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Full Condo Manager Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about Condo Manager

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Are you in need of an effective HOA management solution? Condo Manager is just the right tool for you! This property management software is specially built to serve the operational needs of a condominium or multi-family property management setup. Read on, as we take a closer look at the software in this comprehensive review.

What is Condo Manager?

Condo Manager is a suite of property management and accounting tools, specially designed to facilitate the efficient management of community associations (HOAs), condominiums and other community-graded properties. This property management software hosts a wide range of functionality, all of which are equipped with an automation function.

condo managerCondo Manager, while being a traditional property management software, is also equipped with a powerful accounting toolbox, which is comprehensive enough to handle the most complex of finances. It hosts a variety of accounting tools, which manages all your finances, from payables to receivables to overall budget control. This toolbox offers property managers a set of reliable online payment options, which significantly improves the convenience of making and receiving payments. Some of these payment options include ACH, Lockbox service and traditional checks.

In addition, Condo Manager’s management tools are built to expedite the daily workflow of conventional, non-accounting, operations. These features range from management features to communication tools, and their primary aim is to improve your operational efficiency, towards delivering the best rental services to your homeowners.

Penultimately, Condo Manager is built flexibly across the organization. On one hand, its flexible design makes it highly customizable; hence, it can easily be adapted to the needs of your firm. On the other hand, the software’s cloud-hosted design makes it easily accessible via the web. As such it can be accessed via any web-enabled device.

Overall, Condo Manager is a set of powerful, yet easy to use tools, which can be adapted to facilitate the financial control and overall management functions of community associations and condo housing units.

Benefits of Condo Manager Property Management Software

condo managerCustomization & Accessibility

Condo Manager is a flexible property management software and it enables you to configure its tools to suit the needs of your company. You can modify the operational pattern of the software to fall in line with your own business methods, thereby ensuring a seamless workflow.

Typically, all the software’s financial functionality can be altered to suit your business’ financial make-up. For instance, this property management software allows you to choose one or more options from online payment methods, physical checks and drafts. Hence, whichever payment methods your company adopts, the software is able to easily process it. In the same vein, work orders and service requests can easily be tailored to fit your operational module. Also, there are document templates, which can be easily be adapted to effectively plan your workflow.

In addition, Condo Manager is hosted on a cloud support. Hence, it is easily accessible via any durable web browser, on smartphones or computer systems. This ensures you are able to access the software from any location and at any time.

Nevertheless, Condo Manager’s flexibility ensures you can easily customize any of its features, in line with your goals. In the same vein, you are afforded the opportunity of using the software on any device. Hence, you are able to adopt and adapt the software to the needs of your work, from anywhere and at any time.

Comprehensive Accounting & Payment Processing

Condo Manager’s powerful accounting solution provides you with a durable financial cover, which ensures you are always in control of all your expenses and revenue.

Basically, the software affords you the opportunity of tracking your operational expenses on each condo/HOA unit, as well as your overall expenses. In the same vein, your income is also monitored. The software’s accounting enables you to easily process payments, create budgets, generate reports, make bank reconciliations and so on.

In addition, this property management software hosts a unique functionality, which allows you to analyze your level of profitability. This property management software assists you in keeping track of hours spent on communications (with clients), as well as the number of invoices generated, written checks and so on. The values of all these are computed, analyzed and presented in readable metrics, reports and charts. Most times, this tool is adopted in the billing of clients.

Furthermore, Condo Manager offers several reliable means of making and receiving payments. The software affords you the flexibility of making online payments via credit cards, lockbox, and others. Also, the software is able to process payments made via checks. In fact, it is equipped with a MICR scanner, which enables you to scan and print checks, with convenience.

In an essence, Condo Manager can be said to be one-half property management and the other half accounting solution. The accounting solution is so wide that, it can be adopted to oversee the finances of every unit of your company, from the most complex to the simplest. Hence, it ensures all your finances are properly managed.

Workflow Automation

Condo Manager is equipped with an automation capability, which facilitates the seamless execution of daily tasks in the management of condo/HOA properties. The automation function runs deep across the software, covering virtually all features, ranging from the accounting tools to management modules to communication functions. This greatly improves your efficiency and overall productivity.

Typically, accounting functions like payment processing, check scanning, bank reconciliations report generation and so on are all automatically executed. Also, other functions like work orders, property tracking, communication and so on are all kept automated. In fact, virtually all communications (email) via the platform are automated, requiring little to no input from you, other than sending and receiving messages.

Essentially, Condo Manager enhances your operational efficiency, while also saving you time and resources, by taking over all the rigorous aspects of your daily work operations.

Simple & Efficient Communication

Condo Manager is equipped with durable communication tools, built to facilitate your interaction with homeowners and other clients. These tools provide you with the convenience of engaging all your stakeholders and ensure you maintain round-the-clock contact with them.

The communication suite comes with a built-in word processor, which means that you can create letters and documents directly on the software. Also, this property management software is equipped to automatically send emails to single or multiple recipients. With this, all your communications with homeowners and other stakeholders are organized, and stored, in line with correspondences’ logs.

Nevertheless, Condo Manager ensures you are able to keep all your communications centralized, simple and efficient, to enable you to attend to the requests of your homeowners and other HOA stakeholders, as and when due.

