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Full Comcash Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Comcash


What is Comcash?


Comcash is a leading point of sale software in the restaurant management software segment, whose developer has been in operation since 1996.

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The software company, which supports and develops mission critical retail management software for more than two decades,  offers a fully integrated ERP system with a cloud retail suite that captures all channel sales, and manages multi-location inventory seamlessly.

Comcash has a POS technology designed to let new and existing retailers upgrade from competing POS systems or cash register systems, so as to streamline management of inventory, cashiering operations, employees, and customers.

The company has a highly effective network of resellers for customers who are looking for local representation, plus it serves several verticals including convenience, retail, wine and liquor, and market and deli. It fits well extremely with small retailers who want all the features of a restaurant and retail in one system.

Comcash was founded at a time when entrepreneurial software developers would come in to solve business problems for retail chain stores, then came across broader opportunities of developing products for the entire market.

It has since gone on to sell thousands of copies of a Windows Inventory and Point of Sale package that is used to date by a huge base of loyal customers who are high volume independent retailers.

At the time Richard Stack, Comcash CEO led a publicly traded POS hardware business, Javelin Systems that he founded a year before Comcash, and like most leaders in the POS hardware company before and since, he wanted to diversify into services and software that offered higher margins.

In the late 90s, the emerging model was cloud computing, which was known then as Application Service Provider, but Stack’s company, Javelin Systems was able to penetrate the space, building two data centers and managing the IT software and infrastructure for several chains of large restaurants.

In 2004, Comcash was acquired by private investor, Alfred Torri, and Stack came in as a co-investor and CEO. Since then up to about 2012, the focus of the company was the core Windows software app and it became a solid profit-making company whose good technical support became its reputation.



State-of-the-art, affordable hardware and a top-notch technical team

Comcash delivers highly configurable and easy to use POS software and systems to meet the needs of convenience and grocery stores, liquor and retail stores. Since its founding in 1996, thousands of retail chains use Comcash to manage staff and customers, prevent loss of inventory, and achieve financial control that is usually found in larger retail stores.

Integration with QuickBooks links to multiple stores

Besides offering on-site installation, and its excellent USA-based point of sale tech support, it offers a comprehensive link to multiple stores using the QuickBooks Accounting Interface, to central headquarters.

Optimized to perform minimal operations

Comcash is optimized to speed up checkout and scanning thus it can carry out minimal operations that complete product scanning and accepts payment. It is also configurable and can adapt to situations like accepting multiple payments on held orders over time, managing customers, and assessing availability of your inventory across all your stores. Comcash POS system is still able to function even if the whole structure is offline, so you can continue being productive and make sales whether you lose internet or cloud connection, or not.

Touchscreen functionality makes scans and checkout easy

Comcash POS has a touchscreen menu feature that simplifies the searching of products and items that don’t have barcodes. It also gives its users multiple options for mounting their POS terminals, and makes scanning and checkout easy. Besides that, you also get reliable support for Comcash’s EMV compatible payment terminal. If you want to mount a POS over your scale say in a grocerty store or in a restaurant on the wall, Comcash can make it happen.

Advanced and friendly inventory scanning

With Comcash, you get various other business products that meet your restaurant operations requirements while complementing your own POS system. Thanks to its Mobile Inventory Scanner, a friendly yet advanced mobile inventory scanning device, it is an ideal partner for your business if you want to stay in full control and on top of your inventory. It is incorporated with a 2D scanner and modern iPod touch on top of the Comcash custom application. Using the scanner, you can manage all aspects of your orders, while counting inventory, and administering maintenance of products efficiently.



Cloud POS

Comcash is cloud based and makes scanning and check out easier, what with its home page being optimized for faster checkout so that minimal operations will be required to scan products or items and accept payments. If you want to manage more complex situations like taking multiple payments over time on orders that are held, manage customers, or review the availability of your inventory across all outlets, Comcash supports this.

POS Mounting options

Comcash offers flexible mounting options for point of sale systems as you can mount the tablet in different yet interesting ways like on a wall in your restaurant, or a grocery environment over a scale.

Advanced EMV and NFC payment terminal support

Comcash supports modern methods of payment like NFC and EMV which customers expect to get. It also supports a wide range of modern signature capture terminals, like Verifone’s MX 915, but if you don’t need signatures, it supports lower cost terminals which still offer NFC and EMV support.

Touchscreen menu


Comcash fully utilizes the system’s touchscreen capabilities as it offers a menu that can be found easily and selects items without barcodes. You can toggle between texts or images to view menu items based on the products, and for menus that are large, you get to use the built-in Comcash multi touch capability to scroll across multiple pages.

