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Full CampDoc EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About CampDoc


CampDoc is an EHR Software created to meet the specific needs of directors, camp doctors, and nurses. According to a 2017 estimate, there were as much as 1,100 EHR vendors in the market. Since it was half that number two years ago, we can safely say that the number of vendors is growing every day.

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Be that as it may, the EHR software offered is yet to meet specific needs. Perhaps it’s because the software comes equipped with just general features, but 67 percent reported not liking the functionality of their EHR system.

Also, over 40 percent of hospital executives feel either indifferent or down-right dissatisfied with their current EHR system. Dr. Michael Ambrose had experienced the same challenges a couple years ago while volunteering at a summer camp, JCC Summer Camp, held at Southeast Michigan. That experience led him to created CampDoc.

Now used by over 1,000 camps, schools and after-school programs as well as child care center across the world, CampDoc is now the leading EHR solution for camps. There is just one question; how good is it?

Here is a detailed CampDoc EHR Software review to help you answer this question. Let’s take it from the top;

What is CampDoc EHR Software?

CampDoc is the top-choice electronic health record system for camps. Created to meet the needs of camp doctors, nurses and directors, this web-based EHR solution offers solutions that are specific to camp activities.

These include managing health forms, medications, and allergies. Also, the solution provides illness and injury tracking for your camp all-through the summer.

By providing you immediate access to vital medical information, the CampDoc software does more than lower the time and energy you’d spend during your initial camper check-ins. It also lowers the risks and liabilities you’d have to face. As a result, health staff can maintain safety as an essential part of camp operations.

With the electronic health log, you can analyze injuries and illnesses in realtime to reduce risks. Also, aside from the organized documentation to increase your camp clinic’s efficiency, CampDoc provides an Electronic Medication Administration (eMAR) to help reduce medication errors.

Now, you’re wondering what an eMAR is.

More than 440,000 people in the United States die every year as a result of medical errors. This EHR solution’s vendor understands how dangerous it is for campers and staffs to rely on handwritten notes when dispensing medication.

As s result, CampDoc comes with an eMAR to reduce the potential for human error and raise the quality of care delivered at summer camps. With CampDoc’s Electronic Medication Administration, health professionals can document when medications get given to campers and staffs.

Also, it ensures that camp doctors remain in line with the “five rights” of medication and administration. These include right patient, drug, dose, time, and route. Besides, it sends a reminder to ensure you don’t forget to give a camper his or her medication. Of course, it begins with the online registration.

How CampDoc EHR Online Registration Works

To start using CampDoc, you must first create an account with your email and a secure password. You’ll also have to input your phone number as well as a mailing address before inputting the participants’ information. This information often includes first and last name, sex, and date of birth. Click “Continue” when you finish.

The next page allows you to select the session the individual camper wants to attend. With CampDocs, you don’t get limited to one session. Participants or individual campers can register multiple sessions based on the date. Finally club location, including your preferred protection plan, and click “Register.”

You can continue your registration on the Health Profile page. At the left-hand side of the page is a list of categories that you must complete to attend the camp. Categories include;

  • Emergency Contact: Input the name of parents or guardians in the category
  • Healthcare Provider: Enter the name and contact of your healthcare provider
  • Immunization: If you cannot scan the immunization document, you may have to enter it manually
  • Health History: This is a “Yes or No” answer category about your health history
  • Over The Counter Medication: This category determines the OTC medication a participant will receive in camp

Other sections under the health profile include Diet and Activity, Allergies, Medication, Authorisations, and Food Service Program. The categories display a green indication to let you know when you finish the registration.

CampDoc EHR Software; The Pros

Outlined below are the benefits of this EHR solution;

It’s an Accessible Web-Based Solution

Since CampDoc is a web-based solution, there are no restrictions on time or location. Ultimately, camp administrators, including health professionals can access medical information of campers and staffs from anywhere and at any time.

As such, not only does it enable quick check-ins during campers registration, but it also helps staffs understand campers needs. And as a bonus, they don’t need to be confined to office space to gain this insight.

It’s an Efficient Way To Store Information

Like other Electronic Health Record Software, CampDoc allows you go paperless. And by doing so, you not only increase the efficiency of medical care, you’ll be saving the paper costs too. Besides, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of an electronic system.

For example, camp doctors and nurses will have quick and easy access to campers medical information. As such, it increases productivity and saves time at the same time.

It Ensures Accurate Medication

Aside from storing information about campers’ medicine intake, this EHR Software also ensures that health professionals follow the “five rights” of administering medication.

Based on this feature, you can be sure that the right camper will get the right medicine at the right dose. And the health service providers will administer it at the right time via the right route. Besides, CampDoc sends a notification to the system users to ensure a camper doesn’t miss a medication.

It Offers Efficient Reporting Solutions

With CampDoc’s rapid reporting tools, camp doctors, nurses, as well as staffs can conveniently create a report on any data. For example, they can compile a list of campers with substance or food allergies. Similarly, creating a list of campers that need precise medication is just as easy.

Furthermore, the reporting function allows the EHR solution user to find the solution to all types of camper-related questions.

