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Full DadaBIK Software Rapid Application Development Software Review – All You Need to Know About DadaBIK Software

DadaBIK Software
DadaBIK Software

What is DadaBIK Software?

Database Management System captures and analyzes data linking end users, application and database itself. The sum total of the associated applications and the database is what makes the database system. A database platform, on the other hand, is the interface that manages and secures data. In the course of data processing, database programmer writes queries, scripts, and procedures in Structured Query Language.

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As web technologies advance into more dynamic websites and web apps, a tool is needed to help with complicated tasks. A robust and unprecedented platform that is capable of managing and creating an online database for a data-driven website.

DadaBIK Software

DadaBIK is one of the most efficient database platforms on the cloud that provides low-code development. It is written in PHP constructing a Create, Read, Update and Delete sophisticated front-end database. Its DMS supports MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server from version 9.2.

From an Excel file or database management system, users can create advanced and responsive Web database application through CRUD generator or visual interface configurator in a language that users are most familiar with due to the  22 Language front-end feature. Thanks to this, users can easily familiarize with the interface and operate the application with ease.

Since its first release in 2001 under the GNU General Public License, DadaBIK is consistent in providing flexible, fast, and reliable database application in the web environment. Some of DadaBIK’s main features include customized forms (content check, labels, and different sorts of HTML input field), reactive data grid generator, PDF report generator, dashboards, bundled prepackaged ready-to-use application, granular permission management on users, charts and reports generator, WordPress integration, and more.

DadaBIK Software Benefits

Expedite Access

DadaBIK administers a Granular Permissions Management Model that grants permission to users to directly configure and manage sets of data. Users accord to a group which can be decided upon access to the data that belongs to the user, the process the affinity users can accomplish, and record ownership can also be used as a criterion to authorize the operation. The users and groups can also be taken from Lightweight Directory Access Protocol authentication, or via existing users table. WordPress login can also be used to automatically authenticate users just by embedding DaDaBIK into it.

Cheaper Application Costs

One of the advantages of using DadaBIK software is that it charges cost at a reasonable price. Once the product is purchased, they can acquire the copy of the application for a long time due to its one-time-payment plan. In addition to that, consumers can also receive upgrades and free updates depending on the length of time the chosen on their package. By this means, they can save cost and channel their funds to other affairs rather than allocate the amount on one solution.

Innovative Advancement

DadaBIK develops an easy to use database platform that needs no necessary skill to use it. It is a very effective tool especially for novice and self-taught programmer. While being a pro at developing software, it gives enthusiasts the possibility of exploring their own development of ideas. For each DadaBIK bundle, organizations can create a defined number of database applications. Contingent upon the need to build more than what the current plan allows, clients, can easily upgrade in order to meet the needs of the users and the enterprise.

Robust Data Integrity Tools

DaDaBIK is empowered with various tools that guarantee the full integrity of developers’ data. These tools protect the stored data from software failure, wrong storage, data deviation, and other glitch generated by humans. DadaBIK holds high importance on data quality. They assure the consistency and accuracy of data over its entire processing cycle. Record locking is one feature that ensures the users that they can rely on DadaBIK platform. It is when a file is rendered unavailable when itis open and being modified or while an operation is being performed with it.

Refined Permissions Control

One of the wonders of DadaBIK is that it allows administrators not to just create user roles and assign permissions, they also give control over sets of data that every user can access. For a more forthright authorization setting, users are also grouped depends upon their function. The fact that all controls and validations are ruled by users, they can focus more on the database structure.

DadaBIK Software

DadaBIK Software Features

Form Builder

Collecting data through a form is the most basic process in the data lifecycle. DadaBIK enables the user to customize the settings depending on how simplified or complex they want it to be. The database works automatically based on form fields so the users will never have to worry about the database itself.

Datagrids Generation

Due to the notion of the ability to add nodes and horizontal scale on real-time demand, DadaBIK designed Datagrids generation to support local, partitioned and replicated data sets and authorize to freely intertwine query between data sets.

CSV Export

Data export is one of the essential feature a database can have and with DadaBIK, users can create PDF document customized template file characterized by PDF document layout. The export to PDF feature resulted similarly to the typical “Mail Merge” feature in Word Processors.

Email Alert

DadaBIK automated email alert to notify users for a recommended solution to improve database performance. It also automatically emails recommendation to database administration in charge.

File Upload

DadaBIK enables the administrator to upload files if the application requires a large number of user or application is liable for handling large files. DadaBIK provides an option to upload a file if the field type is specified as a generic file. Uploaded files are saved in the “uploads” folder.

Charts & Reports

Pie charts, line charts, and bar charts are easily produced in DadaBIK based on data application provided by simple mode by constructing a graph with just two clicks and advanced mode by writing custom SQL query as graph origin.

User Authentication

By default, DadaBIK’s user authentication must be configured to turn it on as well as certain parameters in relation to authentication. It can further extend so verified user could only work with his records. In addition to that, users can also customize the authorization paradigm.

DadaBIK Software

Secure Password Storage

DadaBIK has two default users: the normal users from the normal group and the administrator with default username as “root” from the admin group. All default passwords are encrypted in md5 and strongly recommended for change for security purposes. Furthermore, admin users are not only capable of using the DadaBIK software but also make it via the admin area. They can also add users and groups, edit and remove existing ones.

