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Full Cerner EMR Medical Practice Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Cerner EMR

Cerner EMR
Cerner EMR

What is Cerner EMR?

Cerner EMR is a powerful electronic medical record software that provides healthcare professionals with a plethora of solutions including population health management, clinical solutions, practice management, and revenue cycle management. In addition, the well-built medical practice platform makes it easier for medical institutions to aggrandize the coordination of patient care as it gathers all relevant clinical information in a streamlined environment for smart decision-making that advocates patient safety. Subsequently, health organizations can also fall back on its industry-leading documentation tools which are designed to get rid of duplicate information in the hopes of maximizing the productivity of their personnel.

Established in 1979 by the skilled trio of Neal Patterson, Cliff Illig, and Paul Group, the Kansas-based healthcare computer program is being leveraged by more than 27,500 facilities worldwide including West Tennessee Healthcare, Excela Health, Rogers Behavioral Health, St. Luke’s Hospital, Uniontown Hospital, and Winona Health. What makes Cerner EMR a perfect fit for virtually any healthcare provider is its versatility to not only improve the health and well-being of the patients but also its robust hosting capabilities that guarantee product purchasers a maximum uptime. From remote hosting option and operational management services to disaster recovery services and enterprise solution hosting, the multitalented cloud-based solution has got everyone covered as it proactively pinpoints teething troubles before delivering scalable and dependable services.

Cerner EMR Benefits

Healthcare providers whether small or large encounter daily challenges that are groomed to test their systems and workflows. Dynamized by an extreme blend of integrated financial and clinical services, Cerner EMR gives the means for medical experts to embellish patient experience, save costs and effort, and more essentially authorize regulatory conformity. With that said, here is the summary of its benefits:

Automated PowerChart Ambulatory

Built in with interoperable capabilities throughout multiple wellness groups, Cerner EMR banks on its ambulatory services in systematizing clinical and workflow objectives of medical experts and teams to asseverate that the appropriate physicians have the appropriate information at the appropriate time. Interestingly, medical specialists can also make use of special exercises that adopt cognitive methods to uplift the satisfaction of patients and staff and accelerate revenue management success in clinics and hospitals. By the same token, the dynamic medical practice software is likewise capable of reevaluating clinical and diagnostic aftereffects as well as analyzing custom address requests and patient chart.

Consequently, Cerner EMR is also armed with a voice dictation peripheral which initiates the start and signing of documentation within the platform. In connection with documentation, the potent electronic medical records computer system is likewise fueled with high-powered documentation equipment that programs the formulation of clinical notes related to care distribution and chart information. Besides voice dictation, medical professionals can also employ narrative and auto-text in setting up and characterizing the triggers of pre-completed information.

Adjacently, pertinent chart information such as diagnoses, medications, orders, vitals, and problems are automatically included in the documentation to make certain that notes work three times faster than the ordinary. Further, the puissant medical practice pulpit is also geared with an intuitive portal that has the potentiality to let patients and physicians communicate through anchored messaging when updating information, transmitting files and documents, and requesting refills. Addedly, the Cerner EMR portal can likewise observe clinical data such as immunizations, lab results, medications, and allergies as well as make or change appointments.

Other than that, the progressive medical practice solution is further dandified with an application service model which trims down hardware expenses and squabbles. Impressively, Cerner EMR also exhibits a single-screen view wherein health specialists can observe schedules and the gathering of patient data. By means of this procedure, medical providers are not only able to avoid the irksome process of toggling between multiple screens but also enrich the potency of their staff and collections.

Cerner EMR

Effective Claims And Billing Process

On the other hand, Cerner EMR also sports a centralized billing and claims solution that presents the means for medical organizations to empower communication and facilitate cleaner claims with the aim of expediting reimbursement. Roused by its divergent integration abilities, the cross-platform electronic medical records groupware takes full advantage of work queues to assists the management of collections and monitoring of financial stability throughout the whole system. Proximately, medical professionals can also resort to imaging technology to automatically deposit and regain documents as well as directly posting payments in order to view the account status of patients.

By the same token, the outstanding medical practice rostrum can likewise amalgamate communication between clinical and billing departments to not only consolidate efficiencies but also oversee denials, appeals, and variances in a rationalized workflow for a solitary point of culpability. Gassed up with real-time documentation proficiencies, Cerner EMR makes it possible for health providers to come up with charges hinged on clinical documentation before automatically routing them to their clients thereafter. Additionally, medical and health organizations can further utilize its claims and billing functionalities in mutating costs to manage payer and state requisites as well as in layering logic based on particular metrics such as encounter types and insurance to determine cost information.

What is more is that Cerner EMR fast-tracks the claims process by generating tailor-made workflows, supporting payer billing preconditions, and bumping tasks to the billing people for work prioritization. Ensuingly, the multidimensional medical practice platform can electronically distribute letters and billing statements to their patients with the assistance of the program’s correspondence service. Interestingly, product purchasers can also access over 30 Commercial, State, and Federal prospective payment structures to supervise the biorhythm of a settlement contract before cashing in on a wide array of reimbursement estimations and claim types for the re-pricing of historical claims.

Cerner EMR

Efficient Practice Management

Moreover, the forward-looking medical practice software is stoked up with revolutionary components that ameliorate the services of a particular practice. Energized by its practice management module, Cerner EMR gives the power for health gurus to effectively and efficiently manage vital clinic affairs such as registration and scheduling, patient accounting and monitoring and reporting. Pertaining to scheduling, the booming cloud-based solution makes it more unproblematic for medical professionals to customize, suspend, or cancel sessions, jot down patient contacts, and examine the full history of the consultation.

