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Full Clinicient Insight EMR Software Review – All You Need to Know About Clinicient Insight


Finding gaps in technology and creating relevant solutions is the backstory of most apps and Clinicient Insight is no different. Clinicient Insight was born over a decade ago by a therapist frustrated with the tedium of managing his practice on paper.

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He came together with a biomedical engineer and a group of software engineers and released Clinicient. Since then the app has gone through different iterations and is now in its current form.

Clinicient Insight prides itself on making work easy for outpatient rehabilitation centers. The app seeks to control everything regarding appointments and billing. To enable practitioners to focus squarely on their work and patients.

Clinicinient does all of the above by creating an EMR that’s easy to use and understand. The app boasts easy adaptability and no need for specialized training.

In reviewing Clinicient Insight, we are going to look at all the unique features of the app. We will look at all its features, pros, cons, pricing among other details. Also, we are going to find out which practitioner the app best fits and if it lives up to standards.

What is Clinicient Insight EMR

what is insight

Electronic medical record systems are one of the necessary tools needed to run a practice today. According to Clinicient, running an outpatient rehab center involves about 29 everyday tasks. However, Clinicient Insight EMR claims to automate around 21 of these tasks.

Insight EMR handles billing, documentation, collection and other services. The app also automatically controls the financial aspect of things. Insight’s primary focus and design objective are to remove tedium and stress from the hands of the practitioner.

It is a web-based and cloud-hosted solution that centers itself around outpatient rehab facilities. The Insight software unifies all of your daily operations into one simple location. Users, therefore, do not need to go through different apps to perform various functions.

Benefits of Clinicient Insight EMR

Clinicients app also allows users to create customized experiences. Users can customize the app using automation and other workflow tools. The app comes charging in with tools like templates, insurance tracking, cash registers among others.

Insight is also HIPAA compliant and will help you stay on top of issues like billing and insurance. Because the app is sufficient to address finances most clinical operations can start and finish within the app.

It allows clinicians to finish tedious operations which usually distract them from actual work in less time. By so doing users can place their focus squarely on the patient. It also enables proper billing and recording of all patients information.

In the case of any complaints, patients and admin can pull up relevant information immediately. Users can also access the performance monitoring and reporting functions of the app. It becomes easier to monitor practices and find out which are the most beneficial.

Having all relevant functions in one location is a system that’s bound to succeed. It eliminates confusion and also creates a faster process. Insight claims to integrate almost all useful apps into its EMR.

Integrated apps like Insight tend to make life faster and smoother for users. Clinicians are less worried about documentation and more focused on the client in front of them — an attitude which is likely to foster better relations between patient and therapist.



To properly serve as an EMR app Insight has to have a few useful features. Let’s look at the more relevant features of Insight and see how they stack up.

Scheduling Tools

The front desk of every office can determine if patients stay or find other options. Insight offers tools that make front desk processes fast and smooth. These tools make it possible to collect patient information and make billing easy for staff.

With the app, you can set up schedules, collect insurance information, and other relevant details. You can set up automatic appointments for recurring patients. Also, manage the therapists’ calendars to avoid conflicts in the future.

There is also a drag and drop function for setting appointment and rescheduling. The app also features an automatic email and reminder service. All of these functions together create a smooth working system for therapist and patient alike.

There is also an inbuilt cash register within the app. Patients can go on a co-pay scheme, collect balances and other things immediately

All other staff also benefit from the system as reconciliation is made easy. The scheduling system helps reduce cancellations and schedule conflicts. There is clear communication between staff and work hours can progress at faster paces.

Reporting System

Insight also offers users access to relevant data and other reporting tools. The app provides critical insight into both clinical and financial data for your patients. Features like these are especially useful when conflicts arise.

Staff can pull up analytics from any time to access and resolve problems. Therapists can also use data available to figure out the most relevant practices and also track performance.

Also, track cases from referral to the point of discharge to figure out patterns. These patterns can help the therapist make better and more informed decisions regarding their patients. They can also discover trends and indicators which were previously unrecognizable.

The use of a reporting system is invaluable to the growth of the practice. It expels redundancy allowing room for growth and fresh ideas. It also cuts across all aspects from patient data to business information.

All of these combined will help the practice grow in strength as better methods get steadily implemented.

Regulatory System

Compliance is highly crucial in the medical world. Failure to follow directives can lead to queries and ultimately loss of practice. Insight helps you keep with all changes that directly affect compliance.

By directly showing users new and old practices to comply with, the app ensures that practitioners don’t fall by the wayside. Insight allows you to have instant access to compliance management tools all in one system.

Insight integrates the following Medicare tools into their app. These include MPPR (Multi Procedure Payment Reduction) and Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). These tools under Medicare and CHIP help to impact payment plans.

