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Full Carmine Fleet Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Carmine


What is Carmine?

Carmine is a fleet management software solution that caters to almost any industry, easily making it one of the best fleet management software solutions available on the market today. It features a comprehensive set of tools and solutions designed to solve problems for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes and in any sector. It’s a widely-used platform that caters to the needs of business owners, managers, drivers, and just about everyone else engaged in transportation, logistics, and shipping.

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Carmine offers businesses and organizations the power to harness technology and modern systems optimally, increasing effectiveness and efficiency on an organization-wide scale in terms of fleet management. It provides an intelligent solution to the challenges that fleets face every day, allowing them to rise above and beyond the challenge with a comprehensive digital solution.


Essentially, Carmine is a telematics platform that allows businesses to transmit information to and from their fleets over long distances. By providing a platform to share information in real-time, Carmine allows fleets to operate at maximum efficiency, providing them with all the tools they need to optimize their processes and workflows to deliver unprecedented efficiency compared to more traditional systems.

Carmine sees action in just about every single industry and caters to the specifications needed in distribution, utility services, telecommunications, professional services, government operations, transportation services, construction projects, and more. It helps fleets run smarter and more efficiently in a variety of use-cases.

With Carmine, distributors can access smarter and better-managed routes to ensure faster and safer deliveries. For utility providers, Carmine enables fleets to serve communities optimally, with streamlined management that allows them to perform better in every aspect, whether it’s routine maintenance or emergency response. Telecommunications services need their fleets to be ready-for-dispatch and equipped with the relevant information, which Carmine provides with a platform for seamless fleet communication.Carmine

Professional service providers can establish themselves as dependable businesses that deliver the best customer value by letting Carmine help them monitor progress and allocate resources in real-time. Government agencies that need their fleets to operate at maximum efficiency can use Carmine to manage safety and assess risks while monitoring key factors such as fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance.

All fleets benefit from Carmine’s built-in GPS system, but transportation services especially can make use of Carmine GPS to track and monitor fleet vehicles to comply with transportation standards and regulations. These are just some of the most common industries that benefit from the Carmine platform.

Despite being one of the most powerful and comprehensive fleet management solutions available for commercial use, Carmine is also one of the most flexible and scalable platforms that cater to businesses of all sizes. Carmine empowers small- and medium-sized fleets with enterprise-class features, while still delivering the same top-notch value and performance to larger enterprise fleets, corporations, and even government agencies that operate on a national scale.

Carmine provides users with usage estimates through an interactive web form which can be found on directly on their official website. Interested organizations may use the tool to generate an estimate of how much money Carmine can save them every month, taking into account the number of vehicles in the fleet and their estimated monthly mileage. Even small fleets can achieve thousands of dollars’ worth of savings every month, whereas larger fleets can save even more according to Carmine’s simple but intriguing savings estimate calculator.

Even though Carmine’s savings estimates can go well beyond the thousand dollar mark every month, the platform is being offered at low-cost pricing plans that start at under $10 per month. Carmine follows a quote-based pricing system that evaluates specific business needs to deliver a custom solution at an ideal monthly rate.

Carmine Benefits

Carmine provides a fleet management solution with two-fold benefits. It multiple sets of tools and features designed to help boost productivity and management for both business owners/managers, and fleet operatives/drivers. Carmine provides benefits to both sides of fleet management. These benefits include:

For Owners and Managers

Track progress and performance in real-time. With Carmine, users can receive real-time information regarding the whereabouts, progress, and performance of their fleets as well as individual vehicles. Owners and managers are provided with real-time and in-depth fleet statistics and analytics – information that otherwise would have been obscured or overlooked.

Real-time fleet statistics allow owners and managers to make the best possible decisions, using first-hand information and insights to ensure optimal outcomes and success. Carmine provides owners with an in-depth look at how each vehicle and each driver in the fleet is performing, so they can identify and resolve issues before they make any significant impact and allocate resources towards aspects and processes that require their attention.

Communicate with drivers directly and conveniently. Carmine features an integrated communications platform that not only sends users real-time information regarding the fleet vehicle and driver activity but also allows them to have on-going conversations with their drivers seamlessly and hassle-free directly on the Carmine interface. Not only does this allow users to know precisely what’s going on with their fleets, but it also promotes a mutually beneficial exchange of information between fleets and management.


Empower your drivers to make the right decisions. With seamless communication between drivers and fleet managers, owners and managers empower their drivers to make the right decisions at the right time by providing them with the information and insight they need to make sound calls – information and insight powered by the Carmine platform.

Receive real-time vehicle alerts to ensure safety and proper maintenance. Carmine pushes the envelope on intelligent solutions with real-time vehicle monitoring and alerts. With it, owners can be notified instantly of anything that happens with their fleet vehicles and drivers. Speeding and unsafe driving is immediately recognized by the system and reported to owners and managers within seconds. Vehicle issues such as activated “Check Engine” indicators are also reported instantly to owners and managers. Real-time vehicle alerts provided by the Carmine platform ensures the observance of the safest practices and proper maintenance procedures to make sure that your fleet is operating at optimal efficiency.

