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Full Checkfront Online Booking Software Review – All you need to know about Checkfront

Checkfront Software Dashboard

What is Checkfront?

Checkfront software is a type of online booking software that is also used for customer management. It has a variety of very useful tools that can be used to support many different types of reservations and bookings. It supports integration with many various online services that makes reservations and bookings easy and hassle free.

Checkfront was developed by two co-founders, Jason Morehouse and Grant Jurgeneit. They designed this to help service operators to better manage their online bookings. Since Large companies have antiquated systems that help to centralize their reservations and take payments, many other companies were still struggling with ways to manage bookings through email forms and produce spreadsheets. Business owners like yourself were wanting to create a more seamless and professional online experience and thus Checkfront was developed as a solution.

They scrutinize every aspect of their booking software so that it is easy to use, secure, designed beautifully and performs flawlessly. It was also designed to be priced fairly. They wanted to take the work that you have to do when it comes to managing the complexities and the administrative work that goes into service-based bookings. They allow you to focus more on customers and what you love to do rather than spend countless hours working on reservations and bookings.

Checkfront software was first launched in 2009 as an application. It was aimed to integrate into relevant websites and services to make the process of booking appointments and taking payments do-able online for your clients. There is a lot of positive feedback in regards to how easily online bookings are being done through the use of this booking software. Over 4000 businesses are using Checkfront booking software for their bookings and reservations from around the globe.

Benefits of Checkfront Software:

Before utilizing a new booking software, you want to be sure that there are benefits that will make it worthwhile for you. After all, you want a booking software that will help cut down on your administrative tasks, not make them harder. Here is an overview of the benefits offered by Checkfront.

  • You can manage all your reservations and bookings seamlessly with just a few clicks.
  • They handle all kinds of customer management industries like hotels, rentals, guides, tours and so much more.
  • You can set your own rates, offer specials, and develop packages that are designed specifically for your industry.
  • There is the built-in process where you can set your own availability and never have to work when you don’t want to. This can change week to week or even among days.
  • Checkfront software integrates seamlessly with many different payment systems so that you can receive payments online quickly and efficiently.
  • You have the ability to customize the payment procedures to however you like. If you only want your customers to make down payments or pay in full in advance, you can set it that way. There is also the option to provide online bookings discounts.
  • There is a free trial that you can utilize before making the decision to purchase this booking software.
  • Checkfront software comes with SSL security protocols that allow you to protect all your accounts and keep your information safe from breaches.
  • The availability of open API makes it able to be integrated with any existing customer management software, websites and marketing software among others.
  • It has over 109 great features that can be used for a variety of things and 50 different integrations to make it a seamless addition to your already established customer management procedures.

Checkfront Software Features:

When looking for a booking software to handle your reservations and bookings, you want to be sure that there are features that will benefit you. It is essential that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Make sales and generate more revenue using Checkfront:

There are a lot of different tools you can use when it comes to selling and generating more revenue for your company. There are self-service bookings that allow your customers to do online bookings right from your website. They can also instantly process their payments according to the parameters you set up. You also have the opportunity to automate billing and invoices that will help save you time. You can use this feature to provide gift certificate and vouchers for your services. This booking software also allows you to accept phone and walk-in bookings as it will process credit card payments. You will never lose bookings and reservations due to the fact that this booking software is always online.

Have a great customer management system in place.

The dashboard is updated in real-time and provides all your data right when you need it. You can also allow customers to review their past reservations and bookings and store auto-fill details with the option to adjust future bookings. You can also use this booking software to provide your customers with a custom form builder to help save time on paperwork at the time of arrival. Set your maximum and minimum thresholds while intelligently allocating shared resources with your staff so that you are always ready for guests. Set booking rules according to your preferences. As you collaborate with your staff, you can provide them limited access to Checkfront software in order to only let them see what is necessary for them.

Monitor your business with detailed reports.

