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Full Upserve POS Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Upserve POS

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The restaurant business has often been undermined and disregarded. For a time it was seen as work that was too involving and did not pay off. This is because of the many operations that owners and management had to coordinate.

But as times change this myth has been proven wrong and many people have ventured into the restaurant business.

The restaurant industry has posed numerous challenges to owners and customers alike. Some of these challenges include; accounting, stock inventory, billing of customers, how to get and maintain customers among others.

For so long most of these tasks had to be done manually and this usually took up a lot of time or led to a lot of disagreements and arguments among staff.

For example, the placing of an order was always tasking because it involved communication and collaboration among 3 departments. If the order was not communicated properly or accounted for properly it led to blame being passed to everyone. And the ultimate cost of this was losing customers, therefore, losing revenue.

Restaurants required a solution that would help address all these issues and bring better results for the business.

Restaurateurs have a lot to thank the digital age for because a lot of innovations have changed their business and how it is perceived. More so, they have made great use of the restaurant management software.

This is software that helps manage and monitor restaurant operations. It deals with Point Of Sale (POS) issues and also queue management, stock management, billing, customer information, and many others. All this help improve a restaurant’s efficiency in serving customers thus increasing revenues.

Upserve POS is one of the best restaurant management software that helps restaurateurs manage and run their operations seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently.

What is Upserve POS?

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Upserve POS is a restaurant management software designed for restaurants, bars, cafés and clubs.

It was developed by former nightclub and restaurant manager, Seth Harris, then later acquired by Upserve and integrated into its productivity suite.

Upserve POS is bot cloud-based and on-premise, and comes with its own hardware including routers and extenders, POS slice stand, and Epson printer, Kitchen Display Systems (KDS), EMV readers and many more.

The software is easy to implement and use. It automates all restaurant processes easing the workload associated with operating restaurants.

It also improves efficiency by reducing the time for placing orders, scheduling guests and even caters for special events such as birthday parties.

Upserve POS’ compatibility with Apple devices also ensures quicker service from waiters. Because of improving services all round a restaurant is able to increase its revenues due to customer satisfaction.

Users learn how to operate the platform through its Training mode which is free. It also has three packages from which clients can choose from to best meet their requirements. Its features make it a leading solution in the industry.

These include; customization. Analytics, reporting, offline mode, Upserve HQ and Live among many others. It also handles stock (inventory) making it a comprehensive restaurant management software.


Upserve POS

Easy implementation

Restaurants are able to deploy and use the system immediately. Be it moving from an old-style POS or using it as your first POS users are guaranteed simplicity in operating the system.

Streamline operations and boosts profits

Upserve POS helps to reduce times spent on tasks and processes that do not increase sales allowing employees to focus on the activities that generate numbers. By taking care of the administrative tasks, employees are able to concentrate on serving consumers better, increasing revenues and profitability.

Meets all restaurant requirements

The system was created by restaurant experts who were searching for a solution that would meet all their needs. This means the software can handle each and every process and task within the restaurant space. Its users can trust it, knowing it was developed by someone who clearly understands their business and what it entails.

High-end features

Its features are second to none and cater well to all the requirements and processes within the restaurant context. These features empower users to perform searches on the menu, billing, making orders, editing the menu, handling special events and many other tasks.


Allows restaurants to modify the platform to suit its own operations. The software gives its users leeway to adapt the system to meet its needs. For example, the platform permits users to quantify items used in cooking X no. of plates. This information, in turn, allows them to monitor their stock levels with precision. Such data helps restaurants reduce on wastage which is very common in the hospitality industry.

Hardware provision

Upserve POS also provides restaurants with hardware which will help staff to operate the platform. The hardware also helps boost collaboration and offering of quick and professional services to consumers. The hardware equipment includes EMV readers, Kitchen Display Systems and many others.


Upserve POS works easily on the iOS platform. It is compatible with all Apple mobile devices helping provide quicker and better service.


Because of its flexibility and mobility waiters are able to take and process orders through iPads/iPhones. This improves collaboration because the order is received by both the kitchen and cashier in real-time. These helps reduce disputes between departments and also greatly speeds up the order taking and order preparation process.

Offline Mode

The system is built to operate during internet downtimes. It is able to take orders, perform billing actions process payments and much more without internet. It then automatically backs up the data once internet connectivity is restored.

Print or e-mail receipts

Restaurants are able to better serve customers by offering options when it comes to billing. Consumers are can select to receive an e-mail from their bill or have it printed for them. This helps to especially serve the customers who prefer e-mail because of loss of a paper receipt. This also assists the customer to be accountable especially when involving corporate meals with employees or clients.

All round solution

Due to its merger with Upserve, Breadcrumb POS users also get access to other solutions such as; Upserve Live, Upserve HQ and Upserve payments. This gives its users a total hospitality package which enables them to better manage other important aspects of their daily operations.