Stay on top of every situation.On the Carmine platform, everything is done in real-time. That means that any changes, notifications, and important reports are delivered to owners and managers as soon as they arise. By providing owners and managers with real-time updates, Carmine empowers them to stay on top of every situation. If a vehicle breaks down, instant notification gives owners more time to deal with the situation and make better-informed decisions. If a driver is stalled or otherwise indisposed, real-time notifications allow owners and managers to resolve issues before they damage the company name or cause unnecessary expense.

Reduce costs and drive profitability forward.Carmine’s main selling point is that it has the capacity to reduce fleet costs by potentially thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars every month, depending on fleet size. By reducing costs, fleets can deliver increased profitability that drives companies closer and closer to their set goals and objectives.

For Drivers

Receive real-time vehicle alerts. Carmine can be set to inform drivers instantly and in real-time about everything they need to know about their vehicles. It monitors vehicle status and informs users whenever something is operating at sub-optimal conditions – such as when the “Check Engine” LED indicator is on, or when fuel is approaching dangerously low amounts. It also keeps track of maintenance dates, so that drivers can be reminded when their vehicles are due for any kind of service. By alerting drivers to the status of their vehicles in real time, they are empowered with the information they need to ensure that their vehicles are running optimally and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Communicate with owners and fleet managers. Featuring a convenient and easy-to-use two-way messaging system for drivers and fleet managers, Carmine lets drivers receive instructions, announcements, and important updates from owners and managers in real-time. Instead of opting for phone calls which are time-consuming, possibly expensive, and compromise road safety, drivers can instead make use of the Carmine communications platform which is integrated directly onto the application interface.

View and compare performance metrics. Carmine provides drivers with an in-depth dashboard that showcases their performance as drivers over a period of time. It displays important metrics such as hours on the road, average speeds, top speeds, and more. By presenting their performance as drivers to them on a user-friendly interface, Carmine encourages and promotes better performance by showing drivers the areas they need to improve.

Keep track of where they’re going with intelligent GPS. With Carmine, fleet drivers can effectively and efficiently track routes, take notes on certain locations and roads, and share their location and notes with other drivers, allowing fleets to work optimally and more efficiently.Carmine

Carmine Features

Carmine offers several features to help facilitate a smarter and more effective fleet management practices through a comprehensive and powerful digital platform. These features include:

  • Driver and Fleet Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling and Tracking
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Information Overview
  • Instant Messaging
  • GPS and Routing Management


Carmine follows a quote-based pricing system where they evaluate business needs and requirements to deliver a more refined and tailored fleet management solution to businesses of all types and sizes operating in any industry or discipline. Carmine pricing plans start at $9.99 per month, but businesses and organizations interested in the software solution may contact Carmine directly to request a quote.

It offers a very flexible billing and payment system that caters to all businesses, featuring a hassle-free service that delivers excellent value. Users who subscribe to Carmine can enjoy a platform that is hassle-free and obligation-free, with no contracts, no hidden fees and installations, no additional charges for customer support, and easy-to-setup plug-and-play platform that anyone can use. With its very low price point, Carmine users often pay less than $1 per day on average for the all of the features and benefits that Carmine provides.

Users can request a quote using the custom form on the Carmine website, which promises a quote in around 10 seconds after form submission. For users who want to see in greater detail how the platform works and how it is used, Carmine also offers personalized product demonstrations to showcase how the software solves problems for businesses of all sizes and in any industry.

The Carmine website also features a neat and simple Savings Calculator that allows users to input their fleet size and average monthly mileage to generate estimates of how much they’ll save with the Carmine platform. An example of the savings estimate for a fleet of 1 vehicle with an average monthly mileage of 1000 miles generates $205 per month in savings. To provide an example of a larger fleet, the savings estimate for 20 vehicles that average 1000 miles per month would generate monthly savings of an estimated $4,100. Considering the Carmine platform is available for as low as $9.99 per month, businesses and organizations can expect amazing value and quick ROI from this software.

Technical Details


Carmine is built for especially for mobile devices and is compatible with modern smartphones and gadgets. Refer to the list below to determine compatible devices and systems, as well as the language support provided by the platform, the types of customers it caters to, the pricing system it adopts, and the deployment options it makes available to its users.

Compatible Systems

  • Android OS
  • iOS for iPhone & iPad

Compatible Web Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Supported Language(s)

  • English Only


  • Quote-Based Monthly Subscription

Customer Types

  • SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses)
  • Large Enterprises
  • Government Organizations

Deployment Options

  • Hosted (Cloud)
  • Native (Android)
  • Native (iOS)

Support Details

Carmine provides its users with standard support options. Customer Support is provided either through email or telephone, with the option for self-service through the expansive Carmine Knowledge Center.

Customers can contact telephone support at 1-888-651-7133 (Toll-Free), or send an email to support@carmine.io. For users interested in the Carmine Knowledge Center may visit it here.


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