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Full Bpm’online Social CRM Software Review – All You Need to Know About Bpm’online


What is Bpm’online?

The bpm’online is a powerful business process management and customer relationship management tool that will help your organization achieved its own goals in the shortest possible period. It will allow you to align all the segments of the sales cycle for better collaboration and efficiency, as well as productivity, which in turn will increase the revenue stream.

The bpm’online has been the recipient of several industry awards, which speaks volumes about how tech experts view the product. The vendor received recognition from Forrester and Nucleus Research. It was also included in the 2017 Magic Quadrant by Gartner, 2017 CRM Market Leader, Top 15 CRM for 2015-2016, App Enterprise Awards in 2015, and the CRM Watchlist.

Bpm’online Benefits

Minimize human error

The software will help automate your manual processes and administrative tasks. This will free up your staff from doing the most mundane assignments. In the long run, this is a better situation for your team because they are constantly challenged. Instead of doing mind-number tasks, they can fully maximize their skills, knowledge, and experience to contribute to the company. Another advantage of automation is you cut back the chance of encountering a human error.

Bring your office with you anywhere

The bpm’online is compatible with both the iOS and the Android so you can access your dashboards on your mobile device anytime. This will free you up from staying in the office always, especially if you are running a campaign. You can check the numbers at the café, during a field inspection, when meeting a client, or at home. You can also apply solutions immediately when confronted with a problem.

Streamline your processes

You can just use this one platform to streamline your workflow. You can migrate your clients, customer profiles, communication tools, sales and marketing, calendar, billings and invoices, suppliers, customer relationship management, data, and accounting system into the system. You can also link them all without complicated commands. Why is that important? Now, you don’t have to spend all your time doing administrative tasks and instead focus on the more important aspects of your business.


Enjoy personalized service

If there’s one thing that the vendor can rest its laurels on, it’s the excellent customer support. You will really feel that they care about what you think. You can call their hotline any time of the day and you will have peace of mind that somebody will pick up on the other line to help you.


  • Coordinating the teams will eliminate miscommunications
  • Come up with a unified approach to enhancing the customer experience
  • Resolve issues and answer queries with better efficiency
  • Tracking the performance of your team will make it easier to rationalize career advancements and salary increase
  • Track the lead with the most chance at conversion
  • Campaign designer makes it very each to create campaigns
  • Better understand the leads and the prospects, and they are rated according to their potential for conversion
  • Mobile capability allows you to access the Cloud wherever you are
  • The pricing packages are quite straightforward and there are no hidden costs
  • Get a complete and quick view of your business through smart reports
  • The user interface is simple so the learning curve is not as sharp
  • Excellent customer support


  • Integration to third-party apps leaves could need an improvement
  • Security requires customization, especially when it comes to your historical archives
  • Smart insights are not as comprehensive as one would like
  • The tools are not as extensive compared to the other software products in the market today

One drawback of bpm’online is that it doesn’t quite have the number of solutions offered by the other CRM tools. This is unfortunate because some organizations are outgrowing the product. Even if they like this particular software, they have no choice but to shift to a larger platform.


Bpm’online Features

Business Process Management – The flagship feature of bpm’online will enable any organization to automate their business processes. The software particularly shines when installed in complex environments because its main goal is simplifying the workflow and chain. There are best practices that are built into the software and you can pick the best method that can be applied in your business in the shortest possible time.

Case Management – Funnel all the cases into the system so you can view all of them in one glance. There’s no need to jump from one application to another when you are juggling multiple cases at once.  You can also track the progress of each case and monitor how the agent is resolving the ticket. If there’s a resolution, you can also jump in anytime if you have something to add. Sorting the cases into several categories will make it easier to track them or assigning agents to each one of the cases.

Drag and Drop – This will enhance your ability to change the fields, parameters, and processes in the CRM because you don’t need to have an extensive knowledge on writing codes to effect changes. You can modify the processes with a simple drag-and-drop tool. This will allow you the flexibility to adapt on the fly, especially when there are changes in the market.

360° Customer View – Nothing like knowing your customers inside and out, and this feature will allow you to do just that. The software will track all the interactions and communications you have with your customers, then using them for analytics or archiving them for future use. The smart data scientist will then create an accurate profile of your customers. The insights generated will be used for accurate forecasting. Meanwhile, the system is geared to spot duplicates and redundant data for greater efficiency.


Contact Center – This feature is invaluable for companies with their own contact center department. The software comes equipped with many tools to help the contact center agent manage the queues, calls, and tickets. The supervisors will also find it easy to manage the contact center agents and evaluate their performance. The supervisors can also reassign tasks in case they need to unload the workload of a particular agent or if an agent is absent from work.

Document Automation – The bpm’online has sophisticated tools to make it easier to work with documents. You will determine the interconnection between documents, then configuring them to the types of orders, opportunities, clients, and leads. You can choose from multiple templates, customize them, and fill them with data.

Lead Management – With the sales team, it’s always about the leads. But it’s hard to be consistent when you have disparate data. Some people have the innate ability to know their market and target audience but you can’t expect that all your employees have the same talent. This platform will help them find, capture, and then track the leads. The leads will also be classified according to their potential rate of conversion. Again, all the data is captured and studied for better interpretation of the numbers.

Collaboration Tools – The bmp’online has a complete communications suite that is compatible with multiple channels. This will help minimize miscommunications among the team members, and the team members with the project managers. You don’t have to shift from one application to the next when you are juggling several projects and multiple teams simultaneously. You can also set meetings online even if some of your employees are out on the field working. You can also assess the performance of employees, particularly on how active they are in the conversations, meetings, and other company activities.

Analytics Tools – The powerful analytics tools of CRM will give organizations that much-needed edge in order to thrive in their respective industries. The analytics tools will review your systems and processes, as well as study your market and clients to determine obstructions that are hindering you from attaining your goals. Facts, trends, and statistics are displayed on a single dashboard, which makes it easier for you to track them. You can prompt the software for daily updates, and you can also compare month-to-month data depending on the rules that you inputted into the software.



You can choose from several subscription plans for the bpm’online software. The scalable plans will help you find a suitable solution for your organization.  The packages are split into three—the Sales Module, Service Module, and the Marketing Module.


Team Package

This plan will cost you $25 per user per month. The subscribers are typically small businesses and mid-sized organizations with their own sales teams. The opportunity management features are straightforward and they help your team in the sales chain from lead to contract.

Commerce Package

This one will cost you $30 per user per month. Just like the name suggests, the features of this package are designed to help an e-commerce business with complete tools to make it easier for you to find prospects, funnel traffic to your site, analyze your processes and data to boost your revenues.

Enterprise Package

The package will cost $50 per user per month via Cloud-based service. You can also opt for the premium $850 per user when the software is installed on the premises. The enterprise package is designed for mid-sized businesses and large enterprises with several sales channels such as point-of-sale, e-commerce, and wholesale.


Service Enterprise

You have a choice between a Cloud and On-Premise. The first option will set you back $50 per user per month, and the second option costs $850 per user. The tools under this subscription package are designed for ITIL and automating your business operations in the entire service cycle.=

Customer Center Package

The plan costs $35 per user per month via Cloud services. But you can also choose to install the tools on the premises but it will cost you $600 per user. The total amount will be billed annually. The tools are designed for automating your contact center and your helpdesk.



User License

The User License will cost you $50 per user per month, which is going to be billed annually. But you can choose to pay $850 per license in perpetuity. This will be launched on site. However, the first license would be free if you order for 1,000 live contacts.

Active Contacts

At just $27 per month that will be billed annually, you will already have 1,000 active contacts. You can send an average of one email to your active contact per day for the whole year. However, you can also scale up the plan when you purchase more than 50,000 active contacts.


Technical Details

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based

Supported Language

  • English


  • Internet Explorer 11 and up
  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari for Mac OS (latest version)

Pricing Model

  • Perpetual license fee
  • Monthly payment
  • Annual subscription
  • Quote-based


  • Cloud Hosted
  • On Premise

The bpm’online are geared to help small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. There are many tools out there that can help you attain your goals and grow your business.

Support Details

The bpm’online has a contact center team that is always ready to provide support. You can call them through their phone numbers 24/7 or via email. The vendor’s website has several online tutorial videos although they may not adequately cover what you need. It is for this reason that the developer also offers Live Support, where you will be connected to an expert who will walk you through the software. On premise training workshops are also available, as well as tickets.

You can sign on to their free trial so you can see for yourself why the bpm’online is a consistent winner in industry awards. The best thing is that you are under no obligation to upgrade to the paid subscription if you decide, after the trial period, that the solution is not right for you. Most CRM software products in the market today offer a free trial. This is a good way to compare the different platforms so you can decide on which one you really like.