This booking software comes with the opportunity to have a clear line of sight into your business. You have access to granular reports to see what kind of traffic, referrals and promotions you are getting. You will always know what is working and what isn’t. This customer management tool sync automatically with any external calendars you are already using like Outlook or Google. Your cash out procedures will be a lot simpler with the use of end of day reports that can include revenue broken out by payment provider and types of payments. You can export any of the reports so that you can take them with you or print them off. Checkfront software can open reports in Excel, PDF, XML or CSV files with the option to do a full export into XML. Utilize the opportunity to simplify customer management by producing manifest and guest reports that include contact details, preferences and all the needed information to prepare for the arrival of your clients. On top of all these reports, you can also get customized sales summaries to see who your top performers are by date, staff, category and items.

Enhance your marketing experience and generate more business.

Through this booking software, you have the option to allow third-parties to refer customers and get commissions of varying levels through reservations and bookings. Whatever industry you are in, you can use channel management through your integrations. (Ie: Travel industries can integrate with booking.com or Expedia). You can use the Checkfront software booking map to plot where your customers are coming from. You can accept online bookings through social media accounts like Facebook. Automate your customer management by sending confirmations, alerts, invoices and follow-ups. This is fully customizable according to your preferences and by staff and partners. Also understand how much your marketing spend is with Google Adwords and Facebook ad tracking.

There are many other features that come with this customer management and booking software that you will love. This is just an overview of a few of the main features that will help to make your business more efficient with less time spent on tedious administrative tasks.

Checkfront software Pricing:

There are 4 different pricing models that you can look into and choose from according to your specific needs. Each one comes with a free trial that allows you to utilize the software for 21 days with no strings attached.


This package is $49/month and it allows for 2 staff members, 1200 bookings per year and has basic support.


This one allows for 5 staff accounts, lets you have 3000 bookings per year and also offers basic support. It is $99/month.


This package is among the most popular and it is $199/month. This package lets you have 10 staff accounts, gives you priority support and allows for 6000 bookings per year.


There is the option to customize a plan that is specific to your needs. You need to contact them in order to receive a quote. This is especially useful for much larger enterprises and when you have unique needs.

There is the ability to get a 15% discount when you pay for annual subscriptions. You can also add on a site builder to help you with your website for an additional $29 per month to all packages.

Technical Details:

When you are looking at a customer management and booking software, you want to be sure it will be compatible with the systems you use.

As Checkfront Software allows for online bookings and is cloud-hosted, you can use this booking software with just about any device on any operating system. There is the option for downloading apps that are geared for smartphone compatibility. It can be downloaded through iTunes on iOS devices or the play store for all android devices.

The language that is supported is English. However, the software itself can be used in the language of your choosing.

Checkfront Software Support Details:

In the past, Checkfront was criticized for having subpar support for their booking software and they have taken steps to rectify that. They now have 24/7 support options available.

  • Phone: You can call in and get help via the phone. There is a toll-free number for North America, a number for locations in the UK and there is an international number provided.
  • Email: They have a general email where you can get information and an email that is provided for technical support.
  • Live Support: You can get in touch with a representative remotely and they will handle issues promptly.
  • Training: To learn more about how to use Checkfront software, there are a variety of training tools available to you.
  • Tickets: You can create tickets through a helpdesk platform that will enable the support techs to prioritize the tickets given and answer to you in order of sequence.


Looking into a customer management and booking software that will suit your needs can be difficult. Checkfront software is a true contender with its online bookings, reservations and booking tools and so much more. It is truly a great tool for both customer management and for managing a large variety of administrative tasks online.

Depending on the industry that you work in, there are great pricing options available that can suite most budgets. Also, the variety of benefits and features make it an especially appealing way to take reservations and bookings.

Overall, this booking software is a complete package. With everything from integrated payments to generating a large variety of reports, you can truly handle your customer management from this one platform. The fact that is can integrated to include partners and third-parties makes it even more desirable for many different companies to utilize.