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Full ClubExpress Club Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About ClubExpress


Membership clubs are a dime a dozen and they range from health and fitness clubs, golf membership clubs, multi sports clubs etc. Such clubs provide certain recreational services to its members and its members consider them places where they can go to unwind after a long day working or even to start their day with a gym workout so as to be fresh the whole day.

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These clubs have a lot of coordination they require to carry out so as to ensure the continuous smooth running of the club. With so many members and information about them e. g name, addresses, package types, number of dependents as well as the very many activities a club participates in e. g gym, billing, donations and tournaments.

These are very many components of a machine that need to be coordinated correctly so that the machine can run without any hitches. If a club is not able to harmonize all these components the only result is chaos which will lead to loss of members hence loss of business and eventually the inevitable closing down of the business.

Thankfully by embracing technology these clubs will be able to easily run all their activities smoothly, store members’ data easily, securely and be able to retrieve it easily at a moment’s notice. These has all been made possible by club management software.

Club management software aids these clubs and associations e.g. health clubs, fitness and wellness centers, gyms etc. to better manage their businesses and improve on customer service by streamlining and better linking up of various processes.

ClubExpress is one such software. It is not just another software in this category of software. It is one of the most innovative, best and easy to use in the club industry. By going into an in depth discussion about ClubExpress, membership club decision makers will also see why they have to get and install ClubExpress.

The club management will be amazed at how easy it will be to coordinate all the business of their clubs and hence ease processes, transactions and operations. All this will be to the advantage of their members which will in turn mean more referrals for the club and automatically this will lead to increased business.

What is ClubExpress?


ClubExpress is an internet based platform that manages all the operations of all types of clubs and associations i.e. both front and back office.

ClubExpress will handle all burdensome operations on both the front and back end and it will also automate all these operations.

Examples of these clubs are health clubs, fitness and wellness centers, gyms, arts and cultural clubs, golf clubs, international clubs/organizations etc. ClubExpress truly does cater for these kind of clubs and associations and many more. ClubExpress has also been rated very highly by many experts and websites from the tech world and in some cases ClubExpress has been bestowed with some prestigious awards and titles.

The procedure at the front office is easy and convenient for all parties. The back office component of ClubExpress combines a club’s website with the database of members, new signups and documentation via a safe, secure storage amenity.

It mostly caters to clubs of 5000 members and below but can also serve larger clubs and associations.

ClubExpress offers services such as member portals, outreach programs and marketing of these programs, event planning, volunteer and donor management and even supports fundraising online.

By offering all the above services and many other such as member and website management, communication, financials, content, etc. ClubExpress is able to give administrators and users control over a uniquely crafted UX i.e. user experience.




ClubExpress gives its users the option to customize their website by having design and configuration tools as part of its platform.

In built templates

Users are also offered themes and built-in templates from which they can choose from as best suits their needs.

Member communication

ClubExpress also enables administrators to load members contact details onto their site. By leveraging on this contact details and other relevant data ClubExpress is able to send to all or targeted members a customized or general communication.


Administrators with the help of ClubExpress are also able to perform updates on any information that may be stored in the club’s or association’s database.

No long term contracts

With ClubExpress clubs or associations do not have to worry about being tied down to year-long service agreements as subscription is based on a month-to-month basis. It also varies depending on the number of active memberships the club or association currently has and also whether there are members to be added on who will need login credentials. Also in the case where a club or association chooses to discontinue the service there are no conditions such as a 90 day notice to be given before discontinuing the service. The club or association can choose to discontinue the service once the month lapses and not renew for the next month.

No extra equipment required

ClubExpress is a cloud-based platform and hence no installation of equipment is required.


ClubExpress offers clubs or associations an efficient management platform of its members on a daily basis. Storing members’ records and regularly updating their profiles can be quite burdensome and by clubs incorporating the ClubExpress software which is a seamless management tool it will enable all processes to be automated from start to finish. ClubExpress will not only enable clubs to manage its members’ online database, it will also designate a different database meant only for its non-members who from time to time tend to show interest in joining the club or participating in the club’s events. By using these easy management tools administrators will be able to communicate with both parties according to their varied needs and also enable them to use marketing campaigns via email addressed to both sets of groups.

Easy Access

With ClubExpress being cloud based it means that anyone who has been given access can log in at anytime from anywhere.

Storage limits

ClubExpress also does not cripple its users by giving out limited storage capabilities.

Discussion forums

ClubExpress also allows the administrators to design and create discussion forums for its members and this will be a very significant and useful forum because the club will be able to get feedback and insights by viewing members discussing about their experiences from using various amenities and from also participating in events organised by the club and this will in turn lead to improving or creating better strategies.

Intuitive design

ClubExpress has a wide range of tools and modules which are built-in such as survey tools, e-mail marketing, document management, extensive help materials, website customization, granular administrative control, website customization, blogs and discussion forums etc.


ClubExpress is constantly upgrading and now has new mobile apps which are custom made and branded. They also contain geo-locational features and live chat.

Responsive to Mobile Devices

All ClubExpress websites are streamlined for mobile use and they also provide the user with a very exceptional and dedicated mobile experience. By deploying ClubExpress as its club management platform, a club or association also has the distinct ability of creating specialized mobile varieties of its very own web pages. ClubExpress also comes with its very own content editor which is standardized and very responsive.

Event management

Event management is very cumbersome and without the right tools it often leads to disastrous results. With an event calendar and online forms for membership registration ClubExpress ensures that clubs or associations are able to maximise on their resources.

User Experience

ClubExpress has received a lot of testimonials from its many users that it is very user friendly and that the user experience of ClubExpress is one that all users should look forward to as it will even surpass their expectations. This great user experience is brought about by how Club Express has been superiorly designed and crafted to meet the needs of clubs and associations.



Automatic Renewals

It automatically shows payments for renewals and automatically updates throughout the system when renewals are made.

Association Membership

ClubExpress also has association memberships in countries like Australia, Canada, US and UK.

Club Membership

It also able to cater for all club members and also cater for up to seven levels of administration.

Social Media Integration

The ClubExpress platform is able to integrate with social media sites.

Committee Management

It is able to cater to the various committees and their objectives which are always a part of the club structure without interfering with other resources.

Website Management

ClubExpress is easily able to manage the club website an all it does both at the front and back ends of a website.

Dues Management

For membership dues and keeping a separate record of those yet to pay their dues hence avoiding a clash with those members who are up to date on their payments.

Non-profit Membership

The ClubExpress platform is also able to provide and support for non-profit membership.

Event Management

Event management uses a lot of resources in time, money and labour. With ClubExpress clubs are able to allocate these resources equally and most importantly it enables the administrators to be able to monitor progress and manage everyone involved.

Member Directory

It has an in-built directory that keeps records, data, profiles of all its members and it is also able to automatically update this directory when any changes are made to it.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer management is also a key feature of ClubExpress that enables administrators and users of the ClubExpress platform to be able to better manage and monitor all aspects related to volunteering within the club.

Member Portal

ClubExpress also provides for a members’ portal which allows members to have access to the portal if they have login credentials.

Payment Processing

It also provides a platform to be able to process members’ payments either through cash, card or mobile devices.

Member Database

ClubExpress is also able to handle and keep a database of all the club’s or association’s members and update regularly and automatically.

Mobile App

It also provides its users with a very unique mobile application which is fitted with distinct functions for its mobile users. With this app ClubExpress also offers clubs or associations a unique branding opportunity for themselves and this enables the club or association to differentiate itself.


ClubExpress has 3 plans for those clubs or associations interested in a one-off payment. The details are given below:

Basic setup: from $150

It is intended for those clubs with readily available resources and the necessary expertise required to construct and configure their own databases and website and it requires no programming background.

Website starter pack: from $960

The website starter pack assists the club or association to set up and run a website. This package is also intended for a club or association with its own readily available expertise and resources.

Website builder pack: from $1920

With this pricing package the software can offer a complete service that helps clubs or associations to configure and construct their own databases and websites. It is for those clubs and associations with resources that are limited. A month on month quote can also be gotten by getting in touch with a sales representative from ClubExpress.

Technical Details

Devices: Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux, Mac, Web based and windows.

Language: English.

Pricing model: Quotation based, one-off payment and monthly subscription.

Customer types: Medium businesses; and large enterprises.

Deployment: Cloud hosted.


  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest,YouTube
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