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Full Dassault Systèmes BIM Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About Dassault Systèmes

dassault systemes BIM

Today’s digital technologies aren’t just new and fast-moving, but they provide new methods for production, manufacturing, and collaboration.

For engineering production, methods have been impacted significantly by the introduction of simulation systems that are intelligent, as well as design tools and technologies for 3D printing. All these bridge the gap between the designer, as well as the final manufacturer.

Before the introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, a designer had to create concept drawings manually, after which a draughtsman would reinterpret it to deliver the final product.

Traditional drawing boards were replaced by 2D CAD (computer-aided design) and though these were resourceful back then, the process involved coordinating between designers and manufacturers.

About three decades ago, parametric design software came on the scene, which allowed people to interact using one single design model that has data sets, snapshots, and inventories from the original idea’s evolution. Today, parametric modeling is the most preferred software for design in modern industries.

BIM software helps organize and structure data and geometry related to a building’s design and its construction, including that of infrastructure. The software helps AEC professionals plan, design, build, as well as maintain infrastructure and buildings since all data and info is available to the team members all the time, throughout the lifecycle of the structure.

Dassault Systèmes BIM is one of the top BIM solutions that helps improve efficiencies and manage programs in the construction industry, despite their increasingly complex nature. This review delves into the benefits, features, and technical aspects of the software.

What is Dassault Systèmes BIM?

dassault systemes BIM

Dassault Systèmes BIM software manages different aspects of engineering and design works. Its abbreviation is 3DS, and it is the brainchild of a European software company known as The 3DDExperience Company.

The software helps mitigate any errors while saving time by helping project users to collaborate on the project in parallel. Similarly, there is real time exchange of ideas as well as modification of 3D digital models.

It is built for AEC professionals to ensure efficiency all through the building’s lifecycle. It also offers just-in-time materials delivery, costing simulation, change propagation, and social networking.

As urban populations increase, they put a strain on existing infrastructure, and threaten the environmental welfare of cities. Urban planners and their government counterparts can leverage on digital technology to explore new ideas plus their impact on the future of cities.

Dassault Systèmes’BIM helps decision makers to digitize and/or simulate the infrastructure based on this platform so as to prepare for the needs of the future, for the citizens of the cities, and provide a better urban experience.

Among its popular software include Catia, SolidWorks, DraftSight, Simulia, Enovia, Delmia, Geovia and 3Dvia. Other Dassault products include 3DExcite, Biovia, Exalead and Netvibes.

These products help with high-end 3D visualization, collaboration across companies and fields, transforming big data into intelligence, and helping businesses make smarter decisions.


dassault systemes BIM

Why should you choose Dassault Systemes’ BIM software? Here are some of the benefits your business will accrue from using this software.

Optimized construction

The built-in solution helps address various project phases in the lifecycle.

Sustainable innovation

Dassault Systemes’ BIM software is a focal point for idea exploration that doesn’t threaten existing infrastructures, or the environmental welfare of cities.

Facilitates decision making and project visibility

Dassault Systemes’ BIM software inspires owners by inviting them and AEC professionals into a collaborative 3D environment which enhances project visibility, and helps facilitate sound decision making.

Open and transparent communication

With Dassault Systemes’ BIM software, AEC professionals can get and build professional trust, respect, and credibility with owners of projects as they’re driven by the validation these owners give based on the value added to the project. Owners want to foresee project planning as well as status openly and with transparency, but with traditional methods of design and construction, it is hard to envision the final construction project deliveries. Therefore, BIM software helps project owners to:

  • Have project visibility at every project stage
  • Be confident in the final product upon project completion
  • Be on budget and on time
  • Collaborate and review in 3D so as to visualize outcomes
  • Deliver excellent living experiences

Build confidence and trust with 3D innovation

With future testing innovation, companies can leverage 3D to continually improve their performance through capturing and reusing lessons learned (digitally) while doing the work. This builds the confidence and trust through showing that you can anticipate opportunities and/or issues well in advance, while adapting to inevitable changes as they happen, with the speed and precision needed to realize the company’s vision, while doing away with wastage. You also get to keep project visibility for the project owners.

Achieve cohesion

With the 3DExperience platform, everyone can work on the same project while focusing on the outcomes, and taking advantage of collaboration across the stakeholders.

Convert industry fragmentation to true collaboration


dassault systemes BIM

In terms of features, Dassault Systemes’ BIM software can be broken into:

  • Design for fabrication
  • Optimized construction

Under design for fabrication, you’ll get tools and/or features that help with: 


You can design and/or simulate any structure, building element or objects from conceptual stage to the tiniest of details.


You can use modeling methods that are integrative, associative, parametric, and computational to increase or improve productivity and/or optimize the project’s value via iterative designs.


With Dassault Systemes’ BIM software, you can combine talent, technology, as well as technique to deliver high value, performance and efficiency while lowering impact on the environment as well as waste.

Supply Chain Integration

Leverage on the insight and input of Dassault Systemes’ BIM software experts across the supply chain for an informed design.

