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Full BrightInfo Content Marketing Software Review – All You Need to Know About BrightInfo


According to a recent study, 96% of the visitors to business websites don’t convert. If you optimize your content well, your business will enjoy from the 4% that convert.

The market is teeming with solutions aimed at enhancing visitor conversions. One of such solutions is BrightInfo.

BrightInfo helps users increase conversion with its personalization content engine.

In this article, we shall be taking an in-depth look at this solution and leave you to decide if it is really what your business needs. But first. What exactly is BrightInfo?

What is BrightInfo?

BrightInfo is marketing content personalization system that functions in real time. The algorithm of the software learns the content of your website and analyzes the behavior of visitors. Based on the data it gathers, the system then sends each visitor particular site contents that suit them during the natural flow of browsing.

BrightInfo serves both B2C and B2B companies. Some of these companies run professional publications or global magazines.

BrightInfo aids in profiling prospects who are anonymous in real time. It uses individual behaviors. It could either be returning or new visitors. Brightinfo also uses crowd behavior which could be browsed content and patterns of navigation. Also, the system could make use of textual hints which include search keywords and page content.

Tools for text analysis which have text-level comprehension can aid in detecting keywords in contents and utilize them to profile audiences. BrightInfo helps you in discovering all kinds of marketing content. Users also can manually develop recommendations.

Also, users are in charge of the number of interaction points produced by BrightInfo, the recommendations frequency as well as content targeting to particular audiences. With BrightInfo, users can show their online visitors recommendations which are personalized to them.

Regardless of if these visitors are about leaving, watching a video or reading a blog post, BrightInfo recommendations provide them with the ideal step they should take next in their buyer’s journey. This aids in cutting cost for each lead by as much as 75% and also leads to an 83% increase in business leads.

BrightInfo also offers users free trials. You are provided a feature in the free trial where your website is deployed to an environment for A/B testing. It compares the performance of the platform against your primary content. It is an excellent addition to any free trial.

How it works

BrightInfo is quite easy to make use of. After registration, the processor of BrightInfo crawls your website. It makes use of a combination of methods to locate the key terms for every page. It usually targets phrases as opposed to single words.

For advanced users who may want to know more. The platform uses a mixture of complex regular expressions, Natural Language processing and HTML analysis for the validation of critical terms. BrightInfo locates relations in synonyms between words and also applies statistical analysis.

Once the analysis is complete, BrightInfo matches the content promoted to every webpage automatically.  It is done using its mechanism for scoring.

After that, the tool then chooses what to display to the visitor in real time. It does this using the site’s processor extracted data and information, the behavior and profile of the visitor which include:

  • Navigation on site
  • Entry page
  • Time spent on every page
  • History as well as behavioral and statistical analysis.

For visitors who do not engage much, the software can suppress the pop-up. It allows you to target only individuals that have shown some degree of involvement.  Examples include: reading four blog posts or leaving four comments.

The notion behind this is quite easy. Before you ask “Do you want chicken with that?” to a potential client when they are about leaving, ensure they have not asked for it already, like chicken and are not vegetarians.

What Issues does BrightInfo Solve?

Firstly, Marketing departments that want to make their visitor engagement longer and enhance the rate of conversion can significantly benefit from this solution. The algorithm functions by learning the content assets and analyzing web pages. These could be in the form of gated assets like white papers and eBooks. It could also be in the way of non-gated contents like blog posts.

Next, when visitors get to the website, the algorithm tracks behavior individually, compares it to the crowd behavior and offers every visitor with the most appropriate content from your available content pull. It does this in real time and is entirely automated.

Automated Discovery of Content

From white papers to videos, BrightInfo aids you in continuously and automatically discovering your marketing assets. Also, there is a feature for setting up recommendations manually. Apart from BrightInfo making recommendations on your behalf to your prospects, you can equally decide what you want to show them.

Real-time profiling of Visitors

BrightInfo aids in analyzing the interests and actions of anonymous visitors based on the following:

  • Individual behavior which could include returning and new visitors
  • Textual Hints which include page content as well as search keywords
  • Crowd behavior which could consist of navigation patterns and content browsed

Text-level comprehension

BrightInfo can understand the leading terms in your content with the aid of Smart text analysis technology. It allows the software to profile and determine the areas of your business it’s interested in, and then offer you recommendations.

BrightInfo Pros

Completely Automated

BrightInfo offers an innovation to the method professionals and businesses utilize their content in developing their business and pushing sales. Using its algorithm known as JARGON, which is self-learning. BrightInfo goes through your website, learns your type of content before analyzing the behavior of your visitors.

This solution for content personalization then aids in configuring your website based on the actions and behaviors of individuals in real times. It offers the individuals with the ideal content that best suits his actions and search. This process by BrightInfo is entirely automated.

Offers significant Content

BrightInfo aids in carefully analyzing your visitors to make sure that it shows only content that is most significant to them. The software evaluates their origins as visitors get to your website from numerous industries and channels.

