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Full Cority EHS Software Review – All You Need to Know About Cority


On June 21, 2017, SaaS-based enterprise EHSQ solutions, Medgate, rebranded to Cority. This rebranding is the groundwork for future innovations. As you may know, innovative ideas are necessary for keeping up with the growing EHS technology service market.

According to reports, the EHS market size will experience a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11.1 percent until 2022. In effect, the global market for EHS software will also increase from $1.1 Billion in 2017 to $1.7 Billion in 2022.

With over 30 decades of service, Medgate has been the market leader in Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene software. In addition to this, Cority has enjoyed tremendous success as an EHS software solution. Aside from winning multiple awards, it made the list of 500 fastest growing companies in Canada.

This raises an important question; what is responsible for the success of this EHS software?

To answer this question, we wrote a full review of Cority EHS software. Our analysis includes the features and pricing, together with the pros, cons, and technical details of the software.

First, let’s start with an introduction.

What is Cority

Cority s an enterprise-grade Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality software solution. The modular and comprehensive platform not only ensures the wellbeing of workers on-site, but it also guarantees their safety.

In addition to this. Cority ensures that organizations;

  • Attain compliance in all sites
  • Excel in operational aspects
  • Enjoy progressive sustainability

Since it’s cloud-based software, there are no restrictions to any device or internet browser. Users can track worker safety and organizational compliance from anywhere. How does it work, you wonder?

How Cority Works

Cority focuses on large enterprises in industries such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Mining, etc. It enables users to perform the following functions;

  • Standardize process and workflow
  • Integrate and centralize data
  • Monitor regulatory compliance
  • Track performances and identify risks

How does Cority do this?

The EHS software contains modules, which are required to manage functional areas in your organization. Let’s break it down, shall we?

The Occupational Health Module

Users can monitor medical trends, manage risks and compliance. In addition to this, it decreases absence, while increasing employee productivity at the same time.

The Safety Module

Aside from covering the compliance for safety management systems, the safety module helps users manage risks. In the same fashion, it helps streamline workflow and processes.

The Environmental Module

It allows businesses to track all environmental compliance requirements. Furthermore, users can perform essential functions such as;

  • Management of chemicals and equipment
  • Incidence tracking
  • Handle inspection audits

The Industrial Hygiene Module

It allows users to perform job hazard analysis and manage exposure assessment data. In addition to these, organizations can als+o track activities against an established target.

Cority offers a centralized data management on its SunGard data center. But, that’s not all. Thanks to its partnership with Microsoft, users have an option of hosting client data on Windows Azure.

Now that you understand how this EHS software works, let’s talk about the advantages it offers.

Cority EHS Software; The Pros

Here are the advantages;

Configure for Your Needs

Cority features loads of configurable options to enable more efficient management for your workflow. Not only are there options that are unique to each organization, but users can also personalize items to maximize efficiency.

Example of such options includes the view, layout, screens, menu, and list.

Keeps You Up to Date

The dashboard offers all the information you need to make management decisions at a glance. The intuitive visualization presents what you need to have better control of your organization.

In addition to seeing the essential activities to follow up on, you’ll also stay up to date on trends and alerts.

Personalize User Experience

The intuitive user interface is designed to fulfill the needs of a diverse group of users. Whether you are an EHSQ practitioner or foreman, the experience is the same. Not only is Cority available on any device, but it is also simple to learn and use.

Furthermore, it offers features to simplify the user experience. For example, “Smart Lookup” is used for a secure data entry.

Global Support

Cority has multilingual support. What does this mean for users, you wonder? It enables the engagement of employees and practitioners from different parts of the world. Supported languages include English, Chinese, French, German, among others.

Easy Access

Cority is a cloud-based application. For this reason, you can access its tools and features from any internet-enabled device. Not only will you always enjoy the same familiar interface, but it’ll also remain just as intuitive.

In addition to this, you can install and use Cority on a mobile device as you would on a desktop.

Business Insight

The Business Intelligence Module is one of the primary features of the Cority platform. It offers a dashboard which enables users to track EHS data from any location.

Another thing to remember is the self-service tools which Cority offers. As the name implies, the feature enables users to create reports (standard and custom) and generate questionnaires. After that, the central database saves all the findings.

In the final analysis, the corrective action software automatically tracks the remedial measures you take, including the approval process.

Improved Mobile Productivity

Cority dedicated a portal to workers that are on the field. Aside from increasing productivity while on the road, it also offers access to information when there is no internet connection.

Also, the user-friendly web design allows Cority employees’ portals to adapt to any screen size. In effect, whether you are using a smartphone or tablet, you’ll still navigate and use the solutions comfortably.

Seamless Interfacing with Third-Party Software

With Cority, transferring data from one solution to another is as easy as it gets. Not only does the EHS software interface seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, but it also works with third-party software such as Lotus Notes and Crystal Reports.

In addition to connecting with software, Cority also integrates with hardware. For example, an electronic signature capturing device.

Cority EHS Software Drawbacks

Outlined below are the disadvantages.

No Electronic Prescribing Outside the US

Cority’s ePrescribing capability works only within the United States.

Poorly Organized Visuals

Some users complained about how difficult it is to understand the report writer. In addition to this, Cority has some poorly organized visuals. For example, scrolling through loads of inspections to find a specific one.