Exceptional Support

Condo Manager offers you various forms of support, to improve your navigation of the software. There is a standby “Technical Support” line, to provide you with all necessary technical assistance and guide you on the best ways of using the software, to enjoys its full benefits.

In essence, Condo Manager offers you all the support you might need, towards optimizing your quality of service delivery to your clients.

Key Features of Condo Manager Property Management Software


Condo Manager hosts an integrated accounting solution, which features a set of advanced financial tools. Together, these tools afford you the opportunity of staying in control of your finances. In fact, the accounting suite is like a whole pack on its own.

In addition, Condo Manager is equipped to automate and seamlessly execute its wide range of customizable accounting functions. Some of these include Account Payable, Account Receivable, Bank Reconciliations, Digital Signature (e-Signature), Budget Control & Management, e-Payments, Expense Tracking, Account Charts, Utility Billing, Check Printing and more. All these features work in synchronization with one another, to provide you with some of the best available financial management.

Furthermore, Condo Manager’s Accounting helps you stay on top of all billable, taxable and profitable aspects of your operation, and ensure you maintain strict control over all your finances and budget, with the aim of improving your profitability and overall business growth.

Secure Web Portal

Condo Manager hosts a dedicated clients portal, typically tagged Web Portal, which serves as the medium where your homeowners can easily access and get all the information they need. From this portal, they are easily able to access information like account statements and maintenance details.

In addition, the Web Portal, just like many other features on the platform, is customizable. You can link it with your website, or even the Condo Manager’s servers. In the same vein, you are able to modify your web publications, to automatically disperse information to your homeowners, on a timely basis. You can also customize the display and interface of the portal, to suit your needs and desires.

Furthermore, the portal, as a secure hub, is equipped with SSL certificate encryption, which means it is nearly impregnable by hacks. Also, each homeowner is provided specific login details, to access his/her account on the portal.

Essentially, Condo Manager’s Web Portal ensures your homeowners are provided direct access to every vital information they need, without having to disturb you with incessant calls, emails and SMS. Hence, you are able to focus squarely on tangible tasks, to further grow your business and improve your revenue profile.


This is the core property management solution of Condo Manager. It hosts a set of tools that simplify your daily workload and speed up your workflow, thereby improving your efficiency.

Basically, this function assists you in managing your meetings with homeowners and other stakeholders. It also facilitates the generation of reports on every aspect of your business. Overall, Condo Manager hosts a good number of management tools, each designed to perform a specific set of tasks. Some of these functions include Automated Tasks Module, Ballot Printing, Report Assistant (customizable), Hypertext Links, Multi-corporation Processing, Global Search and more.

Besides that, Condo Manager’s Management is the hub of all task management tools and automation functions, which control (manage) your daily workflow, towards attaining optimum productivity.


Condo Manager hosts an integrated communication module, which offers a valuable set of tools for interacting with homeowners and other stakeholders. This feature serves as the integrated unit where all forms of communications, including letters, phone calls, invoices, statements, email and others are streamlined and managed.

Typically, the communication solution hosts a variety of functions. Of these functions, the in-built Word Processor stands out. The Word Processor allows you to create documents and letters, directly on the platform. Other functions include Email Import,  Communication History, Automatic Delivery of Account Statements, Website Service and more.

In essence, the software’s communication solution serves as the dedicated module, where all your communications are tracked, managed and optimized.

Building Register

This module, as the name implies, keeps records of a building’s previous maintenance data and facilitate follow-ups, by effecting preventive measures. It is basically where every relevant information about a building is saved, and it can be accessed by you, your homeowners or the Condo corp at any time. Also, this module offers you a myriad of benefits; prime among which is “reduction of insurance premium”.

Essentially, Condo Manager’s Building Register is built to keep stock of every building’s information, including maintenance history, so as to facilitate future maintenance and repairs. This helps you save cost on insurance, as you are easily able to meet all your insurance requirements.

Other important features of Condo Manager property management software includes the following:

  • ACH and Checks
  • Bank Integration
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budgets
  • Collections Module
  • Communication History
  • Document Management
  • Flexible Payment Processing
  • Full Accrual Accounting System
  • Letter and Email management
  • Lockbox Payment Processing
  • Manage Architectural Requests
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Online Credit Card Payments
  • Profitability Analyzer
  • Service Request and Work Order Module
  • Track CC&R Violations
  • Utility Billing


condo managerCondo Manager is an ideal property management solution for any kind of business most especially Condo/HOA property business.

Nevertheless, Condo Manager’s pricing plans are offered on quotation basis (custom pricing). Hence, you can contact their sales team to get a suitable plan for your Condo/HOA management business.

In addition, you can also try out a demonstration of the Condo Manager prior to making a subscription commitment.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Any web-based devices

Serviced Locations: Middle-East, United States, Latin America, Canada, Australia, Europe, France, Spain

Pricing model: Quote-based

Supported Languages: English, French

Customer Types: SMBs, Real estate Professionals, Large Enterprises

Popular integrations: Automated Clearing House (ACH network), lockbox services, Revo Property Pay

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

Condo Manager property management software offers users the following after-sales support:

  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Online Support
  • Blog
  • Training