Industrializing construction

Construction projects involve many user groups that must collaborate closely to complete projects. Each has software solutions optimized for use over a long time, and for their work, but may not be interoperable. The use of data could open the opportunity of industrialized construction that saves time, reduces cost, improves safety, reduces risks, and increases profits.

Customizable and repeatable templates

You can work from existing 3D templates or create your own original ones for use in future, making working with this design for fabrication customizable but also repeatable, easily. This saves you time by importing your prototypes from an available list of components, and that use parameters already established so you can modify them easily.

Real-time access to design models and project data

You can, through Dassault Systemes’ BIM software, access design models and/or project data from any place and across various other disciplines. This helps create an interactive owner community, which also includes civil designers and engineers who work in parallel, build quality and efficiency in each project, and share data.

Single-source of truth with real-time management of large amounts of information

These can be acquired from various BIM environments that have OmniClass and IFC fluency. Users can design from a catalog and update the changes which are reflected immediately across models.

Collaboration among users and platforms

With Dassault Systemes’ BIM software, no user is isolated. You can import data from different platforms and create one mockup from which all parties collaborate as part of an integrated design community.

End-to-end enterprise solution

Dassault Systemes’ BIM software lets you develop models of buildings, and extend the facade via fabrication, design, and assembly. Its dynamic tools help plan buildings, validate needs, and enable you to extend design model data to drawings and BOMs (bills of materials). Teams can also collaborate as they work using one version of the truth. This shift to factory provides better control on quality, production optimization, lower labor costs, and increased safety.

Integrated planning

You can conceptualize and plan buildings and spaces quickly. This process helps AEC professionals quickly start developing their designs. It is purpose-built and 3D. With it, you can explore site selection, potential construction and program requirements, and operating costs while using a realistic 3D environment. You can also create conceptual designs that meet client needs for years on end, and preserve your current process workflows. It helps AEC professionals and project owners with decision making during planning, initially, and reduces time taken to explore possibilities and present solutions for improved efficiency in planning, and winning business deals.

Facade detailing

With Dassault Systemes’ BIM software, you can extend your conceptual and design data from facade detailing through to fabrication. Once models are developed, they can be broken into assemblies conveying the design intent. The benefits of this include:

  • Better buildings which save time, validate requirements in real time, reduce dead-ends in processes, and delight customers by exceeding their expectations
  • Industrialized construction – you reduce waste by extending data for conceptual models through fabrication with collaboration on cloud and scalability
  • 3D single version of the truth for collaborative work by the whole team
  • A new interactive and collaborative environment

Civil design

You can collate, simulate, and model point clouds, earthworks, terrain, geology, hydrology, alignments, and more for larger projects. You can also use civil IFC data types.

Building design

With Dassault Systemes’ BIM software you can design and simulate buildings, building elements or objects, and structures. Mock up projects from furniture to sheds or stadiums.

Facade design

You can also design and/or simulate building envelopes from conceptual stages to profiles, and also fasteners.

Structure design

Dassault Systemes’ BIM software lets you model, simulate, as well as analyze structural elements among other items including concrete frames, steel frames, facade, bridges, precast, tunnel projects and more.

Systems design

Dassault Systemes’ BIM software also lets you plan, model and simulate elements of any building system for any size of project from a single occupant, campus, and even city infrastructure.

Under Optimized construction, tools that Dassault Systemes’ BIM software include:

Integrated project backbone

This is a collaboration-based platform that brings together all details of the project to a master schedule, establishing a hub for all project management and data management.

Real time project visibility

You can, using Dassault Systemes’ BIM software, review your dashboard for minute by minute progress of tasks, while receiving notifications for each update from design, fabrication all the way to installation.

4D construction planning

This lets you simulate and optimize construction processes so you can establish 4D models that make sure stakeholders understand the delivery of all project elements.


Although the pricing of Dassault Systemes’ BIM software is not published on the brand website, you can get details on pricing from the following channels:

  • Have a Dassault Systèmes expert contact you by phone, or for a demo
  • Have a Dassault Systèmes sales contact you to provide you with a quote that suits your requirements

Technical details

Customer type: Startups, Entrepreneurs, Makers, Students

Deployment: On Premises; On The Cloud

Languages supported: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian.

Supported platforms: Unix Servers and Certified Workstations Windows 7 64-bit

Workstations: Certified Workstations Windows 10 64-bit, Certified Workstations Windows 8.1 64-bit, and Certified configuration for VDI.

Support details

  • Live chat
  • Training
  • Knowledge base
  • Communities
  • User guides
  • Email support
  • 3DS Twitter support: Follow Dassault Systemes’ BIM software on Twitter @3DSsupport 
  • Phone
  • On-cloud support
  • Help menu and Support search
  • No-cost learning resources
  • New customer section for essential info
  • Support FAQ and glossary
  • Support news and alerts section, RSS feed
  • DSx.Client Care and DSx.Client Care tutorials