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Full CASA Campaign Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About CASA


What is CASA?

CASA is an impeccable retail marketing and customer relationship management platform that provides global retailers with a groundbreaking approach to accelerate their profit, spur customer integrity and improve campaign performance. Developed by Ajira, the multidimensional software was specially designed to serve the Indian retail industry with innovative SMS marketing, email marketing, digital signage solutions, walk-in interest capture and drop-off management. It also features a chamber of tools and programs that assist the retailer in comprehending with customer interactions, thereby, empowering them to retail the proper goods to the proper person at the proper time.

Achieving retail success has been the complete M.O of CASA as it has managed to expedite customer conversions by 7-15% on campaigns run along with a constant average bill value at the range of 15-20%. Just last year, CASA engaged in 127 campaigns, 54 of which are still active as of this writing. Incredibly, the retail marketing platform was able to generate an 8% response after sending more than 100,000 notifications to their clients.

CASA Benefits

Spurred with a marketing automation integration component, the cloud-based platform is responsible for granting retail companies a smooth-sailing experience as it gets rid of spams. Like it or not, there are circumstances that customers sometimes mistakenly identify authentic retail offers and messages as junk mails. With CASA, retailers can ascertain that their messages are comprehended fully by customers as the retail marketing program filters and only sends directives that end users would like to accept.

Apart from eliminating spams, retail companies, whether small or large, can benefit from CASA by gaining possession of significant customer data throughout numerous channels. By simply identifying the patterns that affect the purchasing decision of customers, retailers can calibrate their strategies to align with their end users, thereby, ensuring quick customer acquisition and gentrified customer retention. Addedly, the high-powered retail marketing program also boasts an “Endless aisle” element, which is a digital directory that eradicates the teething troubles of plummeting customers.

Campaigns are without question among the most essential facets of a certain business. Often times, this is a chance for retail companies to reach out and get their organization’s product to the market. Powered by industry-leading gears and paraphernalia, users are given the ability to automatedly come up with a comprehensive campaign in just a matter of seconds. Subsequently, users can also customize their campaigns in order to coordinate with their respective business goals. Moreover, retailers can further apply their customized campaigns at the forefront of their marketing strategies to asseverate maximum efficiency and productivity.


However, shaping campaigns is just one thing, being able to promote it in a wide range of audience is another. Energized by its A/B testing methods, CASA product users can accomplish full visibility of the performance of their campaign. Through this process, retailers can quickly pinpoint problems and put out immediate solutions to prevent further detriment in their businesses.

On a related note, CASA product users can likewise initiate campaign segmentation by classifying their campaigns into multiple denominations including geographic, demographic, psychographic, buyer’s behavior, influence and last interaction. By means of this method, retailers can rapidly find out how to generate an effective campaign that will not only reach more audience but also remain competitive in the long run.

Likewise, the tremendous retail marketing platform awards its users with an extreme proficiency to control their data anywhere, at any given time. Having the full command of significant data information enables retailers to concoct and distribute individualized marketing hinged on the history, tendencies, actions and attitudes of their respective customers. Additionally, CASA has what it takes to abet retailers in marketing the right goods to their customers thus commissioning them to receive the most favorable insights to their product affinity.

Behavioral email marketing, meanwhile, is among the unique obverses of CASA. Research studies show that automated campaigns, personalization and measurement and analytics are among the three ESPs that are proven effective to generate more customers. With CASA, users are given the privilege to set up event-triggered emails to inform their end users of their most up-to-date products, services and events. CASA’s event-triggered emails are sorted out based on the behavior of their customers to assure that the message will be of an impact on them. This way, retail companies can speedily find out promising leads by simply looking at their online behavior.


In addition, retailers can likewise take advantage of the software’s capability to generate customer account profiles. Similar to campaign segmentation, customer account profiles are coined by classifying each customer’s buying patterns, purchase history, geographic, psychographic and demographic peculiarities. With this process, retail companies can gain the needed competitive advantage over their peers as it allows them to come up with effective marketing strategies for a certain target environment.

In connection with emails, the retail marketing and customer relationship management software is likewise capable of conducting email drip campaigns. Revved-up with a powerful automation integral, CASA empowers its users to send automatic emails to their target audience to be able to nurture leads, abandon shopping carts and accelerate engagement and renewals. To make sure that email drip campaigns are effective, CASA helps retail companies in initially identifying their target audiences before crafting their messages and planning their campaigns thereafter. Incredibly, CASA also allows retailers to evaluate and adjust the strategies and segments of their email drip campaigns to authenticate that it’s aligned with their conversion rate goals.

The retail marketing and customer relationship management solution also features an intuitive dashboard wherein users can initiate direct mail management, campaign segmentation and omnichannel communication. It is no secret that initiating omnichannel communication has its own share of complexities and entanglements. With CASA, retail companies can easily market, share, and serve their customers throughout multiple channels to help them achieve integrated customer experience.

With its omnichannel adequacy, retailers can let their consumers seamlessly shop anywhere from their computer, mobile, telephone or even in bricks and mortar stockroom. Making the omnichannel ingredient relatively attractive is its incredible mobile marketing, captivating social media campaigns and a stylish website which are working hand in hand to provide end users with a top-notch way of exchanging information. Additionally, CASA also aligns the retailer’s goals, business design, messaging and objectives throughout each medium and device to affirm higher revenues and profits.