Helps You Save Time During Data Entry

Parents can save time when entering their child’s data on CampDoc. Here is why; every year input your information of this EHR solution, the system retains it. So, the next time you want to register, it auto-populate each section to make data entry swifter. The same is true for modifications and updates.

An impressive thing about the CampDoc software’s registration process is its ability to accommodate multiple users at once. That means, up to three staffs can attend to one registrant at the same time. Not only does this hasten the whole process, but it also enables the campers to get settled quickly.

CampDoc EHR Software; The Cons

As impressive as the benefits sounds, CampDoc is not a perfect EHR solution. Outlined below are some downsides of using this software;

It Has No Attendance Management Feature

As far as we can tell, the main disadvantage of this software is the noticeable absence of attendance management features.

With the absence of the attendance management feature, we are forced to ask an important question; what features does this software offer?

Features of CampDoc EHR Software

CampDoc is a cloud-based EHR Software that offers tools for online registration, one-way parent email, payment processing, and more. Outlined below are the features of CampDoc EHR Software;

Custom Reports and Automatic Data Entry

With CampDoc, healthcare providers can manage medications, health forms, and allergies. Also, the EHR Software allows them to track illnesses and injuries in the camp. This functionality is because of the fully customizable health form that stores user information.

Aside from filling required fields, users also have to answer a range of dynamic questions to give an insight into campers’ health status. And since the form is pre-populated with data from the previous years, families don’t have to start from scratch.

Automatic Reminder Emails

The EHR Software sends automatic reminder emails to notify families of forms that are incomplete. Also, users can track the sent email to confirm if they are opened or bounced,
Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)

CampDoc provides an eMAR feature to help prevent human error when administering medication to both the staffs and campers. And if such a person misses a medication, the software sends a notification to remind users.

Payment Processing

With CampDoc’s registration system, not only can families register campers online, but they’ll also be able to make deposits. Other payment options include credit card and fees by electronic checks (ACH). Thanks to the flexible pricing, users can provide extra items for families. These include;

  • Camp T-shirts
  • Creating Coupons for Discounts
  • Camp pictures or DVDs
  • Accept Donations

Also, Families can set the payment plan to pay off their balance over a specified period. Other functions of the platform’s payment processing include balance reminder emails, receipts, and customizable confirmations.

Text Message Alerts

This feature is handy in situations when you need to reach everyone in the camp quickly. You seem CampDoc takes advantage of the latest communication technology as well as its broadest network to provide multi-modal messaging to users.

As such, you can reliably and quickly send mass notification and emergency communication to campers or parents during emergencies or disaster.

Travel and Emergency Medical Protection

In addition to the features outlined above, the EHR vendor also provides a travel and emergency medical protection. How does this work, you wonder?

This service provides quality coverage for campers when there is a cancellation or interruption. The feature also covers delayed flights, parent employment termination, as well as baggage loss or damage. Besides, the coverage also includes emergency medical expenses during domestic or international trips. We are talking about accidents, sickness, evacuation or even transportation home.

Other features of CampDoc Electronic Health Record Include;

  • Health Log Templates
  • Multi-language support
  • Internal Notes
  • Clinic Visit Logs
  • Triage Mode
  • Records Tagging
  • Real-Time Profile Review


With CampDoc, users will have access to a single enterprise planing plan. For an annual fee of $4 per user, the vendor offers access to the Electronic Health Record as well as an integrated online registration. Besides, users can enjoy other perks such as;

  • Unlimited Support
  • Free Training
  • CampGrams One-Way Email
  • Travel and Emergency Medical Protection

Finally, the vendor offers pricing tailored for YMCA Camps and Markel Insurance Clients.

Technical Details

Outlined below are the technical details for CampDoc Electronic Health Records.

Devices Supported

Aside from being a web-based app, you can also use this EHR solution on Windows, Linux, or Mac Operating Systems. Also, it is compatible with your mobile device. Whether you are an iPhone, iPad, or an Android user, you can still use CampDoc.

Language Support

This EHR Software is available in the English Language only.

Customer Types

CampDoc is ideal for small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.


With CampDoc, users have two options of implementation. You can pick either cloud-hosted or open API deployment.

Support Details

The software’s vendor provides excellent live support to users. Besides this, you can enjoy support via email, phone, training, and ticket.

Final Thought

Electronic Health Records helps us maintain a paperless workplace. In this way, we not only save money and time but also increase our efficiency. These are the things that CampDocs EHR Software offers. However, since the software’s design is explicitly for camp doctors, it has some additional features.

For example, it offers a way for users to manage medications, health forms, and allergies. In addition to this, there is a travel and emergency medical protection. As such, campers get covered in case of an emergency medical expense during trips.

But this software’s functions is not just suited for day camps. Other ideal settings for CampDoc include
Residential Summer Camps

  • Colleges and Universities
  • YMCAs and Jewish Community Centers (JCCs)
  • Special Needs or Medical Camps
  • Parks and Recreation Departments

Unfortunately, CampDoc EHR Software has no attendance management feature. Considering that this feature is present in other competing software, this may be a considerable drawback. Aside from that, CampDoc is good software with a lot to offer.

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