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Full Customer.io Mobile Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About Customer.io


What is Customer.io?

Customer.io is a handy platform that will streamline and simplify the interaction between a business and its customers. You can integrate the email with the mobile phones and social media so you can send one message across multiple channels. The automation process means that it will lift the burden from all B2C transactions, which will then allow the businesses to focus on other things. At the end of the day, there’s peace of mind in the knowledge that the customers won’t feel overlooked.

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Ultimately, the goal of every organization is to find customers, convert them, and retain their business. This platform will help you build on your relationship with your customers by reestablishing that connection time and again.

The automation process will send emails on schedule or in response to triggers. Meanwhile, the analytics capability will observe how your customers behave as long as they are logged into your system. This will give you a valuable insight into the mindset of your customers. It will help you fine-tune your services and products to make sure they fit your customer profiles.

The simplified integration tool allows you to consolidate all your online campaigns, and even newsletters, under one repository. As far as transactional email services go, Customer.io is right up there.

We often complain about businesses being impersonal and inhospitable. Not a few customers have observed that they are not as valued by the business they patronize because the bottom line has always been about profits. This platform, however, will help you personalize your campaign and help customers feel that they are wanted not as a means to gain profit but as a loyal patron. The email marketing app will then ensure a high retention rate and sales. When you take care of your customers, they take care of you.

With this software, you can customize the customer experience. What you are doing is actually building your very own army of advocates. There’s nothing like a loyal customer who will not only be willing to overlook simple mistakes but would also be your staunch defender in case of a negative review. Also, the custom design capability will ensure you have a unique dashboard that will address all your requirements. You can choose from the different templates and just tweak them to suit your own needs.

Customer.io Benefits

The software makes customer segmentation easy. By grouping your customers according to gender, for instance, or location or preferences, you can customize your message and send it by batch. It’s not feasible to be creating a personalized message for each and every customer. It will take up most of your time. With segmentation and automated email deployment, you can send bulk messages and the customer will still think that the message is personal.

If prompted, your emails will go straight to queue so they can be reviewed by the supervisor and edited for minor mistakes before they will be sent. This ensures that the email content is really what you are trying to convey. You can then track the email’s progress, not just whether it was sent successfully but if your customer actually opened your email. You will then know if the user sent it to trash or read it. That kind of information is very useful in fine-tuning your message even further to lessen the chance of it being sent to the trash folder again.


The Customer.io also has a reporting tool of all the insights based on the big data collected from customer activities and the messages contained in the sent emails. You can put restrictions to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the data. The obvious benefit is cutting down the bureaucracy inherent in most organizations. Instead of going back and forth between departments, the team members can go to the data directly to respond to feedback, address a complaint, or answer a query. Those in the marketing department don’t need to wait for the data insight from the IT department before taking action.

Another benefit of this software is the prompt action. It takes a lot to lose a loyal customer. You will really have to be deliberate in order to do that. With Customer.io, you will prevent this from happening because you are always engaging your customers.


  • The user interface is very intuitive
  • The software can be launched immediately after setup
  • The technical support team is excellent
  • You can easily customize the messages and send them by segment
  • You can automate the triggers based on the customer action or events
  • Seamless integration with third-party business apps guarantees that you don’t start from square one
  • Quick integration of the software with various CRM tools


  • It’s not affordable for everybody
  • It’s only available in English
  • Can be  a challenge in running big campaigns
  • No built-in template for email
  • The template is vanilla

What you want in an email marketing service is the ability to measure each action you take, particularly on the post-click experience. There are multiple ways to increase the likelihood that your target customer will click on your email. In the end, however, you need to measure the status of your online campaign so you don’t make the same mistakes again and again. The next part is you want to simplify the process for your customers—from your ad to the sign-up page—in order to boost conversion.


Customer.io Features

This software is packed with features that will help your digital marketing campaign. Among these features are:

Conversion Tracking – Now, you don’t have to worry whether or not your online campaign is successful or not because the software provides a way to measure all your activities. You can really understand the full value of the messages you are sending out with this feature. Another novel attribute of this product is the ability to generate insights out of your activity. With the accurate results, you can even further hone your message and improve it for an even higher rate of conversion.