Granular Permissions Manager

DadaBIK has a permission menu used to establish fields in approved granular permissions. Users can prefer hiding field directly from the forms configurator and globally set the presence of the field.

Owner Permissions

Owner permission model allows users to set up the application such as deleting, viewing and modifying their own records. The user who inserted the record is the owner of it. The administrator can choose to enable or disable this feature from the permissions manager although ownership can be base on the group instead of the user.

LDAP Authentication

It is optional to verify users across LDAP server. It was tested on both Microsoft Directory and Open LDAP. Users who are verified with LDAP are copied to users’ table then assigned to a specific default group. The purpose of copying is to provide the user’s authentication. Users can also choose to authenticate in LDAP, by checking the LDAP checkbox.


DadaBIK makes sure that the users have a customized program that can be called under certain precedence. DadaBIK provides an interface where users can write custom PHP code. They devised to types of hooks: the layout hook that is triggered before/after some layout elements, and the operational hook that generate before or after data operations.

Custom Pages and Dashboard

Pages can be created based on a database table or customize HTML and PHP pages. These pages can be used to create dashboards by embedding all tabular or graphic reports by clicking the “Show Embed Code” button at the bottom of each report or paste the pure HTML code into the source code of the dashboard.

Schema Synchronization

Applications can be synchronized once the user changes the database schema of the database system. Users can be able to visualize and compare different databases.

DadaBIK Software

Data Validation Features

WordPress Integration

Together with the WordPress plug-in, the DadaBIK application can integrate into a WordPress site’s folio. The WordPress Integration feature demands the DadaBIK application be installed in its subdirectory. The user must also have the same username in both applications.


Below are DadaBIK pricing bundles for users to opt for. Each package provides free updates that can cover six months to three years. Nonetheless, users obtain constant ownership of the license and conveniently upgrade their plans to access advanced features and tools as well as the ability to create more applications.

Pro – $49.00 or €45.00/one-time payment


  • Lifetime License
  • Support Forum
  • 6 Months Free Updates
  • Easy Upgrade
  • 5 Maximum Applications
  • Unlimited Tables & Records
  • Form Builder
  • Datagrids Generation
  • CSV Export
  • Email Alert
  • File Upload
  • WordPress Integration
  • UTF-8 Support
  • Source Code Access
  • MySQL Support
  • PostgreSQL Support
  • SQLite Support
  • Users & User Groups
  • User Authentication
  • Secure Password Storage
  • Granular Permissions Manager
  • Duplication Checking
  • Records Locking
  • HTML Sanitization
  • Schema Synchronization
  • Multiple Field Types
  • Formatting Rules
  • Data Validation Features
  • Datagrid HTML Templates

Enterprise Bundle – $190.00 or €160.00/one-time payment


  • All-Pro Features
  • Email Support
  • 1 Year Free Updates
  • Easy Upgrade
  • 10 Maximum Applications
  • Dada Sales App
  • Charts Generation
  • Records Ownership
  • External Users List Generation
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Permission Copy
  • Operations Logging
  • Variable Filtered List Values
  • Calculated Field
  • Custom PHP Pages
  • Hooks

Platinum – $580.00 or €490.00/one-time payment


  • All Enterprise Features
  • Phone Support
  • 3 Years Free Updates
  • Easy Upgrade
  • 30 Maximum Applications

DadaBIK Software

Technical Details

Be it in Excel file or from a database, DaDaBIK can help users to create web database application online in minutes by its low-code development platform built on PHP. It is intended for Developers, System Administrators, and other spectators from small to a large organization of various fields. It is supported by 22 languages including English, Spanish, French, Brazilian, Croatian, Italian, German, and more and available on Windows, Linux, and MAC devices.

DadaBIK database platform is mature and growing software with over 68 versions after its first release on 2001 and is regularly updated up to now. The latest version was  released on November 7, 2018 (9.2 Monterosso)

The software that comes closest to DadaBIK is perhaps phpmyadmin not only because of its interface but also some of its function although it is catered to tech-savvy users and has exceptionally good features that contemplate for database administration.

To install DaDaBIK database and web application software:

Users must first copy all the contained files in the program_files folder under a preferred web server.

After copying files, open and edit the “config.php” on its plain text editor and run the file to install DaDaBIK. After the installation, start using DaDaBIK on a browser.

Upgrade from previous versions

By running at least a DaDaBIK software version 5.0, users can upgrade to the latest variant without extricating application’s configuration by replacing all the old files with the latest data still, users can save the uploaded files by keeping its folder.



Users can backed-up database and upload folders regularly by manually copying the “uploads” directory.

Video Tutorials:

For those developers who are just getting started, DadaBIK has a YouTube channel for a video tutorial for entry-level and more advanced tutorials by searching “How to create a Web Application with DaDaBIK”

DadaBIK Software

Support Details

DaDABIKs’ support team guarantees that all questions regarding the platform can be answered through basic forum support (https://dadabik.com/forum/), a forum with over 10,000 posts published by the DaDaBIK community will be of a great source of knowledge for self-taught developers and pro who wants to go further. Premium email support (support@dadabik.org) on the other hand is for those users who purchased the Enterprise or Platinum bundle. Five email support tickets will be given to the Enterprise consumer that can be used in one year. The Platinum bundle customer gives 20 email support tickets that can be used for a span of three years.

They also offer professional services for installation, customization, and configuration.

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