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Full BuildingLink Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about BuildingLink


Are you a property manager? Do you want to keep your tenants happy and at the same, boost your profit profile? BuildingLink is just the right tool for you! This software is a hub of property management tools, specially built to assist property managers in rendering the best of tenancy services to their renters. Read on to get a comprehensive view of the software.

What is BuildingLink?

BuildingLink is a versatile property management software, built to equip property managers with valuable solutions to help them provide the best rental services to their tenants. The software’s interface serves as the central control unit, where basic rental management functions, ranging from maintenance & work orders to resident profiling are carried out.

buildinglinkBasically, BuildingLink hosts a wide range of property management functions, which work in sync to help provide your tenants with the best of rental/tenancy experience. Some of these functions include: “Property Maintenance and Work Orders, Package Management, Third-party Integrations, Resident Profiles, Auto-Notifiers, dedicated Web Portal, KeyLink, Library and many more”.

Furthermore, all BuildingLink functions are synchronized and presented on one dashboard, on your computer screen. With this, project managers have complete visibility over their building units, as they are provided with an overview of tenants move in/out, visitors, tenants maintenance requests & complaints, parking space and so on.

Interestingly, the software’s dashboard is flexible and can easily be customized, in line with your building structure/layout; including floor patterns, lobbies, rooms, infrastructure, garage location and so on. All of these can easily be arranged as you like on the dashboard. Hence, you are able to view your building just the way it is.

In addition, BuildingLink hosts an interactive medium known as Resident Portal, which is designed to serve as a direct communication channel between tenants and property managers. This portal allows residents to reach out to their property managers with convenience. In the same vein, conventional communication channels like text messages, email and the likes are readily adopted, enhanced and incorporated into the software as “Auto-notifiers”.

Also, this property management software, as a cloud-based platform, supports all web-enabled/internet-connected devices. It is available as an application in both iOS and Android devices, as well as on desktop devices. Hence, you are afforded the flexibility of accessing the software from anywhere.

In summary, BuildingLink is a suite of cloud-hosted tools, specially built to speed up your rental management process, improve your efficiency, keep your residents happy and most significantly, improve your overall profitability.

Benefits of BuildingLink Property Management Software

Ease of Access

buildinglinkBuildingLink hosts a cloud-hosted design, which allows you to access its platform from any web-enabled device. In fact, certain functions can easily be accessed via mobile applications on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Basically, this property management software is supported on desktop devices such as Mac, Windows and Linux. Also, it can be accessed via web browsers which include Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox. etc.

Nevertheless, BuildingLink makes its platform flexibly accessible, to provide you and your tenants with round-the-clock access to each other. In a similar vein, you are able to keep track of your buildings, rental management operations and maintenance functions from anywhere.

Visibility & Accountability

BuildingLink offers you the opportunity of keeping your building under close watch. It streamlines all your rental management operations (maintenance requests/approval, service requests and so on) and building units on a simplified interface (central dashboard). This provides you with a clear view of everything, at a glance. Comprehensively, BuildingLink allows you to search, track and view employees’ shift logs, rental & legal documents, service tickets, visitors and more.

In addition, BuildingLink makes everything transparent, thereby ensuring there is absolute accountability in every activity, related to the operation and usage of your building, by your tenants and staff members. A relevant feature in this regard is  Keylink, which facilitates relevant authentications and ensure every access to your property is kept on record. With this, residents can create special permissions, register guests, and get regular updates on every delivery and pick-up made in their absence.

Essentially, BuildingLink allows you to “stay on top of your buildings”, to ensure all your relevant property management and maintenance functions are closely monitored and kept under strict control.

Enhanced Communication

BuildingLink offers you various communication channels, for staying in constant contact with all the stakeholders in your rental business. This is made possible, basically, by the resident portal and app, which enable your tenants to easily reach out to you and make maintenance requests, log in visitors and so on. In fact, the portal serves as an avenue for your tenants to interact with neighbours and make transactions with community vendors.

Furthermore, the software offers you a set of supplementary communication channels, which allow you to easily notify all stakeholders (team members, board members and tenants) of any important information, directly via voice messages, email or text messages. More often than not, these notifications are usually executed automatically, upon command.

Overall, BuildingLink empowers your residents to stay in close contact with you and at the same time, enables them to grow their resident profile in their respective communities.

Seamless Integrations & Data Import

BuildingLink enables you to integrate its platform with a host of special function software and hardware. It affords you the opportunity of extending the platform to accommodate new functions, which further enhance your efficiency, thereby improving your service delivery to your tenants.

Basically, this property management software seamlessly integrates with a host of third-party software, including prominent accounting software, Alexa Skill from Amazon and more. In the same vein, BuildingLink is able to seamlessly connect with various hardware systems, including payment systems, barcode scanners, fingerprints scanners, telephone systems, KeyLink (from BuildingLink) and more.

In essence, the software enables you to expand its platform, to accommodate relevant third-party software and hardware, towards improving your rental service delivery and overall efficiency.

