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Full Clarizen Project Management Software Review – All you need to know about Clarizen

Clarizen Project Management Software

What is Clarizen Software?

Clarizen Software is a powerful project management solution that was is secure and built on a scalable platform. With Clarizen you get powerful workflow automation that will enable you to tackle any project of any size. Using high-quality social collaboration, you will be able to align your team and direct them towards your vision of execution.  With a unique combination of robust features, you will quickly see what makes Clarizen Software a top contender in the project management solution marketplace.

This software organization was founded in 2006 in the United States and grew exponentially throughout the world. Currently, they are serving customers in over 79 countries around the globe including multiple Fortune 500 organizations. They have won the Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice award for 2018 with customers like Dell, Western Union and NetApp who voted for them. The vision at Clarizen Software is to create a meaningful engagement experience that will allow your teams to work in the best way possible. They believe that when employees can connect to larger and with meaningful purpose, project expectations will be clear and the time it takes to accomplish them will accelerate. The team at Clarizen wants to help you move your business forward through their project management solution.

Clarizen Software is a single solution to your social collaboration and workflow automation. Providing organizations like yours with a well-defined work structure by simply connecting your staff to tasks, projects and amplifying conversations. Using Clarizen Software, you will have a faster way to manage all your business initiatives, work and keep track of progress. Connect your workforce by bringing about new levels of visibility and eliminating silos.

Benefits of Clarizen Software:

What makes Clarizen stand apart from the competitor? That is a question you ask when you are searching for your organization project management solution. You need to know how Clarizen will impact your organization to make your social collaboration and workflow automation a reality. There is a slew of benefits you can gain when you choose Clarizen Software. Have a look at a few of those must have benefits.

  • This project management solution is meant to serve not only project managers but also operational and functional managers.
  • Your organizational social collaboration will be easier to achieve without having to worry that someone will miss out on something.
  • You will have workflow automation that is clear and articulated accurately across all projects, teams and departments.
  • The user interface is very friendly to use and it is also fully customizable. Your teams will enjoy interacting in a way that will make workdays more effective and efficient.
  • Each user can personalize their dashboard in a way that information that pertains specifically to them is displayed. Furthermore, all project information will still be visible.
  • Clarizen is extremely adaptable. Therefore, you can use this software for a number of various functions that go beyond what it is designed for helping you achieve all your goals.
  • You don’t want to purchase software before being able to give it a test drive. With Clarizen Software you get a free trial that allows you to have an in-depth view of what it can do for you.
  • This project management solution is fully mobile optimized. Therefore, you can complete workflow automation and maintain social collaboration while on the go, at anytime and anywhere.

Features of Clarizen Software:

There are many reasons why you might choose this project management solution over any other. One of the biggest factors that go into that decision is the features it provides. Along with workflow automation and social collaboration, you need to know what it will provide your teams that make it a great choice for your organization. Have a look at the various features you get with Clarizen Software.

Have clear visibility into projects with a start to finish project dashboard.

Using Clarizen’s social collaborative work management system you will be able to bring all your work together in one centralized location. All your planned activities, your peer collaboration, your documents, reports and even unplanned activities can be documented and tracked throughout your company. Using the unique project management and workflow automation features you can unite all your teams and get the job done. Everyone will be able to work more efficiently and adapt to changes in order to deliver results.

Get real-time visibility into your projects and resources.

Through the ability to centralize all your data and activities, you will always know what is happening as it happens. Every change that gets made to a project, you will see it in real-time. Clarizen software automatically updates all information the minute it is inputted into the system. You will be able to identify overloaded resources and respond accordingly instantly. Furthermore, you can resolve issues that can affect your projects progress the minute those issues become apparent.

Track progress through full workflow automation.

As your teams take their projects to the next level, your workflow automation will update accordingly to match the pace of your teams. You will be able to have clear sight lines into where your teams are in projects and eliminate the need for extra administrative work using the workflow automation. Through the input of simplistic data, you can get your projects moving forward quickly. If there are issues or concerns in a project, you will be notified immediately through a notification that will pop up in your email. Furthermore, information will be updated across entire teams when one member completes an assigned task. Finally, as you assign individuals tasks, they will receive a notification and reminders to get it done.

Use this project management solution for fast and measurable ROI.

You need to prioritize aspects of each project. Therefore, you get to look at projects in-depth and compare them based on ROI, workloads, budget and even resource availability. Clarizen software will automate all process related to controlling demands and requests. You will easily be able to handle multiple projects at once and ensure that they proceed through the pipeline efficiently. Have a handle on each project to make sure that they are aligned with your long-term organizational goals. Using What-ifs analysis, you can reveal the possible outcomes of every change made to projects and business decisions.

Take control of project planning right from the box.

Clarizen Software has an out-of-box approach to helping you plan projects. You will get advanced project planning tools that contain both traditional project management methodologies and other possibilities. Use the tools such as due dates, milestones, resources, independencies, deliverables and generic resources along with sorting capabilities to help you plan your projects right from start to finish. Create projects right from scratch and have the ability to foresee how they will play out based these out-of-box planning features.

Have advanced security keeping your social collaboration conversations and project information safe.

With security breaches being at the forefront of the news in recent years, you want to know that your project management solution is going to keep your sensitive organizational data secure. The Clarizen software security servers are hosted in SOC 2, North American type II tier 3 certified facilities. Your data will be monitored and archived under the umbrella of multiple firewalls. The format used is encrypted MD-5 has which means that there will be no unprotected sections of your information and it won’t be accessed without user permission.

Keep track of past, current and future projects through a range of reporting and analytic features.

Clarizen Software is extremely robust in its summarizing options. You can use pre-built reports or custom develop them yourself. You will be able to get project summaries or even specific project insights based on filter options through generating reports. Furthermore, you can analyze the data to find loopholes that can save you both time and money. Export your data and reports through Jira or Excel and have them emailed to you and appropriate team members. Then archive them for future operations.

Utilize the various integration that comes with this project management solution.

Make your workflow automation more accurate and accessible through various integrations. You can have your projects sync with your calendars through the integrations with Outlook or Google Calendars. Furthermore, input customer information and other pertinent details through CRM integrations such as Salesforce or Oracle E-Business suite. Keep information accessible through the cloud with Box and Google Drive integrations. There is a whole slew of integrations you can use that can help move projects forward. Use Tableau, Slack, Sap and many others as you see fit for your organization.

Pricing Details of Clarizen Software:

There are two different pricing plans that Clarizen Software has for your convenience. Both are quoted based and thus, you will need to contact the vendor to get the exact pricing details for your organization. However, each does come with a 30-day free trial and multiple features. Check out the details of each plan.


With this plan you will get 150 custom fields, 15 roll up summaries fields, ten relation summaries and you can create 200 business rules. Furthermore, you get 100 custom actions, 15 Clarizen panels, and 50 scheduled components such as reports and workflow automation. Additionally, there is ten global mailboxes, 200 InterAct rules, 2000 emails for support mailboxes per day and 1 GB of storage per paid seat.


This plan includes 4000 custom fields, 80 RollUp Summary Fields, 15 relation summaries and 400 business rules that you can create. Furthermore, there are 300 custom actions, 100 Clarizen panels, up to 120 per day scheduled components and ten global mailboxes. You also get 100 InterAct rules, thousands of both global and local emails for support or entity along with unlimited storage per seat.

Please note: There are also four license types that you can choose from under Full, Team Member, Social and Time & Expense categories.

Technical Details of Clarizen Software:

Clarizen Software is hosted either as an open API or through the cloud. Therefore, you can use this project management solution on Window or Mac devices. Furthermore, there is a web-based version that can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connectivity. Finally, get the mobile apps that are designed specifically for iOS and Android device and can be found in their respective stores.

Supported languages are English, Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified), German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese and Hebrew.

Support Details:

No software organization is complete without providing you with adequate support. Therefore, you need to know that Clarizen will have your back when issues arise. Here are the support details you get with this project management solution.

Email: Use a dedicated email address to contact the staff at Clarizen with issues, concerns or questions. Their response time is fairly quick as they strive to respond within 24 hours of receipt.

Phone: Call in using a dedicated toll-free North American phone number to speak to a live representative immediately.

Live Support: Use the chat box through your user dashboard in order to place support requests. A live representative will then help you out remotely to ensure issues get resolved.

Tickets: Create technical support tickets in a help desk setting that will be evaluated and placed in the appropriate queue. You will then be contacted by the appropriate support person.

Training: There are a slew of training options from webinars, online and in-person training that will help you and your teams use Clarizen software to it’s fullest potential.


Clarizen Software is a great project management solution when you are looking for workflow automation and social collaboration. You will be able to stay on top of all projects that are either completed, in progress or planned for the future. Using the robust list of powerful features and integrations, you can achieve all your organizational goals through the use of this software. No matter how simple of complex your projects may be, you will be able to achieve organizational unity across them all using Clarizen Software.

Ultimately, you know your organization best. Therefore, it is essential you listen to experts and read end-user reviews to help you determine if Clarizen Software is the right one for you. Make sure to thoroughly examine all the details to help you gain the insight you need to make a well-informed decision regarding your project management solution.