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Full CrunchTime Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About CrunchTime


Software like CrunchTime provides back office solution for the hospitality industry. This software solution debuted in 1995 and has been active for over 20 years.

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CrunchTime is used in over 20 countries, 17 time zones and over 50 currencies. This software provides this solution to over 150 of the world’s major hospitality brands.

CrunchTime targets all hospitality brands regardless of size or type.  There is also no international barrier of entry with this software.

In this article, we’ll do an in-depth review of this software to uncover its features, benefits as well as weaknesses. Let’s start with the obvious question.

What is the CrunchTime Software?

CrunchTime is a management solution designed for restaurants in the hospitality industry. This solution offers inventory management, food-cost management, dashboards, labor management, and others within its suite.

CrunchTime has deployment options of on-cloud and on-premise. Multi-restaurant operators can effectively make use of this platform. This management solution offers features that cover the back-end operations to ensure the successful conduct of related activities.

This hotel management solution offers mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. CrunchTime features a reporting suite that provides restaurants with actionable insights and reports so they can make good decisions.

The food-cost management platform of this software allows users to make daily comparisons on actual cost versus general food item costs. The real-time inventory platform, on the other hand, will enable users to track inventory across the multiple locations of the restaurant.

You can update order information to suppliers with the use of the electronic vendor integrations with automated fax, FTP, email and EDI.

This software provides tools and functionalities which help users reduce the cost of food & beverage, optimize labor and employee efficiency, and increase the quality of operations.

CrunchTime also offers dashboards which are used to track KPIs in real time.

There are other vital sections of this review that you must read before you make any decision. These parts will provide a clear picture of what the CrunchTime software is.

Let’s take a look at the features that come with this software, shall we?

Features of The CrunchTime Software

Food Cost Management

This platform allows restaurant professionals to compare the actual cost of food items with theoretical costing. This tool will help you improve on food cost control.

This food cost management platform also performs sales and cash reconciliation. The alert and trend tracking feature will allow you to identify fraudulent activities by monitoring high-cost ingredients, tracking user-specific operations, and isolating critical areas.

Other Functions of The Food Cost Management Platform

Menu Engineering

You can make use of customer demand, cost, sales contributions, and profit margins to configure profitable menus.

Suggested Order

This platform allows you to merely store-level ordering with system-generated suggested ordering based on historical consumption patterns, par levels, on-hand inventory levels, and sales forecasts.

Demand-based Production

This platform allows you to forecast your food production schedule on sales forecasts and consumption patterns basis. You can build custom production schedules by shift, week, hour or by prep station.

Franchise Functionality

This functionality allows any Franchisor or Franchise operations to connect all their restaurant franchisees to the software for a centralized management solution.

CrunchTime provides a back office system for different sizes and types of franchises to help them identify and control the cost of labor and food across the whole enterprise.

Other Functions of The Franchise Functionality

  • This feature allows you to control system-wide factors such as products and recipes that affect your brand
  • You can control operational settings specific to your company like labor rules and account numbers

Mobile Applications

This software provides different mobile applications for varying functions. The Impact app provides real-time mobile updates and alerts while the Counter and Reconciler app keeps inventory operations running smoothly.

The Line Check app, on the other hand, ensures that your restaurant food meets food safety standards. The Impact application can also supply consolidated reports for all your locations to help you make smart decisions.

Other Functions of The Mobile Applications

  • You can track up to 50 real-time metrics like forecast variance, food cost, and labor cost on an adaptable dashboard
  • CrunchTime Counter enables you to do inventory tasks such as inventory shelf to sheet counts and vendor reconciliation from your mobile device
  • The Counter and Reconciler app which works both online and offline possesses a UPC barcode scanner
  • CrunchTime Reconciler allows you to receive vendor deliveries quickly
  • The Line Check application enables users to stay informed with safety tasks and checklists.
  • The compatible Bluetooth probes on the LineCheck application helps with temperature monitoring

KitchenSync Station for Food Prep

This product is a hybrid that combines an AccuDate XL food safety terminal that is enabled with Bluetooth and Wifi with an Android prep application software.

KitchenSync connects seamlessly with the back office system to correct food expiration date errors and improve food prep & inventory operations efficiency.

This platform incorporates sales forecasts, over time consumption pattern, and same-day POS transactions to improve the flow of running the restaurant.

Other Functions of The KitchenSync Food Prep Station

  • This platform displays production instruction, recipe information, nutritional & allergen information, cost information, and videos.
  • Kitchen Sync comes with the pre-loaded with the WiFi-ready Transact AccuDate XL food safety terminal
  • This product connects the prop staff’s activities directly to the software’s back office system by automatically updating the triggerable inventory levels

Inventory Management Platform

This inventory management platform allows you to measure inventory turns which in turn lowers food cost. This web-based software solution allows for real-time tracking of all inventory items at the restaurants from ordering to depletion.

This platform has journal audits which provide detailed tracking of every product from procurement to consumption. You can effectively manage multiple storage locations on this platform.

Other Functions of The Inventory Management Platform

  • This solution integrates electronically via fax, FTP, email, and EDI with each vendor supplier system
  • You can receive a real-time order confirmation, electronic order update and invoice to prevent errors
  • You can electronically integrate with vendors to improve accuracy as invoices can be imported and reconciled
  • Inventories can be managed and scheduled centrally from the corporate office
  • This platform allows you to configure units of measurement to eliminate confusion

Menu Engineering Platform

This platform helps you build proper margins into every menu item. The recipe modeling feature provides a simple playground for your culinary, marketing and other staff to analyze the impact of ingredient cost, profit margin, recipe costs, percentage sales and others in each region.

This platform also conducts LTO marketing management. You can ensure consistent food quality and customer service across your restaurants with this software solution.

Other Functions of The Menu Engineering Platform

  • You can ensure centralized production rules by providing production steps and instructions for your team members
  • The inbuilt nutritional calendar allows you to build and alter recipes and monitor nutritional attributes on each menu item
  • You can ensure the safety of your customers by monitoring allergen data centrally for each method
  • This platform makes sure that you comply with local and federal menu labeling laws for each menu item

Restaurant Labor Management Platform

This platform allows you to manage and schedule your team quickly. Using your smartphone, tablet or computers, you can approve requests, communicate messages, and create staff schedules easily.

On the other hand, team members can easily offer and swap shifts with their smartphones, tablets or computers. This platform seamlessly collaborates with Net-Chef restaurant information system for a smooth operation.

Other Functions of The Labour Management Platform

  • The staff templates help minimize labor cost by correlating sales range to the number of team members
  • You can create Audit trails for critical transactions
  • This platform features multiple languages so users can choose the language of their choice
  • You can share and manage employees across locations and job codes
  • Performance metrics allows managers to monitor the hours of employees

Dashboards and Alerts

The custom dashboard features a performance scorecard, alerts, and a dynamic Task list. You can make KPSs clear by inserting them into each user’s panel.

Manager alerts allow you to set performance targets for all KPSs and you can also receive automated email alerts for sales & labor metrics and to-do tasks.  Flash reports, on the other hand, keep managers focused on cost-saving opportunities.

Restaurant Forecasting

This engine platform allows you forecast for sales, guest traffic, inventory levels, order quantities based on sales trends, special promotion, consumption data, and current on-hand levels. The production accuracy of this platform prevents daily waste, shortages, and over-production.

This platform analyzes your menu items, traffic patterns, staffing models and sales to create original staffing plans. The suggested ordering feature helps simplify store level ordering.

Restaurant Supply Chain Platform

This platform allows you to track your supply chain from procurement to consumption. You can get the best prices with bid comparisons, and you can also track performance with vendor scorecards for the quality of service, price, product quality and fill ratios.

The automatic credit recovery feature eliminated overcharges. You can centrally manage all recipes, order guides, production methods, and products across your restaurant locations.

Food Production Planning

You can improve food production accuracy by having customized food prep and production plans ready. This platform allows you to produced food based on demand and consumption patterns to avoid wastage.

This platform allows you to ensure consistent food quality for all your restaurant by specifying recipe scaling and substitution rules.

Enterprise Reporting

This feature allows you to see the real-time information vital to improve operations, reduce food costs, increase menu profitability and control overtime scheduling. The reporting and analytics suite provides reports on P&L, recipe margins, sales transactions, and others.

Vendor Management System

This vendor management system is for advancing partnerships with vendors. The administration functionality improves procure-to pay cycles and reducing admin overhead by having a central collaboration portal for vendors.

The vendor portal allows vendors to manage their payments, order guides, and credit personally. The vendor scorecards compare individual invoice and delivery experience to the original vendor order and contract terms.

You can simplify bid analysis by automating vendor bid analysis. This way, you can select products, vendors, prices, and specifications centrally.

Benefits of  CrunchTime

CrunchTime is attractive to restaurant operators and managers because of its benefits. Let’s take a look at the critical points of attraction of this software solution.

  • Ease of Use
  • Great Tracking Tool
  • Great UI/UX

Cons of The CrunchTime Hotel Management Software

Even the best software in the market have limitations, and CrunchTime is not exempt. Highlighted below are the drawbacks associated with software.

  • Poor Customer Support
  • Time Consuming Setup
  • No room for extra or miscellaneous data
  • Inexplicit Pricing
  • Constant Maintenance

Price and Pricing Models

The price for this restaurant management tool is on a quote basis. You’ll have to submit vital information about your establishment so they can send you a price quote.

You can request for this information through phone, chat or web form.

Technical Details

Here are the technical details associated with this restaurant management software.

Platforms Supported

CrunchTime supports different operating systems and platforms such as

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows XP
  • Linus
  • Windows 7
  • Mac
  • Windows Vista
  • Mac OS
  • Windows 8
  • HP-UX
  • IBM OS/400
  • AIX
  • Web browser
  • Solaris
  • Windows 2000

Business Types

  • Medium Businesses
  • Small Businesses
  • Large Businesses

Language Supported

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese


This software is a centralized restaurant management solution. CrunchTime integrates seamlessly with some POS providers such as Oracle Micros, POSitouch, Toast, Sicom, and others using ConneX, a cloud-based POS integration tool.


  • Cloud-based
  • Open API
  • Mobile- iOS Native
  • SaaS
  • Mobile-Android Native

Contact Support

CrunchTime offers stellar customer support in a variety of ways. Their self-service dashboard offers troubleshooting articles, documentation, webinars, and live online training to help users understand the software.

You can contact support online during business hours through email or live support available 24/7. The support agents are readily available to solve your issues in no time.

Wrapping Up

This restaurant management software provides tools and functionalities which make running the different types of restaurants easy. Even though it has its setbacks, CrunchTime is still a very robust management software.

So is CrunchTime the best in the market? We don’t know, you tell us.

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