Customer Support

BuildingLink, like most of its contemporaries, offers you a solid customer support, to enable you to make the best use of the software, towards providing your tenants with the best of rental service.

This property management software offers you a dedicated support line, which is always available to guide you through the use of the software. According to BuildingLink’s support team, you are not just a client but also a partner, and they ensure you are provided with unlimited support services, to help you fulfil the needs of your tenants.

Key Features of BuildingLink Property Management Software

Resident Engagement – Resident Portal & App

buildinglinkBuildingLink offers your tenants a durable platform for interacting with you and their host communities. The Resident Portal, otherwise known as Web Portal, serves as a dedicated unit (for your tenants), where they can interact with you directly and also link up with their neighbours. The interesting thing is, your residents can easily access the portal via their Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad, from anywhere.

Basically, BuildingLink’s Resident Portal provides your tenants with unfettered access to their building’s information, including rental terms and services. As such, they can easily check their rents, check-in visitors, receive packages, make and follow-up maintenance requests, receive notifications (or broadcast messages) and so on.

Furthermore, the portal serves as an avenue for your tenants to engage their neighbours and even make business dealings in their host community. This is enabled by a Physical Resident ID assigned to your tenants, which provides them access to building equipments (amenities), as well as discounts for purchases made within their neighbourhood (if applicable).

Nevertheless, BuildingLink is built to help you deliver the best of rental service to your residents. Hence, the software provides your tenants with a dedicated medium, which facilitates your service delivery to them. The medium, in this case, is the Resident Portal, and the accompanying app.


BuildingLink offers property managers the latest in real estate technology. The software empowers you, to provide your tenants with “smart keys”, for securing their apartments. Each key is an assemblage of hardware (the physical key), software and a unique biometric sensor (barcode or fingerprint).

Furthermore, BuildingLink’s KeyLink records the photographs of every key holder. It automatically notifies you (the property manager) and the actual key owner, whenever the key is used. Overall, BuildingLink’s KeyLink hosts features like “KeyLink Connector, Rivets & Rivet Gun, SmartTags, All-in-one Touch Screen Computer, Fingerprint Scanner and more”.

Nevertheless, KeyLink allows you to monitor access to your apartments or rental units in real-time; be it your tenants, visitors, your staff members or others. This ensures your buildings are kept completely safe and secure.

Messaging & Communication

BuildingLink hosts a set of messaging & communication tools, which empowers you to keep your residents, staff and stakeholders informed on the going-on’s in your business and also within your buildings.

Typically, the software is designed to automatically notify your tenants on certain issues like power (outage), visitors, deliveries and so on. The auto-notification function sends out text messages or emails to your tenants. They can also access such information on the BuildingLink mobile application. In fact, in emergency situations, you are afforded the opportunity of easily sending out text or voice messages to your tenants, to facilitate timely and orderly evacuation.

Furthermore, BuildingLink streamlines all your information, to maintain an orderly flow across work units and shifts. Also, the software’s central dashboard enables you to streamline all relevant information on one location, thereby ensuring you maintain a direct line communication to your board and team members.

In essence, BuildingLink ensures you are not in any way disconnected from your staff members and tenants, as you are always on hand to attend to their needs. This will further improve your customer’s satisfaction in your services, which, in the long run, translates to enhanced business growth.

Hardware & Integrations

BuildingLink hosts an integration engine which allows you to synchronize, import and export data from traditional accounting tools and other property management software. The software is able to easily integrate with MRI Residential, ClickPay (accounting tool), Yardi, and more.

Furthermore, BuildingLink has the capacity to connect with any hardware or external device, which is capable of sending or receiving data. As such, the software seamlessly integrates with fingerprint scanners, barcode scanners, phone systems, card readers and so on.

Essentially, BuildingLink is able to connect seamlessly with various third-party solutions. This provides you with unlimited extension capacity, as you can extend the functionality of the software as much as you want. Hence, BuildingLink ensures all your operations are executed seamlessly and effectively from one unified platform.

Other features of BuildingLink property management software include:

  • Advantage Network
  • Asset & Inventory Tracking
  • BuildingLink Labs
  • Custom Branding
  • Document Library
  • Employee Attendance
  • Ledger
  • Maintenance & Work Orders
  • Management Analytics
  • Package Tracker
  • Parking & Vehicle Management
  • Resident Profiles
  • Visitor Permissions


buildinglinkBuildingLink is an ideal property management software for all kinds of enterprise users.

Nevertheless, BuildingLink offers “custom pricing” to new users. You can contact their sales support team for their pricing plans and request a quote for your property business.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Linux, Mac, Windows

Serviced Locations: Middle-East, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, United States, Latin America, Germany, Japan

Pricing model: Quote-based

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Small Business, Medium Business, Large Enterprises, Real estate professionals

Popular integrations: Amazon Alexa

Mobile applications: Android, iOS

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

BuildingLink property management software offers users the following after-sales support:

Email Support: support@buildinglink.com

Phone Support: + 877 501-7117, extension 0

Online Support



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