Keeping up these tools help to make patients happy and staff stress-free. There is little to no confusion as costs and rules are clear as day on the software.

Data-Driven Coaching


Insight also offers to coach users. Based on data from the app, the team gives expert advice on how to move your practice forward. They provide services like month-end reconciliation, review of claims, monthly client executive reviews, and many others.

Services like these are especially useful to practices which have no one to interpret data. With the aid of coaching from Insight, centers can see exponential growth in services.

The app can also help you prepare for audits, manage accounts, identify denial trends, and manage revenue.


Easy Registration and Scheduling

By making registration more efficient staff can focus on other more important details. The schedule function also makes work more efficient. Your team can keep up with cancellations or any change in timing using the app.

The increase in speed and efficiency balances the workplace and reduces stress. One of the main goals of the Clinicient team is to reduce stress and tedium. Little processes when done optimally have the most potential to solve this problem.

Medicare Alerts

Getting speedy and relevant alerts will help you keep up to date with new practices. Because lack of compliance can cause, problems medicare alerts are highly necessary. With the app, all staff gain access to ethical practices.

They also have access to different payment methods and plans within the system. Medicare alerts help with audits and things of that nature.

HIPAA Compliant

Insight is also HIPAA complaint which means patient data are safe within the app. Patients and practitioners alike can feel safe and secure while using this software. All necessary measures are put in place to ensure data safety.


The app is also readily customizable. You can tailor the app to fit all the requirements for your practice. There are templates, drag and drop functions, analytics, automated coding, letter templates, flow sheets and many more.

These functions help users create software that flows perfectly with their daily operations.

Automated Billing


Billing is done automatically within the app and in one step. As of 2018 Insight claims to have processed over $1 billion in collections and millions in insurance claims.

From the moment of intake patients undergo an electronic eligibility check. Alerts are set up for missing patient elements. All of these together make it easy for the system to set up appropriate bills.

A/R Management

Insight also offers support for A/R management. The app takes care of processes such as auto claims status, rejection/denial analysis, correction queues, and even appeals support.

KPI Metrics Support

At the end of every month, the app prepares KPI metrics that help with decision-making. They also perform period close and monthly financials. These can help practices greatly with data analysis.

Insight also offers coaching to customers to help them understand trends and analysis within their data. The metrics support is perfect for company growth.

Users get to see in real time how various practices affect their baseline. They can view which methods to reject and which they need to continue quickly and easily.

Easy Claims Submission

Insight facilitates claims processing in one click either via electronic or paper methods. The rigorous click is considerably shortened thanks to the integrations within the app. Insight has EOB and receipt management, paper payment posting, Pre-populated PQRS codes for selection.

You can also claim validation against the rules editor, post ERAs, and other complex ERA postings.

Charting Tools

The charting tools in Insight are perfect for practitioners. Charting tools help therapists create proper records of all patient information within the system. Therapists love this function as it clear, precise and easy to understand.

The tools are also customizable and can be set to fit specific therapists needs.

Document Storage

Insight also offers cloud storage. Users never have to lose essential documents as storage is unlimited. With Insight EMR data can be recalled from any point in time and its perfect for taking history.

With the help of cloud storage, you can perform analytics at any time. Insight makes data processing fast, and efficiency of staff increases. Claims and all other billing problems get quickly resolved due to document storage options.

Digital Signature

Insight also includes digital signatures to create paperless transactions. Digital signatures make patient information more accessible for tracking and processing. It also contributes positively to the environment as the need for paper is significantly lowered.


Customer Service

Customer service within the Clinicient is not always optimum, and this is a big con. In the event of problems, users cannot rely on support to immediately solve all their problems. Referrals to videos and websites are more common than necessary. Extension of waiting times is also standard.

Quote Pricing

Potential users have to rely on quotes to determine the price. There is no universal price, and it is dependent on the size of your practice.


Pricing details are available on request. But luckily, you can request a demo and walk through the functionalities of the system.

Support Details



  • Documentation
  • Webinars
  • Live Online
  • In Person


Technical Details

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Monthly payment
  • Quote-based

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business


  • Cloud Hosted

Wrapping Up

Finally, the Insight app is a standard application for EMR. Insight EMR has all the tools necessary to complete work on a patient. Insight offers exceptional scheduling and patient registration.

Its billing function also makes it easy to wrap things up with patients. The processing of Insurance claims is fast, easy and all within one app.

Clinicients offer of coaching is also unique and quite fascinating. The recognition of the usefulness of data and the interest in helping users is admirable.

They, however, do not offer free trials to consumers and pricing is by quote. Potential users would have to contact the company and rely on demos to figure out if the app is a fit.

All in all, Insight is an okay app for EMR and offers a host of valuable features. Its integrations also make it a smooth app from registration to final billing.

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