Besides omnichannel communication, retailers can also depend on the multi-channel communication of CASA to touch base with their clients on their chosen arroyo whether it’d be on a smartphone, television, paper or a computer. With multi-channel communication, retailers can superstruct more substantial and more engaging customer relationships to achieve business sales targets.

Above all, CASA relies on their sophisticated loyalty management capacity to effectively market with their customers. Shored up with omnichannel and personalization features, the retail marketing and customer relationship management platform provides retailers with a know-how to initiate customer-centric approaches such as reward points, special product offers, discounts and gift vouchers. Additionally, CASA’s loyalty management reconnoiters techniques in which retail corporations can pick up, involve and maintain their customers. In reference to gift cards, CASA also incorporates a gift card system that can be utilized by retailers to increased customers, sales and revenues.

CASA Features


CASAThe cloud-hosted retail program is dressed with a multiplex of customer-centered features which includes customer acquisition, customer activation, customer engagement, customer retention and customer conversion. Other than that, CASA also flaunts calendar and reminder system, email marketing, Facebook Ads, campaign performance, sales force automation, multi-tenant, website visitor tracking, SMS marketing, web and e-commerce, push notification, multiple retail channels and in-store marketing. Additionally, CASA is likewise equipped with the goods to auto-sync sales channels whether online or offline.

Customer engagement is the engine that drives businesses of all classes. From banking to finance or retail to professional services, customer engagement is critical in the success or failure of a business. To guarantee success, CASA indulges its users with an ample summary of how their customers immerse with retail stores. In a bid to further enhance customer commitment, the cloud-hosted retail marketing system lets users know which retail avenues are being consumed by their customers.

By this process, retailers can not only determine which channels are engendering productivity but also improved on their weak links. In addition, CASA also sustains retailers with the aptness to come up with personalized messages at the most opportune time to boost customer commitment and synthesize brand loyalty. Other than that, the retail marketing and customer relationship management program is also imperative in helping retailers dig deep down the rabbit hole to determine what are the hidden factors that affect customer behavior.

Electrified with smart and fastidious insights, CASA analytics is adept at monitoring customer touchpoints hence empowering retailers to read their end users like an open book. Through CASA analytics, retail corporations can accumulate valued observations pertaining to their customer’s attitude such as their propensities, animosities and when are they available to be contacted. Furthermore, the cloud-based solution is also flexible to work on multiple retail channels for marketing that includes web and e-commerce, social media, text messages, push notifications and emails.


In the ever-changing world of marketing, acquiring new customers is easier than done. Nonetheless, CASA smoothens the process of customer acquisition with the assistance of social media. The cloud-deployment marketing software takes advantage of social media by putting together a well-versed Facebook ad campaign to pick up the pace of amassing end users. With CASA, retailers can set up a Facebook ad and keep track of its performance with the application of profound analytics.

Automating business tasks such as sales processing, sales forecasts and inventory control can likewise be achieved with the software’s sales force automation. This way, retailers can avert the dangers of lost opportunities, poor prioritization and lack of forecasting and intelligence, therefore, enabling them to complement their customer service. Meanwhile, the retail marketing and customer relationship management are also beefed up with a calendar and reminder component which is essential in the fast-paced marketing and retail environment.

It is public knowledge that retailers face challenging tasks daily and sometimes, it may lead to missing important meetings and events. However, CASA’s calendar and reminder system are goosed with alerts and notification modules that inform the retailers with their daily tasks, thereby, reassuring that everything will go as smooth as planned. Impressively, the software’s calendar does not only work as a typical calendar as it also lets retailers measure performance, coordinate and communicate in an effective manner.

Meanwhile, CASA wipes out customer downslides with its drop off management solutions that enable retailers to pin down the reasons as to why customers are not persuaded with their existing stratagems. In addition, CASA product users can also sell unnecessary stocks to further sweeten the shopping experience of their customers. Astonishingly, the retail marketing platform is also innervated with an in-store marketing that helps retailers in advertising their goods and services to clients at the right times.

On top of that, CASA is also geared with a click-through tracking peripheral that has the capacity to monitor the number of clicks a link receives and where they come from. Concludingly, the click-through tracking of the program allows users to determine who are the visitors that will potentially convert.


Enterprise pricing plans for CASA are not available to the public. Contact the retail marketing and customer relationship management platform for more details. The platform also offers a free trial to help users know what fits their businesses the best. The free trial is available upon signing up on their website.

Technical Details

CASA is available on Windows and Mac devices and over the web. Likewise, the retail marketing service can also be accessed in iOS native and Android native gadgets. The English-language platform caters to customer types ranging from small and medium businesses to large corporations. It proffers deployment methods such as cloud-hosted and software-as-a-service. Several business systems and applications that can be integrated with CASA include GoFrugal FOS and Lasalon FOS.

Support Details


Furthermore, CASA grants every user a 24/7 phone support, email support and live chat support as well as various training modules that include technical documentation and blogs.