Payment methods

The software accepts all types of payments. Due to the many platforms of payments customers are no longer carrying cash and prefer to use electronic payments. This will often make a restaurant lose out on customers if it does not adapt to these new payment modes.Upserve POS makes sure that any types of payments are accepted on its platform.


Upserve provides its clients with round the clock tech support. The vendor ensures that its professionally trained experts are ready to assist users at any time. They can be reached by telephone, live chat or e-mail.

Customer data and loyalty programs

For a very long time, restaurants were not able to record customer contacts. This was because payments were cash-based and the manual systems did not allow for a lot of interaction. The use of Upserve POS allows restaurants to know their customers through reports generated on the platform. It allows them to also offer discounts and loyalty programs. The system also helps in advertising new offers, products, and services to their customers.


breadcrumb pos

Split checks and items

Waiters are able to handle the transfer, merging and splitting of checks quickly. This is a useful feature when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction. For example, when consumers decide to split a bottle of wine and some have cash while others use cards. The system caters to all of them and also saves the waiter a lot of hassles by easily processing these payments.

Menu intelligence

This produces reports that indicate which items on the menu have the highest sales and also shows what customers prefer during the different times of the day. These reports help management to know which items to 86 and items to push.

Table-side ordering

Upserve POS improves turn times in restaurants. This is the time between when a customer makes an order, kitchen receives the order and prepares it, and waiter takes order to the consumer. The system shortens this process because the waiter is able to send the order while still at the table. Payments are also processed from the table and customer signs off from the table.

Menu search

This feature helps to locate items quickly especially during peak times. Unlike the old manual menus where one has to go through the whole menu to locate an item. Ensures waiters save time especially when a restaurant has an extensive menu with various categories.

Pre-authorize tab

This is mostly useful for bars during the last call. It enables servers to use signature slips and not have to run cards when the POS has already closed down. This avoids guests leaving without paying especially when they are not using cash.

Online ordering

The system also provides extra sources of revenue through its online options. Customers are able to order from an online platform. Restaurants are able to offer delivery services to its clients and the platform keeps tabs on the online orders making sure they are acted upon. This was not possible with traditional POS because no one was able to follow up on the deliveries.Upserve POS makes it easy for staff to follow up on them.

Training mode

With any new software, training is a must and usually comes at an extra cost to the company. Upserve POS saves restaurants these training costs by having a built-in training module. Staff members are able to practice with actual menus, checking in guests, taking orders, billing, payment methods and other functions within the training mode.


Users can create their own menus to suit their clientele.

Upserve Live


Gives management access to all restaurant data at any time and from anywhere. Users through their iPads/iPhones are able to remotely view sales figures in real time.

Comp/Void reporting

Management is able to track every time a waiter has voided an item, used a discount code or a complimentary has been used by a guest. This helps avoid disputes within staff members and also employee scams.

Upserve HQ

This feature assists management to view all reports, and all other data remotely. Users are able to access the system without having to be on location. It only requires a compatible mobile device and an internet connection. By monitoring even when not on the premise, management is able to secure that the set high standards are maintained.

Server performance

Upserve also caters to the needs of restaurant employees. Through the platform, employees are paid on time and accurately. It also helps in managing schedules or shifts especially for waiters. Shifts are usually a headache and neglecting them leads to low productivity from employees. Managers are also able to view and rank their best employees by accessing the sales reports. It also helps identify employees who are not performing and managers can assist them to improve their numbers.


Upserve POS has 3 pricing plans. Core and Pro are based on setting-up at four terminals. Below are the specifics;

Core – starting at $65*/month/terminal

  • Intuitive and cloud-based
  • Sales reports
  • Product reports
  • Mix reports
  • Labor reports
  • Mobile app management
  • Access to over 40 restaurant integrations
  • Free 24/7 support

Pro – Starts at $100*/month/terminal

  • Intuitive and cloud-based
  • Sales reports
  • Product reports
  • Mix reports
  • Labor reports
  • Mobile app management
  • Access to over 40 restaurant integrations
  • Online ordering
  • Customer insights
  • Loyalty program
  • Inventory management
  • EMV processing
  • Supplier management
  • Multi-location analytics
  • Advanced menu performance
  • Centralized menu management
  • In-depth server performance
  • Free 24/7 support

Enterprise – Quote-based (50-500 terminals)

  • Single sign-on
  • Integrated Time Clock
  • Centralized Employee Management
  • Bring Your Own Gift Cards
  • All Pro features

Technical Details

Devices: Web-based, iPhone/iPad and Mac

Languages: English

Price model: Quotation-based and monthly subscription

Customer type: Large types and small businesses

Deployment: On-premise and cloud-hosted

Support Details

  • Trainingsbreadcrumb pos
  • Webinars: In-person and Live Online
  • Documentation
  • Telephone
  • Tickets
  • Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook