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Full Coggle Mind Mapping Software Review – All You Need To Know About Coggle


A mind map is an easy way of mapping out topics visually, and organically.

Mind maps start from one or more topics from a central position, then repeatedly branch out, while breaking down data into a components’ hierarchy.

The mind map items are easily positioned spatially, as they’re formatted for color and size, to help users with recall and memory.

Mind mapping is often referred to by different names including spider diagrams, concept mapping, brainstorm diagrams among many other terms, but, there’s one you can use for all these: Coggle.

Mind maps are useful and help users take notes, plan, brainstorm, visualize information, solve problems, share and study on the information, among other tasks.

There’s no limit to how much you can do with mind maps. If you value visual thinking in education, or business, or even your own personal life, mind maps will come handy when organizing your information.

The entry of mind mapping software has enabled people whose ideas have many moving parts, for example large projects, to do more than just write down their vision on paper, which would otherwise be disconnected or scattered.

In order to brainstorm, and do both structuring and implementation of visions, the best way to do it is by organizing the data and information visually. Looking at concepts instead of just reading on them is one of the best ways of learning and remembering.

Mind maps are your best tool to visually flesh out any complex, large, or multi-faceted concepts from organograms to product launches, and much more.

Most mind mapping software is also collaborative and cloud-based, so if you want to enhance your project’s cooperation, clarity, and execution, one of the best software you can use is Coggle.

What is Coggle?


Coggle is a web-based (online) mind mapping software that helps you create and share mind maps and flowcharts, to visually breakdown your ideas. This software works with your web browser online, without the need to install or download.

Like Google Docs, you can use Coggle to ensure you don’t lose any of your important ideas as you get to see all changes you make to your mind maps, revert diagrams to previous versions, and make copies of any iterations.

Whether you’re brainstorming, taking down notes, planning, or creating something awesome, you can visualize your ideas simply using Coggle’s mind mapping software.

The software also lets you share with as many members of your team or friends, as you like, while instantly displaying changes in their own browsers from any location they are in the world.

Coggle produces documents that are structured hierarchically like branching trees, which is in contrast with the conventional and collaborative editors.

This mind mapping software also gives support to vector PDF and PNG images and imports from plain-text outlines. It only asks Google for access to basic profile information including profile picture, name, and email address; contacts, Google Drive documents and email access are not requested for, neither is anything else that won’t be necessary for Coggle to work.

The company, Coggle Limited, is a software service and computer company that’s privately held, based in Cambridge, UK. In May 2014, the company was incorporated after its founders who are now its current directors, started it including James Crosby, Andrew John Pritchard, and Steven James Ogborne.



Mobile-ready and free

Using HTML5 technology, Coggle works with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, with an API for custom integration with other mobile applications. The best part is it is free for all to create an unlimited number of diagrams, and offers options for large organizations and greater privacy.

Take Coggle wherever you go

Coggle is mobile with you so you can take it wherever you go and use it to beautifully organize your notes. It helps you visually flesh out your ideas and concepts from any time you conceive the idea or even during meetings, resulting in a structured record of the development of any thoughts, no matter how complicated. This also enables you present your ideas confidently to colleagues.

Information Sharing

You can keep ideas private, but you can also share them seamlessly with workmates or classmates and other people, as Coggle allows you to export to PDF and image files, and text-based or .mm extension forms, for all your mind maps. These create different channels through which you can communicate your ideas, while collaborating with the team to work on them.

Changes & Reversions

With Coggle, any change you make in your mind maps are instantly saved. If you want, however, to revert to a previous version and do it easily. You can even scrap your current ideas, and go back to old ones without having to begin the diagramming process all over again.

Interactive Mind Maps

Mind maps in Coggle aren’t just about texts or shapes. You can also add images, and make diagrams a lot more interactive and engaging, as you effectively impart your ideas.

Enables easy maneuvering on shaping flowcharts

With the new Coggle shape menu, you can set flowchart shapes on any items in diagrams. The basic shapes are availed for free but more advanced shapes come with the paid plans.

Clear way to share and understand complex information

Coggle’s collaborative mind mapping software makes complex things simplified, as it is a shared workspace that helps your workforce do their work together, more effectively.

Real time collaboration

Coggle also lets you invite colleagues and friends to work together simultaneously on diagrams.

Streamlined and easy to use

Coggle is not just a mind-mapping software but productivity tool with a clean design and clutter-free workspace for creation of diagrams and notes. Users simply log in with their Gmail accounts and use the context menu to get each option in just one click. You can also select colors from the Coggle color wheel and improve the layout and visuals of the diagrams. Text resizing and use of italics or bold is enabled, plus you can add multi-line texts or drag them to the right position. A Help Sidebar among other options are also available to minimize distractions in one click, with availability for keyboard shortcuts.



Versioning support

This feature lets you enter history mode so as to see all the changes made to a diagram over a period of time, and make a copy from that particular point.

Lots of export options

Coggle offers options to export to image, PDF, .mm, or plaintext files.

Save Every Change

You can use Coggle and look through all diagram changes or make copies from any point, and revert to previous versions.

Unlimited Image Uploads

The drag/drop feature lets you do this to images from your desktop right to the diagrams for an unlimited number of uploads on the images you can add.

Add Floating Text and Images

If you like, you can add images and text labels that are not part of the diagram tree, so as to annotate some parts of your mind map.

Create Loops and Join Branches

You can create loops and join branches for a more flexible and powerful diagram that will represent the process flow, among other advanced items.

Multiple Starting Points

With Coggle, you can add multiple items central to the diagrams so as to map topics that are related to a single workspace.

Unlimited Private Diagrams

You can also create many diagrams (privately) as you want, and they stay private even if you cancel your subscription, plus you still keep access to the diagrams.

Powerful Flowcharting

Coggle also gives you the opportunity to pick from different varieties of shapes so as to create powerful and expressive flowcharts, diagrams and process maps.

No-Setup Collaboration

Any number of people in your team can edit diagrams as long as you share a secret link with them; they don’t have to log in to do this.

Single Sign On

The SSO included in Coggle’s Organization plan supports any identity provider for SAML 2.0 with pre-configured apps for Okta and OneLogin. To use the SSO feature, create a Coggle Organization and follow the guide to set up.

Keyboard shortcuts

Who doesn’t love shortcuts? This is why Coggle has keyboard shortcuts so you can do a variety of common things.

Copy and Paste Branches

Copying branches can be useful sometimes like copying templates for editing or moving branches from diagram to diagram. Copy and paste is available between diagrams for different tabs or in the same browser window.

Rename a Coggle Diagram

Coggle diagram titles are usually similar in the text in central items so you can change the name or edit the title by opening it and clicking the central item to edit. For sub titles, or more central box content, multiple lines can be added.

Remove a Coggle Diagram

If you don’t need a Coggle diagram any more among those you created, delete by clicking the trash icon, or the diagram’s thumbnail under documents list. The diagram stays with options to undo delete until the page is refreshed in case you still need it.

Controlling the path of a line

Coggle has added the option to adjust alignment of text to Awesome plan, and use straight connections between items.

Changing the text alignment

Coggle also has a stylish and snappy new menu that adapts to your computer’s performance, and has a beautiful background with a glass-effect, for supported browsers.

Supports Markdown

Markdown is designed to be converted to HTML using Markdown tool, a plain text formatting syntax.


With Coggle, you can invite work colleagues or friends to collaboratively work on diagrams and notes in real time.

Supports LaTeX

LaTex is the de facto standard document preparation system and markup language for communicating and publishing of scientific documents.


Free: $0

  • Ideal for occasional use and discovering Coggle
  • 3 private diagrams
  • Unlimited number of public diagrams
  • More than 1600 beautiful icons
  • Unlimited uploads for images
  • Auto-arrange branches
  • Full change history
  • PDF & Image download
  • Unconnected text boxes
  • Export as .mm and text
  • Export for Microsoft Visio Import .mm and text
  • Multiple start points
  • Shared folders
  • Embeddable diagrams

Awesome: $5 per month

  • Ideal for personal or professional use, with privacy and advanced features
  • Everything in Free+
  • Unlimited private diagrams More Item Shapes
  • Control line style Control line paths Change text alignment Full chat history
  • High-res image uploads Collaborate by link

Organisation: $8 per member per month

  • Ideal for teams that want to control access to their data and consolidated billing.
  • All features from Awesome plan
  • User and data management
  • SAML Single Sign On
  • Consolidated billings
  • Separate Personal workspace
  • Export in bulk
  • Branded diagrams

Coggle for Enterprise

  • Site licenses
  • On-premise instances you can use behind your Active Directory authentication for firewalls
  • Enterprise level support

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish

Pricing Model: Free; Monthly payment;Quote-based

Customer Type: Small and Medium Business; Large Enterprises; Freelancers

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Email
  • FAQs
  • Blog
  • Phone
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter