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Full Daptiv PPM Enterprise Project Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Daptiv PPM

Daptiv PPM

What is Daptiv PPM?

Managing a business is really hard, and most of the time, it can get out of hand, that is a possibility, and this is reason enough to get a software that can help you manage it. Daptiv PPM is made by Changepoint to help handle business that belongs in the IT. It also belongs to project management service or PMO. It is highly used for product development (DPDI) as well as manufacturing. From the name of the product you would know that it has something to do with management, it is a flexible and comprises of dynamic applications used for making processes without the hardships of coding. It has more than 150 prebuilt integrations that are well-connected with business structures such as ERP coupled with CRM solutions.

If you need something that has several resources across multiple plans, Daptiv PPM is the software that you can turn to. One of its newest features is user impersonation. It is one of the most demanded features back in 2016. But, there are other features as well that might make you decided to use it such as assimilation with Microsoft Outlook besides MS Project. The latest version of Daptiv has more than 200 enhancements.

Daptiv PPM

For a project manager that is in need of a good PPM software; this would be an excellent choice. The software is customizable into anything that you would need, running several types of report you organize. However, it won’t be easy at all to use as the required task would take some time to accomplish, with most of them harder than the others, this is a possibility. The makers know that using their software won’t be easy, so they provided training to use their software.  The dashboard is customizable, which helps the user choose the settings for easier navigation. Aside from that, you also have the choice to clone projects, resource plan, and task to make sure that turnaround would be much faster. Daptiv also includes configurations exclusive to specific industries like IT governance, PMO, as well as new product development and introduction (DPDI), as well.

If you are one of those old and experienced project managers then you would surely enjoy using as some of the options within the software makes it kind of overwhelming to handle. Once the software got re-configured, you might want to streamline your team members, stakeholders and executives as they might get distracted and not be able to do their jobs. The software can be tested like any software as it lets you finish the work in the right amount of time. But, you can’t expect that in everyone as people differs in many ways. In fact, they might even find themselves consulting help pages just to finish their task. It is highly recommended that you use the training given by the company Daptiv as it would surely help.

Using a computer, it is suggested that you download a copy of the Daptiv’s Essential Buyer’s Guide for PPM. The document includes many things such as the information on estimating ROI, which accesses the maturity level of your organization as well as a vendor’s list that can be used to help potential vendors that you might encounter in the future.

Daptiv PPM Benefits

Work Intelligence by Daptiv PPM customers so that they would gain some insights about their business.

Daptiv PPM allows a “single source of truth” that can be used in our project portfolio as well as incorporate a fully integrated business intelligence tool, which enables customers in creating stunning reports as well as in-depth Daptiv dashboards. This does reflectiveness into portfolio plus project status aimed at team members as well as business stakeholders.

Daptiv PPM creates a more natural support system, also provides new business processes

Through Dynamic Applications, you would find it easier to organize Daptiv PPM in encapsulating business processes. Such methods consist of project intake, consents, and financial reconciliation. Additionally, the Daptiv Connect service has a pre-built integration that is used by leading ERP then CRM packages, and additional 150 primary adapters that could connect to additional enterprise systems.

Daptiv PPM Features

Daptiv PPM

  • Connectors to cloud-based applications

It means that it can protect virtual machines that are already compromised. It makes sure that your data would be safe inside the cloud-based application.

  • Discussion board

It lets the user discuss some critical matters on the board. But, if you want to use it just to communicate with someone important to you then who would stop you. Anyway, it is just a feature, and it would be up to you on how you use it.

  • Document management

After you have made your document, you would need something to manage it, and this software provides that for you.

  • Email integration

It also has an email that you can be used to send whatever reports that needs to be sent to your constituents.

  • Financial management

It can manage any financial thing in your business. You don’t need another software for that anymore.

  • GUI-based application development

A GUI is a user interface that interacts with devices through icons, for example, secondary notation, in replace of text-based user typed command labels, text navigation or interfaces.

  • Portfolio management

A portfolio is like a resume that you can send to companies when applying for a job.

Daptiv PPM

  • Project management

Daptiv PPM allows you to manage your project. You don’t need to get another software for that as you can do it with this one.

  • Reports and dashboards

These things are critical in business as you can monitor the signs of progress and losses that your business is making. If your business is progressing, then that would be good for you since the profit would come after that. However, if your losing then you would need to change something in your business and that is why there are such things as a management team.

  • Resource management

Resources are vital in business, and if you don’t know how to manage them, then you would inevitably fall. If you have adaptive PPM working for your company, then it could handle the resources correctly. You know what resources are you looking and from there, you can do something about it.

What setback Daptiv PPM solve?

Scenario 1

Most of the time, businesses experience peak periods, but the problem is that there are not enough resources. When times are good the PMO manager could find new demands that emerge across initiatives, while he thinks that he is on top of business, every manager feels the same thing, and all of them believe that they are the ones that bring in the most money for the company. Individual project managers realize that their team is overworked then would not be able to fulfill competing demands. To tackle the challenges at hand, the PMO manager needs to see the business priorities, therefore, working with project managers to come up with a plant that would reach across project portfolio. He then turns to Daptiv PPM to implement an intake process plus a prioritization scheme that would evaluate projects alongside common governance. Thus, the PMO starts staffing and starting projects when there are enough resources. The latest processes lessen the strain on the team as they create a path to get better results, corresponding to business priorities.

Some features that Daptiv PPM offers includes the customized prioritization model, work intelligence, the capacity planner, and early-stage resource requirements definition.

Daptiv PPM

Scenario 2

It is hard to understand organizational leader as he has an enormous job. It is difficult to know what projects does his staffs doe, also, the status of the job itself. For this reason, Daptiv PPM is used to implement a portfolio that monitors the process, defining a standard method for reporting while tracking risks, status, and issues change across the resent product development projects. Daptiv PPM helps in creating insights while he, on the other hand, use it to support his people with their projects, besides addressing issues on behalf of the whole team. Consequently, he would be able to deliver the new merchandise capabilities more unsurprisingly; this includes on time and inside budgetary constraints.

Such features in Daptiv PPM that includes project templates, dynamic applications, issue application, configurable custom fields, current reports, and work intelligence for dashboards facilitate these results.

Scenario 3

Most of the time, a team uses a spreadsheet to track the resource assignment. However, the problem is that it does not reflect the resources’ true accessibility. It is true that such use of spreadsheet has been proven to be useful for decision-making based by projects, but, it doesn’t mean that it would be the same with non-project activities as well as non-working activities so that it could reveal exact availability. When Daptiv PPM has been used, planners can forecast all project, non-project aside from non-working time for resources. As a result, the planner would be able to track actual time spent in each category, therefore, understanding the differences between planned as well as real progress. Furthermore, they can increase forecast accuracy, assess planned versus actual work, as well as anticipate while addressing the risk.

Features that includes project templates, timesheets, non-project workspaces, and work intelligence for dashboards, as well as an automatic distribution of reports and active reports, allows these results.


Daptiv PPM

Price starts at $50.00/month/user, but if you don’t get a better deal, then you should contact them. From there, it would be up to you on how you would be able to persuade them. You would be able to get a better price depending on how well the communication goes. You would need to wait for some time till they have the price quote for the said inquiry. Don’t worry since it won’t take long and pretty soon, you should be getting what you want.

When you decide to buy Project Management Software, you should know how experts evaluate it not only to see how experts rate it within their reviews but also to tell whether the if the people that buy products are satisfied or not. That is the reason for creating the behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm that includes comments, customer reviews, and Daptiv PPM reviews from a range of social media sites. It is crucial so that the ones that would want to buy the product would know if the people that used the product before is satisfied or not. With that information, you would know whether to buy the product or not.

Technical Details

Daptiv PPM is available via several choices, all of which would allow you to use the software to its full use. It is a web-based application, but it is also available via Windows. Aside from that, it also supports Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac platforms.

Of course, like most of the software, it uses the English language to lay down the information. English is the global language, and everyone could communicate better with it. However, some people don’t want to use that language. Luckily the software also supports languages from China, India, Germany, and Japan.

Support Details

Daptiv PPM

They are hosted via a cloud server, so you know that they always online. There is still someone there to answer your question. Some questions would be hard to explain, but you just need to bear with them for a little while then you would be able to get the information that you need.

If no one is online then just leave your message on the chat board, and you would get the answer to the question once the support staffs are available. However, don’t expect to get an answer while the site is down. Even if they are hosted via cloud server, there won’t be anyone to answer your question. Better to wait for a while till the site is back again.