The solution checks out the precise requirements and needs of your site visitors. It is to offer each person an experience on your site that is relevant to his demand.

Aids in Converting Visitors

For organizations, the entire automated process aids them in drawing visitors. Not just that, it also encourages them to stay on the website with the potential of converting them to customers.

The system uses mechanical content marketing to encourage visitor with your content.

It pushes them to check out other areas of your website before urging them to carry out the action you desire. Significant content aids in cultivating the engagement of visitors which then results to conversion. The entire process is seamless with the aid of BrightInfo.

Minimizes Bounce Rates

By carefully drawing in selected visitors and making essential recommendations to them, the bounce rate reduces. It is because only content significant to a particular visitor pops up.

It extends the average duration of Visitors Visits

BrightInfo keeps visitors engaged in your website by directing them to other crucial areas their interest may lie. If a visitor initially planned to go through one blog post on your site, with the aid of the automated recommendations from BrightInfo, they see more content relevant to them which increases time spent.

BrightInfo Cons

  • There is no upfront listing of a price. You get customized pricing depending on your requirement which may be an issue for some individuals as it does not precisely seem transparent
  • It might be quite tedious to carry out adjustments on the go at times. This drawback is because of the variation in hours
  • There is no 24-hour support available
  • The solution only presently functions in English
  • This system is inclined to techies. If you don’t follow each step stated in the manual, you may not get the desired results. You might need some experience to do this.


BrightInfo offers a distinct model of payment which you can tweak to your requirements. The A/B testing carried out during the free trial makes sure that the ROI of BrightInfo is beyond reproach.

The software provider supplies BrightInfo pricing information.  Users can also retrieve it from pricing materials which are publicly accessible. Users must carry out final negotiations of cost to purchase BrightInfo with the Vendor.

Features and Functionality of BrightInfo

BrightInfo offers a host of features to users. We shall be taking a look at some of these features below.

They include:

Great Widget Selection

BrightInfo provides numerous kinds of widgets which you can customize to your taste. They are seamless, responsive and suit your website in the best way possible. Regardless of your requirements, you are sure to find a widget that works for you.

Overlay Widget: with this feature, you can strategically place widgets in a manner that is not obstructive. They show up during the natural flow of browsing to get precise engagement from visitors.

In-page Widgets: The widget is flawlessly fitted into the interface of your website and can be seen by visitors at any point in time.

AI-Based Algorithm

BrightInfo comes alongside an algorithm that learns the content assets on one aspect and the visitors of your website on another. Then it matches between both by recommending the content which is most relevant at the most appropriate time during the natural flow of browsing. It does this in real-time.

The great thing is that with time, it gets better. The solution gains more precision with the more visitors and content it interacts with.  It is for this reason the software can recommend the appropriate content in the proper time with ease.

Precise content analysis

The control offered by the solution aids in breaking down the performance of your content. It displays the material with the highest performance, the most engaging and the content that requires enhancement. It gives you the capacity to pull in significant insights and tune your content, so you continuously attain much better results.

The significant part is this feature allows you to use your entire content assets. Nothing goes to waste. The shelf life of your content gets a longer life.

Advanced Targeting

BrightInfo is completely automated. Nonetheless, it gives you total control whenever you desire. You can make use of manual targeting to push precise promotions, marketing activities among a host of others. You can also develop custom campaigns that take advantage of the advanced targeting capacity of BrightInfo like:

  • Existing Leads (Nurturing)
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Geography
  • New / Returning Anonymous Visitor
  • Content Keywords
  • Trigger offers according to UTM Parameters
  • Target specific pages
    Device (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Other features of BrightInfo

  • Blog signup forms
  • Re-crawl scheduling
  • A/B testing
  • Real-time profiling
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Lead capture popups
  • Exit Popups
  • Personalized Emails
  • Manual targeting
  • Text-level comprehension
  • Behavior analysis
  • Custom banners
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Social network retargeting
  • Widgets
  • Templates
  • Native Ads

Technical Details

BrightInfo is compatible with the following devices:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Web-based

Presently it supports just the English Language and would make an excellent choice for medium and large businesses.

Support Details

You can reach out to the BrightInfo support team for any queries via email and telephone. These details are available on their contact page.

Wrapping It Up

It can be quite tedious in some cases to get a Software for Content Marketing which is budget friendly and can also meet your expectations. BrightInfo does not have a lot of shortcomings asides from the area of having no fixed prices.

It is a great and efficient personalization engine that functions in real time. The algorithm analyzes the behavior of visitors after learning your content. It then traces them in real time, offering significant content to every visitors at ideal periods during the flow of browsing.

The software is quite powerful and can increase the conversation rate and double rate of engagement. Additionally, it merges with various customer relationship management systems like Marketo, Padot, and HubSpot among others. It allows for the automatic transfer of data for analysis from these systems.

Regardless of what your business requirement is as regards content and visitors conversion, BrightInfo has something for you.