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Full Building Engines Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about Building Engines

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Are you looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your property management business? Building Engines is an ideal solution to streamline your property management processes.

In this digital era, property managers who handle properties by using redundant property management processes are faced with a series of issues. On the other hand, Property management software entails a wide range of functions, which are all very essential to improving your work efficiency and attaining an optimum level of productivity in your real estate business.

Although, not all property management software provides you with all these functions; however, Building Engines is one of the few property management software which has been existent for over 17 years now. Building Engines provides you with both basic and advanced functionalities that empowers you to streamline your property management processes without hassles.

What is Building Engines?

Building Engines is a property management software, which is designed to assist you in your real estate operations, towards attaining a sustained level of growth and efficiency in your business. The main aim of this property management software is to ensure all the stakeholders in your property management business are carried along, to ensure they all achieve their respective goals.

building enginesThis property management software is result-driven; created with the assistance of renown experts in real estate and property management. The experts made valuable inputs to the design of every single feature of the software. Hence, you are guaranteed system accuracy and efficiency in using the software to manage your properties.

Also, Building Engines is a cloud-based property management platform, which is designed to work perfectly on every major digital platform whether desktop or mobile phones, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and other web-enabled devices. With this, you are provided unlimited access to the platform.

Furthermore, Building Engines property management software is highly versatile and can be adopted in the management of different types (and sizes) of properties, ranging from commercial buildings (factories, shopping malls, retail outlets, wholesale stores, office spaces and so on) to residential properties. Besides, Building Engines is designed to effectively help you manage all these properties together, at the same time.

Nevertheless, Building Engines is a dynamic property management software which allows you to offer unique customer service to your clients. Building Engines ensures your clients are consistently made happy, by providing them direct access to you (the property manager) via the software’s durable communication channel. With this, your clients (tenants) are able to lodge their complaints, make recommendations and enquiries with unimaginable ease.

In essence, Building Engines is a property management tool, which integrates and automates all the relevant functions of your property setup. Property management functions such as tenant management, equipment monitoring & maintenance, risk assessment and more are automatically carried out via the unified platform.

Building Engines is an ideal property management software for the following property types:

  • Commercial Office
  • Community Association
  • Facilities
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Student Housing
  • Tenants

Benefits of Building Engines Property Management Software

Building Engines contributes immensely to effective property management practices. Some of its benefits, includes:


building enginesBuilding Engines provides users with an all-in-one property management package. This property management software comes with multiple functionalities, which assists you in every core sectors of your operations.

Typically, Building Engines automatically collects all relevant data from one module and use it to optimize the functions of another. For instance, Building Engines carries out a comprehensive analysis of every property management function and subsequently generate reports on those functions.

In addition, all the core property management tools work side-by-side, without any form of third-party interference. This ensures you get the full benefits of the software, with all the modules working in sync at an optimal level with one another; hence, you save time and resources.


Effective communication is very essential to the growth of, property management firms; hence, it is ideal to adopt property management software with communication capability. As a property manager, you can effectively communicate with your clients such as vendors, tenants, property owners and other stakeholders. Some of the communication tools provided by Building Engines include emergency & broadcast messaging, Building Connect (a contemporary property website), etc. Therefore, property managers can communicate with their clients with a much better option without using the conventional contact system i.e. phone calls.

Mobile Access

Building Engines provides you with mobility in property management; hence, you can manage your properties while on-the-go. Building Engines comes with the mobile application, known as BE-Mobile, which is supported on iOS, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices. With the mobile application, you can easily carry out your property management functions, remotely. Therefore, you are able to carry out; comprehensive inspection of buildings, monitor equipment maintenance and even interact with tenants & your team members on your mobile devices.

Property Monitoring

Building Engines property management software comes with a feedback-system, through which tenants, property owners, team members and other stakeholders can provide feedback and recommendations on the quality of your service. With this, you are easily able to determine if your customers are satisfied with your performance or not; hence, you are able to make adjustments as appropriate.

Additionally, this property management software provides you with in-depth reports on your work progress. This is made possible by the “Reporting & Analytics” functionality, which enables you to keep track of all your real estate operations in real-time. Moreover, Building Engines provides you with valuable data like on-site live pictures (snapshots), timely (monthly or annual) performance reports and so on. With this, you are constantly provided with a clear picture of your performance and the progress of your property business. Therefore, you can improve the quality of your service delivery as well as customer satisfaction.

Round-the-Clock Customer Support & Helpline

Building Engines’ support team is always available to provide you with comprehensive guidelines on the use of the software. This is aimed at assisting you, in your quest to provide your clients with the best of project management service.

Also, if you come across any difficulty or technical complexity while using the software, Building Engines always have a representative on standby to provide credible answers to your queries and guide you as appropriate.

Conclusively, the software developers exhibit an open-minded notion; by welcoming valuable recommendations and feedback from users of the software, to assist them in making further modifications to the property management software.

Key Features of Building Engines Property Management Software

Unified Platform

building enginesBuilding Engines provides a unified platform, which hosts all the necessary modules, to ensure you have the best property management experience. This property management software ensures you don’t need to seek any form of external assistance before you can effectively manage your properties.

