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Full Dead Simple Screen Sharing Web Conferencing Software Review – All you need to know about Dead Simple Screen Sharing

Dead Simple Screen Sharing Web Conferencing Software

What is Dead Simple Screen Sharing?

Dead Simple Screen Sharing is a web conferencing software that is a screen sharing tool. Enabling users to share their screen while facilitating audio conferencing within their browsers is the primary goal of this software. This screen sharing tool is designed to make it easier for you to drive points home with actual visual examples while on audio conferences. This web conferencing software provides you with a solution when audio conferencing isn’t enough.

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This screen sharing tool was founded in 2013 in India and was developed by two guys Ali and Muhammed. They found out that screen sharing solutions were difficult to navigate, had clunky presentations and were overall products that just didn’t work for organizations like yours. As a result, they set out to improve the current web conferencing software on the market and developed Dead Simple Screen Sharing. They set out to build you a screen sharing tool that was simple to use and worked out-of-box.

Derived from giving you the best quality that there was, Dead Simple Screen Sharing is an aptly named web conferencing software for organizations that need to use visuals when conducting audio conferencing. Built with HTML 5, Node Js and JavaScript, it is a very compatible software. Use this software on all sorts of organizational networks. Overall, this web conferencing software is ideal for organizations to use when they are in need of a screen sharing tool.

Benefits of Dead Simple Screen Sharing:

Associated with this web conferencing software is many wonderful benefits. You will see that when you use this screen sharing tool in your organization, that you will deliver high results in no time. Here are the benefits associated with Dead Simple Screen Sharing.

  • There is a quick and easy set up that allows you to use this web conferencing software out of the box.
  • The user interface is intuitive and simple to navigate taking out the complexities that come with similar software types.
  • There is no need to install anything on your systems. You can use and maximize this screen sharing tool right away.
  • Utilize the open source version that is available on GitHub in order to tweak this web conferencing software to fit your specific needs.
  • Perfect for mobile and remote workers as you can use this software from the road due to its vast mobile capabilities.
  • There is a lot of flexibility that comes with this screen sharing tool. You can use it for web conferencing or audio conferencing depending on your need.
  • Take a look at the free demo in order to determine if this is a web conferencing software you want to pursue.
  • There is a free version that you can use if you want to try it out before making the decision to purchase the more extensive version.
  • You do not need to create an account; you can use this software simply whenever you need it.
  • Get crystal clear audio conferencing because of the high definition audio that comes automatically with this web conferencing software.

Features of Dead Simple Screen Sharing:

Determining what types of web conferencing software, you want may come down to the features that they offer. Knowing what features, you are getting when choosing a screen sharing tool is essential in order to make an informed decision. Therefore, here are the features you get when you use Dead Simple Screen Sharing. Carefully crafted feature are there that you may get the best out of your audio conferencing and produce effective screen sharing sessions.

Share a variety of screens at the same time for more productive meetings.


Through this screen sharing tool, you can share your screen with those who are attending your audio conferences. There is also the ability to share multiple screens at the same time. If you are your staff all have the screens that complement each other, you have the option to share these either one by one or simultaneously. Being allowed to have multiple users share their screens at the same time can make for effective business collaboration.

Have full video and audio conferencing for improved communications.

Using Dead Simple Screen Sharing, you can do audio conferencing at the same time as sharing your screens. However, you also can have video conferencing when you want to share screens and let the attendees know who is doing the presentation. Furthermore, there is the option to omit screen sharing all together and have audio conferencing for effective communications or video conferencing if you want to get that face to face feel when engaging with customers and staff alike.

Use simple chat features to engage in conversations.

Through this web conferencing software, you can engage in conversations with your attendees without having to say a word. You can type your conversations through the various chat functions. Do this privately with one attendee or allow for full collaboration and let your attendees chat amongst themselves in the group chat function. You can do chat while sharing screens, conducting audio conferences or video conferences. The choice is up to you how you want to utilize the chat function that comes with this web conferencing software.

Utilize the full control you have over scheduling audio conferencing or video conferencing.

Using the Dead Simple Screen Sharing software you can schedule meetings ahead of time or on the spur of the moment. Simply enter the information into your screen sharing tool and then invite those you want to attend the scheduled meeting. You also have the option to set up recurring meetings when you are conducting training that will be ongoing. Through this function, you can set up subsequent meetings when you initiate the first one. Set them for the same time or varying times, that is up to you.

