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Full CrunchTime Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About CrunchTime


The primary focus of restaurant management is finding opportunities for saving on costs such as food and labor. While these aren’t your only expenses, they are critical as at least half of your revenue from sales are spent covering them, so there are many areas from which you can save money from both.

Saving on small food and labor cost percentages can impact tremendously on your finances especially at large chains and restaurants. This helps them increase their profits annually, and reduce food and labor costs without needing an extra customer coming into its hotel.

The cost saving opportunities can be found anywhere from order/receive goods, inventory counting, food prepping and safety, suppliers, sales forecasting, shift scheduling and much more.

With restaurant management software, you can get help with each one of these areas, despite brands using different individual cost-saving opportunities which leaves them with unconnected dots.

A holistic restaurant management approach helps you with the answers you’re looking for, through restaurant management software that connects the dots between labor, inventory, sales, and reporting then ties them into one point of view.

One of the powerful software you can use is CrunchTime, a back office restaurant management software and solution designed to answer most questions you have on business and your bottom line as it is comprehensive.

CrunchTime offers the best view of your data so you can find out the root causes of high costs and get the best course of action and understand what goes on in your restaurant business today.

What is CrunchTime


CrunchTime is a restaurant management software and back office solution designed for restaurants. For more than 20 years, the software has been offering its clients a back office system with which to manage labor and food operations, while optimizing costs associated with the running of a quality restaurant.

The innovative and cloud-based restaurant management software lets customers streamline inventory management, labor, and reporting processes while identifying and eliminating inefficiencies. In this way, you get to save up to 5 percent of the total cost of sold goods.

CrunchTime is used by a wide range of restaurant sizes and concepts from large-scale industry leaders to small multi-unit chains, meeting each of their unique needs. It also offers quarterly software releases with the most innovative and latest tools for solving their most pressing challenges in operations.

The software connects with most HR, accounting, and payroll POS plus vendors with bi-directional and seamless integrations. It is easy to use, plus its staff understands what you need as they’re experienced in the food service industry.



Delivered to all locations

CrunchTime, the most robust restaurant management software, is delivered to all locations as its systems are successfully implemented by its customer care team for the most admired and largest operators in the world – on budget and on time.

Designed for multi-unit restaurant operators

CrunchTime is the restaurant enterprise management software that offers a back office platform that reduces beverage and food costs, allows operators to manage the consistency and quality of their food service operations, and drives labor inefficiencies across the enterprise. Once implemented, the restaurant management software changes your operations to see a routine cost savings of 2-5 percent on your annual bottom line, or more.

Comprehensive, Configurable, Concise

CrunchTime is the most configurable, comprehensive, and concise back office software. The all in one BOH system doesn’t modularize its core restaurant solution, and offers a holistic approach that lets customers access all functionality, while configuring their system through turning features on/off.

More comfortable and more productive managing and scheduling

With CrunchTime application, the managers can be able to approve service requests, communicate important messages such as opening and closing of the restaurant, create staff schedules, and accept requests right from their mobile devices or computers and tablets. Consequently, the staff members using this application can easily choose from their smartphones, tablets, and computers the right shift they need. This management solution is crucial for a streamlined staffing process which keeps managers in direct contact with staff requests and schedule changes. This single platform in the CrunchTime application makes production and scheduling in the hotel industry more adequate and easy to manage.

Multi-language and easy to use

CrunchTime application provides an easy to use multi-lingual application that users can log into the language of their choice. This diversification of languages enables the application to be used worldwide and ensures easy to use and concise communication with the users. Also, the intuitive interface is easy to use due to the simple tools and templates installed in the application saves time for the managers and ease the speed of learning. The sharing of data and information between the employee and employer is smooth across the restaurant and the different job groups. CrunchTime is also able to deliver solutions through the easy access to schedules in the hotel industry through its 100% web-based application.

Focused on maintaining guest satisfaction with the lowest cost

With CrunchTime software application the hotel management can reduce the cost of overstaffing and employee turnover. Based on the smart templates in the application, the managers can do right staffing through the creation of labor schedules based on the sales and guest-traffic predictions in the hotel. Traffic patterns and past consumptions provide crucial information on when to introduce more staff members in the hotel. Consequently, the manager can menu mix his schedule by knowing which food is consumed more by the customers and which chef is best at preparing, producing and serving the best food. Therefore, the manager can link the menu items with his job code and schedule which will enable them to have the right staff, menu, and customers at the right time. Finally, for the manager to maintain guest satisfaction at the lowest cost, a performance metrics are used to indicate how many hours the employees should have worked during their shift with the same sales during the same shift. Therefore, in connection to the actual sales in the restaurant, the manager should be able to adjust the shifts with the staff.

