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Full Buildium Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about Buildium


Are you looking for a cloud-based property management software that gives you complete control over your real estate business? Buildium is one of the few solutions available, which is basically designed to fulfil your needs and desires in this regard.

In an average property management business setup, important factors such as time, capital and workforce determine the overall productivity of the business. Hence, to achieve a sustainable growth in your property management business, you need to find reliable ways of optimizing your resource usage, which is exactly what Buildium offers.

What is Buildium?

Buildium is a cloud-based property management software that is designed to provide property owners and managers with every tool, needed to assist them in optimizing their resource usage, towards improving the overall efficiency of their property business. This property management software covers every basic aspect of residential and community housing, thereby providing you with ample time, to focus more on improving your business.

buildiumBasically, Buildium provides property managers with an integrated system, where all their property management activities are planned and executed. Tasks such as financial analysis, property marketing, leasing, rental management and more are all streamlined and executed on one unified platform. This ensures every task is appropriately tailored, towards achieving your PMC’s core goals.

Furthermore, as an emerging property management firm which is still striving for stability, Buildium offers you exclusive training and support from a group of renowned experts in real estate. This group provides you with guidelines on ways to evolve your property business as a force to reckon with in the property/real estate industry.

As a cloud-hosted property management platform, Buildium provides you with the flexibility of accessing its integrated system, wherever you are and from any web-enabled devices. Therefore, you can easily continue with your management functions even after leaving your office. This implies that you can access the platform with your mobile phones, provided you have a durable web browser installed on your device. Also, Buildium’s flexibility makes it applicable to every form and size of the property management business.

Essentially, Buildium is a hub of relevant property management tools, needed to refine your business methods, towards achieving a sustainable, overall productivity and growth in your property business.

Buildium is an ideal property management software for handling the following types of property portfolio:

  • Community Associations
  • Student Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Residential Properties

Benefits of Buildium Property Management Software

Ease of Access

Unlike other property management software, Buildium provides you with the ease of accessing the platform via mobile or desktop devices. This simply means you don’t need a desk before you can manage your properties.

Buildium’s easy accessibility is made possible by its cloud-based solution. Every essential data is stored in the cloud, making it available on the internet and can be accessed via any reasonable web browser. Notable web browsers, which provide you access to the software’s interface include Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer among others. Besides, Buildium comes with mobile applications for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Essentially, Buildium property management software ensures you are not limited by your movements, in carrying out your day-to-day property management activities, ranging from financial management to property tracking and inspection.

Portfolio Growth

buildiumBuildium allows you to expand your business scope and connect with property owners, who double as your prospective clients on the platform. This property management software allows you to identify your prospective clients, as well as the types, sizes and locations of their properties. Hence, you are able to connect with property owners who share proximity with you, to further grow the portfolio of your property management company.

Nevertheless, Buildium property management software assists you in searching for property owners, who share similar interests with you and also provides you with an avenue to liaise with them, towards forming a promising partnership to help you grow your business.

Task Automation

Buildium automates relevant property management tasks such as rent payments, request approvals, rental application, marketing, inspection and so on. This provides you with ample time and resources, to enable you to focus more on promoting your business, instead of becoming overwhelmed by your daily schedule.

Basically, Buildium ensures your time is appropriately managed. To achieve this, this property management software automates as many tasks as possible, within the shortest possible time. Most times, all you need to do is maintain an apt overview of all these activities and where required, make little adjustments, approval(s) or denial(s).

On the other hand, Buildium only requires you to provide it with a set of commands and as a useful tool, it executes the tasks as accurately as possible. Hence, with the automation capability of the property management software, your property business is guaranteed improved efficiency.

Effective Communication & Customer Satisfaction

Buildium not only assist you in managing your properties, but it also assists you in managing people. This property management software provides you with reliable communication channels, to ensure you maintain a cordial relationship with your clients.

Typically, Buildium hosts dedicated portals, which serve as a direct communication line between you and your clients (property owners and renters). Also, there are portals for communicating with your team members, as well as all relevant stakeholders in your business. With this, you are always kept in-the-know about vital areas of your property business ops.

Moreover, Buildium ensures you stay in constant touch with your tenants and team members; providing credible answers to tenants queries and guiding your on-site team remotely. This function is especially important for both manager-tenants & manager-team members’ relationships, which would invariably increase the efficiency of your property management company.

Privacy & Data Security

Buildium ensures all your company’s data are completely safe from unauthorized access. The developers of the software ensure that the software is safeguarded with military-grade security encryption protocols.

Currently, over ten thousand property managers use the software and none has, so far, complained of any form of security breach. Hence, with Buildium, your data safety and privacy are guaranteed.

Exclusive Guidance & Customer Support

Buildium property management software provides you with experts’ recommended tips and tricks, to help you refine your property management methods, so as to meet up with acceptable global standards. This function enables you to stay competitive in the business, as you are always provided with the latest trends in the real estate/property industry.

Furthermore, Buildium provides you with 24-hour sales and customer support lines, which are always available to provide answers to your enquiries and also attend to your complaints. Also, customer support provides you with guidelines on the best way of using the software, to improve your work efficiency.

In addition, the property management software ensures you are kept updated about trends and best practices in the real estate world, thereby providing you with relevant guidelines to ensure your business constantly improves its level of productivity.

Key Features of Buildium Property Management Software

Buildium is a versatile property management which comes as an all-inclusive package. Nevertheless, Buildium comes with the following key attributes:


buildiumBuildium comes with a set of financial management tools, designed to ensure all your finances are kept under control. The accounting functionality basically oversees your property business’ financial management functions such as rent payments, receivables, tax payments, expense & revenue tracking, reporting, etc.