Transactional messaging – With the Message Center, you can send messages to the individual team member or the group in terms of transactions related to a particular project or the business. For instance, this could be an invoice or account statement sent to your accounting department, or the shipping confirmation, notification on inventory or product availability, website glitches, or non-delivery of product. The messages can be sent via email, push notification or through SMS.


Plug-and-Play – The beauty about Customer.io is it requires no assembly on your part. After subscribing, you can start with your email campaign right away. You can also integrate third-party apps into the software such as Twilio, Urban Airship, Zapier, Salesforce, and Slack so you don’t have to relearn a new system if you are already using those apps.

Newsletters – You can take advantage of the Newsletter feature of the app to make sure that future announcements on an upcoming scheduled publication will be distributed to all your customers. You can also send in invitations to your customers on corporate events or product launches. You can send a single email to all your contacts list or customize the delivery to just a handful of people. After you’ve set up your segments, then sending the newsletter is very basic. But then again, you don’t need to do this manually since you can automate that part of the process.

API – With the Webhook, you can link with any API, which will allow you to further customize your messages for your customers. You can customize your Customer Relationship Management approach to fit your customer profiles.

Drip Email Campaign – The last thing you want to do is to overwhelm your customers with too much information, brochures, and ads. Sure, you want to be connected with them always and email marketing is a good way to do that. However, there’s a thin line between making them feel wanted or being stalked. You don’t want to be sending them email 20 times a day. With the drip email campaign, you can schedule your message deployment at regular intervals per day, per week or per month. Choosing a schedule is not arbitrary because any decision you make is backed with data.

Time Window – You can set a schedule for the sending of emails during the business hours so you don’t appear very intrusive. Nobody likes to get an email notification on their phone early in the morning. That’s the fastest way to get a customer to hit the unsubscribe button. But then again, it all depends on the customer behavior—which you will have conveniently with you through the software’s reporting tool—because some people are nocturnal. They may welcome getting an email from you when they are most productive and that is in the middle of the night.

A/B Testing – The testing functionality of this software will ensure that what you sent out would yield the most return. You can do an A/B testing of the subject line, the address, the message itself, and the time of delivery. The advent of big data has always been a challenge for companies. Now, they are not only concerned about their services or products, but they also have to take into consideration all the information gathered to come up with an insight. Split testing will let you benchmark the two variations in your offline and online campaign. You can then determine which of your control types has the best feedback from your customers. In this way, you can design your marketing strategy to plug the weaknesses and enhance your strengths.




The Basic package costs $150 per month and it will already include all the basic features that you want to begin your onboarding activities, as well as for converting new customers and retaining old ones.

With this plan, you can expect to get:

  • Up to 100,000 users
  • Send messages on email
  • Push notification and SMS
  • Flexible usage
  • Send and receive transactional, triggered, and broadcast messages


The Premium package costs $1,000 per month and you will get:

  • Up to 100,000 users
  • Send messages on email
  • Push notification and SMS
  • Flexible usage
  • Guaranteed pricing
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Send and receive transactional, triggered, and broadcast messages
  • You also get your very own customer success manager

If you doubt whether the software will help you in your business, you can also opt for the free trial which is good for 30 days. With the free version, you can try out some of the features and see for yourself what you will be missing.


Technical Details

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based

Supported Language

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Annual subscription
  • Monthly payment


  • Cloud Hosted

The software is flexible enough to be implemented in a small ecosystem, medium environment, and large enterprise.


Support Details

This software offers both phone and email support. There’s no Live Support backbone, however. It should be noted that the customer support is excellent as you can expect a prompt reply for any query or complaint. You can avail of help 24/7 and that’s always a good thing.

The Customer.io software is not at all cheap, especially for a small business. However, with all its features, you won’t ever think that it’s not worth the value of your investment. The user interface is quite easy to learn and you can quickly launch the software after you complete your subscription. You can immediately run a report to see where you are in your current campaign. You can view the insights online or export it so you can still access it offline.

The team behind Customer.io is quite young so you can expect some labor pains. To date, there are more than 900 companies that are using this product. The best thing, however, is the passion of the developer has not waned. If there are some shortcomings in the product, the vendor makes up for it with excellent customer support.

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