Integrated manager log for tracking what is important

With CrunchTime, the manager using this application can access different communication logs and personal notes from the mobile devices. The application has daily logs which are stored in the store log for easy access to data and personal notes. Also, the manager can assign duty while using the application by taking action on the to-do list, take action on tasks and do follow-ups to the team members. Finally, CrunchTime application allows attachment of pictures and comments to the to-do list while also pre-loading and sending messages to any team member using the application.

Food cost management

With CrunchTime, the restaurant can save 2-5% of the food cost while comparing the actual and theoretical value of food. With this tool, the managers can use CrunchTime in analyzing the actual payment of the food and price that should have been put on the menu. Subsequently, this application tool identifies where money is wasted on the food so that you can improve on the actual cost of food in the restaurant. The application enables sales and cash reconciliation through the capturing of crucial data. For instance: bank deposits, guest count, comps and discounts, catering activities, day-part analysis, voids left open, and credit card transactions. Also, the application prevents losses such as fraud from the users by monitoring, trend tracking and alerting the managers on the purchases. By prevention of losses the application monitors high ingredient costs, track clients specific activities to reduce any dishonesty and isolate critical areas which ensure minimal loss.

Better planning eliminates waste

With CrunchTime, the managers can engineer profitable menus through analysis of the demands customers give through customer feedback. Menu engineering contributes to item sales percentage, and cost and profit margins which eliminate waste of the food. Also, the managers can plan better by using the suggested order based on the store-level by simplifying the orders through historical food consumption patterns, on-hand inventory levels, and sales predictions. Finally, CrunchTime enables managers to have a demand-based production which reduces the cost of over-production based on the sales predictions and patterns of consumption. The application can be used to create production schedules by hours, weeks, shifts and station preparation with regards to customer traffic and production.

Greater accuracy

With CrunchTime contains restaurant inventory software which enables perpetual inventory management by maintaining optimal inventory levels through cost-cutting. This type of management avoids chances of the manager having an out of stock incident while reducing the excess waste production. The web-based application allows actual time tracking of all the food items. The system can configure the system to a shelf-to-sheet inventory method which is used in all hotels and at every time. This simple configuration saves time and eliminates data errors.

Enforce best labor practices at every location

With CrunchTime, the manager can comply with the labor laws through this application with the local, state, company, and federal laws which include major laws, minor laws, and overtime laws. With this application, the manager minimizes the labor cost by associating the range of sales with the number of staff scheduled to be in each position in the hotel. Another benefit that CrunchTime has on enforcing better labor practices is with the underlying schedules, certification skills training and task assigned by shift management which defines the relationship and rules between job descriptions, skills, duties, menu items and time.



Food Costing

With CrunchTime, food businesses can reduce the cost of food production and consumption by keeping track of the inventory items in the application through comparison between actual and theoretical food costs. This feature helps managers and owners to determine the number of items to order from their sellers and provide the actual food prices to the customers.

Inventory management

CrunchTime enables managers and hotel owners to measure the inventory items by real-time tracking of all inventory items, which is a critical aspect in lowering of food prices.

Menu planning

CrunchTime app also contains features engineered to build better menu plans and menu items. The menu planning feature increases the profit margin in the hotel through the analysis of customer demand and the historical consumption patterns of the customers.

Food production planning

With CrunchTime, your managers can demand preparation and forecast of the food to be produced which helps in creating more efficiency in the organization.

Labor management

Labor management is about staff optimization. This CrunchTime feature helps managers provide staff scheduling and with having the right people at the right part of the day is crucial for the hotel.

Forecasting and planning

With CrunchTime, the manager can have strong forecasting capabilities on how to run the hotel efficiently. The forecasting and planning feature provides balance and level transaction among the staff and customers.

Vendor management


Vendor management is responsible for evaluating supplies of goods and services to the hotel. Also, the manager can oversee regular hotel interactions and a long term relationship between the vendor and the managers.

Dashboard and alerts

With CrunchTime, the manager can receive alerts from the device dashboard. This feature provides security alerts and web monitoring.

Enterprise reporting

With the enterprise reporting tool, CrunchTime enables the manager to access charts, tables and other visualization features in the restaurant management software, while providing the manager with clear and concise insight into the data and information reported in the restaurant.


CrunchTime is a comprehensive restaurant management application; the company doesn’t publish its pricing plan details on the official website. To get a custom quote, you can contact the vendor or customer sales rep team via phone, chat, or web form.

Technical Details

Devices: Android, Windows, iPhone/iPad, web-based, Mac

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Quote-Based

Customer type: Large enterprise; Medium business

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, Open API

Support Details

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn
  • Live support
  • Training