Features of Cority EHS Software

Cority EHS Software offers the following features;


Equipment reliability is important. As such, Cority’s Asset feature helps businesses manage their equipment details on one page and automates the workflow that confirms reliability. In addition to this, Assets offer other features such as;

  • Track issues and remedial actions
  • Streamline calibrations and inspections
  • Ensure compliance with licensing or permits


Creates questionnaires that users can fill using mobile devices. From paper surveys, risk assessment, to sampling checklists and inspection, you can quickly collect EHSQ data. After that, link it with “Findings and Actions” to share the result with management.

Findings and Actions

This module covers all Cority suites. Furthermore, it provides a centralized database to collect and store conclusions, including corrective action data. It also features a corrective action software that automates all your actions and monitors the approval process.


This feature offers a standardized way of sharing information with regulatory bodies and management. As a result, it effectively reduces administrative burdens. Use this feature for any of the following;

  • Discuss operational matters
  • Provide follow-up instructions after a visit
  • Share test results
  • Provide medical referrals etc.

Similar Exposure Group (SEG)

It offers users control over workplace hazards. Not only does it build exposure groups across your organization, but harmonizes it too. As such, users can enjoy EHSQ functions such as; medical monitoring, training, exposure assessment, etc.

Build exposure groups by taking advantage of the various layers of employee demographic information. These include department, location, etc. Consequently, business owners can evaluate the way they manage employees based on an exposure profile.

Data Quality Score

The Data Quality Score is unique to Cority. It enables users to verify the trustworthiness of data, as well as EHSQ results. Besides reducing the need for data scrubbing, it also offers a foundation for processes. Auditing initiatives, and data hygiene programs.

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence features a reporting and self-service functionality. What does this do, you ask? It allows users to collect, analyze, and present information as they see fit. Thanks to the dashboard, programs, and standard reporting function, users can;

  • Audit EHSQ performances
  • Identify opportunities for corrective action
  • Effectively manage a workday

Roles and Permissions (Security)

Cority offers configurable settings, which enables administrators to control the functionality and data for each user. They can define end-user security settings, as well as global security settings. In other words, your organization will remain compliant with privacy regulations and global data security.

Enterprise Application Interfaces and Integration

Cority’s range of solutions and data services enable users to integrate with third-party software, devices, and solutions across you’re your enterprise. It implies that you’ll be able to minimize disruption to existing operations and improve the value of your data at the same time.


Cority offers an impressive translation engine, which enables standard, specialty, and core translations through the platform or corporate resources. We outlined the supported languages in the technical details section of this review.

Report Scheduler

Cority report scheduler offers functions to ease administrative duties. Users can schedule reports to run at a specific time and have it delivered automatically to an individual or group.

Report Writer

Cority’s report writer is an essential tool for improvised EHS reporting. You can do this for virtually any data tracked in the system.

Standard Report

You can run hundreds of standard EHS reports within the Cority system from data captured in any of the modules. These standard reports are necessary for processing data into information, which enables to make timely decisions.

What If Analysis

It offers users real-time configurable model on the risk of future injuries. Powered by Cority’s predictive analytic engine, What If Analysis supports employee development, training, and leadership.

Ergonomics Audit and Inspections

Users can create a program to ensure that actions from audits follow regulations. Also to this, it enables users to identify risks and collect audit details.

Compliance Management System Software

Cority offers a module to track all compliance activities. Besides ensuring compliance with regulatory and corporate requirements, this module helps satisfy the system requirements for managing safety.

Here are other features Cority offers;

  • Safety Management,
  • Risk Alerts,
  • Real-Time Reporting,
  • Real-Time Monitoring,
  • Progress Reports,
  • Incident Management,
  • Event Tracking,
  • Employee Management,
  • Email Notifications,
  • Data Import,
  • Customizable Reporting,
  • Claims Management,
  • Automatic Notification


Cority’s pricing model is subscription-based. One thing to note is that the EHS software neither offers free trial nor a Freemium plan.

Technical Details

Outlined below are the technical details;

Devices Supported

You can use Cority on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. The platform is also web-based, supported by

  • Google Chrome 34 or later
  • Apple Safari 5.1.7 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3 or later
  • Microsoft IE 11

Also, it works on smart devices running Android, iOS, or Windows Mobile.

Language Support

Cority supports the following languages;

  • English
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


Cority is available in the United States, Asia, Canada, Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

Customer Types

The customer types include small and medium businesses, including large enterprises.



Support Details

Cority offers the following support;

Customer Support

Cority provides 24-hours support through a toll-free support line and email. Users also have an option of visiting the Community for product discussions and FAQs.

IT Support

The professional IT support enables users to manage software usage concerns in a timely fashion.


Various group of users can take part in training programs that are specific to their needs. The training options include;

  • New User/End User Training
  • “Train-the-Trainer” Program
  • Module Specific Training
  • Refresher Courses
  • Cority also offers video tutorials.

To Wrap Up

Cority offers organizations a way to ensure the safety and well-being of workers on site. Not only does it manage risks and compliance, but it enables progressive sustainability.

Besides being cloud-based, it also offers multilingual support. As a result, users can enjoy the platform form any part of the world, on any internet-enabled device.

An exciting thing about this EHSQ software is how it offers various personalization options for every need. Whether it’s manufacturing, mining, healthcare or oil and gas, Cority provides all industry solutions.

Be that as it may, this award-winning EHSQ software is not perfect. Users should enjoy functions such as the electronic prescribing globally.
That said, Cority has enjoyed tremendous success for the past years. Now, you know the reason.