This plan is available to you at the rate of $299 per month and provides 2 months of free subscription when subscribed annually. This plan provides

  • 30 members
  • A Storage capacity of 30 GB
  • A trial of 30 days
  • Support with email notifications

Assembly plan

This plan is available to you at the rate of $499 per month and provides 2 months of free subscription when subscribed annually. This plan provides

  • 50 members
  • A Storage capacity of 50 GB
  • A trial of 30 days
  • Support with email notifications

Technical Details

Digilent Boards is available to its users with many technical details such as:

Supported devices:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Web-based
  • Mac
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android

Language Support:

  • English
  • China
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Portugal

Pricing options:

  • Quote based

Available customer types

  • Medium scale businesses
  • Large-scale businesses

Deployment environment:

  • Cloud-hosted
  • On-Premise

Support Details

Digilent Boards helps its users through email and phone support. The system is also contacted by visiting their contact page.


Finally, Diligent Boards is an accelerated board management environment in order to get enhanced communication, know who are involved in the board committees and also provide improved board meeting attendances. So, to have entire functionalities and capabilities of board management get started moving with Diligent Boards.

So, getting endorsed with Diligent Boards will be so helpful for various organizations and is extremely helpful for multiple enterprises and board members.