In addition,  Buildium’s accounting functions include 1099 e-Filing, company financials, online payments, property accounting, financial reports and retail cash payments. These tools ensure that your financial structure is kept under strict control.

Essentially, Buildium’s accounting feature allows you to continuously monitor your expenses and revenue through regular reporting of your finances, thereby enabling you to easily plan your budget, towards fulfilling the needs of your property business.

Lease Management

buildiumBuildium offers you a reliable set of lease management functions, which enable you to lease out your properties to the right person or group of people. It also provides you with every tool, needed to ensure your clients are constantly kept happy.

Buildium’s lease management functions include online rental application, tenant screening, eLease, customizable website and showing coordinators. All these functions work in sync to ensure your renters are provided with the best of services.

One of the most important lease management function among the aforementioned tools is ‘Tenant Screening’. Tenant Screening allows you to carry out deep background checks on your prospective tenants, to dig out their criminal records and if possible, credit history. In addition, Buildium comes with the ‘Rental Application’ tool, which allows prospective tenants to apply for a rent vacancy directly online.

Business Operations

Buildium hosts certain unique tools, which allow you to interact and deal with your renters, property owners and vendors, directly from its unified platform. This property management software comes with a unique tool known as Resident Portal, which enables you to interact with your residents (tenants). Through this portal, your tenants can make maintenance requests, as well as rent payments.

Other property business operation tools/functions include an owner portal, property inspection, renters insurance and document storage. These functions enable you to carry out a host of functions, which are all aimed at enhancing the efficiency of your business operations.

Community Association Management

buildiumAlthough Buildium facilitates residential property management; however, this property management software is designed to also handle property management at the community association level. To successfully manage such, Buildium provides you with a set of tools, which empowers you to carry out your community management tasks efficiently.

Buildium’s association management functions include board communications, violation tracking, budgeting and so on. Through Buildium’s association management functionality, you can interact with all stakeholders such as property owners, tenants and other team members in relation to the community properties being managed.

Marketing Websites

Buildium allows users to create their own property websites which can be deployed for marketing. With Buildium’s DIY tools, you can create your own marketing websites which can be customized with your logo and images. With the website, property managers can list their properties, accept leasing applications, and communicate directly with tenants and owners.

In addition, Buildium also allows you to provide community-specific resources to potential clients via the website. Nevertheless, you can log in to the Buildium portals directly from the marketing website.

On-Demand Reporting

buildiumBuildium property management software allows property managers and owners to generate customizable reports on its platform. For instance, you can generate reports based on tenants that have paid or available properties for rent. Regardless, Buiuldium provides you with a flexibility of choice in generating reports based on activities related to the data entered on the platform. Therefore, you can generate reports based on finances, tenants, properties, budget, and more for external audit purpose.

Buildium Mobile Applications

Buildium comes with iOS and Android mobile applications which allows you to automate your property management tasks from your mobile devices even while on-the-go. With any of the mobile applications, you can manage work orders & tasks, receive payments, view property information, view tenant or owner information, and more. In addition, you can also send email, call or text contacts from your phone as well as locate properties using real-time maps. Furthermore, you can add photos of properties with your phone’s camera on the mobile application platform.

Other features of Buildium property management software include:

  • Auto-Reminders
  • Full Ledgers
  • Mailing & Forms
  • Rental Listing Syndication
  • Epayments
  • Full General Ledger Accounting
  • Charges and Payment Tracking
  • Streamlined Maintenance Requests
  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Expert Customer Care
  • Text Notifications & Communication Inbox
  • Log and Track Violations


buildiumBuildium offers various pricing plans, which depend on the number of property unit(s) you are managing. Hence, you can use the slider to indicate the number of properties you are currently managing for an instant quote on the Buildium pricing page.

Nevertheless, Buildium comes with two monthly plans, which include:

Core: Starts from $45/month for 1 Unit

  • Accounting, budgeting & reporting
  • Online payments for residents: 2.75% per credit card transaction
  • Common expense allocations
  • Leasing management
  • Electronic leases: $5 per document
  • Tenant screening: Basic – $15 per screening
  • Tenant & owner portals and communication
  • Maintenance management
  • Mobile inspections: $40 per month
  • Board member tracking & permissions
  • Event tracking for violations

Pro: Up to $4,560/month for 4500 units

  • Accounting, budgeting & reporting
  • Online payments for residents: $0.50 per outgoing payment
  • Common expense allocations
  • Leasing management
  • Electronic leases: 30 free documents per month
  • Tenant screening: Premium – $18 per screening
  • Tenant & owner portals and communication
  • Maintenance management
  • Mobile inspections
  • Board member tracking & permissions
  • Event tracking for violations
  • Onboarding

On the other hand, Buildium also offers the following additional services:

Renters Insurance: $14.50 per tenant per month

Remote Check Printing: $30 setup fee, $0.80 per check

Showings Coordinator: starts at $30 per month (varies on unit tier)

1099 eFiling: $25 per batch + $3 per form

EZMail: $0.80 per single-page mailing + $0.15 per additional page

Retail Cash Payments: $99 setup fee per bank account


Intending users can also request for a free demo in order to test out its features prior to subscription.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Web-based, iPhone/iPad, Windows, Linux, Android, Mac

Pricing model: Monthly payment

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Real estate professionals, Property owners, Mid-Size businesses, large enterprises

Mobile Applications: iOS, Android

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

Buildium has a dedicated support team which offers the following support:

Email Support

Phone Support: +1 888 414 1988

Online Support


Video Tutorials


Knowledge Base

Guides and Reports

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram