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Full ClearCompany HR Software Review – All You Need to Know About ClearCompany


Thanks to software like ClearCompany! Applicant tracking, recruiting, onboarding and management have never been easier.

Formerly known as HRM Direct, this software launched in 2004. ClearCompany have provided hiring, onboarding, and employee performance solutions to over 2000 customers.

In this article, we’ll be doing an in-depth review of this software. We’ll uncover its features, benefits, and drawbacks. By the end, you’ll know enough to make a decision.

Let’s start with the obvious question.

What is The ClearCompany HR Software?

ClearCompany is a human resource management software designed to help companies with tracking, hiring, and managing talent. Both public and private industries can make use of this software.

ClearCompany handles recruitment, employee onboarding, and performance management. This software has an applicant tracking platform with features such as bulk emails, mobile job sites, referral management, advanced corporate site integration, one-click background checks, social sharing tools, and others.

The Applicant Tracking system makes it easy to track, evaluate, and recruit qualified candidates. The integrated sourcing tool gives users access to about 160 million profiles of talented candidates.

This software reduces hiring time with its smart screening systems and video interviewing functionalities. ClearCompany’s reporting allows clients to maintain full OFCCP and EEO compliance.

This reporting tool also allows you to track everything from cost per hire to interview rates. The onboarding feature of this software offers automatic online tracking, delivery, and collection of all recruit forms.

Users also have the option to integrate with I-9 management and E-verify to approve offer letters and manage tasks. ClearCompany uses smart forms to reduce redundant data entry and validate data for accuracy and formatting.

The performance and goal management, users can set up customized scales, reviews, and questions including free-form results, scoring tables, and weighted sections. The various solutions of this software combine to source and improve talent by combining hiring with performance reviews.

It’s all fantastic, isn’t it?

But before you give your answer, there are other relevant sections of this review you have to read. These sections will provide a full picture of ClearCompany. Let’s go ahead and discuss how this software works, shall we?

How Does ClearCompany Work?

ClearCompany works in three stages; recruiting, engaging and retaining phase.


The recruiting phase is the first process. The following are the steps to take when recruiting with ClearCompany.

Define The Role

You have first to define the role and skills you need for a candidate. These qualities will automatically flow through your entire workflow, and ClearCompany software will provide you with the required tools to hire quality professionals.

Engage Your Hiring Team

The comprehensive tools provided by ClearCompany allows hiring managers to engage with candidates through assessments, interviews, and texts.

Assess Candidates Effectively

The application builder of this software handles the application processes. You can effectively assess candidates with the video interviewing functionality and assessment test partnerships.

Interview Stage

This software provides multi-interview scheduling, mobile interview tools, automated packets, customized interview questions, and actionable scorecards to ensure that you effectively evaluate the candidates and hire the right person for the job.

Offer Stage

You can easily create templates and track approvals you can send to your new employees to review and submit from anywhere.


In this stage, you have to engage the newly employed staff.

Define Your Process

This engagement stage allows you to manage the onboarding of new hires. You will have to accomplish tasks and compliance risk in this engagement stage.

This software comes with real-time interactive reports and dashboards which make it easy for you to evaluate your onboarding processes.

Reduce Risks

This software ensures that the company is risk compliant using e-signatures, I-9 verification, WOTC screening, and state tax form management.

Coordination of tasks

This software ensures that the new hires have all the systems, software, tools, equipment, and tools needed for the job. You also have to engage the new hires with the company goals and expectations.

This engagement platform automatically tracks the first 90 days of the new hires to enable you to measure the outcome using the reporting tool.


This stage involves processes used to retain newly hired and old employees.

Define Your Mission

With this software, you can engage your team around the mission, vision, and goal of your company. Your employees must understand their roles in the company.

With ClearCompany, you can set actionable and trackable goals based on roles for your employees. You have to align employee goals throughout your organization.

Recognize Achievements

This software has a Kudos feature which recognizes the achievements of employees. This feature integrates easily with slack, and it drives employees to adopt the values of the company.

The review portal allows you to give approval ratings and thrill your team members

Progress Monitoring

The real-time notifications will enable you to monitor the progress of your team. The feedback tools help you give employees feedback when the occasion arises.

Features of ClearCompany Software

Talent Operating System

ClearCompany’s Talent operating platform utilizes the vision and mission of your company to search and engage quality players. This system combines with the applicant tracking, onboarding, and performance solution to create amazing results.

Other Functions of The Talent Operating Platform

Role Management

This platform allows you to give each role its mission, goals and defined responsibilities. This information is then used to automate hiring, onboarding, and performance processes.

Human Resource Competencies

These multi-level HR competencies allow you to articulate and identify job excellence for any role or level in the organization.

This feature offers tools that let you leverage on free competencies at every stage of the employee lifecycle. You can use role and competency data to create interview guides and share it automatically.

ClearCompany offers you free access to up to 40 multi-level competencies from HRSG.

Goal Tracking & Alignment

This feature allows you to keep everyone on the same page as well as manage projects, tasks, and meetings.

Employee Engagement

This feature enables you to add and manage new documents throughout the employee lifecycle ensuring you have documented the new hires appropriately and the company is compliant.

Applicant Tracking

This applicant tracking platform helps in sourcing for passive candidates. With this platform, you can reach more talent. You can also import social contacts directly into the tracking system.

Other Functions of The Applicant Tracking Platform

Job Board Management & Discounted Posting

This platform allows you to manage, report and streamline all your channels of recruitment. ClearCompany has a partnership with some sites which will enable you to purchase paid job postings at a discounted rate.

Branded Career sites

ClearCompany helps you build branded career sites that feature all of your open jobs seamlessly.

Application Builder

The application builder combined with the interface, video and texting functionalities, your candidate is sure to get a good experience. This platform also allows you to build application processes in any language you need.

Referral Management

This platform provides tools for employees to be able o refer top talents to employers.

Mobile Application

The applicant tracking platform supports mobile use seamlessly, so candidates who are searching using mobile devices can find the posts.

Video Interviewing

This video interviewing feature makes it easy for employers to collect pre-recorded video responses from job applications at any time.

Interview Scheduling

This platform allows applicants to see the different open times for interviews to save time.

Interview Guidelines & Feedback

With this platform’s automated customized questions, you can give your hiring team the tools they need to ask the right questions. The mobile recruiting functionalities of this software make it simple for interviewers to pull up candidate information and resumes on their mobile phones.

This platform allows you to collect consistent feedback from individual candidates and customize templates according to toles and department.

Talent Community

The ATS database allows you to re-engage with past candidates that could be perfect for new openings. You can easily set search parameters to find the candidates that fit the job description.

Recruiting Analytics

The reporting tools are available to show all the analytics and insights of individual employees on a dashboard.

One-click Background Checks

This applicant tracking platform allows you to do background checks on employees to ensure your company and staff are free from risks.

Offer Letter management

This platform automates the process of creating, approving, sending and receiving offer letters.

Onboarding Platform

This software ensures that your branded portal provides new hires with all the information needed to prepare for their first day.

The user-friendly software allows new hires to perform tasks electronically thus providing a smooth onboarding process for them. New hires can view their onboarding packets easily with their mobile devices.

Other Functions of The Onboarding Platform


This platform ensures compliance with electronic W-4, I-9, state tax and other essential forms that need to be completed and stored. You can cater to WOTC, run verifications and do background checks electronically via this onboarding platform.

Smart Forms

The forms use an auto-fill technology that carries data from one document to another reducing error and redundant data.

Teammate Introduction

This feature helps introduce new hires to their peers, HR, and managers to make them feel like part of the company.

Automated Notifications

You can define, track, and automate your entire task process with setting deadlines and reminders for new hires and the rest of the team.

Reporting Tool

You can manage duties relating to onboarding new employees and handling staff compliance. The platform lets you take care of all these tasks by evaluating the various functions using real-time interactive reports and dashboards.

Performance Mangement Platform

This platform allows managers to start traditional review cycles easily with the click of a button. There is also unlimited peer & 360-degree reviews to give you a good view of the performance of your employees.

On this platform, the reviews can be time-based. The completion tracking feature allows you to get timely feedback from every staff.

Other Functions of The Performance Management Platform


This performance management system allows you to build your scales, questions, sections, reviews, approval and multi-stage processes.

Continuous Performance Tracking

You can continuously track the performance of your employees with consistent updates and goals

Real-time Feedback

This platform ensures that managers can easily give feedback to employees and implement performance when it matters.


This software is very employee friendly. ClearCompany connects performance data to hiring and talent tracking. With the dashboard, you can view all the essential information at a glance.

9-Box Reporting

The 9-box reports are customizable to fit your company’s preference.

Goal Tracking

This software comes with easy tools to track employee goals and ensure alignment.


The ClearCompany software attracts managers and HR professions because of its benefits. Highlighted below are the main attraction points of this software.

  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Intuitive and Easy User Interface
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Great Onboarding functionality


Even the best software has limitations, and ClearCompany is not exempt. Let’s take a look at the drawbacks of this software, shall we?

  • Limited Customizable features
  • Mobile Compatibility limitations
  • Slow Implementation process
  • Interview Scheduling Limitations

Pricing and Price Models

The price model for this software is on a quote basis. All price plans factor the number of users and solutions during the price quote.

Technical Details

Here is what you need to know about the technical details of this software.

Devices Supported

ClearCompany offers support across different operating systems and platform. These include Windows, Mac, Linux, Web-based devices, and Windows mobile devices.

Customer Types

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Business
  • large Enterprise
  • Freelancer


  • Cloud-Based
  • Open API


ClearCompany integrates with payroll provided and HRIS/ERP systems to improve data synchronization and transfer of information. This software integrates with solutions such as Paylocity, SinglePoint, Proliant, Paychex, and others.

Contact Support

ClearCompany provides customer service to users. You can contact support through telephone, emails or help tickets. The support agents are responsive and will sort out your issue in no time.

The self-service section os this software offers resources and training to help users set up and understand the software.

Wrapping Up

ClearCompany is one of the leading HR management software today with its distinctive features and solutions. This software solution makes it easy for companies to track and hire high-quality staff.

It does have its drawbacks, but which software doesn’t? So, is ClearCompany the best HR software in the market? We don’t know! You tell us.