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Full Dialpad Business Phone Software Review – All you need to know about Dialpad

Dialpad Software

What is Dialpad Software?

Dialpad software is an innovative phone system that is designed to take the way your business uses its communication solutions to the next level. The Dialpad phone system is a useful web application that will help you to improvise your organizational communications.

By using the Dialpad software it will enable you to communicate with your customers, staff and other businesses easier. This software will make your business communications more efficient and effective. Whether you are using the voice-based communication or instant messages, you will see that the Dialpad phone system has the communication solutions you need.

Situated in San Francisco, Dialpad is a fairly new phone system software in the modern market. Its progress has exceeding expectations making it quite remarkable. They have some very useful integration and features that has sought the attention of some of the worlds most popular brands.

Dialpad phone system has made its impact across the world since its launch in 2011. They now have offices in multiple locations around the world as they continually expand. There are now over 50,000 companies around the globe who are utilizing the innovative phone system that is Dialpad.

Dialpad Phone System Benefits:

Seeking out communication solutions that will suit your unique business needs is not an easy task. You want to have a web application that will make your work communications much easier on your and your staff. Therefore, it is important that you understand how Dialpad Software will benefit your organization. Here is a glance at some of the best benefits this innovative phone system offers.

  • You have the option to contact Dialpad and request a free trial period before making a final decision to purchase this software.
  • Dialpad offers you and your mobile workers the ability to use downloadable apps to your various devices.
  • These communication solutions are the easiest for employees and teams to adopt as it is simplistic in its design and execution.
  • This software solution is simple to deploy and will have your web applications up and running quickly.
  • Dialpad’s innovative phone system is designed for the mobile and local workers alike. As a result, you will be able to work seamlessly both from the office and on the road.
  • You will become more accessible to your customers and staff alike as this web application makes keeping in contact simple.
  • Dialpad phone system is fully customizable making it so that you only get the features that matter to you. Therefore, you no longer have to weave through a bunch of useless applications to get what you really want.
  • Adding and removing users is very simple. In today’s constant moving business world, this is important to administrators because of the constant turnaround most organizations face in staffing.
  • You can manage your business phone from your personal one without giving away your personal contact information.
  • Dialpad’s innovative phone system is highly scalable. As your business grows, your phone system will grow with it. You will have no need for any other phone system, you simply need to upgrade your package.
  • Never deal with bad phone quality as this innovative phone system is equipped with HD audio on every single call you or your staff makes.

Dialpad Software Features:

As the Dialpad phone system is working towards being more competitive in this modern phone system market, they have communication solutions for every organizational size. What this means is that this web application has a large range of features that will make your internal and external communications a breeze.

Enjoy your communications system.

Through the web application, you can be accessed on any one of the devices you currently own. Helping you to save money without purchasing expensive equipment, Dialpad Software is perfect. You can communicate seamlessly through placing calls, sending a message and even hosting your meetings using the Dialpad phone system. The easy to use interface helps to keep you and your team connected no matter where or how you work.

Stay in touch with your team.

By using the UberConference application associated with this innovative phone system, you can stay in touch with your team by generating meetings that don’t require physical presence. Without having to do any downloads, these communication solutions allow you to host web-based meetings. Using this platform, you and your teams are free to collaborate they way they want and from where they want.

Always have your agents back.

Through the various tools that are integrated into Agent Coaching, you will always have their back if they are dealing with a difficult customer. You can barge into calls they are on or even completely take over to help them out. There is the option to listen in as well so that you can provide feedback to help them better manage calls.

Know what is going on and when.

You will always know what is going on using the Supervisor insights tool associated with this innovative phone system. The real-time dashboard will update as each individual call takes place and you can see the notes attached to them.

There is also the ability to customize alerts so that you can recognize what service level the calls were at. There is also the agent duty and queue size that is also customizable. Through this web application, you can assign staff or redirect the current staff on the job to ensure only the highest quality is achieved.

Make use of the innovative phone system integrations.

Dialpad software comes equipped with the ability to use various integrations that you are already using. You can easily integrate these communication solutions with CRM like SalesForce, Zendesk and ServiceNow. All these applications will keep call logs, voicemails, all recordings and your agent’s notes in one, easy to use the platform.

Make good use of the Administration capabilities.

From getting started with the Dialpad phone system to your organization’s growth, you can make your administration work easier. Through this application, you can set up an international number, have your current numbers ported and even add toll-free numbers. This innovative phone system will seamlessly allow you to update and correct your current company directory while importing your current client list.

Along with the other administrative tasks this web application helps with, you can also use the analytics to dive deeper into the quality of conversations. You can export data like the number of missed calls or texts. You can even learn how many total call minutes each staff member was on the phone per day. All this can be exported into simple to read excel files.

Rest easy knowing your organization data is safe.

There is an automatic data backup that is built right into the Dialpad phone system. Your data will always be safe and accessible. You can have the data backed up onto the Google cloud platform. If one of the phone engines goes down or there is an interruption in service, the cloud will automatically flag it. Google Cloud will then reroute the data until an engineer can fix it.

All your data is also stored on physical servers that are guarded with extreme precautions. This will help to keep your crucial information safe from interception. All your data is encrypted to keep it safe and the world-class security features have a multi-layered approach that will ensure your data remains unbreached.

Pricing Details of Dialpad Phone System:

There are a variety of pricing features you can look into. Each comes with an assortment of features that may or may not benefit your specific needs. Here are the details:


This plan is $15 per month per user when billed annually, but if monthly it is $20. The features it comes with is a free company main line and virtual receptionist, multi-device ringing and call switching. There is also the ability for various integrations. There is the ability to perform call transfers, three-way calling, call forwarding and video/messaging. You will have unlimited calling in the US and Canada. Also, you can have both a contact and company directory.

Other features:

  • Do not disturb
  • Usage across up to 3 departments.
  • Recording of all calls with no limits
  • Porting of current phone numbers and the ability to get toll-free numbers
  • A custom greeting and music for hold
  • The auto-attendant with the call operators and after-hours voicemail.
  • VoIP and PSTN enabled.
  • Mobile apps for all phones
  • The analytics and reporting features.


The Pro plan is $25 per month per user and it is only billed annually. For this web application, you can get all the same features that are seen in the Standard plan. You will also get call queues, the SalesForce integration and up to 25 different departments.

Other Features:

  • Up to 10 offices
  • The ability for international offices
  • The voicemail transcription options
  • Polycom Phone that is supported
  • Departmental auto recording.


This particular plan is $35 per month per user and it is also billed annually. With this plan, you get all the features in both the Standard and the Pro plan. You also can have SLA, Admin API and dedicated account management.

Other Features:

  • Deployment and onboarding services
  • Other SIP phones that are supported
  • An unlimited number of departments.
  • The ability to extension dial.
  • An unlimited number of offices.

Additional toll-free lines cost $5 per month and that is plus $0.02 per minute.

UberConference is an additional cost of $15 per month if you want a large number of participants. When you only need enough conferencing room for up to 10 participants, you can get it for free.

Technical Details of Dialpad Software:

This web application comes complete with the ability to easily navigate between devices that you already have. As part of these communication solutions, you can use any device at any time regardless of their operating system. Evolve phone system allows this because it is a cloud-hosted software. There are also apps that you can download for the iOS device and Android devices too.

The languages that are supported are English and Japanese.

Dialpad Software Support Details:

Using communication solutions through this web application for running your business requires that you are sure to get the support you need when you need it. Support is important because it is detrimental to your profitability and daily operations that you don’t experience downtime. Here are the various support options that you can utilize with Dialpad.

  • Email: You can get in touch with them through their email address. You can also use their contact form on their website.
  • Phone: Feel free to call them at any time through the North American toll-free number they have available. Also, there are local numbers you can call at their office in Japan.
  • Live Support: You can get in contact with a live agent through their online chat program. This will ensure real-time answers to immediate concerns.
  • Training: There are a large number of training options you can utilize. There are webinars that you can watch, how to videos and guides as well as the ability to go through their comprehensive FAQ section.
  • Tickets: Using a helpdesk application, you can create support tickets that will be put in a queue and responded too accordingly.

Note: They are known for having a great support team who is ready and willing to help you at any time.

The Enterprise plan has 24/7 phone support and the Pro plan has 24/5 phone support.


Your business depends on your communication solutions to keep you going. This web application has a lot of wonderful features. You can utilize any of them that will benefit both you and your customers.

Even though the Dialpad Software is a fairly newcomer to the market, it is making a huge impact both locally and internationally. It has rapidly increased its capabilities to keep up with the front-runners in the industry.

Dialpad Software is an innovative phone system that runs through a web application and that comes complete with everything you could need to run your business effectively. From having an auto-receptionist to their security features, the staff at Dialpad phone system is working hard to ensure that you are getting on the best you can from them.

In the end, you know what you need for your communication solutions. It is imperative that you take all the options and compare them so that you get what will work best for you and your business.