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Full Clio Project Management Software Review – All you need to know about Clio

Clio Software
Clio Project Management Software

What is Clio Software?

Clio Software is designed to cater to your law office specifically. Through this legal practice management software, you can manage operations right from start to finish. Everything, including intake, document management and invoicing can be done using Clio Software. Manage operations, gather information, plan schedules and so much more can be done in order to simplify your law office procedures. Clio software is cloud-based so that you can manage your practice from anywhere in the world that you desire and at any time that suits you best.

Clio was founded in 2007 in Canada and works with the cooperation of bar associations and law societies around the world. Today, over 150000 legal professionals in over 90 different countries around the globe are using this software to manage operations in their law office. There are 66 bar associations that have approved Clio for their lawyers and over 150 different law schools have adopted this legal practice management suit.

Only the best run law firms use Clio Software to manage their operations. Using this legal practice management software, you will be able to save yourself and your legal professionals over eight hours per week that used to be spent on tedious administrative work. Streamline everything you do in your law office to increase productivity and efficiency so that you have time to take on more clients and focus on mission critical tasks.

Benefits of Clio Software:

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There are a variety of benefits you can gain by implementing Clio in your day to day procedures. Through the ability to manage operations in your law office using single software, you will be able to reap the benefits of Clio. Here are some of the details regarding the benefits you gain if you choose to use Clio Software as your legal practice management solution.

  • You will be able to keep all your individual case details organized and in one simple location without worrying that important documents or notes will be lost.
  • Cut down your time spent on administrative tasks that can prevent you from focusing on what is most important, your clients.
  • The intuitive user interface makes it easier for you to keep track of individual clients in one centralized location.
  • Clio Software is easy to use. Therefore, even those in your law office who aren’t technological savvy can use this software to manage operations.
  • Through the dashboard, you can have an overview of all your clients. You will be able to see how much time was spent on each and a basic overview of their cases.
  • Clio is always looking to improve their software. They will take feedback from customers and use it add or redesign their software to make sure it suits all law offices to the best of their ability.
  • Implementation is quick and efficient. You will be up and running with Clio Software after a relatively short period.
  • The learning curve is fairly quick as well. Once you are shown how to use this software, you will be able to manage operations efficiently.
  • You can view a free demo to help you determine if this is the right software for you.
  • Furthermore, if you like what you see in the demo, you can try Clio for free to help you come to a definitive decision.
  • Clio Software is fully mobile capable. Therefore, if you are meeting clients out of the office, you can still use this legal practice management tool to keep track of client information right from your mobile device.

Features of Clio Software:

manage operations

To choose a legal practice management software for your law office, you need to be sure that it is fully capable of doing what you need it to for managing your law office. Therefore, you want to be sure that it comes complete with features that are going to manage operations throughout your entire practice. Here is an overview of the features you get with Clio Software.

Utilize comprehensive case management for all your law office information.

You don’t want to waste time by manually tracking and organization case information that can get lost. Using Clio Software, you can keep tabs on every detail of every case from one centralized location. Link everyone of your contacts, events, tasks and even communications to individual clients. Furthermore, add notes, texts, audio and even visual files for each client with the use of unlimited storage.

Create custom fields in order to keep all information consistent across your cases. Search or browse for information that is based on your custom fields for easy retrieval. Furthermore, you can apply custom fields to your document templates so that you can pull information easily when creating new documents.

Effortlessly manage operations by keeping track of time spent on each client.

Clio Software has an intuitive Timekeeper that will let you track time spent on individual cases, regardless of what task you are performing. Start the timer from any of your devices and capture work done in real-time. You will be able to ensure that logging is accurate for easy billing. You also have the option to pause time tracking and can quickly resume it when you get back to that case.

Log time entries into Clio from anywhere so that you are sure no billing time gets lost. Through Clio you can log time entries from many avenues. Log time from calendars, events, activities, updates and even communication logs. Get accurate real-time reports on all time entries that can be by an individual or throughout the entire law office. Time can be tracked either through your desktop device or on your mobile device when you are out of the office using this legal practice management tool.

Manage billing hours and trust accounts according to industry requirements.

Following industry standards, you can keep track of billing hours, trust accounts and invoicing using this legal practice management tool. You can manage your client’s funds in a collective or separate account. Keep detailed records of all client funds that clearly identify what is for whom. Run reports any time you desire to reconcile any disputes. Generate trust requests or accept online deposits from clients with ease and have them processed into either the collective or separate account.

Furthermore, once you have funded in trust you can approve or apply them directly to invoices. You also can see a list of any outstanding invoices and select what needs to be paid. Apply appropriate payments to your client’s invoices either manually or using credit cards. Do end of month billing in a matter of minutes and get paid quicker using Clio Software. Prepare and disperse customized billing plans by the client in order to manage operations more efficiently. Use the customization options to make your client bills suit your firms feel and style.

Keep your law office organized through document management.

Clio Software comes with a web-based legal document management tool that allows you to create an electronic filling system. You will be able to store, manage and track all your client documents from one centralized location. Adopt a paperless business practice that will save your law office space and avoid the complications that can come with hands-on filling.

Improve access to your documents through the ability to apply filters that make retrieval easy and efficient. Moreover, you can keep these documents securely and meet the compliance requirements of long-term document storage. You will have unlimited storage for all file types, a search index of all legal documents by the filter and you can edit documents within the storage space to stay up to date on all your information. Save documents by client folders or in a unified storage area. Finally, access these documents from anywhere using either your computer or mobile device.

Use this legal practice management tool alongside already established business practices.

Through the use of various integrations, you can unify your entire business process. Use the calendar integrations that allow you to time track efficiently. Integrate seamlessly with Outlook, Google Calendars and more. Furthermore, you can do billing and invoicing from one central location by integrating with Quickbooks or Xero.

Conduct legal research with ease using Clio Software. This legal practice management tool is the only one that will integrate seamlessly with Fastcase so that you have a leading research tool at your disposal. Lead track with ease using Google Adwords or other popular marketing tools. Regardless of what you need to manage operations, Clio can probably integrate with it.

Pricing Details of Clio Software:

There are three pricing plans you can look over to determine which one is right for you. Included with each is the free trial.


This plan is $39 per month per user and is ideal for solo practices or your law office if it is just getting started. What it comes with are case management, hourly and flat fee billing, custom invoicing and time tracking. Additionally, you get a secure client portal, full task management and the mobile apps.


This plan is $59 per user per month and it comes with all the features in the Starter plan. Additionally, you get accounting integrations, the integrated credit card processor, payments, payment plans, custom fields and Clio launcher. Moreover, you get advanced document automation, trust requests, evergreen management, third party integrations and alternative fee billing.


This plan is $99 per user per month and is more for advanced law offices. What you get with this plan is all the features you get in both the Starter and the Boutique plans along with court calendaring rules, matter budgets, campaign tracking and the advanced task management. Furthermore, you get advanced reporting, priority support and one on one training.

Technical Details of Clio Software:

Legal Practice Management

Clio has a cloud-hosted deployment making it ideal for Windows and Mac devices. There is a web-based version that you can use from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. Furthermore, you can download the app from the respective stores of iOS or Android devices.

The supported language is English.

Support Details of Clio Software:

There should be a give and take with any software you are considering purchasing. Clio prides themselves on the support they offer their clients. Here are the details of that boasted support.

  • Email: Through a dedicated email address you can contact support and get answers to questions or technical help. Clio strives to respond as quickly as possible.
  • Phone: Use a dedicated North American toll-free number to speak to a live representative when you encounter issues or have concerns. There is also a number you can call from Europe, the Middle East or Africa.
  • Live Support: Through your dashboard you can live chat with a representative who can help you immediately. Clio clearly states that this is the fastest way to get help when you are looking to solve issues.
  • Tickets: There is a ticketing system you can use when you need technical help. Create a support ticket that will enter a queue according to relevance and the appropriate team member will get back to you.
  • Resources: On the vendor website there is a whole slew of resources you can take advantage of to gain valuable knowledge. There are how-to videos, webinars and many documents you can browse through to get help with common issues. Furthermore, there is training available that you can request from the vendor.


Clio software is a great legal practice management solution for your law office. You will be able to manage operations from one centralized location that will keep you organized and efficient. Using the various integrations, you don’t have to do a complete upheaval of your current business practices but rather seamlessly move Clio into them. The pricing plans are very reasonable for this software type and you can try it out for free. Furthermore, there is a lot to be said for the mobile capabilities that provide you with the same usage you would get from a desktop computer.

Overall, you know what your law office needs most. Therefore, when looking for a legal practice management solution to help you manage operations, you want to be sure that you do your homework and get all the information you can to help you make an informed decision. Ultimately, with multiple bars and legal associations backing Clio, this is a great software contender for your law office.