On the unified platform offered by Building Engines, you can carry out unique property management functions such as assigning work orders, create & assign work order, schedule resources, automate rent process, track incidents, organizing inspections, and more. Therefore, you don’t have to setup different modules to manage different tasks.

Besides, this property management software offers a platform which integrates all data, reports, and other relevant tools, to ensure you carry out your management operations with ease, thereby enhancing your productivity.

Tenant Service

Building Engines provides you with advanced tools which allow you to offer the best services to your tenants. These tools include a tenant portal, broadcast messaging, digital tenant handbook, work orders, tenant satisfaction and resource scheduling. The aforementioned tools provide you with a tech-driven service delivery system, which ensures your tenants get the best of service delivery from you and your team.

Risk Management

building enginesBuilding Engines, unlike other property management software, allows you to identify risks in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) operations thereby providing you with the means of mitigating against such risks.

Building Engines’ risk management feature comes with unique risk management tools, which include the Certificate of Insurance, incident tracking, fire & life safety and visitor access. These tools reduce your team’s risk exposure to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Essentially, the risk management tools ensure you and your team strictly comply with safety standards in the conduct of your property management operations and in the case of an accident; this property management software ensures every event leading up to the accident is properly documented to avoid recurrence.

Asset Maintenance

Building Engines offers you both maintenance expertise and maintenance tools, which can be implemented, in ensuring your property is kept in a good state. These maintenance functions include mobile time cards, inspection and preventive maintenance. Basically, Building Engines provides you with the right tools, to assist your maintenance team in ensuring all the properties in your care are kept in good shape.


building enginesThis property management software comes with communication functionalities such as emergency & broadcast messaging, Building Connect (a contemporary property website), and of course, the BE-Mobile. With any these functions, your clients and team members have a direct line of access to you and vice versa.

Performance Monitoring

Building Engines allows you to monitor your business progress as well as the efficiency of your team, in delivering the best property management services to tenants and other relevant stakeholders in your business.

This property management software comes with a “work order” function which allows you to evaluate your performance, in terms of service delivery. The function enables you to define a minimum required standard for service delivery to your clients (tenants and property owners). This is done by easily setting goals and deadlines against which the goals must be achieved.

Third-party Integrations

Building Engines seamlessly integrates with a series of third-party software solutions. This is done by verifying all third-party packages, to ensure they are certified by relevant bodies before they are put to use. This property management software integrates with a variety of software solutions such as accounting platforms, emergency messaging, building access systems, energy data management, data collection systems and more. Furthermore, Building Engines comes with API which allows your software developers to integrate the platform with your custom software applications.

Mobile Application

building enginesBuilding Engines comes with a mobile application known as BE-Mobile which allows you to automate property management tasks while on-the-go. The mobile application which is supported on mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and BlackBerry empowers you to connect to your team at all times. You can easily view and execute day-to-day work order, inspection, incident, and preventive maintenance tasks. Nevertheless, you can manage and respond to tasks remotely via the BE-Mobile.

Other notable features of Building Engines property management software include:

  • Alerts & Notifications
  • At-A-Glance Dashboard
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • Communications
  • Fire and Safety
  • Incident Tracking
  • Property Websites
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Search Grid
  • Standard Reports
  • Tenant Pulse
  • Visitor Access


building enginesBuilding Engines property management software offers intending users a unique, flexible pricing option which allows them to request a pricing package which reflects their unique requirements.

In addition, Building Engines offers an annual subscription package, which comes with licensing plans. The licensing plans and subscription price depends on the kind of property (type and size), configuration fee, and the one-time setup fee. Nevertheless, developmental work or custom integrations are available at an additional fee.

Furthermore, you can schedule a demo with the Building Engines sales rep and have them take you through the platform in person or online.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-enabled devices, Blackberry, Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android

Locations serviced: Africa, United States, Brazil, Mexico, Asia, Germany, Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, Latin America, Middle-East, China, Japan, India, Canada,

Pricing model: Annual subscription, Quote-based

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Property managers, Engineer, Tenant Coordinator, Real Estate Executive, Small businesses, Mid-Size businesses, large enterprises.

Mobile Applications: iOS, Android, BlackBerry

API Availability: Yes, Building Engines comes with an available API

Popular Integrations: Accounting Platforms, Emergency Messaging, Building Access Systems, Energy Data Management, Single Sign-On, Data Collection Systems

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, Open API

Support Details

Building Engines property management software has a dedicated support team which offers you the following on-going support:

Email Support: support@buildingengines.com

24/7 Phone Support: +1 866 301 5300

In-Office Support Team: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

After Hours Support: Live after hours support, On-call, 7 days/week, 24 hours/day

Live Chat: Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST

Online Support Center: Online support request and ticketing system

On-Demand Training Guides: Tutorials, Videos, and other instructional materials which facilitates faster learning curve

Resource Library: Articles, podcast, videos, and free whitepapers, which provides you with industry best practices

Live Events: Business Briefing & Client Seminars

Blog: Latest Building Engines news, operations and news

Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube