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Full CondoCommunities Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about CondoCommunities


Looking for an efficient condo management solution? Try CondoCommunities! It is specially designed to serve the needs of property managers, who manage condominiums and HOAs. Read on, to learn more about what this software is all about.

Managing community-scale properties could be quite overwhelming. More often than not, property managers strive to fulfil the unending needs of HOA boards and homeowners, at the detriment of their own efficiency and accompanying profitability. As a result of this, several solutions have been proffered to simplify condo management and improve productivity. One of such solutions is CondoCommunities.

What is CondoCommunities?

CondoCommunities is a cloud-based software, designed to provide a unified solution to the management of condo housing units and HOAs. The software offers a three-pronged solution to property management. These solutions include Communication, Front Desk/Security and Operations. Of these, Operations is, without doubt, the main hub of the software.

condocommunitiesTypically, the Communication module is built to facilitate communication between all HOA stakeholders and property managers. In the same vein, the Front Desk (Security) module is designed to enhance the security and safety of your properties. It is specially built to assist homeowners and residents during emergency situations or during events like burglary, theft and so on.

CondoCommunities’ Operations module is the core operational aspect of the software, which provides the necessary tools for executing the day-to-day management functions of a property business.

Additionally, CondoCommunities is hosted on a cloud support and it hosts an open API design. With the cloud-hosted support, this property management software is made easily accessible via any standard web browser. As such, it can easily be accessed via any mobile or computer system. In the same vein, the software’s open API deployment enables it to be integrated with compatible third-party software, to further enhance the functionality of the software.

In a nutshell, CondoCommunities is a cloud-hosted toolbox, which is uniquely built to proffer the ultimate solution to the management of community-grade properties (like condominium) and improve property managers’ productivity.

Benefits of CondoCommunities Property Management Software

Integration & Accounting

CondoCommunities hosts an open API deployment design; hence, it is able to integrate seamlessly with compatible third-party apps. The most notable mention in this regard is its integration with a prominent accounting tool – QuickBooks. With this integration, QuickBooks+CondoCommunities, your finances are kept under strict control.

The integrated unit allows you to input your financial data directly on CondoCommunities or you can easily import such data on QuickBooks. This is very easy, as both systems, after integrating, now work in sync with each other. From here, you are able to keep track of your finances.

Conclusively, CondoCommunities does not come with an in-built accounting function. However, provision has been made to provide you with an avenue, for integrating a durable accounting tool with the software, to facilitate the management of your finances, towards improving profitability.

Enhanced Communication

This is, without a doubt, one of the most significant benefits of CondoCommunities. Managing community associations and multiple homeowners are highly demanding. This is because, you need to maintain steady contact with all stakeholders, who could number in their hundreds or even thousands. CondoCommunities ensures you are well covered in this regard, by providing all stakeholders with direct access to every relevant information.

In addition, this property management software ensures that communication is not restricted to “two-way” i.e. between you and your HOA stakeholders. CondoCommunities offers you dedicated interaction channels, for keeping residents abreast of latest developments, while also ensuring they are able to access any information they need, with convenience. This is a primary function of the resident portal, which is one of the core features of the software. With the resident portal, residents can make maintenance requests (to you or their homeowners), lodge complaints, provide feedbacks and so on.

Furthermore, CondoCommunities furnishes you with automated notification functions like newsletters and announcements, as well as a dedicated portal. These functions ensure that the flow of information between and among stakeholders is kept fluid, as all stakeholders are provided with every information they need when they need it.

Security & Safety

CondoCommunities offers you a set of unique functions, aimed at beefing up your buildings’ security and improving overall safety standards.

Basically, this property management software hosts features like security logs and incident reporting; which, together, keep your buildings safe and secure at all time. The “security logs” function is equipped to keep track and record all the daily activities within your condo units. In the same vein, the “incident reporting” feature facilitates the reportage of all noteworthy incidents (past or present) in your building(s), by residents or staff member(s). All incident reports are organized in a centralized location for easy retrieval.

Furthermore, there is a function designed to ward off unwanted guests. This is a function of “Visitor Parking”, which ensures every guest who makes his/her way into your building is authorized to do so. Hence, an unauthorized entry would easily raise suspicion and will be duly reported to the appropriate quarters (security unit or the police).

In essence, CondoCommunities puts in place vital security and safety measures, to keep all your property/condo units and their occupants safe and secure.

Online Storage

CondoCommunities offers you the opportunity of uploading documents on a secure location, to facilitate its retrieval when needed, by you or your residents. This is a function of “Document Vault”, which allows you to upload as many documents as you want. As such, you are able to store every relevant building document, as well as HOA boards’ document.

Essentially, the uploaded files are securely saved and organized on the software; hence, they are easily retrievable. This ensures your residents are provided access to every information/document they need at any time.

Flexible Access

CondoCommunities is a cross-board software, which means it can be accessed via any mobile device or computer system. The software is a web-based software and its platform can be accessed, directly from a standard web browser.

Typically, traditional desktop devices like Mac and Windows can easily access the platform. In the same vein, mobile devices like iOS and Android are also supported. This means the software can be adopted and used by any property/condo management business, regardless of size.

Besides that, CondoCommunities’ cloud-hosted support makes it easily accessible via any durable web browser; hence, you are able to monitor and manage your condominiums (and HOAs) from anywhere and at any time.

