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Full Bridge Learning Management Software Review – All you need to know about Bridge

Bridge LMS Software

What is Bridge LMS?

Bridge Software is a corporate learning solution that is a cloud-based software. This learning management system is designed to help businesses like yours to improve employee training and to create easy to use courses that will accelerate the progression of certifications. This will help your employees to develop specific skills that are geared towards your industry.

Easily accessible on mobile and desktop devices, you can store all your relevant data in one easy centralized index. This is where your employees can go to follow their training records, give feedback and a whole host of other features.

Founded in 2011 in the United States, Bridge LMS has been taking the corporate learning spectrum by storm. Josh Coates helped fund a project by two grad students. He later became and still is, the company CEO. Set out to design a cloud-based software that will be a great learning management system. Today, they are a thriving company in the learning management system market.

Over 1200 offices are erected around the globe and they are continually making a name for themselves. With the corporate learning strategies and other learning management system under their belt, their knowledge is unmatched. You are going to get an easy to use and configure software that will suit all your corporate learning needs through a cloud-based software.

Companies like Dell, Slack and Time Inc. are utilizing this learning management system for keeping their employees up to date. You can provide the proper compliance training and certification for each individual department within your organization. Provide your organization with the development tools it needs to succeed.

Benefits of Bridge LMS:

Bridge Software has a lot of fancy words and ideas, but how will it benefit you? When choosing a corporate learning tool, you need to know that you will gain from it. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of what kinds of benefits you will receive if you choose Bridge LMS to be your learning management system. Here is an overview of those benefits.

  • It is a cloud-based software. This means that you are able to use it on any of your devices without having to purchase new and expensive equipment.
  • This corporate learning system is an employee first designed. That means that this learning management system is designed with your needs in mind and not just what others are doing.
  • This corporate learning platform is designed for your employees to learn on their own time. It is very convenient.
  • Bridge Software and the team behind it have an attitude of continuous improvement. Therefore, you are sure to always be getting the best they have to offer.
  • It is an engaging and interactive way to learn. Ultimately, it will save you and your learners both time and money.
  • This learning management system will grow as your needs grow. Therefore, you will not be required to seek out a new LMS system in the future.
  • There is an overwhelming number of possibilities with corporate learning. Bridge LMS is designed to make sure you can avail of those possibilities.
  • It is easy to use and launch within your organization. This will suit a myriad of business types and industries.
  • Keep on top of your training management by having full control over every aspect of the learning process.
  • Mobile optimized making it perfect for the mobile and remote workers within your organizations. All the mobile apps are native to their respective operating system.
  • Test it out before deciding to purchase with the no commitment free trial that is offered by bridge LMS.
  • All the features are fully scalable according to your unique organizational needs.
  • The free trial allows for an unlimited number of users.

Features of Bridge Software:

Choosing a corporate learning system isn’t an easy job. Therefore, you need to know that the one you choose will truly add value to your organization. How it does this is by the wide range of features that are offered. You need these features in order to help your employees gain the skillset that will push their talents forward. Here is an overview of all the features you can get with Bridge LMS.

Utilize the authoring tools to make the most comprehensive learning tools you can.

Bridge LMS will provide the cloud-based software you need to be completely compliant. The content you create with this corporate learning software will allow you to import SCORM-ready materials for courses that will work with other content systems.

The editor is pre-built and will let you add a variety of multimedia content into your courses. You can add texts, images and even graphics. This can also be done by importing files. Create engaging tests and assessments with a simplistic authoring tool. However, if you want more interactive content like animations, you need to use external tools.

The focus of Bridge LMS is on course delivery and analytics and thus, you don’t get a large pile of complex features that come with it. However, you do get to embed content into your courses that will make them more robust. Embed Youtube videos or links that will help to drive corporate learning further.

This cloud-based software comes with a great questions builder that will help you to create quizzes, tests and assessments to see if your learners are understanding the content. These questions can be randomized so that answers can’t be shared among employees.

Furthermore, Bridge allows you to print off certificate for your users when they complete courses. This can include a total number of completed hours, your signature and achievements.


Use your learning management system to track progress.

All throughout the learning process, you can track your learners progress. Monitor how much your learners are retaining during their training and what knowledge they are gaining. Tracking what your learners are achieving is one of the things that sets this learning management system apart. Through this tracking, you can generate reports that can be exported for future reference.

