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Full Dezide Customer Support Software Review. All you need to know about Dezide


What is Dezide?

Dezide is a software application designed for call center and field service teams. The app lets users create their own intelligent troubleshooting guide with built-in knowledge bases and FAQs, with self-learning capabilities. Such guides can be either integrated into an existing company website or accessed through a dedicated, portal, which can be custom branded.  It provides a tool for service agents to assist them when they are answering customer calls, or for field teams when they are trying to fix issues remotely. In addition, it offers customers a self-service facility to try and solve their own problems which they can access through a company’s website. Dezide’s products include Field Service, Remote Service, and Self-Service solutions, and there is an API which allows subscribers to add guided troubleshooting capabilities to their own applications.

The Contact Center Portal can be used by agents to answer calls, search the knowledge base, resolves issues and close cases and customer tickets. The portal can be displayed with a CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) and a help desk system, to track and display all customer interactions on the portal interface.

The application can also be used to create intelligent guides that can be access in two modes: Normal for less experienced agents, and Advanced for their more qualified colleagues. A built-in search engine lets users search the troubleshooter guide to find specific information, such as keywords, questions, and error messages. Agents can leave feedback comments on any troubleshooting step, or FAQ article in the Knowledge Base, based on their experience, and interactions with customers.

Dezide is a Danish company which was founded in 2001 by a group of former Hewlett Packard employees who staffed an R&D department that was spun off by the technology giant.

The company’s solutions are based on Bayesian networks. Bayesian networks adopt and adapt the principles of artificial intelligence, and structure information into graphical networks, so that relationships can be determined between causes and effects. Then by application exact computation methods and principles, variables can be fixed, and the probabilities of other variables occurring can be continually recalculated. In this way the software effectively self-teaches on a continuous basis as more and more information is gathered.

Dezide’s software is currently being used for troubleshooting in many different areas, including internet connection, email set-up, network router, and other common IT problems. In addition, Dezide is currently involved in activities where the software is being used for the maintenance of complex bridge structures and diagnostics of windmill systems.



Diagnostic Functionality

Dezide is powered by the technology of Bayesian networks, which use the principles of cause and effect to determine solutions and provide informed guidance to users who may lack experience or skills into how to solve complex problems, or reach a diagnosis. The networks are continually scrolling and trying to find the next best question to ask, or the next best solution to try in any situation where a user or agent is faced with a tricky service question. When the user responds or provides an answer, that will be added into the network, self-correcting or adding to the information already in the knowledge base. Thus the technology guarantees that the best troubleshooting means will be found, with as few steps involved as possible.

The Dezide Advisor tool offers users improvements over existing solutions on the market in several ways. Because it is able to offer a solution or diagnosis to a problem in as few steps as possible, it saves time and money when it comes to time spent on Field Service or Call Center calls. In addition, the system is very flexible and does not force a user to follow a fixed sequence. If they cannot answer a particular question they can skip it without it impairing the ability of the system to find a solution. The Advisor is self-learning, and recalibrates to any situation or set of circumstances over time.


Contact Center

Dezide offers an agent-facing interface that can be used for answering calls, search the knowledge base, troubleshoot ideas, and close customer tickets.

Dezide Advisor

Subscribers can create a custom-branded guided knowledge base for both self-service and agent resolution which can be embedded within their existing CMS (Content Management System) and web portals.

Offline Capabilities

By subscribing to the appropriate pricing plan, agents and customers can access a troubleshooting guide without an internet connection. The Offline Troubleshooter is automatically updated with new information once an online connection can be established again.

Field Service Functionality: The Troubleshooter automatically gathers information from field service teams, and adds it to the guide, increasing the knowledge base on a continual basis, and speeding-up the time taken for resolution.

Consumer advantages

The Troubleshooter can be customised and translated into multiple languages. It also offers built-in functionality, such as automatic question answering based on identified user data, such as what connection the customer is using.


Field Service Tools

Dezide is built on the assumption that the best knowledge bases are built by combining expertise from technicians and engineers, and well as the experience and knowledge from teams in the field, providing continual feedback on a daily basis.

The solution enables uses to capture all this information in Dynamic Guides, using causes, probabilities, actions, and questions, as well as taking into account factors like cost and time. This ensures the field technicians are able to troubleshoot in an optimum way.

With Dezide, users can streamline service processes, reduce product lifecycle costs, increase equipment up-time, and increase customer satisfaction. Technicians feel better supported when sent into the field, whilst training new staff is made much easier: all troubleshooting knowledge is available in an easily accessible digital form that allows a better transfer of information and skills.

Contact Center Portal

Dezide’s Contact Center Portal can be used on its own as the primary interface for agents, supporting the entire service and support process, from taking a call, searching the knowledge base, troubleshooting the problem, to resolving it, and closing the case and the ticket. The Portal can also be integrated with a CTI system to allow the display and tracking of information about the customer when the call is received.

Furthermore, the Portal can also be integrated into an existing help desk portal, based on a service management system, like Microsoft’s Customer Care Framework.

Standard Contact Center Workflow

Typically a customer call with Dezide would follow these steps:

  • Agents access the Contact Center Portal through their web browser
  • A call is received from the customer;
  • Dezide Advisor shows the customer ID and their previous service history, as well as an open tickets for the client if integrated with a ticketing system
  • Advisor suggests to the Agent guides and articles based on the call type; and
  • The Agent resolves the customer’s issue using the Advisor knowledge base.

Agents can use the solutions intelligent guides for solving issues, choosing either Normal Mode for new and untrained agents, or Advanced Mode for skilled employees.

They can also use the FAQ articles which list the most popular articles at the top of the page, giving access to frequently used articles. FAQs can also be browsed by categories.

In addition the search engine can be used to search for specific queries, error messages, keywords and more. The search engine searches guides, articles, FAQs, and other relevant content.

The agent can give context-sensitive feedback to any troubleshooting step or FAQ article in the knowledge base, providing a constant feedback mechanism to ensure that the knowledge base is always evolving and updated.

Self Service

One of the main advantages of Dezide Advisor is that it is a multi-channel solution where the same knowledge base can be used for both customer self-service and call center agents. Users can define who should be able to access the different elements of the base, and how they should be presented in the various channels.

When used in a self-service contact, Guides are wrapped in an intuitive interface where only the part relevant to them is presented to customers. The content of the guide is maintained in easy to understand language, and contains graphics and videos for communicating information to customers in the most effective way.

The Self-Service Portal is a browser-based interface for customers which allow them three means of accessing the knowledge base – through intelligent guides, FAQ articles, and a search engine. Customers can access the Self-Service Portal through their web browser.

Intelligent guides: Customers can start an intelligent guide to get help for specific problems or with particular products. The guide will take the customer through a series of questions and solutions until their problem is solved.

FAQs: The customer can also use FAQs for simple questions e.g. price, product information etc. The FAQ articles are used for information that it too simple or basic to build into intelligent guides.

Search Engine: The search engine enables a customer to search into guides and articles using free text.

As with the Field Service functionality, customers can provide their own feedback on any troubleshooting step, and on any FAQ article in the knowledge base.

Dezide API

With the Dezide API, users can add guided troubleshooting capabilities to their own apps.

Dezide Decision Engine: At the heart of the solution is Dezide’s Decision Engine, and which incorporates Bayesian Network technology. The technology underpins the entire suite, encompassing the Knowledge Management Tools, the Customer Contact Center, the Self-Service Portals, and the Offline Troubleshooter.

The Decision Engine also can be a stand-alone application in its own right – as a programming API which adds reasoning, deep learning and troubleshooting functionality into a user’s existing business systems.

The engine is available in two versions: as a stand-alone low-level API with access to the core troubleshooting engine, and a web-service API with access both to the core engine, and various online services.  Both APIs come with sample applications, and all necessary documentation.

DecisionEngine API: This is a core API which can be used, in a range of tools and apps, to add guided troubleshooting capabilities to them. The App supports software platforms such as Windows, C++&.Net, Linux, iOS and Objective C.

Web Service API: The Web Service API, by contrast, is for clients who want to integrate Dezide Advisor components into their existing web applications and frameworks. It provides access to Dezide Advisor resources like intelligent guides, FAQs, search engine, and the customer history.


Dezide is available both as owned and cloud versions. The cloud version is out-of-the-box knowledge management for teams of any size; the owned version offers customisations and unlimited integration options.

Pricing is available either on a monthly or annualised basis, with annual subscriptions offering discounts of up to 20%.

Cloud Online (€49 per user per month): This plan offers unlimited online logins, administrative access, and unlimited access to http//support.dezide.com.

Cloud Online & Offline (€99 per user per month): In the addition to the Cloud Online features, users get unlimited offline sessions and e-mail support.

Owned, Online and Offline: This package is offered on a quotation basis only; interested parties need to contact the vendor directly for further details. Functionality offered, over and above that provided under the other plans, includes on premise installation, CRM, CMS integration, IoT (Internet of Things) data collection, and support for SQL programming and Oracle, and telemetry data access for third party tools.


Dezide is available both as a cloud-hosted and on premise solution; the difference between the two is that the cloud solution offers out-of-the-box functionality, whereas the on-promise solution offers extensive customisation and integration options. Both versions support Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

As a result of their origins with HP’s R&D function, Dezide’s employees have always been interested in the principles of Bayesian networks, and have patented a number of innovations and inventions using the technology. They have sought to turn this technical knowledge and expertise into a commercial software solution, the only one of its kind, which uses the technology to produce a guided troubleshooting and diagnostic tool. As a result, the software enables any user to learn how to develop the knowledge base in Dezide Advisor. They do not need to have any prior knowledge of Bayesian networks – or even to have heard of them! The system is also very scalable so it can handle problems of any size – from minor IT network and software problems, to complex engineering structural issues.

Premium users are also given access to Dezide’s API which allows them to add troubleshooting capabilities to their existing applications and programs.

Dezide is available both as a cloud-hosted and on premise solution; the difference between the two is that the cloud solution offers out-of-the-box functionality, whereas the on-promise solution offers extensive customisation and integration options. Both versions support Windows and Mac Operating Systems.


Support levels depend on the pricing plan. All subscribers are given access to http//support.dezide.com. In addition, Cloud Online and Offline subscribers are provided with email support, whilst premium users under the Owned, Online and Offline plan are given phone support as well.

There is a broad range of further information about the company and its products under the Technology section of the website, including sections on Bayesian Networks, Dezide Guides, The Internet of Things, and Decision Technologies. Users can also read customer success stories, whilst there is also a news and blog section, although postings are irregular (the last blog was unloaded more than a year ago). There are also a series of webinars which can be viewed, although access needs to be requested through the website.

Dezide appears periodically at trade shows and conferences.