Free Support

CondoCommunities offers you valuable assistance on the use of the software, all at no cost. Their support line is dedicated to providing you with technical assistance. They are also available to answer all your questions, regarding the use of the product and/or the navigation of its interface.

Key Features of CondoCommunities Property Management Software

CondoCommunities offers three different sets of solutions, each hosting different kinds of specific-function tools. These solutions include Communication, Operations and Front Desk/Security.


condocommunitiesThis is the module, specially designed to handle property managers’ communication and information dispersal to their residents, homeowners, HOA boards and other relevant stakeholders.

Basically, the communication solution hosts a set of functions, which facilitates property managers’ information distribution to their clients. These functions include Newsletters, Announcements, Notices, Document Vault, Board Approvals, Classifieds, Service Requests, Events, Amenity Bookings, Suggestion Box, Survey/Polls and more. These functions facilitate all your communications with your homeowners and community boards. Of the above-outlined features, Service Requests, Document Vaults and Notifications are the most significant ones.

The notification functions are designed to help keep your residents in-the-know about important events or information, by sending out automated emails or by simply putting up announcements/notices on the resident portal. Also, the “Document Vault” is specially built for storage; to provide your residents with access to relevant building and HOA board’s documents. Lastly, the “Service Request” function enables residents to submit service or maintenance requests online, without having to go through the hassle of voice calls.

In essence, CondoCommunities Communication is equipped with every major function, needed to facilitate your interaction with your residents, homeowners, HOA boards and other collaborators.


condocommunitiesOperations is the management hub of CondoCommunities, where the day-to-day operations are executed. The operation module hosts three major features, which work in sync with one another to provide a unified solution to your condo/HOA management functions. These features include Purchase Order Management, Suppliers Registry and Accounting (Integrated).

Typically, the POM (Purchase Order Management) feature enables you to reach out to suppliers and place your orders, with ease. It takes it two steps further; by following up all your orders and notifying you upon acceptance (or otherwise). Also, the Supplier Registry provides you with a template or register where all suppliers’ (and other contractors) contact details are saved. This registry enables you to quickly draw out a supplier’s contact information, whenever you need it.

In addition, this property management software’s integrated accounting is hosted under Operations. The accounting function is offered by QuickBooks, which assists you in monitoring your account balance, among other accounting functions.

Nevertheless, CondoCommunities’ Operations is the main hub, where basic management and accounting functions are planned, organized and executed.

Front Desk/Security

condocommunitiesThis module is built to provide a durable avenue for keeping your properties and residents safe. It facilitates record keeping, and it is also equipped with basic security parameters. Features under this module include Incident Reporting, Security (Daily) Logs, Visitor Parking and Resident Registry.

The Incident Reporting enables you to keep track of all incidents in your building. These reports are often submitted by tenants or at other times, by an on-site staff member(s). Also, the software equips you with a log, Security Logs, which keeps an organized record of activities within your building. This log often records activities on a daily basis. However, it can easily be modified to run on a monthly or even yearly basis.

In addition, the Package Tracker allows you to monitor packages and automatically notifies residents upon delivery (of their package). Also, with Visitor Parking, your residents and on-site staff member (Front-desk staff) can create parking permits for visitors, to ensure every vehicle entering the garage is authorized to do so.

In essence, CondoCommunities’ Front Desk/ Security is aimed at enhancing the security and safety of your building (and residents), by ensuring all activities within and around the property are monitored, documented and reviewed.


condocommunitiesCondoCommunities is an ideal property management software for managing condominiums and homeowners’ associations (HOA).

Nevertheless, CondoCommunities offers a full 30-day free trial to new users, after which they are required to select one of the three pricing packages on offer.

Here are the pricing packages for CondoCommunities property management software:

Starter Package: $0/Building per month (Free)

  • No Setup Fees
  • Limited Users
  • Limited Support
  • Features Included:
  • Resident Registry
  • Resident Portal/ Public Website
  • News, Announcements, Newsletters
  • Document Vault
  • Suggestion Box

Essential Package: $50/Building per Month

  • No Setup Fees
  • Unlimited Users
  • Free Support
  • Features Included:
  • Resident Registry
  • Resident Portal/ Public Website
  • News, Announcements, Newsletters
  • Document Vault
  • Suggestion Box
  • Surveys/Polls
  • Events
  • Classifieds
  • Amenity Bookings

Premium Plus Package: $79/Building per Month

  • No Setup Fees
  • Unlimited Users
  • Free Support
  • Features Included:
  • Resident Registry
  • Resident Portal/ Public Website
  • News, Announcements, Newsletters
  • Document Vault
  • Suggestion Box
  • Surveys/Polls
  • Events
  • Classifieds
  • Amenity Bookings
  • Security/Daily Logs
  • Package Tracking
  • Service Requests
  • Incident Reporting
  • Visitor Parking
  • Board Approvals

Technical Details

Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Any web-enabled devices

Serviced Locations: India, Latin America, United Kingdom, Romania, United States, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, Australia, Italy, Canada, China, Europe

Pricing model: Free, Monthly payment

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Real estate professionals, Large Enterprises, HOAs & Condominium owners, Medium Business, Small Business

Popular integrations: QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online

API Availability: CondoCommunities comes with an available API for use

Deployment: Open API, Cloud-hosted

Support Details

CondoCommunities property management software offers users the following after-sales support:

Phone Support: +1 844 2358 567

Email Support: hello@condocommunities.com

Online Support

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