On a related note, medical corporations can also set up and locate available rendezvous based on patient requests and clinical orders. In addition, Cerner EMR is likewise capable of drumming up helpful insights that enable hospital providers to determine the most effective strategies and find their weak points in order to calibrate and embroider their services. Consequentially, the hyped-up electronic medical records spreadsheet is further amplified with its adroitness to automatically distribute patient dossier in real-time to any US health provider to assure superlative flaccidity.

Notably, the prosperous medical provider software can likewise take care of the workload of medical experts through its interactive work bulletins. Piqued by its master person identifier facet, Cerner EMR allows product purchasers to conclusively monitor the activities of the patients throughout the cohesive health system. Furthermore, medical specialists can enroll patients with the aid of a close-knit workflow that is equipped with transaction services.

Burgeoning Imaging Attributes

Meanwhile, Cerner EMR also flaunts an enterprise document management functionality that has what it takes to electronically launch information transfer and document archiving and imaging capture. Spurred by its point-of-care and batch capture, the well-rounded electronic medical records program grants the means for medical institutions to instantly flick through patient records before storing and making it available for authorized personnel within their group. In addition, product consumers can also industrialize the mechanism of stationing files within the patient chart and extracting index rates from a series of images.

Coterminously, the heavy-duty medical practice platform can pick up documents from a variety of third-party programs before embedding it into patient records. Likewise, Cerner EMR is mobilized with a Patient eSignature component that gives the green light for patients to affix their signatures on electronic documents and saving for future use. Additionally, health authorities can also perform business office managing as it utilizes an 835Converter to engender human-readable images and single document capture to hoard patient accounting in divergent levels including encounter, statement, and claim degrees.

Cerner EMR

Cerner EMR Features

Cerner EMR is accoutered with a wide range of plugins that include dynamic clinical documentation tools, patient portal, patient education resources, auto-texting, patient eSignature, multiple integrations, comprehensive dashboard scheduling, intelligent charting, imaging, patient accounting, revenue cycle management, enterprise document management, and practice management. In addition, the flourishing medical practice software is also nourished with precise reporting and analytics that capacitates health professionals to come up with the most up-to-date information to empower them to make timely decisions on particular ventures. Other than that, product users can likewise appropriate its workforce and capacity management attribute in not only delivering supreme care at the lowest costs but also in boosting patient outcomes and results by indulging clients and members a complete transparency and arrangement of chattels.

Also, Cerner EMR manifests a multitude of population health management peripherals including the highly-regarded longitudinal record, which is responsible for satiating physicians with a standardized outline of the patient’s medical history so that they can provide them with the most befitting care. Supercharged by its registries and scorecards, the rugged electronic medical records belvedere promptly recognize the chasms in care in order to put out immediate solutions to heighten the experience of every client. Addedly, medical professionals can likewise accumulate the most advantageous quality and health status through its community care management solution which monitors, coordinates, and facilitates health services on a number of groups with specific complications, diseases, and risks.

Cerner EMR

Furthermore, Cerner EMR possesses clinical solutions that include chart search for locating the most germane files, concepts, and clinical documents. Vivified by its registry worklist and natural language processing, the multifunctional cloud-based platform accredits medical experts to automatically reassess and enter code notes in a matter of seconds as well as figure out subsets of clients to collect apposite data so that they can put out urgent actions on definitive outcomes. That along with its dragon voice recognition and document quality review components, Cerner EMR can systematically unearth clinical findings to make certain of a particular diagnosis.

On top of that, the clinical solutions of Cerner EMR can function well on various medical substructures including nursing, pediatrics, oncology, women’s health, virtual health, perioperative, infection control, and continuum of care. Above all, the vibrant medical practice platform is also invigorated with extensive security elements such as advanced authentication, auditing and log interchange, and identification. Other features of Cerner EMR are lights on network, 724Access, instant access, P2Sentinel, performance improvement, patient access, health information management, and coding, regulatory services, Skybox mobility, health and wellness consulting, IT management and alignment, reference lab networks, strategic advisory services, client extensibility, and device connectivity.


Pricing information for Cerner EMR can only be acquired upon the request of the customer. Contact the vendor today for a comprehensive quotation and other product details.

Cerner EMR

Technical Details

Cerner EMR is available in a wide range of devices including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux, and over the web. Powered by an English language support, the modern medical practice solution serves customer types such as small and medium businesses and large markets. In addition, product purchasers can also deploy the software into cloud-hosted environments. Among its integrations include EBSCO Nursing Resources, Vocera Wireless Communication System, CHADIS, FormFast, CHRON Health Telemedicine, Mortara Instrument, DAIC, and Welch Allyn Plus Technologies Enterprise Software.

Support Details

Cerner EMR is appareled with a compelling technical support team that indulges medical institutions with email support, live chat support, blogs, and phone support. In reference to phone support, the world-class electronic medical records computer program features an encyclopedic phone support team from various places in the world including Austria, Australia, Brazil, France, Egypt, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, health providers can also resort to its eService Portal to communicate with other physicians, experts, and software developers. Other resources available in Cerner EMR are uCern, uLearn, news releases, physician ambulatory support, and video tutorials.