Web Store

Comcash has a Web Store that shares a common database with the cloud admin and POS. This makes sure that the customer experience is seamless no matter the kind of channel customers use to transact with you even when shopping from multiple channels. It reflects inventory stock levels accurately as you need not sync balances between separate web store and ERP systems. It also optimizes the fulfillment and financial reporting as the store feels and looks to the back end users just like another sales outlet in the Accounting and Warehouse. This Web Store also acts as the customer self-service portal into your restaurant and the Web Store’s information is directly tied into your outbound marketing efforts. Among the web store features include:

  • A mobile friendly and responsive design
  • A single product catalog for POS and Web sales
  • Shared customer information with cloud admin and POS
  • Real time support for stock on hand for all types of products from food, to apparel and reservations
  • A wishlist
  • Quotes
  • Issue Management
  • Multilingual
  • SEO optimized
  • Full website creation capability
  • Sharing of images with PO
  • Shipping calculations
  • In-store pick up
  • Notes and articles for every product
  • Featured products
  • Additional filters
  • Powerful search engine
Mobile Inventory Scanner

Comcash is believed to have the easiest to use and most advanced mobile inventory scanner today, as it incorporates a 2D scanner and modern iPod touch plus a custom app; it has no extra fee for using the system besides the cost of the hardware. It offers:

  • Premium quality software and hardware
  • User friendly interface as the software is built on Apple platform so everyone is familiar with the interface, plus Comcash used its own design skills for ease of use and little training required
  • Powerful administration as it is tied to the back end ERP system in real time with many admin capabilities that are accomplished as you’re away from your desk or on the floor

With the Mobile Inventory Scanner, you can count inventory, do product maintenance, manage orders, and manage every aspect of your inventory system that can be done on mobile devices.

The app is available on iTunes App store as Comcash COUNTS, with no extra fee, as it is included in the standard subscription fee.

  • Track customer visits & purchase history
  • Touch screen interface to speed transactions
  • Employee Security Levels
  • Built-in Debit and Credit Card Interface
  • Track Employee Hours with time clock
  • Manage Accounts Receivable
  • Suspend/Resume Transactions
  • Connect POS to e-commerce software
  • Design custom sales & inventory reports
  • Manage Gift Cards
  • CRV and multiple tax tracking
  • Style/Size/Color Matrix items
  • Task tracking and auditing by employee
  • Weighted and Assembly items
  • Customizable Transaction Types
  • In-House Bad Check List
  • Track Layaway Sales, work, Sales Orders, Rental Items, Special Orders and re-occuring Charge Billings
  • Selectable Print Buttons at end of transaction
  • Print invoices & receipts to multiple printers
  • Tag-along items with walk-through scripts
  • Customer Reminder Prompt by Item
  • Out-of-Stock prompt for replacement item
  • Customizable Toolbars and Macros
  • Pop-up Database Enquiry
  • Change Lookup, List, and Edit Fields
  • Warn if Price is below Cost
  • Copy Inventory Notes from Database
  • Warn if product is below stock level
  • Confirm Ship To Address
  • Select Contact from Customer Profile
  • Confirm Price Table for Preferred Customers
  • Confirm Tax Amount
  • Custom receipt forms
  • Require Deposit on Layaway
  • Email Documents

Inventory Control features

Comcash offers inventory control and management tools such as:

  • Barcode Tag Printing
  • Set Minimum/Maximum Levels for Automatic Ordering
  • FIFO or Average Costing
  • PLU Linking Automatically Converts Case Quantities into Units
  • Transfers
  • Automated Ordering by Vendor, Product, Departments, Period Sales or Category
  • Use Handheld Computer for Inventory, Counting, Ordering & Receiving
  • Receiving With/Without Purchase orders
  • Vendor Catalogs can be Imported for Future Ordering

Store Operations features

Comcash also offers operations features for your store such as:

  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Web Store and Multi-Store Ready
  • Customer Statements
  • Easily Import and Export Information
  • Employee Management
  • Advanced Reporting and
  • Surveillance
  • Customization with User Defined Fields

ComCash Classic Kiosk

This Comcash tool is compatible with all Comcash classic POS database versions. It doesn’t need any upgrade, works with your current version, and runs on any Windows Computer with Comcash.ini. The kiosk’s features let you scan, enter manually or swipe with idle display options. They include:

  • Product search – displays description, PLU, price, size and extended description
  • Customer search – displays house account balance, customer name and loyalty points
  • Idle image – select digital signage or display static image for ad campaigns
  • Multiple copies – run multiple copies for your Kiosk while customizing monitors for marketing, sales, or holiday events
  • Frame control – customize your Kiosk with fonts, colors and images
  • Message box – import rich text files with graphs, images and text


Comcash POS has a price of $125 per month, per register, with discounts for volume purchases. Contact the vendor for more information or a custom quote.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Quote-based

Customer Type: Small and medium business, Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Self service portal
  • Comcash support center
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Training
  • Free updates with maintenance fixes and enhanced versions
  • Comcash User Manual
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