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Full Centricity EMR EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About Centricity EMR


Capturing and storing patient information can be a daunting experience for those in the healthcare industry. But, you can relax now because platforms like Centricity EMR are here to save the day.

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The Centricity EMR is an EHR solution built by GE healthcare; a $19 billion healthcare establishment. The company is also one of the leading names in the provision of gene and cell technologies, biomanufacturing, monitoring, and medical imaging.

With intelligent services, applications, data analytics, and devices, the company offers precision health in monitoring, therapeutics, and diagnostics.

Even more, GE Healthcare has more than 100 years experience developing solutions for the healthcare industry. Plus, these solutions can also help improve outcomes for life science companies and researchers, healthcare providers, and even patients.

That said, this review will take you into the Centricity EMR space and explore its features, setbacks, and benefits.

But, before we go further, let’s start with the basics.

What is Centricity EMR?

The Centricity EMR Practice solution is an integrated EHR software for financial and clinical management in medical establishments. The software also offers a robust suite of functionalities for electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management.

GR Healthcare has an extensive focus on solutions for the complete healthcare service continuum. As a result, the Centricity EMR comes with a wide variety of well-developed integrations with third-party platforms across the entire healthcare community.

Even more, the Centricity EMR software also integrates with numerous medical imaging systems, medical devices, and even other GE Healthcare solutions.

Additionally, the system is designed to give you excellent reporting tools for clinical outcomes. With these reporting tools, you get essential functionalities for benchmarking your practice to your peers across the country. As a result, you can be better prepared to take part in pay for performance medicine events.

The solutions offered by Centricity EMR comes with fundamentally robust interoperability. With the system, you get a Clinical Messenger for supporting your communication with other practices associated with a patient’s care, as well as the patients themselves. This connectivity is made possible by an interface engine that supports the integration of third-party systems or programs for sharing clinical notes, billing data, lab reports, and other relevant data.

Interestingly, the Centricity EMR software has achieved 2011/2012 certification for ONC-ATCB. As a result, Meaningful Users are eligible for federal EHR stimulus funds. Also, the software is CCHIT certified, thanks to its deep and extensive functionality.

Pros of Using Centricity EMR

So, you’ve gone through a basic knowledge of the Centricity EMR software. How about we go through the advantages of using the software.

Now, what are the benefits that come with the Centricity EMR software?

Third Party Interfaces

The Centricity EMR software functions as a scalable solution for seamlessly connecting you with other medical practice systems.

Also, the software provides you with assistance when it comes to the implementation of these integrations. As a result, you can ensure that all interfaces run smoothly without interfering with your workflow.

Additionally, this capability offers healthcare providers and non-providers an EMR solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing programs.


Centricity EMR comes with an e-prescribing function that helps physicians spend less time prescribing medications to patients.

With this function, you can prescribe medicines to your patients over the air. As a result, relaying information gets faster, and patients can instantly get a doctor’s order on time. Even more, your patients can get their refills requests and prescriptions receipts without having to step foot in their doctor’s office.

Online Patient Engagement

Centricity EMR as an EHR solution allows you to engage more with patients when providing healthcare.

The system comes with an online portal that lets your patients view their medical records. These patients can also connect with physicians over the net.

As a physician, you can also use this tool in educating your patients using helpful materials about different illnesses. Plus, you can also remind them of their appointments and inform them of preventative measures. Hence, you can ensure that your patients have sound health more comfortably.

Enhanced Quality Care

The Centricity EMR solution comes cocked with a Quality Care dashboard. With this dashboard, you can keep track of the healthcare your institution provides, allowing you to judge your services against industry standards. As a result, you can ensure that you give the best healthcare to your patients.

Additionally, you can use this feature to measure your care quality to see if it needs further enhancement.

Collaborative Platform

Using the Centricity EMR software allows providers and non-providers the chance to work together from a central interface. As a result, they can simultaneously work on patient records and share their updates or inputs immediately on their shared screen.

With this functionality, you can reduce the time it takes to update and edit to ensure that all coworkers are up to speed all at once. Plus, you can also instantly act on any complications that may arise.

Faster Data Entry

Centricity EMR as an EHR solution comes equipped with numerous tools to hasten the record of patient encounters as well as make other data entries faster.

The system also supports dictation, allowing you to perform other tasks hands-free.

Even more, the system automates code mapping after you input your diagnosis. As a result, you don’t have to search for essential codes manually.

Cons of Using Centricity EMR

Knowing only the pros of the Centricity EMR software leads to you making a half-baked decision about the software, and we don’t want that, do we?

So, how about we go through the flaws of the system?

It’s A Bit Pricey

The upfront costs of purchasing the Centricity EMR software might be a bit higher than you anticipated. Plus, your spending doesn’t end there; you pay for every additional option to the system.

System Glitches

With Centricity EMR being cloud-based, the system tends to be unstable. Plus, you might also encounter error messages that are difficult to decipher.

Features of Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR as an EHR solution comes attached with a variety of impressive features. It’s little wonder why healthcare establishments find the software attractive.

Well then, let’s explore the features of this software, shall we?

Practice Management (PM) Module

Centricity EMR has a Practice Management Module that helps you strengthen your financial performance. The software is an interoperable EMR solution that lets you connect to your practice management system of choice.

Centricity is also an integration of a fully functional Practice Management and EMR system, giving a fantastic Practice Solution. Even more, the Practice Management module also helps you in streamlining your practice management processes and billing workflow. As a result, you can realize a more productive practice.

The Centricity Practice Solution also helps with increasing your revenue cycle efficiencies and improving business productivity when used with A/R Accelerator and Hosted Claims Manager.

Some of the other benefits of this tool include:

  • A customizable and flexible scheduling interface that offers you a real-time view of your daily activities, giving you a seamless patient experience
  • An informative financial dashboard that gives you a high-level view of your financials concerning MGMA KPIs, allowing easy access to accurate and timely information
  • A comprehensive account summary, giving you essential accounting information in a single platform. Hence, allowing your staff to improve interaction with guarantors and save time
  • An A/R Accelerator that streamlines and automates features like insurance and claim management, denial and remittance management, appointment eligibility, and patient intake process. Plus, you also get reports and convenient task management to ease the tracking of staff productivity.

Electronic Medical Record

Well, by now you might have realized that Centricity is an Electrical Medical Record solution. With the software, you can securely store clinical records. Plus, you can also transmit, store, and capture essential patient data.

Additionally, you also get at-a-glance access and quick data entry techniques for patient information. As a result, you can get everything you need right where you need them. Even more, the Centricity EMR software is also a certified 2015 ONC Edition EHR.

Merit-Based Incentive Payment Systems

From total medical expenses to quality measures, the Centricity EMR software can help you excel when it comes to Merit-Based Incentive Payment Systems (MIPS).

The software is a comprehensive Analytics, Population Health, Practice Management, and EHR software that doesn’t only help you excel in MIPS but also in other value-based healthcare payment systems.

But how?

Well, the Centricity EMR software helps you deliver informed care more efficiently, reduce overall patient medical expense, and coordinate care across care settings and teams.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

The Centricity EMR software has been pre-validated by NCQA to accept auto-credit toward the organization’s PCMH 2017 scoring. As a result, the software helps you reduce your administrative burden of having to attain PCMH 2017 recognition.

Interoperable EMR

Orthopedic practices tend to be under a lot of pressure with a decrease in reimbursements and a transition to value-based care. Hence, there’s a pile of growing challenges facing the industry. However, the Centricity EMR software comes with a helping hand.

With the software, orthopedic practices can manage these challenges through your experience as well as that of your patients. As a result, you have a better chance of enhancing your clinical performance.

Population Health Solution

Centricity EMR also has a population health solution that provides the risk profiles of your patients. This way, you can ensure that your patients engage in the needed care and also optimize the value of the healthcare you provide. As a result, you can achieve the ultimate goal which is to boost the quality of care that you deliver.

Also, this feature helps you enhance your productivity and have your patients feeling contented with the kind of engagement they get. Even more, you can effectively build your business by efficiently delivering informed care with this EMR solution.

Additionally, you can also prioritize patients for intervention, manage populations efficiently, coordinate across the care team, deliver consistent and thorough care, and capture value-based payments.

Pricing Model of Centricity EMR

Centricity EMR offers healthcare organizations a customizable solution that is also pre-validated for Patient-Centered Medical Homes, ICD-10 ready, Meaningful Use certified, and gets quickly and easily implemented.

To purchase the software, all you have to do is to pay a one-time fee for implementation and installation, as well as annual maintenance and support cost.

The software employs customized enterprise plans tailored to your needs like third-party interfaces, physical or virtual systems, and so on. Hence, you need to contact the company for detailed information on their pricing.

Technical Details

At this point, you might be wondering why healthcare establishments find Centricity EMR easy to use. Well, the software is easy to use because:

  • Centricity EMR supports any Windows device
  • The EHR solution employs a pricing model with a one-time payment, annual subscription, and even quotation
  • The Centricity EMR software’s deployment gets done on-premise
  • Centricity EMR has an extensive customer base that includes medium businesses and large enterprises

Support Details

What kind of customer support do you get from Centricity EMR? You get nothing but awesome customer service.

All you have to do is to head over to their contact page and fill in the necessary details. A member of the Centricity EMR support team will get in touch with you to get your issues resolved in no time. You can also contact the company via email or phone.

Wrapping It Up

The Centricity EMR is an EHR solution built for the electronic healthcare niche. The software is a secure system for storing and capturing medical institution and patient records, and also distributing them among other stakeholders.

As an EHR solution, you can use Centricity EMR on its own or integrate it with your existing practice management system. As a result, you have room for scalability since the software adapts seamlessly to your clinic or hospital’s operations.

Even more, the Centricity EMR software comes with a bunch of features that help you in streamlining patient management, improving your healthcare provision, and lowering your costs.

Additionally, the software also manages your HIPAA compliance requirements. Hence, you don’t need to worry about how secure your data is. Plus, the system also stores your customers’ data in compliance with HIPAA.

Fine, Centricity EMR comes with its flaws. However, the software remains one of the leading EHR solutions out on the market.

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