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Full CallTrackingMetrics Call Center Software Review. All you need to know about CallTrackingMetrics


What is CallTrackingMetrics?

CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) is a call tracking and call center software solution. The company was founded in 2010 by a husband and wife team, Todd and Laure Fisher, whose background was in developing customer software products and running digital advertising agencies. It is very popular amongst small to medium-sized businesses and agencies, because it offers relatively sophisticated functionality at an affordable price point.  It is currently used by more than 30,000 customers in nearly 30 countries. Its client roster includes Johnson & Johnson, Subaru and Twilio.

CTM is primarily used in sales and marketing situations, allowing managers to track the effectiveness of advertising and sales campaigns through advanced call reporting functionality, and analytics.



The benefits provided by CallTrackingMetrics include:

Keyword Spotting

With CTM’s Keyword Spotting tool, managers and agents can identify target words which are spoken or used in sales calls. This helps with the classification of such calls. For example, if a customer mentions a keyword in relation to a specific product or service, then the manager does not have to listen to the call in its entirety to know how the call should be classified, and the customer’s intentions. The tool can also be used to track completed sales and customer satisfaction. This feature has several benefits. It streamlines the call review and analysis process, and makes it easy to link sources of traffic with the advertisement that triggered such a call. Managers can determine which of their marketing campaigns are generating traffic, and which need to be amended, or stopped altogether.

Conversation and call analytics

The application classifies and sorts calls using different methodologies to determine their potential to generate sales and lead conversions. Calls from sales prospects are categorised according to a star rating system, the potential amount of a converted sale, or according to pre-defined reporting tags. Such tags might include, for example, the sales lead, assigned agent, scheduled appointment, dropped calls, and lost orders.

Secure Access

Individuals are provided with their own log-ins when accessing the system, with a variety of access levels available to different user groups. In addition, the application of additional protection protocols such as two-factor authentication and automatic time-outs can also be implemented. Administers can choose to restrict individual user group access to certain data fields. They can also apply multiple layers of security to URLs linking to audio recordings. This ensures that only users with requisite designed logins or PINs can listen to calls.

Multiple Integrations

CallTrackingMetrics offers integrations, through an open API, with a range of third party CRM, business and marketing solutions.  Some of these are standard with all pricing plans, for example Google and Bing, whilst others are available with tiered subscription levels e.g. Salesforce and HubSpot. In addition, there is the facility to integrate CTM with an organisation’s existing business systems. CTM has a dedicated support function which can assist the development community with such integrations.


Amongst CTM’s features are:

Call Tracking

This is the core functionality of CTM. The application provides tools for businesses to track inbound calls from both online and offline calls, including SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and PPC (Pay per Click) advertising. Users are able to identify uniquely the source of calls from customers, whether through Google AdWords, Facebook, Yelp, Craigslist, or a multitude of other channels. Offline, users can also track incoming enquiries from channels such as TV or radio advertising, flyers, press, magazines and other printed media.

Dynamic Phone Numbers

With CTM all users, irrespective of price plan, are given access to Dynamic Phone Number insertion. This is a call tracking feature that assigns a unique phone number to each online source and then displays that phone number to visitors who arrive at a website.  With dynamic number insertion, the phone number displayed on a website to a visitor will dynamically change depending on the channel they used to arrive on the site. This provides users with valuable insights on how their advertising channels are generating sales.

CTM enables subscribers to dynamically swap phone numbers on their website depending on traffic source.  The program assigns a unique phone number for each source of traffic, such as Google AdWords, organic search, Facebook, Yelp, or any other website.

Dynamic Numbering is a valuable tool for those kinds of business which get a lot of business over the phone, making it easier to break down which traffic sources, keywords and campaigns drive the most valuable calls.

Google AdWords and Analytics integrations

CallTrackingMetrics offers native integrations into Google AdWords, so companies can track calls by campaign, ad group and keyword.  Any CTM account integrated with AdWords has the ability to track additional parameters such as Keyword, Match Type, AdPosition, Device, and Network.

The solution also enable users to track phone calls in Google Analytics, alongside web and offline data, so they can identify which ads, keywords, social media platforms, and other sources are driving calls to their business. Additionally, call data can be included in A/B testing.

Local Calls and Toll-Free Numbers

CTM offers subscribers the option to buy local and toll-free numbers in more than 80 countries. That means that companies can buy separate numbers to track sales campaigns, or to monitor individual channels within a campaign. This also helps boost sales conversions – research has shown that people are 55% more inclined to respond to an unknown call if it originates from within their locality. Agents can dial prospects using such numbers remotely – they do not need to be geo-located within the same territory or time zone.

Call Routing

Intelligent call routing tools are used to forward calls to specific numbers on agents, based on pre-defined rules, such as experience, product knowledge, or existing customer relationship. IVR functionality can be used to provide customers with self-service menu options, as well as to channel inbound calls to specific teams.

Text Messaging

For those businesses that deploy SMS marketing initiatives, they can use CTM to advertise unique phone numbers to link sales leads to specific marketing campaigns. Such messages may ask respondents to reply to these tracked numbers; the moment a response from a customer has been received, a follow-up call to them can be queued instantly.

Click-to-Call Forms

The solution enables users to generate forms that can be easily embedded in their website so that potential customers can be contacted as soon as they complete and submit such a form. This is important as research has shown that customers expect to be contacted within hours of first making contact with a company. With this functionality, as soon as a customer has submitted an online form, they are instantly queued into a call list for agents to contact.

Instant Reporting Alerts

Users have the option to automatically send, and receive, alerts summarising the most important details from a call, form, or text message. They can choose the frequency – after each call, daily, weekly, monthly etc. – that best suits them.  They can choose the criteria that they wish to trigger notifications, and how, when, and to whom, they should be sent.

White Labelling

Agencies that wish to white-label the platform are provided with various options to do so under the Marketing Plan subscription. This includes the customisation of reports, email alerts and help pages.


The application uses intelligent contact center software which enables managers to monitor agent performance in real-time, and to measure the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns. They are also able to perform speech analytics – including keyword spotting and voice analytics. The solution offers a variety of reporting options and functionality, with data sorted by parameters such as ROI (Return on Investment), campaigns and call tracking performance.

In addition, agencies can choose the level of detail that their clients need to understand the relative performance of their campaigns. They can choose the content, frequency and recipients of performance reports, within a customisable, branded format.

Call functionality

Users can accept and receive calls in a variety of ways – using landlines or mobiles, for example, or CTM’s browser-based softphone.


CTM offers three pricing tiers – Business, Marketing and Contact Center. Al plans are for an unlimited number of users, and include standard features like online and offline ad tracking, call recordings, Google AdWords integration, conference calling, and Dynamic  Number Insertion.

Plans are based on a fixed monthly subscription fee plus the cost of all inbound and outbound calls and text messages. Call and text rates are available through their website, and decrease in price, as the underlying monthly subscription rate increases.

Basic Plan (US $19 per month plus usage fee): Designed for small businesses, this offers basic functionality such as IVR/Auto Attendant, Conversation Analytics, API access, and integration with Google and Bing.

Marketing Plan (US $99 per month plus usage fee): Aimed primarily at agencies, this level offers everything provided by the Business Plan plus direct client billing, HIPAA and GDPR compliance, smart routing, custom fields and unlimited sub-accounts, as well as integration with HubSpot and DoubleClick. In addition, users are entitled to an onboarding call with a specialist.

Contact Center Plan (US $299 per month plus usage fee): Suitable for contact centers and lead sellers, advanced capabilities offered under this subscription include Click-to-Call, Advanced Routing, Automation Triggers, and outbound auto-dialling. In addition, users are provided with 30 days guided onboarding and training, and assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. They are also provided with Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Shopify e-commerce integrations.

It should be noted that feedback from users suggests that the cost of renting local and toll-free numbers from CTM is higher than can be found with other vendors. For small business lower to track marketing campaigns across various channels, such additional costs can mount up.

Prospective users can sign-up for a free 14-day trial through the website – no credit card details are required. They can similarly register for a free demo.


CallTrackingMetrics is a cloud-hosted web platform that supports Windows and Mac Operating Systems. There are also native mobile apps available for both Android and iOS devices; the solution has been optimised so it can be viewed equally as well on desktop and mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones.

The solution offers an open API which offers integration with a number of CRM and other third party applications, such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Shopify, depending on which pricing plan subscribers have chosen.

Developers are provided with their own hub where they can find API support, and documentation and resources, including reference and user guides. They can also purchase “blocks” of support hours, whereby qualified CTM’s qualified support team will guide them through how to integrate the open API with their existing business applications.

In order to protect sensitive information, CTM users dedicated servers which are exclusive to them and not shared with other parties.  The platform uses encrypted volumes to store recordings, log files, transcriptions and log files safely. The application offers multi-tenancy in tiers, which means that, when present on the same server, voice and messaging functionality and CTM-powered applications are isolated from each other and secured.


The level of support available to subscribers depends on which pricing plan subscribers are under. For Business and Marketing Plan users, they are given email, phone and ticketing support Monday to Thursday, 7.30 am to 7.30 pm, and Friday 7.30 pm to 5.30 pm EST. Contact Center subscribers are entitled to 24/7 support, as well as having access to their own dedicated Customer Support Managers.

Subscribers can also chose to buy premium support over and above their existing pricing plan.

In addition, through the company’s Support Hub, users can access a range of product support and training resources.  These include self-service FAQs, product guides and demos, troubleshooting and technical support features, white papers, videos, and articles covering common themes or customer issues.  Users are also able to access weekly blog posts which cover subjects potentially of use to CTM subscribers.

As regards training, Marketing Plan users get a free onboarding call with a CTM specialist, whilst Contact Center subscribers are provided with 30 days guided training and implementation advice. In addition, all users can sign-up, through the Academy section of the website, for free online training classes – either live or via recorded sessions.  Courses run include an introduction to the CTM product itself, as well as covering topics such as Attribution, Analytics & AdWords, Marketing and Agency Tools, and Contact Center Tools. Attendees who complete all the courses are awarded an official Certificate of Completion.

CTM regularly participates in Trade Shows and Conferences