Furthermore, you can send out meeting reminders so that no one misses a meeting with you. These reminders will go straight to your invited attendee’s email accounts so that they will always remember that they have an audio conference or video conference coming up. It is up to you when these reminders go out, either within minutes of the meeting or a day beforehand.

Make use of all the integrations that are compatible with Dead Simple Screen Sharing.

When you want to share your screens, it is useful to be able to use various integrations that can help with that. These integrations can help you to file share and send out documents that will have more of an impact than a simple visual conference. Furthermore, you can share contact information for inter-organizational communications.

Use integrations like Slack or Rocket.chat to allow you to create a screen sharing session right from within these integrations. You don’t need to leave the current program you are using to utilize this web conferencing software as the integrations allow you to go from chat conversations to screen sharing in a matter of minutes without losing your place in the conversation.

Please note: Dead Simple Screen Sharing is working on other integrations that will make your screen sharing tool more effective. They are planning to launch integrations with Gmail, Outlook and Google Calendars coming soon so that you can have your inbox and calendars sync according to invites you get for audio conferencing and video conferencing.

Pricing Details of Dead Simple Screen Sharing:

There are four different pricing plans that you can investigate when looking into purchasing a screen sharing tool. Here are the various details specific to each pricing plan.


As a free plan, you get to have unlimited screen sharing and audio conferencing. Furthermore, there is the ability to have free meetings and SSL encryptions for keeping your shared information safe from malicious intrusions. Finally, you get to have up to 10 participants in each conference.


This plan costs $9 per month, and it includes all the Basic features. Furthermore, you can enjoy features like recording your audio conferences or video conferences. You get 1 GB of cloud storage and the ability to schedule meetings. Finally, you get priority support, an administrative dashboard and up to 30 participants who can attend your meetings.


At $18 per month, you get all the features in the Pro plan. Additionally, you get to have up to 50 GB of cloud storage, schedule a meeting and recurring meeting, priority support and the administrative interface. Finally, you can have up to 150 participants per meeting.


This plan includes all the Pro features and costs $31 per month. On top of the listed features, you get to have a vanity URL, company branding, single sign-on and the option for on-premise deployment. Moreover, you get to have user management permissions, rest API and centralized billing for convenience. Finally, you will have your dedicated support agent.

*Please note that you can get additional features in each plan from other plans at additional costs. You will have to contact the vendor to find out which features are interchangeable.

Technical Details of Dead Simple Screen Sharing:

There are a variety of deployment options. You can get open API, on-premise for Enterprise plans or cloud hosted. All these options are compatible with a variety of devices regardless of their operating system. Currently, the basic version of this web conferencing software is only used for Chrome and Firefox. Dead Simple Screen Sharing is currently working on Edge and Mac operating systems.

There is a web-based version that is also compatible with any device you use including mobile devices as long as you have internet connectivity. Furthermore, you can get an app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Currently, the only language that is supported is English.

Support Details of Dead Simple Screen Sharing:

There are two main forms of support you get when you use this screen sharing tool. Support is an important aspect when you are counting on your web conferencing software to help you communicate throughout your organization and with customers. Here are the two support options you have available with Dead Simple Screen Sharing.

  1. Live Support: Through this web conferencing software you can get in touch with the staff at Dead Simple Screen Sharing to help you through any issues you are having. Contact them with technical difficulties or to get your question
  2. Tickets: This screen sharing tool has a help desk style of helping you with technical difficulties. When you encounter technical issues, create a support ticket for help. Evaluating your ticket to determine what type of help you need is the first part of the process. You will then receive a response or get remote help when your ticket reaches a specialist.


Dead Simple Screen Sharing gave the right name to their web conferencing software. It is a very simple and intuitive screen sharing tool to use. Whether you are looking for audio conferencing and screen sharing or video conferencing and screen sharing, you will find this software comprehensive and straight to the point. The fact that it is out-of-box and can be used within minutes of deployment makes it even more appealing.

Overall, the features associated with this web conferencing software are functional and help you get the job done with little to no complications. You will enjoy the simple functionality of this screen sharing tool. The variety of pricing packages make it adaptable to your budget, and the fact that you can purchase a plan with added features makes it even more convenient for you.

Ultimately, you know your organizational needs best. Be sure to do your homework and research extensively before making a final decision for your web conferencing software. Finally, Dead Simple Screen Sharing is a great and functional option if simplicity is what you are after.

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