Utilize the feedback feature to find out from your employees what they think of the courses. Through this tool, you can learn what needs to be altered, changed or removed completely. Providing feedback will help you gain valuable insight into the effectiveness of your courses and learn what changes need to be made.

Gain insights into your learners’ commitment to learning through the reporting tool. Track attendance and know how much each learner is completing on any given day or week. Know which of your learners is the go-getter and which are less than willing. Weave through the various reporting options to find out what you can do to better the corporate learning initiative.

Use integrations that will help to advance the learning agenda and store materials.

There is a variety of integration that makes this cloud-based software successful. As it is SCORM-compliant, you will be able to integrate your Bridge Software with many industry standard solutions. These solutions include ERP, HRIS and CRM solutions. You can also import your contacts from HRIS seamlessly and that is really convenient.

Create a library of training materials for both online and offline usage. You can store materials you already have in PDF format or even PPT and DOC. Upload them simply into your corporate learning software and your all set. There is also the option to use materials from OpenSesame, Lynda.com and many other eLearning resources you can find online or already own. There is no issue when it comes to importing or exporting data through this learning management system.

Pricing Details of Bridge LMS:

The pricing structure of Bridge Software is a quote basis. Furthermore, they have custom plans that you can avail from. If you want to find out what kinds of pricing plan you can get for your organization, you are going to have to get in touch with the vendor to find out.

They will base their quote on the number of users, your industry type and the number of courses you are going to need. Ultimately, you want to be sure that you are getting exactly what you need without anything additional that will make your usage of this learning management system confusing.

By contacting the vendor, they will give you a free quote on the features and needed users you provide them. This is a no-obligation quote. Get in touch with them.

There is a great free trial option as mentioned in the “benefits” section. This free trial can run for 90-days and allows you to have an unlimited number of users. This is the most comprehensive free trial offered by any learning management system to date.

Technical Details of Bridge Software:

This is a cloud-based software learning management system. There is also a web-based version for training management. Therefore, Bridge LMS is capable of being used on any device regardless of their operating system. This is not compatible on Linux systems unless using the web-based version.

There are apps designed for either Android or iOS devices for your mobile workers. These can be found in the Play Store for Android devices and iTunes store for iOS devices.

The languages that are supported are English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese.

Support Details of Bridge LMS:


You want to make sure that you are going to taken care of when you choose a learning management system. Therefore, it is essential that you know what kind of support is offered when issues arise. You are counting on your corporate learning tool to help you and your employees advance with efficiency. Part of this is making sure that your get issues rectified in a timely manner. Support is offered 24/7. Therefore, here are the support options that are offered by Bridge Software for you to review.

  • Email: You can always get in touch with them via email. They are great at responding to emails in a timely manner.
  • Phone: Contact your Bridge LMS representative for phone support that is offered. They are happy to help you resolve issues as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Training: There is a vast number of training and configuration options that come with this learning management system. They can do onsite or online training. You also have the option for both. There are also a variety of webinars available for viewing and learning from on the vendor website. Included is a wrap-up evaluation that you can do with your Bridge LMS representative.
  • Tickets: Through their internal helpdesk, you can get in touch with Bridge Software by creating support tickets for technical issues. They will respond in order of a queue.
  • Online Database: Bridge LMS has an online database that covers a wide range of issue for both learning about this learning management solution and for implementing it into your training management. You can go through their comprehensive FAQ section or get answers to common questions.


Bridge software is easily one of the top learning management systems on the market today. Designed for corporate learning, you can utilize this cloud-based software to make sure your employees are up to date on all their training. Through issuing of certifications, to keeping track of learning progress and hours, you will gain all you need in a learning management solution.

Bridge LMS is fully scalable and customizable. Therefore, you will have all you need at your disposal for not only keeping employees trained today but in the future as well. Have it customized according to your specific organizational needs or to be industry specific. All this makes this cloud-based software worth looking into.

Ultimately, Bridge software is simplistic in its features and abilities. Looking to get the job done? Bridge LMS is the perfect learning management system for you. When looking for a learning management solution for corporate learning, if you don’t want all the bells and whistles, Bridge LMS may be for you.

Knowing your organization and your needs are key to choosing a corporate learning tool. Therefore, take the information you can gain from experts and reviews to help you make the best decision you can when it comes to choosing your learning management solutions.